Overwatch not launching??

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So recently i did a fresh install of windows and after installing overwatch again and running for the first time an error popped up. now appologies but i dont know the exact message but it said i had some sort of .dll missing however it then ran fine but since that one time playing overwatch, every time i press play the game opens on a black screen and if its the first time opening since the last boot up then it said the game is not responding however after that when trying to lauch it then opens to a black screen and then a couple seconds later closes with no error or report bug pop up... just closes. all my drivers are updated and i have done chkdsk, defrag and a cmd prompt check and all have come back clear with the same results when trying to start overwatch. any ideas??
I just tried repairing then uninstalling/reinstalling and my game keeps crashing or closing on launch. Is there a fix for this?

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