Legitimacy of Comp when rank#2 has 1.5 hrs

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02/17/2018 09:13 PMPosted by Nere

Ok, now I can look at the stats. Thanks.

02/17/2018 09:13 PMPosted by Nere
One should definitely check out that account, he might be wintrading or cheating, nobody should be getting stats like 81% wep accuracy and 94% crit accuracy on mccree on top 500 level unless enemies are literally all standing still and letting themselves get farmed.

That is based on 4 minutes of data. Probably just one life. You give Pine McCree for 4 minutes, and he can do that if he has a good 4 minutes. Of course, he could be aimbotting, but if he is, I assume he will be banned before long.

02/17/2018 02:28 PMPosted by AHungSloth
So this guy....not gonna name him, but literally only ever played 18 games, is UNDER level 65, and has less than 1.5 hours logged....yet hes rank 2?

He spent some previous season grinding up to top 500, because he's a top player. Played this season, and place about the same place, and has been some combination of lucky and good this season. He probably has thousands of hours in other games and other accounts. Don't worry, he didn't get there for free (assuming he is not aimbotting).
You have to play 50 games to be officially ranked so he can't be looking at the leaderboards.
I know the sample size is small but the 6+ KDR on solider at that level is a bit ridiculous.
A lot top 500s just play minimim hours on multiple accounts And in many cases only queue with other t500. Ive seen the #1 and #2 groiped up with other t500s a few times. This makes it easy to boost accounts and smurf.

There is no incentive to play on old accounts.
You can check his stats through the in-game Season 7 leaderboards for Asia, he finished rank 1 that season.

It's very obvious that something is wrong. 94% crit accuracy on McCree, almost 100% on fire, 26 k/d on McCree, 27 k/d on Genji and 52 k/d on Doomfist. 60% Accuracy on Genji, 82% on McCree. 77 elims per 10 min on Genji, 65 on McCree, 62 on Doomfist and 62 on Pharah.

This goes well beyond the low sample size excuse (not to mention all the Genji stats are over a period of 32 minutes), something is terribly wrong here.
Well, I'd rather have him ranked up that high than have him dominating lower tiers, wouldn't you?

I mean, yes, he probably doesn't belong there. He gamed the system. But what did he gain from it? An animated spray and a gold gun on an alt account. And if he isn't really good enough to be there, it's the top rank that needs to deal with it.

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