Moira is Ana all over again

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Do I think she's horribly op? Not really, but her introduction is very similar to how Ana was introduced, which could lead to her getting the same treatment and becoming irrelevant for half a year.

Similarities to Ana's launch:
- Compared to all current supports, her survivability and 1v1 potential is much higher than them
- Her high healrate, paired with how much more effective her healing is on tanks has led to tank meta
- Similar to Ana's nade at launch, her right click gives a lot of value despite not being very skill dependent Supports should 100% be able to fairly 1v1 other heroes (Zen/Ana are already decent at this), but looking at matchups against Moira, the only hero with an edge over her in a 1v1 is probably Roadhog or maybe McCree.

These knee-jerk nerfs to new heroes are never good, but some back and forth changes are better than having that hero unviable for half a year.

Sort of off topic, but if I had to suggest a way to prevent this it would be to change her left and right click to just be beams instead of the finnicky strict lock on (It'd also be more consistent with her ult). That way she can heal small heroes better, instead of being overly effective with tanks. And also we already have a support with a lock on stream, it'd be nice to have a beam hero in the support category.
Ana was UP on release.
02/16/2018 07:22 PMPosted by Cujo
Ana was UP on release.

I remember that being for only a very short period of time. I'm referring to after that.
02/16/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Goedmaker
02/16/2018 07:22 PMPosted by Cujo
Ana was UP on release.

I remember that being for only a very short period of time. I'm referring to after that.
Wasn't that short. IIRC it was a few weeks where they evaluated her and then made some changes and then she became a beast.

I just remembered her coming out all UP because it was disappointing after getting the first post release hero. It was an anti climax.
Ana got nerfed because supports always get burned in Blizzard games.
Well. The reason ana got nerfed, as everyone who was there back then knows, was her massive healing that made triple and quad tank meta possible. It wasn't just a viable meta. It was the only viable meta. Which was really frustrating to deal with and play (Maybe except for support mains and some tank mains).

Moira won't have the same fate, unless quad tank becomes the only viable meta. Which even now, I don't see happening that much. I mean quad tank is viable, but not as the only viable option. Only on some maps.

So i don't think she'll get ana treatment.
02/16/2018 07:06 PMPosted by Goedmaker

Supports should 100% be able to fairly 1v1 other heroes

That would then mean Mercy would need a defense/offense buff? Even though her pick rate got cut in half in Comps, she's still a #1 target to kill. Flankers who stalk her, take on low risk but high reward for almost a free pick because she has barely any defense/offense. But exchange Mercy is top heavy on support and has the one of strongest heals/res...then the res/valk got nerf to the ground and Mercy was never compensated.

Flankers who enjoy hunting support and push the agenda to put excessive nerfs on Mercy got more than they bargain for. Since Moira took her spot as the new belle of the ball, some flankers feel entitled to having free easy kill like Mercy. Moira has more limited heals but she has bite to actually defense against flankers.
People just wanted the nade tuned down. No one wanted her dps to suffer.

And funny enough moira sucks in both departments.

1. Nade increased healing and negated healing at once while moira has to choose which orb she wants to use.

2. Moira has the least amount of dps in the game as of now. And ana i believe still deals more damage.

The reason why people are bringing it up is because for the second time a hero can deal with genji and tracer. The last hero who could was doomfist before he got dumpstered.

Imo moira is balanced. She keeps genji and tracer im check and those mains hate it now. And no i dont think genji and tracer are op. I've always believed they were balanced due to how much time you need to put into them and how certain characters make them take their time. Moira on the other hand just shuts them down. Especially tracer. Genji still has some room to win.

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