Pharahmercy on CTF.

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Just when i thought i could go to one gamemode without pharahmercy in it, i get a pharah-mercy duo. Usually they get the flag and then go over the edge of the map hovering without anyone stopping them until isbtoo late.
youre a mercy one trick. why are you whining about one of your own strats ??
If a 200 health hero can grab your flag and hold it for more than 2 seconds, your team deserves to lose.
But this doesn't even work? Pharah's a 200 health hero, and can't use boost, jets can only get her so far before she falls to her death. It's no more viable than any other hero with Mercy in CtF.
Thanks for the tip
pharmecy is pretty much nonexistant in this game mode, the only time its viable is in the middle of the field...which makes it a 4v6 team fight.
Your name is Git Gud
hover has a speed of 5.5m/s with a duration of 2 seconds, so roughly it'd take pharah 12meters before she falls to her doom, maybe max at 15m if they do rapid successions of spacebar pressing. it's not really that far tbh
CTF is a tank mode.
Play Widow. Hitting bodyshots and having someone like D.Va potentially finish them off in any mode can work.

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