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Dv.a's Self-Destructing mech homes in on the enemy team and the explosion goes through shields and walls, the explosion also covers the whole map.
Targets slept with sleep dart never wake up
When Tracer recall the game is restored to the state 5 seconds ago.
Sombra’s EMP disables guns (because rchnically of it can disable abilities it should be able to stop guns, but that wouldn’t go well in game)
When Lucio hits "q", he applies the bonus hp shield to himself instantly, and then the rest of his team when he hits the ground.
Valkyrie now heals 80HPS instead of 60, and the rez time during it is 1.25 seconds instead of 1.75 sec
Reinhardt can swing his hammer and fire-strike while charging.
Dragonblade allows Genji to go through walls. Also he gets a new ult voice line:

And I would love to see that Moira's ult had unlimited range. That would be more line with a real laser.
Lucio gets a slightly larger aura letting me go screw around wall climbing while still helping my team.

Dva can eject without using self destruct, I'm not really sure what good this does but maybe it's fun?
When orisa is destroyed effi pops out armed with a wrench that does 30 damage and with 150 health. If effi hits orisa’s destroyed body 10 times with the wrench orisa comes back to life.

Why isn’t this a thing yet
I have two mains so I’m gonna do both.

Mercy: ultimate is now “tempo ressurection” when ult is completely full she gains access to 5 charges of solo res, cast time of 1s on each res. Her E ability is now Valkyrie, 10s of free flight, Guardian Angel speed increased by 15%, 20s CD (no chain beams.)

Orisa: second weapon: Energy Blade, Orisa thrusts her blade forward impalling any enemy hit, dealing 75 damage on impact and bleeding the enemy for 10hps for 4s.
Orisa’s ultimate is now replaced with “Stampede” Orisa charges at the enemy at the speed of a Reinhardt charge with full turning control for 10 seconds and does 100 damage and knocks back each time it hits a player. She also takes 25% less damage during this as well.
Body shot 1 shot (Widowmaker)
zenyatta and mercy deal 150% dmg against genji.when they kill the enemy genji:
zenny:"u refuse to learn genji"
mercy:"I revive u from died genji"
02/19/2018 07:17 AMPosted by Pisces
Ana's shots now have bleed. This affects both friendly and enemy players.

Hope you have a second healer, boys.

Make doomfist not ghost punch
When you miss 3 shots in a row as Ana she gets annoyed at you and takes over aiming instead.
I don't have a main.
But I mostly play:
Lucio, Orisa, Reaper, Junkrat, Bastion,,.

Lucio's boop will send enemies flying much much longer. If you're on the other side of Ljang Tower (the one with the tower in the middle where the point is), the enemies will fly all the way to the other side and off the map.
Would make it possible to get floor is lava achivement XD

Same as Lucio. Her mini grav pulls the enemy all across the map and over the edge.

Better dmg with the shotguns.


Better ult
Like heatseeking missles
Her selfdestruct will kill enemies behind stuff.
EMP hacks never wear off even if you die, you respawn still hacked
Simple. Revert Mercy back to the good old resurrect ultimate.

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