the childish DPS vs healers arguments on this forum

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They're poisoning this forum. Basically 8 out of 10 topics I find is some healer main talking trash to DPS and visa versa. Hating on DPS with the popular ( salty DPS mains ) line. And I'm not even a DPS main. anyway moderators Please give it some thought to at least reduce the amounts of these posts that trigger such useless arguments. If a new player visits this forum he would think overwatch is an organization of support mains fighting against the omnic DPS mains crisis ffs.

Replace "salty DPS mains" from a post here with "boosted Mercy mains" and its an acceptable post there
Well they are natural enemies in this game. They have the exact opposite goals of each other. If my job was to make support and dps fighting threads then we would be fighting too naturally.
Unfortunately this happens on both sides - DPS trashing supports and supports trashing DPS. It's equally immature on both ends.

The best thing to do is to stay calm and rational, and to keep reminding people that generalizations, stereotypes, and "us vs. them" mentalities are to be avoided at all costs. Point out to people on your own "side" when they are saying something that's not okay or true, and trust that the rational ones on the other "side" are doing the same.

This community is a mess, and the only way to keep it together is to intentionally STAY together.
Genji and Moira are basically the same argument in terms of them having generous hitboxes and being considered "OP" but one is looked at as the devil and one an angel depending on which side of the fence you are on.

People question how racism, tribalism and xenophobia happens in real life but people do it for video game characters. Funniest thing in WoW days were players swearing most alliance are like "this", "most" horde are like "this"

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