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Genji blade kills vs other dmging ult-s

1.) Avg Genji dash reset when hes doing less than 50% dmg to target
It would be great to see a comparison lets say, vs Visor.

2.) Avg Genji deflect kill

3.) Avg Tracer dmg vs Avg other dps dmg. Is Tracers damage superior vs other dps?

4.) Dva damage vs other tank damage. Ppl say that Dva has a huge damage. Let's see.

5.) Genji / Tracer due pickrate in QP and Competitive. Ir eally feel that these heroes i always in my game. It would be great to see that it's only me whos unlucky?

6.) Orisa damage block vs Rein damage block. This stat would give an answer whether Orisa's shield uptime is better than Rein's.

Dear Jeff, Can you please share some interesting thing with us PLEASE?
(or maybe these are highly confidential , i dont know)
There ya go
1. About 50% of the time, mathematically.
2. 4-5 a game
3. Tracer does less than most dps
4. Got typically does more.
5. Go to overbuff (can't imagine it's more than 60%
6. Orisa will always block more than rein.

I'm no dev but I can answer these from experience :)
Shield gen:
Shields generated.
Defensive assists (any kill with shield gen up while below 75 hp)

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