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- When you lose the round on Ilios: Well because your Roadhog kept getting hooked into the pit by the enemy Roadhog

- When you call out that a Reaper is above and ready to ult and everyone ignores you, only to get shredded by it 3 seconds later

- When you ult as Zen a split second after your team got wiped

- When a baby D.Va stalls the payload long enough for the entire defending team to respawn
When people teabag a Junkrat.

Just why?
Getting Mei-walled BY YOUR OWN TEAMS' MEI DX

I know it's a knee-jerk reaction for some (myself included) to use ice wall to block off enemies, but when you get Mei-walled into an enemy RIP-Tire TWICE...it just don't feel nice, y'know -n-

I've also seen some Genji's (not Genji mains) try and ult their way out of Zarya's Grav. And there they are, just...swinging their katana willy-nilly while we accept our fate X/
02/20/2018 06:41 AMPosted by NerdGurl720
When people teabag a Junkrat.

Just why?

its funny when they forgot about his total mayhem passive xD
Since the forums are about to be obliterated, I guess it's time to own up to it -

My entire existence in the game is like a never-ending facepalm moment. I know the theory behind what I should do... I just always end up doing something stupid instead.

i know people get emotional due to it being an iron giant reference, but whenever a reinhardt charges a dva ult instead of simply raising his barrier i get so confused

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