What player icon do you use and why

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im allergic to peaches
I've always liked the design of fleur de lys, so why not?
We all know deep down that Reaper is adorable.
Too hot for you?
Well this one...... Is.... pretty... cute.
Because I live in America idk what else to say..
Null Sector, I like the simplicity of it
It is the only icon I have that I like, and I still haven't gotten cute pharah yet.
Something related to an event, a cool/cute one, or one of my mains is my usual icon. Both like now if it’s possible.
I just swap between Ana icons, but with the forums closing, I felt golden Ana was a good choice because I used it most while I was active here, and it would be nice to look at during the time it is locked.
I main Sombra. Couldn't decide whether to use this or cute Sombra. Heyyvirus uses this one so I said "Why not?'
I like this one for the event, but when its not event time I like the wolf icon because on every level except physical, I am a wolf.
Mada Mada
Medic Mercy is my favorite skin and the icon for it is really nice. You can't see it here though :(
I like mine because it shows how long I've been playing the game for.
Whenever I get a new Icon featuring food sill switch to it
I always change my icons based on the season, events, or my mains. I’m using the Zhuque icon now because I love the colors and the design and I’m a Mercy main. I wanted to use the Zhuchimari icon, but I don’t like the green background with the red pachi, it looks too much like xmas.
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I didn’t get lucky enough to get the Golden Orisa icon during the anniversary and I didn’t get lucky enough to get the horse riding Mccree player icon during the summer games so I’m just rolling with the plain ol’ pachimari. What icon do you use and why do you use it?

I haven’t bothered to change it but I have a beard rein has one so like ya know? I also play tanks consistent but I have so many icons honestly. I have about twenty of the little guy you have and most of them are this event
Anniversary one because memes
EDIT: and megumin

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