Torb should instantly place lvl 3s while ulting

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Torb needs help. He's not in a very good spot right now and I think my idea could help him leave C - tier with out completely breaking the game.

One of torb's biggest weaknesses is how hard it is to setup properly after a push. If your team doesn't instantly set up a blockade you might as well switch off. This buff would obviously make that weakness obsolete, but because he has to use his ult for that to happen I don't think it's overpowered.

This change could also be used to give attack torb some credibility. And ulting torb could turn any team fight into a 7v6 if played right, but is balanced out by tying that to his ultimate. You'd just have to deal with having a regular torb for 80-90% of the round.

This change would also be a much needed answer to popular dive characters like Winston, Tracer and Genji. Even if you don't kill anyone you would still end up forcing the enemy team to regroup. If you get dived by 2 or more heroes retreating would be a good idea as well, since you're making them choose between getting a pick on you or dealing with your turret.

Since this change only affects him while he's ulting you could easily predict and counter him still. It could even force some not-so popular characters into the game too, like Reaper, Sombra and maybe even Bastion. Every one of Mei's abilities work well as Turret counters as well.

If the buff is too much I wouldn't be against a slight nerf to the level 3's health, damage, cooldown or whatever. It'd probably be a good idea to make it so torb can't place a second level 3 if the first one goes down.

But yeah, if you have any constructive criticism or any way to improve the idea lemme know :)
im not gonna read anything but the title and just say

It would turn the tide of a battle way too quickly. No. The level 3 turret is just insane damage. It's like a tank that can inflict as much damage as most dpses. No thanks for an instant level 3 turret, that'd be broken.
he needs a buff but certainly not like this.
That would be pretty OP, but it WOULD be nice if ulting would automatically fill up his ammo.
What's the cooldown on his turret placement again?
I think this is an awful idea. I'm sorry, but this would be too broken. Pass.
Pretty powerful, but I don't see why it would be any worse than another major dps ult with range. You hear it, see it, react to it.

If you've been shutting down the turret the whole time he's not gonna have an ult up every 2 min.

Really don't think it would be that bad, but don't feel it would "fix" anything necessarily.
That is instant res for a turret
02/18/2018 05:29 PMPosted by CodeBlue
im not gonna read anything but the title and just say


Can’t have everyone as good as the main picks can we
So a Torb could essentially go Molten core, drop from above, place a level 3 turret in the enemy back line and win the fight solo.

Okay game.

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