Ok i want to learn doomfist but

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I litererally have No idea what im suposed to be doing..

I have tried to play doomfist defensively, stay with the team but you know if i were to do that i would just play bastion

I have tried to use him as a flanker after seeing doomfist mains doing, But seismic slam is so awkard to land, Then after i land it i shoot then use uppercut then shoot and they die, Then what do i do? Die?

Do i have to save my RP for when i want to run?

ive been doing the jumpy trick that you quickly press Right click and spam spacebar and go flying away, Is that what im suposed to be doing?

because literally everyone can counter you when you do this

help me, i like his Kit but i have No idea what im doing or what im suposed to do

and since i have no idea what im suposed to do, i cant improve because i dont know what im doing wrong
I don't remember who made the video but I found a decent video the other night, might be able to find it again and I'll edit to add it. Haven't really tried anything from the video yet but I also want to learn him. Rocket punch jumping seems to be a good start, pretty much learning to use his abilities to get around and then also using the abilities to combo and get kills. From what I watched don't rely on rocket punch for kills it's much better as a mobility tool.
in order to be the best you have to be willing to be the worst
Learn to use Rocket Punch momentum to gain verticality for Seismic Slam. Make sure you are using the honing version of Seismic Slam. Use Rocket Punch as a mid-fight kill or mobility, but Shift-E is often safer for picks. Try not to initiate. Let’s your tanks go in first and kill the enemy squishiest while they are already engaged in a fight.
Use combos involving slam and uppercut to engage and dish damage with blasts from your shot gun

Rocket punch due to its lame hit box is best suited for escapes. Use it when the opportunity arises to get a kill if you can- but it’s less than ideal now.

As a whole- doomfist is a hit and run gorilla warfare opportunist. You want to catch people off guard and by surprise. Score an elim. And get the hell out of there.

Doomfist can also function as a front line disriptor if your comp has the defenses to allow it. Sir behind the edge of your front lines- and slam people along the front of theirs. Getting kills this way is nice- but the big benefit is just displacing people.

Rein in particular is super vulnerable to this.

If they’re piling behind a rein- RP into him and push him way back, exposing everyone who was behind him. He rein as well as the knock back forces his shields to drop.

Great time to get a discord orb and the likes on him.

Bonus points on some maps- if you can engage WITHOUT using any abilities to get up to their rein you can uppercut him, and then RP him mid air to really get him out of their. On some maps you can use this to score a cheeky kill by knocking him over edges. From here you can use slam to quickly escape back behind your own lines and hopefully not die.

The real trick to doomfist is simply playing cautiously. Do NOT dive with him. You’ll maybe get a kill. But you’ll also probably die in the process.

In the end it’s important to remember that DF is THE single more hard countered hero the game basically.

And not countered in the sense that you’ll just have a hard time.

Hard countered in the sense that plenty of heroes will make you basically worthless by their mere existence. Heroes that played even below your level on doomfist- means they will by virtue of their kits nullify you or straight up delete you assuming they’re even half competent and aware of you.

Last bit of advice I have is to keep tissues handy. Try not to cry- but you inevitably will. So they’re good tohave around.

Maybe stress squeezer too for good measure during the frequent respawn timers.
How to play Doomfist:

1. Go to spawn.

2. Switch to Genji.

3. Play as Genji.
02/19/2018 05:00 PMPosted by Zarester
How to play Doomfist:

1. Go to spawn.

2. Switch to Genji.

3. Play as Genji.

I despise genji and id rather not play him
02/19/2018 05:02 PMPosted by MagyTheMage
02/19/2018 05:00 PMPosted by Zarester
How to play Doomfist:

1. Go to spawn.

2. Switch to Genji.

3. Play as Genji.

I despise genji and id rather not play him

He's got a point though, Smaller Hitbox, near equal mobility, better range with no fall off, the ability to deflect all projectiles and his dash is 10 fold more forgiving than Rocket Punch and resets on kill/assist. His Ult also can't be dodged by the majority of the Hero base. Also trading in 1 Passive for 2.
02/19/2018 05:09 PMPosted by MonkHound
02/19/2018 05:02 PMPosted by MagyTheMage

I despise genji and id rather not play him

He's got a point though, Smaller Hitbox, near equal mobility, better range with no fall off, the ability to deflect all projectiles and his dash is 10 fold more forgiving than Rocket Punch and resets on kill/assist. His Ult also can't be dodged by the majority of the Hero base. Also trading in 1 Passive for 2.

But like

I dont like genji, i dont like how he works, and im not that good using his primary fire anyways
Alright, ima go at it. Ignore my rank as it is completely irrelevant (I only do placements anyways, and I have consistently fought top 500 before and won but who cares you can't believe anyone on the internet) as these are just tips. Note these are just basic maneuvers Doomfist is really complex and every situation is different, but these tips are the foundation of his movements. It is also very disorganized and bare scratches the surface but I require feeding and I only have three arms... *Slaps knee*
First off: "features"
The most basic being the extended airtime you get by pressing jump at the end of his charge. You can use this to get extra distance or turn the camera while charging then press space to go in that direction. A neat trick is to press right click then immediately release and press space flinging you in whatever direction you chose. Doomfist goes very far with minimal charge time, experiment a bit to find the specifics.

You can also aim where people when hit go by looking in that direction when charging. With the recent update they only have to hit the wall at a 45* angle or less/more (don't know the proper math term here) except for corners. Corners and stairs were probably designed by the same person as they are both equally terrible.

There are also many spots you can use to gain air by pressing jump right before hitting them carrying your speed upwards (Slopes, roofs, stairs sometimes, anything you can slide off of)

Doomfist should almost never use a fully charged rocket punch (RP) unless to initiate. Doomfist is all about combos (Even more so with the buff coming up) and the disorienting rp followed by your primary and uppercut can almost instantly kill squishys. People expect a doomfist to charge his rp so the sudden charge hits them unprepared and leaves no time to react.

Second: Initiation
there are many different ways to initiate and the best depends on the starting area. The most basic is to simply rocket punch into the enemy when their cc/burst damage abilities are on cooldown BUT DO NOT HIT ANYONE WITH RP (Unless of course they are right next to a wall, but this assumes they are in the open). Time your space correctly so you come flying out of your charge near your target, use primary fire then immediately uppercut. When in the air shoot them again, two meat body shots and an uppercut leave 18hp left, you can aim for headshot but if not melee them. As you are already in the air turn to the best escape route (normally your team) and seismic slam their direction.
Another way is to seismac slam off a high point (way too many good spots to list, i'll come back to this) uppercut to confuse your target then rocket punch away.

Your ult also grants double shields I think (or so it seems) so unless the entire enemy team turns to you and shoots you are fine as long as you hit somebody near its center, then escape using one of the other methods. Do not be afraid to use his ult to escape, a good Doomfist can get an average 1.5 ults a fight and he has so many different ways to kill someone that you living is more important then a possible kill.

Never be without an ability when initiating, without wnything you can't escape and you'll die. So seismic clamming in then rp then uppercut will kill you everytime, doesn't matter if you take someone with you you still die and you are far more important then whoever you kill.

Seismic slam doesn't need very high to dramatically improve its killing potentiol. Remember how I said Doomfist was all combos? And after most initiations the enemy only has 18hp left. So all you need is a slight incline to jump off of to get that extra damage and it makes your combo so much deadlier.

You can't do much when not getting healed. This is a team game, all those snotty brats who burn ants with a magnifying glass and throw rocks at stray animals like to sya "gold elims team trash" but when someone actually gets healed they can do great things. This is why I recommend short range healers = defensive playstyle, initiate to build ult then immediately leave your main focus is to protect healers from flankers. Longe range healers = more aggressive playstyle, you can be more in the enemys face and deal more damage. This is why I caution anyone below masters on playing Doomfist as i've played him with and against all ranks, you do not get healed below masters. You just don't. Zen's can't even aim their orb right so you never get it. The mercy will walk past you because "You didn't protect her despite the fact you just got through 3v1 and winning" it's just an overall degrading experience. 2cp is still great though, the healers will only miss half the time.

He also counters roadhog, Dva, and Orisa (OOOOO sure, yeah they counter him. Keep telling yourself that and dive me solo) Rocket punch to destroy their armor (or interupt hogs healing) and just shoot them to death. Reins a pain though since it's hard to hit headshots, but when his shield is up and the enemy is not prepared punching it so your team can shoot the enemys behind it is a valid tactic. With Orisa if she activates fortify just use your escape abilities you saved when initiating to fly away, you can not kill her alone when it's activated you just can't she's invincible the ability description is a lie, it reduces all damage.

Lastly, his primary is actually SUPER powerful. I'm glad the community always says Doomfist is powerless once hacked (And he is if dead smack in the center of the enemy team with a hitbox the size of a tank, but than what hero isn't), but in a 1v1 situation if you can aim your shots you can kill that cocky Sombra easily or at least make them hesitate enough for the hack to wear off. It has no damage falloff so shooting at the enemy team all the way across the map is acceptable eve more so with the buff (I REALLY like the buff, played on the PTR for 15 or so hours he is borderline op now)

Lastly lastly, check out Chipsa on twitch for those features I talked about that allow you to gain altitude, a lot of them you'll discover on your own but just seeing what he aims for to do them gives you a very good idea of what to aim for yourself. Eichenwald is the best Doomfist map for these features too, especially first point.

I hope that was enough, I didn't proof read so a lot of it is probably garbage and hard to read. You can discover a lot about him simply by experimenting. O also turn off voice chat/team chat, no one shot calls below masters and above masters everyone is good enough that they don't need to shot call often. If anyone starts being toxic do not engage it'll make things worse, and always try to open the match with a joke people accept you more that way as it doesn't just sem like some random dude picking a "throw pick"

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