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Hello everyone! I’m a Sport Management graduate student at the University of San Francisco and a UC Irvine Alum! (Class of 2012). I'm doing a research paper on the Overwatch League and fan formation. The survey should only take 1-2 minutes. As an avid fan of sports, eSports, and the Overwatch League this would be a great help to me (and my grade in this class).


I already have 100 response so far. I'm trying to get 400 responses in the next few days. I'll try to respond to any questions about the survey as throughly as possible if anybody has any. I'll share my results in the next 2 weeks once completed if anybody is interested.
Did the survey. Good luck on your research paper!
Wow... that's indeed a fast survey.

Good luck with your studies.
Yo. Survey completed. It's legit, and it's like three questions long.

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