Players taunting enemies in CTF

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Way too often, In CTF youtube videos or me playing myself, Whenever one team gets 2 flags and they got to the final one, when the flag carrier get to their flag, they decide not to cap it. Instead, they chose to teabag the ground or just delibrately taunt the enemy team.

I'm just curious though. Is it a form of saying "gg ez" or "you guys suck" or something?
Eh, it's just textbook playground teasing.

Most opponents are about as sportsmanlike as school children.

It's the fight that's the fun part for simple folk like me, it's the taunting only when you have secured a victory that's the fun part for folks like them.

To each their own. We're all just trying to have our fun.
It probably can be considered griefing to an extent since it's just wasting time. I know I've had to tell a teammate to cap it since I had other matches I wanted to play, but he insisted on doing that.

So I reported him for griefing. I dunno what happened after that.
Just people celebrating and getting all their anger out. Just ignore it and move on.
Refusing to capture the flag as the flag carrier is griefing by definition.
They're children, literally. You are playing against children. They think being that way is funny and cool. It's pathetic, but they're kids having their fun on their free accounts. You can thank Blizzard for that.

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