Symmetra buffs that won't break the game. (Hopefully)

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I play a lot of Symmetra and I think there could be a lot of small quality of life changes they could implement into her kit to make her more helpful to her team and to the people using her.
1. Extend the range she can place her turrets a bit, not a crazy amount but just so you don't look like a crazy person trying to jump and get them in some hard to get spots.
2. On the topic of turrets, give them a bit of health, her telly and shield gen both have health why can't her turrets? I'm not saying a whole lot of health maybe just 75 with 50 being shields and 25 being health. That's no more than an armor pack gives people and most characters will still be able to one shot them.
3. Make her turrets and her Teleporter/Sheild gen, visible on the map, it's so annoying trying to describe mid-fight the awkward spot you put your ultimate down in. Plus then people might be more inclined to protect it. And on the note of having her turrets more visible it would give flankers a safe exit route back to your team.
4. And finally the easiest little change they could make is to add a percentage bar to her gun to show you when it's fully charged.

I don't know just some small quality of life changes that might make her more helpful to her team and the player brave enough to endure the ridicule.
I like the "more health for turrets" bit but I have a crazier idea. Give them an over-shield like a Zarya bubble. Make that shield only 1HP but essentially the turrets would need to take two hits from something to be destroyed regardless oh how much damage the first hit may do. Like I said, crazy.

Crazier still, remove her right click and replace it with a channeled shield for allies. Maybe 50 Shields that decay after a second , similar to Doomfist.

Least crazy idea though: Shields granted by Shield Generator don't grant Ultimate charge to enemies that hit you.

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