Which golden gun do you think is the most common

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I’d say it’s either Reinhardt because of how much of a must pick he used to be and there used to be a lot of Reinhardt mains or Mercy because of all them Mercy mains back during her 5 man Rez and when she was broken with the instant Rez and Valkyrie being so strong that are now struggling to play Mercy with all the nerfs she got.
Genji and Mercy
Reinhardt and McCree.
Rein or genji
For what it's worth, mine is Moira
genji, mercy, dva, and prob junk
The most common is probably genji. We used to see lots of Mercy but a lot of mains have stopped playing her, sadly.

I sometimes get blamed when playing mercy when we lose.. having no actual ult doesnt help.
I see a lot of tracer goldens in my games...

Also DVA
Well as a wise man once said... actually me right now... genji's gold shurikens are technically not a 'gun' same with mercy and rein, so the most common gold 'gun' would be McCree I think. Get philosophied lol.
genji & mercy
hell even i have the genji golden & i never even play him ;o
Genji, Mercy, and Dva I feel are the most common.

In my experience, I see a lot of Roadhogs with golden guns, though.
Aren’t they all super common now?
Dva, Genji and Mercy.

I'm a Dva main but I don't know if I'll buy her golden guns since I see them everywhere.
Genji,mercy, and zen.

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