Getting stuck on the VS screen

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So i got stuck on the VS screen and it says i was gonna get kicked for inactivity...
Then i get booted from the game, After i get back into the menu it says Rejoin game. So i pressed it, AND IT SUSPENDS ME??? Now on my 8 match i have a loss for it? because the game would not let me reconnect to my match??? I have to say im very mad about this :\

Has anyone else experienced this :( Cause im like dieing here.
My game would always freeze on the VS screen as well.

-Have you OC'd?
-What OS are you running?
-Does the motherboard you're using support your OS.

I was having issues with Windows 10 and found out my cousins motherboard is not compatible with Windows 10. Could've updated the BIOS to a beta version but didn't want to chance it and just went back to Windows 7. Have not crashed once in a week. It would happen twice or more per day.
That happened to me thrice in S5. Frustrating as it was because I just lost 150 SR instantly, I gave up on playing comp for 3-4 days. Never happened again though.

Doubt it was just an OS issue because this happened to me on the PS4.

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