What shirt would Junkrat wear?

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Mayve this is a weird thread, but whatever. I'm making a Junkrat cosplay, but since the area I'm going to be wearing it in is... Not the warmest... I'm trying to figure out what kind of shirt would actually fit his character and go well with the rest of the outfit.

Any suggestions?
In his new epic skin "Caution", he is wearing a shirt, so maybe something similar to that would work. Good luck on your cosplay!
wear that cricket uniform he has

Or explosive, but don't do that (literally at least).
i could imagine him in a black red checkered old shirt
No shirt. Just mittens.
02/15/2018 10:45 AMPosted by JSConnor
No shirt. Just mittens.

02/15/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Your

Both of you missed the point. The reason OP is even thinking about wearing a shirt is because the place he's going to use the cosplay is cold...or at least, cold enough that no one in their right mind (or even in a Junkrat state of mind) would want to go shirtless (think Minneapolis in winter).

As to your question, OP, I think an old checkered shirt would do fine. Preferably an old yellow-and-black shirt, but just an old checkered shirt of any color should do fine. And good luck on your cosplay, OP! Make sure to share your photos with Overwatch on their Twitter handle (@PlayOverwatch).
Thanks for the responses so far, very helpful!

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