Anyone know what their first post on the new forum will be?

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Already got my one ready, it's a goodun
getting ready for all the nerf moira posts
A greetings, maybe.
Mercy's feet
I'm gonna do a post about how Orisa is actually Aquaman
Edit: It's gonna be super long too... ;)
Probably questions on how it works like the Trust system and the reporting
I hope its a classic SJW thread about too much booty in OW.
When r we getting new forum? Just heard about it
I want kill streaks to transition over rounds in KOTH
Probably about the giveaway
I would love to say it'll be something positive about the community, but I'll be honest here:

It'll probably be something about how Mercy should be reverted or Sombra should not have ult charge from healing entirely removed (just nerfed).
I should post what my first post was on this forum...

A thread titled "Important", inside, the only word is "Hanzo".
Hm, I don't know... Meibe I will remake my thread of "Add Jeff as a hero!"... Though that will take a while since I'm going on a trip tomorrow.
The first post we'll see on the new forum?

"-insert hero here- is OP, BLIZZARD PLZ NERF! :c"
probably a meme
I bet Crusher is going to beat us to it and make a troll post XD

Where is he anyways?
I have an idea. But I'm going to save it for the new forum :3
probably something about mercy and how cute her feet are ;)

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