If You could Hug ANY Overwatch Hero....

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Reinheadt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt

I would hug him for so long.
I would love to hug McCree! Since he's my fav.

I would love to be hugged by Reaper, like how he hugged that guy in the Infiltration cinematic. Please.
ana is so hugable, i wish i could hug ana because i feel sorry for her too. (especially when she screams when she dies, it sounds so saddd ;-;)
Soldier. Reasons.
Mei or D.Va.
mei because just look at her shes an adorable fluffy hug panda
also mercy because i miss my mom lol

Stuck in Vishkar because she probly feels she owes them, she's pretty (even though everyone always rates her lowest smh), and she'd be the most awkward hugger ever so it'd make me laugh.


I'm a short man so.....

I'd hug mercy first because she's an awesome hero and then lucio because he's so positive.
Then I'd feed her strawberries.
If the characters were self aware they were in a game I'd probably give Mercy a hug.

Shes become one of the most hated heroes and been through a lot recently.
Orisa. She's so nice :)
I'll go with Tracer
I would “try” to hug Widowmaker, just to see her reaction. Probably a bullet to the head for me;)
I forgot about Bastion!!!

Bastion saved me in Eichenwalde when I was slowly falling to my death and patiently waited for me in Nepal so that I can GA and reach my team faster.

Love you Bastion :)

*beep beep
telling Orisa "I need a hug!"
and hug her.
Definitely not Moira, the spikes.
Rein seems like a great hugger.
Orisa. She’s so pure

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