Stop trying to duel Moira with DPS

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Every dps beats Moira besides Genji the combination of lifesteal and auto aim makes it very hard since his mobility and deflect are what keep him alive both useless against Moira, an argument could be made for Tracer but unlike Genji if it isn't going well Tracer just leaves.
Lol as main tracer shes very easy to deal, all you need is good aim and recall just when u almost dead, then finish her :)
The prob start when she smart enough to use healing ball instead of the dmg one, then its a little bit harder but still possible to kill or escape if neesed
02/20/2018 10:23 AMPosted by Hige
I'm pretty sure Zarya can't kill her unless she's really charged up and against Dva Moira can simply stand in there and succ all the way until Dva dies
Zarya can't kill ANYONE unless she's charge lmao. And D.Va's mobility is on a shorter cooldown than Moira's while also having higher DPS and practically 750 HP + some of it being armor which Moira does poorly against.

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