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Can we remove the feature of the game where you can leave a game after 2 minutes and not receive a penlty. It encourages the behavior to leave the game, leaving the remaining players at a larger disadvantage.

Increase the penalty for leaving up to 100 sr, with a 60s window to rejoin after the first leave that game. A harsher penalty for leaving, which should effect the player for about 4-5 games to get back to the same sr if its only wins. After a team looses 3 members, the game should be cancled and the remaining team members should not have their sr adjusted. This would mean people dont lose sr for leavers.

As for continuing the game with a man down, winning would give +50% sr while loosing will penalize -50% of what a regular loss with 6 players would give. and the vice versa for the team with all 6 players, since they won a game against a team thats man down. if its a 4v6, rewards and losses would be further adjusted.

idk man. yesterday my team got 2 points the first round on volskaya and 5 people on the other team left for no reason after. I feel that we should still be rewarded for time we put in instead of the match ending and our time have being wasted. People leaving is just bad luck. I just block and report these people (Xbox allows you to report people for quitting early. Not sure about pc
Once I had the power go out during a competative game. There was no warning this would happen and it was outside of my controle. losing 50sr for something like that is devastating enough.

I know leavers suck, but so does having multiple games worth of SR pulled away because of something outside of your control.

Think about it this way. The SR loss you get for leaving is because of leavers as well as the loss you get from being in a game that had a leaver. However sometimes the other team gets a leaver and you get a free win which ballances it out. However when you get disconnected for some reason and you lose SR because of it, there is no balance that gets you back that SR. Increasing the penalty will punish legit players more then the leavers.

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