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i make fun of other junk mains if they kill me lol, even if i main him hes a !@#$% to play against
I don’t think Genji takes much skill at all to play effectively. Only to reach his max potential.

That’s not me saying he’s “no-skill,” I don’t think any hero is no-skill, but I think the people who go on and on about how Genji deserves to be high-reward at every rank because he’s “hard to play” need to nerf their egos. His kit literally does everything for you lmao. You can do crazy stuff with him if you’re good enough to access his potential, but just doing your job doesn’t require anything close to that. And I’m sick of people blaming their inability to reach his potential on “OP” counters when he’s one of the few with the potential to be effectively counterless.
Everytime I notice that one of my teammates is a girl I play as good as I can so she is impressed.

Maybe this explains why I dont have a girlfriend.

Um... all this is going to be archived and searchable.
I like guinea pigs.
02/18/2018 02:24 PMPosted by TLiciousX
Um... all this is going to be archived and searchable.

Does not sound like it will be for long...
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-Josh Engen
- i nano boost mercy and baby dva

- i use valkyrie just to gun down an annoying dps

- i use valkyrie from spawn if im to lazy to walk back

- i set up a turret trap and sit emote as symmetra as people run in and die

- i let myself get de-meched so i can get kills as baby dva

- i tbag and laugh emote as mercy on the dps who just died before rezzing them and seeing them die again

- i get more battle mercy potg's then anything else
1) I've only played 1 round of competitive in my whole time playing the game (since August of year 1) and I never did it again.

2) Junkrat is my favorite hero. I hate to admit it but I just like his goofy character and enjoy annoying people with traps. And flying through the air on bomb power in Total Mayhem mode always makes me laugh.

3) I only just learned how to shoot properly. Don't even ask how, apparently I was too dumb to realize "Hey I should shoot where the reticle in the middle of the screen is, since it's there for that exact purpose!" But at least now I'm consistently playing heroes other than Junkrat and Mercy and don't have to worry about people saying I'm playing "unskilled" heroes as often.

4)I'm a filthy casual lol, I'm really just in this game for the fun of it, not to improve my skills or be the best or whatever. The community is pretty negative sometimes and I still kinda suck at shooting (laggy internet and poor graphics aren't any help), but it's so charming and fun that I always come back, even if I don't play every day like I did when I first got the game.
I don't think Mei is in a bad spot. She's just particularly situational and takes skill to use well. Everyone wants heroes to be easy, not balanced.
When I first started playing (she's my main now), I never used Defense Matrix until 1 hour in.
This was the first Pc game I’ve ever played, and so when I first got it I had to get used to the WSAD type controls. I used to accidentally push Q so often, just trying to push W...

Up until I hit Level 25, I only played D.Va and Mercy (except my first game ever, where I played Widow). It was when I played comp for the first time that I realized that I needed to play more than 2 heroes..

When I placed silver the first time I did comp in s7 I was proud of myself because “at least I’m not in bronze!”... look at me now :(( I had a 14 game loss streak and now I can’t get back outtttt

If I get nanoboosted, I suddenly forget how to play the game entirely
And yet when I play Lucio I purposefully jump around Ana’s hoping they’ll accidentally boost me :/

I hate playing FFA because I can’t hit anything lmao. The people I play with love to do FFA though... Sometimes I just leave and pretend my internet disconnected so I don’t have to play it, if one of y’all ever find yourself on this thread then sorry, haha.

I’m a Mercy main that thinks her nerfs were necessary. I do think it went a bit far, but.. I don’t like to admit that I think like this.

I’ve given up on getting better at the game, at this point.. I might as well just stay to have fun >_<
Copy pasta.
-I was being passive-aggressive when a discussion devolved into meaningless bickering and laughed my head off when the person had nothing else and supposedly "reported" me just for one-upping them XD

-I hopped on a thread that was so out-there that it, somehow, degraded into a thread about snacks. It, and its predecessor, were both taken down, but I genuinely did not care because it was the most fun I, and apparently others, have had on this forum in a long time.

Honestly, these are the only two I can think of that I can confess to. I'm just that boring ;^^
I've only been able to rank past diamond in ctf *cries*
I find D.Va to be unbearably annoying, personality wise.
In one of my very few auto-saved game highlights as Widowmaker (I only play her when Mystery Heroes forces me to), the clip starts out with me panic-shooting at our own Doomfist.

No one shall ever see it.
02/18/2018 12:14 PMPosted by Pisces
I made an entire thread about genji's exposed pectoral and didn't get banned for it.

rest in peace, sweet prince.


let me have a moment to mourn my legacy.

We went ahead and got that highly rated for you :)
I deliberately avoid playing Mercy so I can claim that I've basically never played her when people ask me to switch.

But a while ago arcade stats didn't track and I mained Mercy in uprising. Spent countless hours grinding away for achievements and loot boxes since that was by far my fav event. Even dumped 3k on combat medic on the last day just to use it in paintball and mystery heroes.
I own the golden orbs for Zenyatta but I rarely play him I just thought they looked cool, also I have 57 hours on Genji in deathmatch, I only main Winston cause I think the noises that the heroes make when they are being electrocuted are hilarious and to counter that one Genji on the enemy team and watch them panic
I only started playing Junkrat because he was at the bottom of a popularity poll when the game first came out. I had intended to main Genji and Tracer.

I think Orisa's base design is ugly even though I like playing her and her base colour combination is composed of my favourite colours. No one has ever agreed with me.

The moment it was announced that junkrat was going to get two mines I felt a sense of dread because I understood my boi was going to get nerfed into the ground.

I secretly hope there will one day be gender-flipped skins for characters and I hope Junk will be the first.

I think making opponent widow, genji and torb players tell at me to leave them alone might be my reason for existing.

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