Why doesnt Overwatch have a role select system?

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I am in no means a good player, but I have experienced the VERY common issue of to many players wanting to DPS and refuse to switch wich results in a downwards spiral of toxicity.

My question is why doesn't overwatch have a system where you select your role(s) before you enter a competitive game?

Why shouldn't players select if they wish to support, DPS, tank, or flex and then get qued with other players based on what they selected. Possibly if players wished to do something other than 2/2/2 they could select other options like 1/3/2.

This system seems to work in other role/class based games and I feel like it would greatly decrease toxicity and encourage players to play other roles (DPS would probably have a slightly longer que).

Im posting this idea to receave feedback and possibly be noticed.
TLDR: Why not match support players with dps and tank players instead of leaving us to the current madness of champ/hero select.
The game would 100% be more enjoyable with role select but blizzard never intended for overwatch to have it.

So maybe if we're lucky only like another year of ow being terrible matchmaker roulette
Role select still won’t solve the problem. Mainly because people
lack understanding on what makes a good team comp. blizzard needs a proper tutorial system to explain what the hero does much like dota 2 has.

There is no way anybody past bronze thinks hanzo, sym, genji, doomfist, torb, and roadhog is a good idea.

Everybody and their mother knows that 2/2/2 is the way to go.

League of Legends, despite you opinion of it, has no role tutorial and everyone, even in bronze V, knows where people belong.
Because Blizzard is still holding on that one. They gave up on multiple of the same hero per team, they gave up on no Deathmatch, they (partially) gave up on performance-based SR, we just have to wait till they give up on this bad idea too and finally make the matchmaking slightly enjoyable.
blizzard can roll it out whenever they like, they just understand that they'd be removing good players who work well with others from the general population.

its like you take all the 100's, the 90's the 80's out of the grading system, they all get to enjoy eachothers company.

now the bottom 70% who no longer has fill team based players at all on their teams. oh boy. they either get longer queue times or an even worse game experience.

all because of course they refuse to be team players.

thats the real reason we cant have competent 6 mans. because the bulk of OW are not team players. and if you remove the few tanks and healers that there are into 6 mans you are left with a hot mess of terrible toxic or silent 6 man dps goon squads. 100% of the time.

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