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So recently after taking a break, I've been playing...too much Overwatch. And I'm starting to remember why I left. I'm currently mid 2600's with a season high at mid 2800's. But recently, I've been losing way too many games that shouldn't have been lost or even be games that shouldn't have even been started. I started out today at 2719 and now I'm at 2630's. But there have been so many games recently that I have lost that I have had absolutely no control over. I'm really starting to not buy this idea that you have an equal chance of winning each game. If your still reading this rant I like to go through my experiences, just from today alone. I've had a game with several unchanging and toxic dps mains on my team who have been a pain when they can't kill anything, I've had two games where in total between the two, 3 players have disconnected from the match, I've had one game against a player who was on a smurf and boosting others (I was able to confirm it because they literally stated in chat they were getting boosted), and I've gotten two sym mains and one torbjorn main. I'm really done if this is what the devs think as "fair matchmaking." Its either every match we have a fighting chance we lose, get demolished, or destroy. And there is no gray space or imbetween. I know some of you are saying "Oh well you just had a bad day" or "Get Gud LUL just win," but it seems to happen all too often. And as a person who naturally prefers to fill and play healers, I get bombarded with people complaining about healing when they are window washing the enemy spawn when I'm helping out the team defend the point or complaining about how they died when I'm walking back because they couldn't protect me in the first place.

Okay I'm done ranting now.

Thanks for hearing me through. If you have anything to say, complaining about me being a whiner, great. If you want to sympathize with me, awesome. At this point I'm just tired from my daily dose of salt and toxicity.

Look yourself up on C0derwatch... i think youll be surprised.
02/19/2018 07:44 PMPosted by Tapsum!@#$
Look yourself up on C0derwatch... i think youll be surprised.

I already have. Trust me. Its disappointing, I know, but I have checked tons of other players around my SR and they are still around the same OASIS sr
But still, a computer can't understand how I play when I'm being put in unfair matches. All it sees is how much damage I do with which hero, or how many deaths I have on that hero. I also Think that OASIS/c0derwatch is inaccurate for one specific reason. Last season I climbed to 2760 sr getting a 13 game winstreak when I was stuck at 2300 that season and had been at 2000 when I placed. The fact that it thinks I am 2550 sr player on moira most likely is incorrect, at least in my opinion. Say what you want, but that is my opinion.

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