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I didn’t get lucky enough to get the Golden Orisa icon during the anniversary and I didn’t get lucky enough to get the horse riding Mccree player icon during the summer games so I’m just rolling with the plain ol’ pachimari. What icon do you use and why do you use it?
I use the Florida Mayhem one because i'm too lazy to change it on my alt account!
And also McDonalds!

EDIT: I'm actually going to change it back to make me look like a genji main ;p
I love Tracer and she’s my main, so;)

And it just looks so cute.
Pachimari. Because it's cute.
Sometimes i choose some of my main(Orisa) icons too.
excelsior because favorite team and logo looks like off white design
Ana is love.
Ana is life.
I’m rockin some type of Pachimari usually.

Right now it’s the White Tiger Pachimari.
My favorite is the Yeti Pachimari though.
Original pachimari best icon
I normally use Cute Sombra on XB1 and a Doomfist one on PC, but I get festive when events come around so I'm currently using Huchimari on XB1 and the YotD 2018 icon on PC. :)
the witch hat
because i like it
PupperPups are Cute
The Dabfist
Because the female Wizard from Diablo 3 is a badass
D.Va is one of my most player characters currently.
I wanted that skin


but because of the stupid RNG loot box system I couldn't get it. I coudlnt grind enough credits, actually I'm at 2900 from summer games until now.
02/19/2018 05:34 PMPosted by SirRocknRyan
Because the female Wizard from Diablo 3 is a badass

Being voiced by Grey Delisle doesn't hurt that, she is right up there with Tara Strong and Lauren Tom as my favorite female voice actors, Lauren also voices Li Li from WoW.
I typically use Sylvanas or one of the Ana icons since they're two characters I really enjoy the designs of.
The New York Exelcsior flag! I love their color scheme, their team lineup, their...well, everything about them! And NYXL is one of my favorite teams! WOOOOOOOOOOO! EXCLESIOR! FOREVER!

- PyroPanda
I'm a huge Fusion fan! Not to mention they're probably the most entertaining team to watch in the League. Carpe and Shadowburn tearing things up, Pokos self destructs, neptuNos Stage 1 battle Mercy, the list goes on.

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