Mac Technical Support

Jun 13, 2015 Hot Corners on OS X I have the upper right corner set to bring up Mission Control on my Macbook, and when I dragged the mouse cursor to the upper right corner with the game running in fullscreen mode it crashed the game.DESTRUCTOR1 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Bugs on Mac Cannot create custom game In a party with buddy on Windows Select a Co-op VS A.I. map Click "Create as party" button I get "Waiting for party..." message and buddy gets "Waiting for host..." message Cannot view prior Match details In my profile can click on "Match History" Select a game Get message "There was an error loading your match history." Proceeds to spinning circle and never see graphs etc.Sundog0 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Offline mode - "starter edition"? Hey guys, So I'm currently behind a firewall that blocks all of Blizzard's various game servers. Sucks. I'm trying to play starcraft 2 using the offline mode, but when I try to it says the starter edition does not support this. Problem is, I don't have the starter edition, I have the full copy of the game. This has happened to me in the past but I've just waited for whatever was wrong with my internet to be fixed and then it was nbd. Unfortunately no amount of waiting is going to fix this firewall and I'd like to tool around against computers and/or work on the campaign/challenges. Is this something that is easily fixed? I did some googling and found nothing but people complaining /extra/ hard (sts), it was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for your time.nachobel22 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 Graphical glitches. When playing LOTV I have noticed that the maps are not generating correctly. Also the protoss Assimilator was showing graphical glitches when I was playing the game. Let me know if you need anything to help.Macgoblin2 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 Forums & Blogs Maintenance - June 4th, 2015 Good morning everyone, On Thursday, June 4th, our forums and blogs will be undergoing maintenance at 9 AM (PDT). We expect this maintenance to last 4-6 hours. During this time, players won't be able to post on the forums or blogs, as they will be in read-only mode. Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.Hagut0 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 2, 2015 HoTS has Framerates of 5 fps on Yosemite I did a full install of the latest patch of Heart of the Swarm three days ago, and although the menus and cinematics play fine, as soon as the first campaign mission begins the framerate is stuck at 5fps or below, even at the lowest graphics settings for everything. I have the following setup: Mid 2009 13" MacBook Pro 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 9400m 256 MB graphics card OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite) I realize that I'm at or near the very minimum for system requirements, but I would expect that I should still be getting playable (20-30 fps) framerates in an uncluttered campaign mission on the lowest settings. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?Andrew1 Jun 2, 2015
May 27, 2015 Stop trolling and ban Zoevia Relinquished0 May 27, 2015
May 25, 2015 Mac cant get past game startup and login Hi, a friend of mine just downloaded sc2 on his wifi, but on startup he told me (over skype) that he would click his character to log in, but that after doing so a buffer symbol appears and would stay like that for an indefinite amount of time. I play on PC but am interested in helping him, I can ask him for comp specs and wifi info if necessary. -IMPORTANT he went to his friend's house with me and was able to play on the friend's wifi, which leads me to believe it is the fault of the wifi. Im not sure because he is able to play other blizzard games like hearthstone and HOS, as well as other games from other distributors like League. Thanks for any help provided.Repster1 May 25, 2015
May 25, 2015 Play button locked - matchmaking The play button is locked on multiplayer matchmaking. Ever mode 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 4v4 FFA The play button is dimmed and I can't join a game or the matchmaking queue. I've tried deleting my agents.db in /Users/Shared/ I've also trashed my folder in /Users/Shared/Blizzard/ Still the same issue.Ezo2 May 25, 2015
May 25, 2015 Gamma change after Flux turns on. I'm playing Heart of the Swarm on Yosemite, and every time f.lux turns on in the evening, it permanently lowers my gamma significantly. It stays lowered even after suspending f.lux, I assume this is more of a system issue than an issue with f.lux, but i'm not entirely sure?Corgisaurus0 May 25, 2015
May 22, 2015 Can't log in I can' log into starcraft 2. I can log in onto, but not into the game. This started to happen about 3 weeks ago. I am using a mac 10.7.5. Can anyone help with this?hurdler3 May 22, 2015
May 18, 2015 game is crashing Hello. Trying to play some starcraft 2 & the dang game keeps crashing. E570BF94-9395-47B9-AA2C-E6495FA96E8D It starts to glitch out, i can't click anything, then boom it crashes.Corpus2 May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 Crashes at Launcher, and Init loading screen Can't play at all. The game crashes at the launcher. If I restart my computer sometimes it will let me in the game. But not every time. Tried doing all the stuff in Blizzards support menu. First time it ever happened was tonight. Worked fine last night. I was able to play for a few hours but now I can't get back in. 40110C5D-AB66-4131-B133-3D7D4D792DFASolarus1 May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 Trouble login in I type in my battlenet ID but the "connect" button won't become avaliable.Aztex2 May 18, 2015
May 17, 2015 Mac performance topic closed Why was this closed? still stuck at 60fps with vsync off makes moving around the map with the mini map laggy on low settings, where before it was so instant. haven't played starcraft sense. this needs to be resolvedNightKnight1 May 17, 2015
May 15, 2015 Macbook Pro won't update SC2 I keep getting the error BLZBNTAGT0000083F over and over again when I try to update the game. It only gets to the initializing stage, and I've tried the suggestions for the error code on the website. How did others fix this problem? Let me know.Ace5 May 15, 2015
May 13, 2015 5/13 - North America Games Issue We are currently working on an issue for all games in North America where players are unable to log into games. Currently the estimate is about 1 hour, and we will be providing updates as more news becomes available. Apologies for the frustration, and we hope to have things running smoothly again as quickly as possible!Glaxigrav1 May 13, 2015
May 11, 2015 Login Error Hi, im using mac and i can't login sc2 lotv. when i type my email + password in game it sends me a message : "Game client version mismatch with selected region the currently selected region may not be updated to the latest version,and you will have to wait until maintenance on this region is complete. You may be able to continue playing if you change back to the region which you last updated the game." I already tried to switch between the regions but i keep getting this message. Please help me, any help will be appreciated !SlammerEdge4 May 11, 2015
May 7, 2015 Network Spikes / Stalls Back I am playing on a mac, and ever since yesterday [April 6,2015] I have been getting lots of stalls and network spikes. This has been causing my games to be very laggy. This was fixed for a while but now it suddenly came back.LinGKinG13 May 7, 2015
Jul 11, 2015 [Bug]Abnormal brightness in Ice Cliffs map It's a bug only appears in the map Ice Cliffs, the new 3v3 map. I don't know how to make a screenshot during a game, so I can only describe it as this: Region without shadow, looks very dazzling. Too bright to see a clear view of landscape, not to mention any instruction lines or signals. The effect also makes eyes quite uncomfortable. Region beneath shadow, looks quite right. I found this problem on my Macbook Pro Retina 2013 15' with Geforce GT 750M, OS X 10.10.3. Anybody has the same problem?xiaoxiaoxiao4 Jul 11, 2015
May 2, 2015 Stuttering Mouse Cursor on MAC LotV anyone else? iMac 2010 10.10CabernetSauv2 May 2, 2015
May 2, 2015 Login Error When i try to login i get the message "game client version mismatch with selected region" I tried to relogin and restart my computer several times and it does nothing. I'm using mac, please help me as soon as possible because i want to play the game already. Thanks for helpers !!SlammerEdge1 May 2, 2015
Apr 29, 2015 Starcraft II - Slow! Hi I wanted to try this game but it is slooooooow. Just installed it... on first launch stalls for like 5-10 minutes (i'm looking at the Starcraft splash screen with the occasional "loading" text flashing)....then it disconnects. On the second launch it is again slow but does launch successfully. Then I look around the menus. Sluggish. Then I go to tutorial after creating a character. The progress bar is stuck at 35% roughly. I wait for a while, maybe 5 minutes. Then.. FORCE QUIT - STARCRAFT II. I do not think I will try this much more if this is usual for this game. I'm on a 2014 mac mini running Yosemite. I play most of your other games. Just curious if this one will be fun to play.Varick2 Apr 29, 2015
Apr 27, 2015 Mac Crashing I got star craft 2 a yesterday and my game always crashes near the end of the match when I am playing heart of the swarm which my friend owns but when I play starter edition by myself it never crashes. I it being kind of annoying and I put my graphics down to low and I know it is probably not my computer because my computer is a brand new Mac OS X retina. Can someone help please.Terradevil1 Apr 27, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 Mac Issue with Lag This is a brand new issue that I just experienced at 10:00 pm eastern time, it does not happen in every game but in a large percentage there is significant lag spikes. The lag spikes are only maybe 3 tenths of a second long but are consistent throughout the whole game. I have attempted to adjust graphics, which they are already at the lowest and there seems to be no change. I am running OS X 10.9.5. I never had this issue before today so I am unsure what may be causing it, computer seems to be running fine, via testing playing video content.SereN3 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 24, 2015 What Is "An Unexpected Fatal Error Occured" CODE "2BB531AC-D268-43E6-A5A7-D169255EAF2F" HOW DO I FIX? SO I CAN PLAY AGAIN.holywarrior1 Apr 24, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 Download/Install Issues So I have a macbook air that clearly states that I have almost 21 GB left of space. Star Craft 2 is only 15 GB and it stills says that there is insufficient space. How can I fix this problem?kArAn3 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 Game is unplayable with a MAC So a buddy asked to play this game with him. So I downloaded it and we started to play, after a few minutes in a custom game I get kicked. I thought perhaps it was his internet. Turns out it is my game that is causing the issue. I went into a campaign and sure as !@#$ the game freezes for 10 mins then kicks me out with another fatal error. I can find a million I mean a million fatal error topics but not a single one of them work to fix this issue. I don't want to hear Blizzard tell me the same crap, well it is your computer, it is your internet, because I play WOW just fine and it never kicks me. Can anyone offer some help with this? I am almost to the point of demanding a refund for a non playable game.Chanchan3 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 So much lag -- port issue? Hey guys, Im playing from the midwest, and I have been basically unable to play for about a week now. This is technically not a mac issue, perhaps, even though I am on a mac. It isn't an issue with hardware, and seems to be a network dc. The lookingglass test I ran returns major spikes in virginia and colorado.. any updates on this? Thanks :DBlameGame1 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 Changing Screen Resolution I just got a new 2013 27" iMac for free today due to my old 2009 iMac having tons of issues. I am currently installing SC2 again but I know I am going to run into one issue that I had but forget how to fix. Basically what I want my screen resolution while playing SC2 to mimic the resolution that I set for my desktop. So if I want to scale it to 1280x720 my SC2 will mimic this, mouse cursor and all. I know if I just load it up right now, it is just going to always stay at the native 2560x1440. The reason I want to change this is because it helps with my mouse movement and improves my micro. Any help? ThanksKingYimmy2 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 Blizzard App Problem. My blizzard launcher app won't close or force to quit. Anyone else have this problem?KickingAss2 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 Mouse not being confined to application I usually try to play sc2 on windowed fullscreen since i can tab out when i want to look at something. Normally this works fine, but the only thing is the confine to application option doesn't work correctly so if i have another monitor plugged in the mouse moves to there so i can't scroll right when i'm playing. i've tried playing around with the confine mouse cursor setting with no results. i'd like to be able to have a text document or something else up on my other screen when i'm playing but as of right now i can't and i'm forced to play fullscreen if i have my monitor plugged in. if a blue or anyone else knows a fix for this i'd really appreciate itDrQton15 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Double click instead of single click Hi, when I play and try to select a single unit with a single click, all my units of the selected type are selected inside the screen. Does anyone else is having this issue ? Does anyone know a workaround? I'm using: macbook pro 13 2011 i5 2.3 8 GB ram yosemite 10.10.2 Razer DeathAdder 3GCrackerBlue3 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 4/2 - Error 2 and Authentication Errors [Update: The login issues affecting users should now be resolved. Thank you for your patience! -------------------------------------------------- We are currently aware of login issues affecting all games in the North American region. Our technicians are aware and working on a resolution. To help keep information consolidated, we'll be providing updates in this forum thread as well as on our @BlizzardCS Twitter account. Apologies for the frustration and we hope to have it resolved soon!Glaxigrav0 Apr 3, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Custom overlay Hey all, just a quick question, You know how in streams, players in teams have a custom overlay? I was wondering if !@#$ possible to somehow install one to your client, so you can use a custom overlay simply when laddering or playing custom games. Regards, Impact.Impact1 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Mouse issue When I play SCII, my pointer changes from the normal SCII pointer to my default pointer. It changes back and forth. If I click on a building or a unit, it goes to the normal SCII pointer, if I click on the ground it changes to my normal pointer. EDIT: It seems to change back and forth whenever it damn well pleases. >.< It's annoying and I am clueless about how to make it so that I can keep the SCII pointer all of the time.cDgGumdrop1 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 Installation is damaged I went to play SC2 last night after not playing for 6 months+. Waited for the update to finish, then clicked play & all I got was an error popup saying "Your StarCraft II installation is damaged." Tried restarting. Tried scan & repair. Tried deleting the mfil/tfil files & running repair as mentioned in another thread. Deleted the updates & folders & ran repair. Running Yosemite 10.10.2. D3 & WoW run with no issues.Mora1 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 27, 2015 Beginner computer builder So I'm trying to build this new computer so I can play StarCraft 2 Hearth of the Swarm on a better quality. this is the components that I'm tying to put together. The motherboard is MSI ATX DDR3 2133 Motherboard 970 GAMING btw. here is the rest: I don't know whether the power supply should be 430 watts or 500 watts. Help me LadsEmp1 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 27, 2015 client forces dedicated graphics I find that when I have the client in the background, my macbook pro 2014 uses the 750m instead of the integrated graphics, which should handle any flash in the client fine. This decreases battery performance, any fix or anything?Mugy1 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 27, 2015 Patching doesn't work after u changed region I am from Brazil and bought the digital version of the game. To my unfortunate surprise, the game came with a very lame portuguese translation which totally drove me crazy. After struggling with technical support for days and having to wait on the phone for 1h30 at one day, they managed to change my region to North America so now I have the game in english. Since then, everything works flawlessly except the patches. The automatic patches never work to me. It always opens the popup saying that there is a new patch, but everything is in spanish (deafult language for Latin America), even though my client is in english. I used to do a workaround of this problem by downloading the standalone "offline" patch in english from, but since the latest patch (1.1.3), this is not working either. Here is what is happening: 1) When I open (english version) on my Mac I get this: "Esta actualización requiere la versión "Español Latinoamericano" de este software. Ahora está instalada la versión "Inglés (EEUU)"." 2)When I try to apply the standalone patch (, I get: "This update does not need to be applied." I have already tried the Repair tool but it didn't solve the problem. There is something weird about my account because it seems that I have two regions. The same problem happened with my SC2 client on my PC, but I manage to solve that problem by deleting the "variables.txt" file under the user/Documents/Starcraft 2/ and then applying the standalone patch. I tried doing the same trick on my Mac but there is not a "variables.txt" file on my Mac. I already contact the technical support by email but they take ages to reply and then almost always give you a generic answer that doesn't help with anything. HELP ME PLEASE! Knivesout4 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Play button inactive suddenly Hi all, well I'm at a loss. Starting yesterday I noticed when I launched the application on my MacBook Pro it connects enough to show me online in the upper right hand corner, but the PLAY button is grayed out. I have been playing SC Wings of Liberty again (this go round) for several months with no problems. I don't have Heart of the Swarm. I ran a repair and nothing was found. I have already deleted the application and reinstalled with no change. OS updated a few days before, and maybe starcraft has had a patch update in the past few days too? One strange thing, I originally downloaded enough to start playing. I only play against AI really, never campaign. Suddenly, it says I need to download about 10 gigs more in the progress bar at the bottom! Suddenly I need to download 10 gigs more to launch a game I've been playing forever?? I think not. OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Starcraft patch notes 2.1.9Brisotope0 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 7, 2015 Extreme lag after minimizing Sometimes when I minimize Starcraft 2 into a window the game starts to lag very hard, it takes 3-8 seconds to react to my actions (such as hitting the pause button and having to wait a few seconds for it to actually pause the game) there is also a huge framerate drop. It seems to be random in terms of when it lags on minimizations but it seems that after long games it has a higher tendency to occur. The only way I've figured out to fix it is by quitting the game, either by force quitting if the lag is just too much to handle, or quitting by menu. A characteristic Right when it quits it also seems like it stops lagging 1second before the game window disappears.Fedas2 Mar 7, 2015
Mar 3, 2015 Random Crashes on MAC OS X Mavericks My SC2 HoTS Crashes frequently on random principle. The problem is from the beginning - before about 6 months. I've been sent a lots of reports, but the situation is the same ... What can i do in my case ?!VooDoo0 Mar 3, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Request for SC1 patch on Yosemite Who else is hoping Blizzard puts out a patch so that we can play the original Starcraft missions again? I grew up playing this game and would like to play through Starcraft and Brood Wars again before Legacy of the Void comes out for SC2. I still have my old CD's and would have loved to take advantage over the holidays to play, but running 10.10.1 it's just not possible. Even went on to the store to try to buy a new copy, but no dice. C'mon, Blizzard - give the fans a chance to relive this!ROOK4 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 unplayable In OSX...250-300 fps in windows The title says it all. On my windows partition i get close to 300 fps on low graphics with ultra textures. I recently deleted my windows partition and now when I try to play sc on my macbook in OSX I get 40 fps at the beginning of the game, and it drops shortly after. Im running the game on a late 2013 15" macbook pro with retina Is the game just that poorly optimized for OSX? Specs 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 512GB SSD 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cachesynapse3 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 14, 2015 Can't click on units and structures This happened to me while watching a replay and today at the beginning of an unranked game.Innocence2 Feb 14, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 some suggestions about the group control I have play the SC2 for over two years, and I know how much difficulty it will be for a new player. I have some suggestions for modifing the group control setting, and I think if the designers accept it, more multi track attacking(MTA)will appear on the ladder. For example, When I choose some units as group1, sometimes I need it to be separated into 2 groups or 3groups for MTA. Then I need to add 2 more number as group 2 and 3. When I multi attack,I double click 2 or 3, the camera will fall on 2 or 3,and thats fine. however, When I double click 1, the camera may fall on 1 or 2 or3. and that's because the units belong to 2 or 3 may also belong to 1. and this brings a lot uncertainty to the fast precise control in the game. I think things will change better if we can add one alternative function setting: units can only be added to only one group. for example , if I want to separate all my units into 2 groups for attacking. first I press F1 to select all my units as group 1, then I choose some units of the whole army as group 2. according to the law I listed above, those units which chose as group 2 will not belong to group 1 anymore, so I can efficiently muti attack without worrying my camera swifting mistake. this method is also very easy to apply, especially for advanced ladder game. moreover, this function can also amplify the multi attack. for example, When I finish my first multi attack, each group have not much army left and I need to resetting my next mta. and this time I want use banshees as one single units and the left infantry and tank as another group. all I need to do is press F1 as group 1 and choose all the banshees as group 2 so the 2 group wont be correlated. if I conduct 3 or more multi attacking, this function will show greater convenience. based on most players have adapted to the current group setting, I suggest this function can be add as one alternative function, so some mta favorite lover would choose to apply in the battle. Because my fitst language is not English, I am not sure if my suggestion is understandable, if so, I hope the game designer take a consideration on my suggestion. thankyou I love SC2 :)QuAsaR0 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 5, 2015 Please help! Can't Play 1v1's! Hello everyone, I am playing on a Mid 2011 iMac and after a recent update for some reason whenever I start searching for a 1v1 I get an error that says: CLIENTSIDECACHE_READ_BAD_HASH I have absolutely no idea what this means and what could be causing it. I've tried restarting my computer and reinstalling the game but it doesn't seem to help at all. However I didn't wait for the game to completely reinstall before I tried it again but I don't know if that would make a difference. If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate help. Also I do not get the error and am able to play when I do training but I still get the error when doing VS AI. However I do not get the error for 2v2's or FFA's but I do get it for 1v1's, 3v3's and 4v4's. Sorry if this post is kinda incoherent I don't have much experience with forum stuff.ArmorOfGlory5 Feb 5, 2015
Feb 1, 2015 SCII Bank Files So I recently just purchased a new Mac today and the first thing of course I tried to install was SCII. After installing and patching I went to put my old Bank Files from my old laptop (A PC) to the new Mac. When I opened up the SCII Folder, there was no Account or Bank folder in which to put them. Any help on getting my bank files back in?ReVeRTx2 Feb 1, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 StarCraft II Quit Unexpectedly SC2 is consistently crashing after 13-15mins of game play. My Mac Mini was just tested by apple & re-imaged with Yosemite. No other apps loaded. Problem details says Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) And Application Specific Info: (477) stack overflow Any help would be great!GlowingGhost1 Jan 25, 2015