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I really wanna add Orisa to my repertoire, as the only tank I can play is D.Va and she’s really not much of a tank these days. I’ve been doing decently with Orisa, but I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out when and how to use her Halt ability, as well as Fortify. Also what maps is she best on? So far I’ve been using her on defense, but I used her on attack in Volkskaya the other night and actually got potg. (And more importantly, we won!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Now, I don't main tank per se, but I can flex onto Orisa pretty easily.

You can get really creative with Halt, but you can use it for a couple things:
1. Pulling people off of cliffs.

2. Pulling people off of high ground. This goes for any map, but it also works on payload maps where the offense might be running pirate ship strat.

3. Pulling people around corners and back towards your team. Halt kind of works like a mini Roadhog hook. If someone if trying to peak behind a corner, or is trying to flee from a team fight, you can pull them out and back towards your team so that they can jump them.

4. Another helpful tip is that targets pulled by Halt are immobile for a while before they touch the ground, so they're easy to get a good 100 or so damage on while they're falling.

5. If you're really good, you can pull people together into one of your teammates ults. If they're behind a corner waiting out a D.va bomb, pull them out. Same goes for Tracer bomb, Junkrat tire, etc.

As for Fortify,
1. Best time to utilize Fortify is when a Reinhardt is charging at your team. Step in front, take the hit, and then put a bunch of bullets into his head while he's recovering.

2. Obviously use it when you know there's a chance you'll get stunned. Fortify can nullify flashbang, sleepdart, Earthshatter, Boop, Junkrat's mine (not the damage just the blowback), helix rocket, etc. Use it especially near edges.

3. Fortify also gives you a 50% damage reduction. You can use it when you think an enemy is gonna ult.

Hope this helps!
While I'm no expert she is my favorite MT so I can provide some tips. First, halt is amazing when used correctly. It has a visual tell when it has someone to pull, so pay close attention to that. Now, the obvious use is to pull people out from cover to finish them off. What you want to practice here is knowing where to position your aim before you pull them. This way you're firing on them the moment they are back in view.

Other uses for halt are pulling people off ledges, knocking a charging rein to the side, yanking an ulting Genji away from your supports... there is so much you can do with halt.

As for fortify, this is a very powerful ability and many people don't realizing what it can do. Not only can it stop a charging Rein in his tracks, but it will literally let you walk out of any CC ability (even a Mei ult). For this one you want to keep track of enemy ults and not get too trigger happy with it. A Tracer pulse bomb can one shot you unless you fortify before it explodes.

Outside of ults, fortify any time you're under heavy fire and exposed. If you're going to die, you may as well fortify to give yourself a shot.

She is really usable anywhere, but she's great on defense and payload maps.

Hope this helps.
Halt Ability is good for a good number of things. Such as environmental kills by sucking enemies off cliffs. It is also great for keeping people from getting away around corners by pulling them back out into the open. It also can be used to forcefully change the direction of a rein charge. It is also good to use then the enemy is pushing, fire it off a bit above their heads and pull them all into the air it bunches them up which is great for focused fire.

Fortify should be used when a Rein charges you or road hog tries to hook you or when your shield goes down. It is also great for surviving things like a tracer bomb that would normally kill you. Since fortify is on a long cool down you have to be mindful of the right and wrong times to use it or you can find yourself in a situation where you need it but its on cool down.
The best maps are the "horizontal ones". Meaning that there is not a lot of highground or levels. Dorado is not great for Orisa because of this. But kings row is really good.

The exception to this rule is horizon point A on defense. Because you are defending on the point 90% of the time.

Defense is the best way to use it because she is a static hero. But in payload maps that are more horizontal (like kings row, eichenwald and junkertown point A) she can really works.

Avoid using her in a dive comp because she has no use. Use your ult to secure a push and use fortify uf someone is trying to cc you or your shield is broken and you need tp buy time
Be aggressive. If you aren't moving your shield up almost every time you are doing it wrong. She honestly works on just about every map as long as you can learn the correct positioning.

Halt should be used all the time. You making someone move out of position is going to make them miss shots and freak out. It is of course great for pulling people off edges and if you have a coordinated team you can make good ults become great. Tracer bombs, junk tires etc.

Fortify - needs to be used earlier than most people use it. It doubles your health, but only what health you have left. So, if you fortify as you are about to die you are just taking your health from 50 to 100 versus 400 to 800. It's also great for screwing with other tanks. I love baiting a Rein into charging me. He is then out of position and dead.

Here is a big post I wrote up a couple months ago about her that should give you a lot of things to think about. Good Luck!

Don't be afraid to use the floor and walls to detonate Halt! as well. If you place it properly, walls and floors can be really useful in passively detonating Halt! and catching enemies off guard.
Thanks guys! Sounds like I’ve been using Fortify correctly—I use it during ults, to get out of Gravs, Blizzards, and I’ve used it when I’ve been stickied. I’ve used it under focus fire when my shield has gone down. I have not used it against a charging Rein because I’ve not played her enough to experience that yet, but I do know to do that. I suppose I just want to make sure I’m doing it right!

Halt is really tricky though. I’ve tried to pull people off cliffs, but I think I activate it too soon when it gets behind them, so they’re just pulled to the ledge but not off. And I’ve used it to pull people from around corners, but my aim isn’t that great so it mostly just stuns them a little; in those cases I’m usually just hopeful my DPS can take advantage of the enemy being exposed for a moment.

02/16/2018 08:17 AMPosted by ph03n1x
First, halt is amazing when used correctly. It has a visual tell when it has someone to pull, so pay close attention to that.

I didn’t know that! What’s the tell exactly? I’ll have to try harder to look out for it and practice with it more.

Any ult tips? I try to hold onto it for when a teammate has ult and/or a team fight breaks out. I’ve had fairly good results with it.

My only complaint about playing Orisa is her lack of mobility; obviously as a D.Va and Mercy main, I’m used to being able to pretty much go anywhere, but getting flanked and overwhelmed on Orisa is really frustrating.
Halt's great because it has a lot of uses. I'll usually use it for 3 things:

1: pulling people together for a team mate's ult
2: pulling people off/away from healers or the payload
3: pulling people off the high ground

There's little green tendrils that will attach to any enemy in it's range so you can see who it'll pull in as well.

I personally find that she works best in more open maps like Junkertown where she can really make use of her gun or places with vertical spots she can get to when defending. On more enclosed spaces I generally prefer Rein because Orisa's weapon feels a bit unwieldy to me when aiming at someone really up close.

Fortify is something that can be tricky just because you can use in a bunch of situations, so it can sometimes be difficult to know when the best time to use it is. Personally I find I use it most when there's a Mei on the other team since it can be used to get out of the radius of her ult or the freezing effect of her primary. I'll also use it to block enemy Rein charges.

I occasionally use it just for the damage reduction, but that's usually only if I'm the only person around and I'm trying to regroup with my team.
1. You excel at close range. It's SUPER easy to get constant dinks against close range enemies.

2. Fortify earlier than later.

3. Comboing with a Hog is powerful. I remember in a few pro matches where an Orisa would Halt, then Hog would hook.
02/16/2018 08:35 AMPosted by Erikonil
Halt's great because it has a lot of uses. I'll usually use it for 3 things:

1: pulling people together for a team mate's ult
2: pulling people off/away from healers or the payload
3: pulling people off the high ground

Ah, thank you, that’s really helpful! The only thing I’ve really known to do is expose people around corners and try for environmental kills (which I have yet to be successful at).
Garbage and overpowered hero.
One of my most common use of halt is to help with my shots, especially since Orisa's gun is a projectile and takes time to reach its target. If you fire a halt, and then keep firing at the part of the sphere where the enemy is likely to stick to, the enemy will actually get dragged into your line of fire and take damage instantly.

Do not skimp on fortify, any time you step outside your shield to reposition, fortify incase a hanzo is aiming at you, if an enemy is about to get around your shield, fortify, if an enemy runs through your shield, fortify. Use it early, especially while you still have your armor.

Shield dancing is mandatory. You have to be able to use it constantly if you want to survive as Orisa. If an enemy rushes you through your shield, do not let yourself get bullied away from your own shield, instead, circle around your shield and keep it between you and the enemy. Shield dancing is not always a long winded ballet of you and reaper chasing each other, preferably, it'll be over in just a couple of seconds before you take significant damage.


This video and that time stamp shows all three described above done simultaneously. Halt used to finish off Widowmaker, shielddancing/fortify used on Tracer.

A few more in that video

0:47 It's your job to clear traps and turrets, always clear them before moving on to protect your team. D.va moved ahead because she's a bully tank, you are to protect.
0:54 When D.va ejects, fire halt to grab her out of the air and drag her into your line of fire. It didn't work here, but you'll have plenty of chances especially since D.va is in almost every game.
1:00 Fortify the moment you leave the shield incase of a sniper. Also be mindful of who's behind your shield when you leave it because re-deploying it exposes them.
1:29 Saw something red, used halt to check for enemies on the roof
1:31 I reacted to junkrats footsteps and even looked up when i heard his mine exploding. YOU MUST NOT LOSE TRACK OF JUNKRAT!!!
1:36 When you see Symmetra coming at you DO NOT RUN AWAY! Deploy a shield and run TOWARDS her. You have a better chance shield dancing.
1:45 Again, using halt to drag a blinking Tracer into the shots
Fortify only when your shield breaks, or the enemy runs past your shield.
Orisa/tank main:

For the love of god, keep your eye on your shield CD, and throw a new one as soon as you can to regenerate that health. Too many new orisas throw a shield and then wait waaaaaay too long before they remember "oh sorry folks, here's another shield tee hee"

Halt! is her best move (imo) you can use it to pull people back behind your shield if they're trying to push up close, you can use it to great effect on maps like illios (well/lighthouse), liajang tower, shoot... you can even pull people into those two small holes towards the end of kings row. Reminder about halt though: Always let it go just a bit further over then edge than you think it needs to be in order to secure the enviro kill. Many times, larger heroes (most often tanks) will instead land on the edge of the map instead of falling to their death.

Fortify is BEST for covering your butt against tracer/junk/mcree ults (remember, it cuts any damage you take by 50%). It's also a nice safety net for when the opposing team breaks your shield and pushes before your shield CD is ready... fortify is a good buffer to escape and/or keep from getting booped.

Her main weapon is a best at mid range, but if you're accurate, you can easily shred any symettras or tracers that get too close. Also, don't be afraid to take pot shots at any pharah you see floating around... it really does pressure them more than you think, and at least gives them something to think about each time they boost up high to try and rain hell.

If you're good to orisa she'll be good to you

BONUS at least for the time being, she's an excellent counter to any enemy rein.
02/16/2018 09:27 AMPosted by Ornery
For the love of god, keep your eye on your shield CD, and throw a new one as soon as you can to regenerate that health. Too many new orisas throw a shield and then wait waaaaaay too long before they remember "oh sorry folks, here's another shield tee hee"

Just to reiterate. Think of it like a guns ammo counter. You do not go into the next fight with just 5 rounds left do you? Reload.
Halt is an amazing ability.

Use it to pull Widow off the high ground, to hold pesky Pharahs in the air to yank people out of cover whent why’re trying to hide, or to hold annoying Tracers and Genjis in place so you can melt them. Also, if your flanked by tracer, use halt to yank her in front of your shield.

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