Why would you pick Reinhardt over Orisa?

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Reinhardt pushes a lot better than Orisa. I will usually pick Rein on attack. On defense it's a toss up for me.

I just prefer Rein's playstyle better, but I think the mobility is a strong consideration for picking him.

That’s why.
I prefer Reinhardt because I can't aim worth crap with Orisa.
Reins looks better and abilities feel more fun to play.
Are you actually asking? They are different enough to where one is usually superior to the other based on the map and your comp. Orissa has some maps and so does Rein. Rein's hammer does a lot of damage and orissa's grav ball and shields are annoying. Pick the hero that gives YOU the best chance to win (or maybe winning isn't your objective?) f(winhero) = skill + map + comp + error term or 0. You could probably collect a lot of data and run a regression ;o.

I prefer Reinhardt depending on the map. Sometimes when there is a choke with a corner nearby I like Rein so I can pop out and swing my hammer a few times, hide around the corner then repeat. His hammer is pretty good as is charge. Just try not to overextend when you charge, short charges or charges with clear/protected paths are the best.

Other times you need more range so Orissa is good.
His shield needs a buff. That's all.
Orisa and Rein should compete on damage block.
Yes, Rein does have better shield mobility and size, but Orisa does damage while shield is up, so both shield should have close up time.
I am personally more scared of a good Rein then a good Orisa. Reins ult is HUGE compared to Orisa's, But I am not saying Orisa's is bad or anything though.
Because with Reinhardt I can charge an Orisa to the edge of a map and watch her go flying off the edge to her death. No better feeling than a German taking out the trash to a scrap yard.
Reinhardt + Zarya is still a good duo, I think
I hate having no Rein on chokes and the like. To many times when you say get an Orisa tank on Anubis attack it takes FOREVER for anyone to even attempt a push through the choke.
Because I like the German Grandpa.

But IDK I prefer playing Orisa, I really don't have the patients to play Rein and just hold up his shield. I'm one of those Rein that constantly drop shield to fire strike, hammers around an enemy that came within 50 feet, and just charges in recklessly. If I were a Rein main I'd be in silver.

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