If we’re making ridiculous ships now.

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Torb turret and Orisa.
Nothing is canon until we get Torbhog pounding it.

Pounding it.

...Pounding it
Torb turret and Bastion
Amelie x Emily.
Sombra and Reaper.

She bullies him so much it's adorable.

Opposites attract
You know what there's not enough of? You know, character/favorite object. Like how Chell/Companion Cube was popular in the day.

What I'm saying is, Pachihog 4 life.
I'm pretty vanilla but my fav is always and forever Reaper76.

However, I've been coming around to Gency and McHanzo lately...
ew hookers
02/19/2018 06:05 PMPosted by Fruitslayer
ok but it needs a better name


Simpsons :)
02/19/2018 06:03 PMPosted by SpiritDragon
02/19/2018 06:01 PMPosted by XOLiD
Hanzombra says otherwise.


might use that when the new sombra and hanzo go live

but what about Pharhart? ;)
02/19/2018 06:10 PMPosted by Aerthendt
02/19/2018 06:09 PMPosted by SpookySquid
I repeat "Hogmaker"

I'm sorry my friend. Spiderpig is just too good.

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