Event is disappointing

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Not enough dog-related content.
At least we got the puppy rumble
02/19/2018 11:26 PMPosted by Nessle
At least we got the puppy rumble
But if they add to much they’ll be dogging the bois
(And grills I guess)
I haven't gotten any event legendaries yet, and two non-event ones...
Indeed, this situation is "ruff"

.... I'll show myself out.
I just wanted Foo Dog Orisa but nah we gotta get MAGISTRATE McCree
Hot dog cart owner Soldier skin required
this even has some pretty amazing skins imo.

imo Genji, Zarya and Widowmaker skins 10/10 amazing out of amazing

McCree, Mercy and Pharah 7/10 not bad out of amazing

although, i kind of like Widowmaker's Nova skin a little bit better. makes me feel like Samus
02/19/2018 11:39 PMPosted by Eldyrus
Indeed, this situation is "ruff"

.... I'll show myself out.
We should hang out.
I'm pretty sure you can never have e"ruff" dog related content.
I actually agree, I mean even Bastion last year got an epic skin with the rooster on it, I would thought they do the same for somebody else this year with a nice dog symbol they made. I am also disappointed in the lack of emotes and highlights, they seem to be getting far less things done and only concern with icons, sprays, and legendaries more.

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