Sound cuts out for a second, all voice chat is muted.

Technical Support
I'm using a SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless.

During voice chat, my sound would blink out for a whole second while the game runs fine. My voice chat would be muted(?) and no one in voice chat could hear me. I'd still see the icon for others in the voice chat talking, but couldn't hear them.

A quick fix after tinkering was to leave group voice chat and reenter. But, I'd not like to do that each time this happens during a live game.

Side note, this also happens with YouTube vids sometimes. But the video would pause and then refresh/black out.

If anyone has the same issue and has fixed this, I'd love some advice.
Sounds like an internet connection issue - anytime YouTube does that for me, it's because there was a mini-cutout in connection. For voice, if you think of it like a phone call, it's like a brief drop in signal. Try checking your connection on and if it's not up to par with what you're paying for, call your service provider.

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