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Can someone please explain why I keep disconnecting from comp games, just ONLY COMP GAMES. I have lost over 250 sr just from disconnecting, and I'm for sure that it isn't my internet reason why I know is when I look at my ping its always at 40 to 50 ping and I know its just for comp only because I played quickplay for like 2 days to test it out, guess what nothing happened i tried to do the same for comp I legit just disconnected after 1 day of playing. This problem I'm having is so annoying I don't want to play the game anymore. PLEASE SOMEONE FIXED THIS OR AT LEAST TRY TO HELP ME!
i play on ps4( idk if the ps4 servers are struggling like the pc servers) and today i disconnected 3 times from the same match and i think in the end i didnt lose sr (lucky me) but i definitely have had some trouble with in game connection idk if its from my actual internet but the games feels very laggy, like i say hello or group up and sometimes it doesnt show up in the communicatino thing on the left

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