Blizz Redesign textures of Anniversary and Uprising skins

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So if any of you guys are confused about what I'm talking about, it's the look of the skins

Remember when the anniversary skins came out? They were the highest quality skins we got to that day but now a year passed and we're getting more and more skins, those old ones look stale.
For example. Take Genji sentai or Cyberninja skin and take a closer look and compare it with newer skins. You can see the deference in design and quality

What I'm suggesting is a ssw rework and a texture reamp
Ssw is sub surface waxing for the people don't no.

I means it's not necessarily a big problem because they keep giving us new skins. But someone in the community is probably still using Cyberninja or Zarya anniversary skin to this day
I think/hope they’ll just put this energy into making some even more spectacular new things to commemorate two years!

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