Can i report healers for not using their abilities?

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yes, if a healer refuses to heal they are throwing (in comp). That is like a DPS not shooting. Imagine if a soldier refused to shoot at all and didn't use any abilities all game except for his biotic field. you would report him. you could say "soldier, please dps" and he would say "I'm healing". thats the same as a battle ana refusing to use a healing nade. 100% can report that in comp. keep in mind, though, there is a difference between refusing to heal and being offensivley focused. if they just dont heal much they are a trash player. if they dont heal at all they are throwing

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Can you report DPS heroes for not getting kills?

No, because this is a skill issue. Not healers literally not attempting to heal at all.

So healing is not a skill? Ana missing her teammates is not skill? You basically flawed your entire argument because of this statement.
can we report you for being a toxic !@#$?
Yeah I read what you wrote. You may be describing a really really really rare instance where someone is actually throwing like this, but mostly, it feels like you are asking to report people for making mistakes. The way you worded it doesn’t sound like you honestly want to know if true battle Mercy (all game) is reportable. It sounds like you died and your mercy had her pistol out. What you failed to think about is that the Mercy may have been defending herself, which would fall under DPS job to defend her so she doesn’t need pistol. The other likely scenario isn’t intentional throwing but just poor awareness and lack of skill, which is also not reportable.

This is why people keep asking, would you report a soldier for missing shots? Would you report a Genji for dying while flanking because he didn’t back out in time, or because he chose a bad time?
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To the people downvoting: So its perfectly acceptable for healers to not heal? Please provide responces and reasoning, thank you.

They are not classed as healers :P they are supports. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable for them to not heal.

In the hero select screen, it does say “no healers” if no one chooses a healer. Even if someone chooses Symmetra, it still displays “no healers.” That’s their job to do in the game...
By your definition, if you think things like Battle Mercy are supporting the team in any way.. You must think that DPS heroes are support too, right? Supports provide utility. If someone refuses to play their part in the game, they should get punished. Plain and simple.

@OP: As a person who plays a lot of Mercy/Lucio (I know I don’t play comp much, sorry), I get the “healer is useless! No heals!”, and I’ve been called a “thrower” often in quick play too, even when I do heal. It’s possible that the Mercy is trying to heal someone more important, and also very possible that Lucio’s healing aura just isn’t enough to heal you fast enough. But I’ve been with Moira’s who will nearly never, ever heal... I hate those. But it’s still unclear as to whether they’re deliberately throwing... unless you’re sure, I don’t think you can report.

Be careful if you report, though. You don’t wanna get banned for something as dumb as that :/ And the player probably won’t get punished as long as there’s concrete proof they threw, anyway. Don’t risk it.
It should be reportable, though, when it gets to a certain point..
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Moira rushing past our team with her ult, Battle Mercy, Zenyatta never throwing his harmony (or only keeping it on one target when others are dying), Lucio trying to flank for boop kills... Can i report them for throwing, or is this acceptable by the community

Edit: HOLY !@#$ this is about healers literally not using their healing abilities, not a lack of skill such as DPS not getting kills.

My god people, READ!!!

Can I report Dvas for not trying to protect me, the healer, with DM?
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If you can report the DPS that refuses to deal damage then you can report the healer that refuses to heal.

I’m getting tired of saying this but they are not called “healers”. They are called Support Heroes. Which means that they are not limited to only 1 job; to heal.

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This thread smells of troll. Therefore I’m reporting it XD

You're the one trolling here.

And DPS are not called "DPS". They're called Offense heroes. Which means that they need to be offensive, so if they want to charge into enemies and melee them they can do that and cannot be reported. They can also keep throwing racist and sexist insults at the enemy in the chat. That's pretty offensive you know.

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