Voiceline Suggestions?

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Any voiceline suggestions you guys think should be for a hero? Here's mine.

Sombra: Don't be daft.

McCree: Six shots is all I need.

Lucio: *mimics record scratch*

Soldier 76: Work hard, play harder.

Reaper: ...Worthless.

Widowmaker: Encore fini? (Done yet?)

Moira: That wasn't very just.
Soldier 76

“All is fair in love and war”

I could so picture him saying this.
Bastion: A tune that can plausibly deny sounding like Another One Bites the Dust.

Ana: "Aw, poor baby. " (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46CS1JP_D3w)

Junkrat: "Ya can't make an Omelette...!"

Roadhog: "Gotta Break some eggs!"
I love the 'Your welcome' voice line for mercy and would like one for Zarya.

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