Would a Guild System help with Toxicity

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I think one of the main reasons the game is plagued with so much bad juju is the random factor of how teams are put together. If there was a way for like minded and similar skilled players to have a way to connect on a more frequent basis than just a friend’s list it would provide a better overall experience and possibly even provide an atmosphere of higher gameplay and community. I think people are so negative and toxic because of the anomity of the Internet. There’s no face to the person they are talking to or repercussion for their actions. I think guilds would alleviate some of the toxic atmosphere. Heck there could be a whole subdivision of guild play rather than the randomness of matchmaking that exists and helps breed toxicity.
I would absolutely love to roll with some guild buddies.
I would also love to be able to participate in some kind of guild tournaments that are built into the game. Oh' that would be the dream!

Even with a pre-made team players would get angry with opposite team.

Player A kills player F
Player F used a cheap character and is unskilled and didn't deserve that kill. Player A gets angry
It couldn't hurt.
I think it would definitely help. It wouldn’t solve everything but it has more positives than negatives.
Yes, this game is basically built to play with 5 friends to have the best optimal time. It seems ridiculous there's no in game solution to form a community of like minded people.

I've posted this many times, this game needs some sort of community tool in order to build friendships. I haven't heard of anyone actually making friends in this game. The friends they play with were formed in other games.

The exception to this are top 500 players and gms, since it's such a small pool of players, and they constantly play with and against each other, so friendships are formed after a period of time.

For the rest of us, we play a match, people are raging in voice chat, game ends and we more than likely never see those people again. There is no time to make a connection and form a friendship.
It's just too bad that Blizzard doesn't care about customers. :(
A guild/clan system would be so awesome for this game. It needs it!!!
One of the things that makes a game great is th social aspect of it. Community. Comraderie. Overwatch lacks a good system to bring players together outside of matches.
If anything it will make it worse having a caln stack against a solo or due queue.
Not to mention most ppl just prefer to solo or due q to begin with.
Isnt that 6 stack?
Over all I don't think so. Still having one won't make it any worse either.
02/19/2018 04:53 PMPosted by Hawai
Isnt that 6 stack?

My clan in BFBC2 had 30ish members and we would scrimmage against ourselves and sub in players for clan vs clan fights.

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