switching from PC to Xbox.

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Well, I would HIGHLY suggest remapping jump to l3 and crouch or ultimate to r3, try to avoid using face buttons at all times(x,y,b,a) as these require you to interrupt your aiming to use OR hold your hand in a VERY unnatural position to do both at the same time.

Also try these settings: linear ramp, 0 aim smoothing, 15-30 aim ease in and as for sensitivity, pick whatever feels comfortable for you at that moment, which will probably be quite low. The lower you put your sens the less aim ease in will be needed.

Work your way up by increasing both hor and vert sens by 1 a day or so, since at the start you will be handling those joysticks like a brute instead of with finesse ^^
Hey if you ever need someone to play with, Sunsethippo9403 is here
I'd play a lot of AI and Mystery Heroes in order to get used to playing with a controller. I feel like a drunken monkey for a few rounds every time that I switch from PC to console playing a shooter.
Why downgrade? PCs are better than consoles at pretty much everything.
Switching to console is only hard if you like to play snipers, because it’s harder to land shots with the analog stick vs a mouse.
- Go to the practice range and edit the cross hair so that it's optimal for each character you play
- Pharah, Mercy, Torb, Sym and Bastion are stronger on console, Widow, Hanzo, Ana and McCree are harder.
- If you play Mercy, swap damage boost to LT and Rez to RB, it's easier. Also put GA on toggle
- If you play Moira, make her crosshair similar to Zarya's when charged, and turn it yellow to subconsciously remind you she's a healer
- Characters like Tracer and Genji take longer to turn with joysticks, so turn their sensitivity up massively
Oh and if you ever want to group up then just send a message my way, and good luck!
My general sensitivity is 43 across the board, but it differs for pretty much everyone. I hear most other people have their sensitivity between 60-100. In addition, my aim assist strength, window size and smoothing are 100 with my ease in being 20.
You have to move the jump button around.

Turn sensitivity up and mess around with the settings to fine tune it the way you want it.

Prepare for a ton of squeakers and toxicity. It’s much much worse on console than it is on pc. I play on ps4 and the toxicity is extreme

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