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Mar 28 Mac Editor Still Can't Use Component Files Cross-posting this on the Editor forum, as well at I originally reported this with the release of 3.0, but it's still the case over a year later. The problem is pretty straightforward: the Mac editor often fails to save to component files, usually spitting out an error message about being unable to copy files. I know this was at least on your radar at one point, but is there any news here? It's a serious problem for me. Here's my original post: .LucidIguana3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Cursor moves/disappears when drag-scrolling With Patch 3.6, the cursor doesn't stay in its place when the scroll-wheel-button for drag-scrolling is clicked. When I click and immediately release the scroll wheel button on the 3D world (terrain, units, or buildings), the cursor reappears closer to the top-left corner of the screen. Both the new X and Y positions appear to be about 2/3 of their original values. Repeated clicking will move the cursor closer to the top-left in smaller and smaller increments. This behavior also occurs during actual drag-scrolling. The 3D world scrolls as expected, but the mouse cursor reappears closer to the top-left of the screen. If the cursor started out very close to the top-left of the screen, it will sometimes remain invisible after the scroll-wheel-button is released. I can still use the mouse to select units and buildings, or even click the command card, but the cursor is invisible. The cursor will only reappear if I move the mouse and then middle-click on the 3D world. When the cursor is invisible, drag-scrolling can sometimes result in abrupt, unexpected changes in camera location. This latter behavior is intermittent and difficult to reproduce. The above behavior occurs in both Fullscreen and Windowed-Fullscreen. In Windowed mode, the mouse cursor moves vertically (not diagonally) when the scroll-wheel-button is clicked. Sometimes it moves up, sometimes it moves down. Tested in-game on Versus A.I. and Ranked, drag scroll speed at 65%, inverted. Observed with mouse scroll and mouse sensitivity turned both on and off. Observed with Logitech MX500, G400s and G5 mice. MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) Thanks! Hope someone can figure out this bug soon.Philip6 Mar 28
Mar 24 [Bug] [Co-op] Animations and units disappear I just encountered a bizarre bug while playing a CO-OP game. I was playing Dead of Night on Brutal as Stukov and decided to mass infested diamondbacks. I was up to about 170 supply worth and closing off the level when all of a sudden all attack animations stopped rendering and all of the infested enemies stopped rendering. All of the enemies still existed logically on the map (they could attack, take up space, etc) but just failed to render. We were able to complete the game and it ended properly. I'm running version on an iMac.Prizzom0 Mar 24
Mar 22 Installation and Running issue hey i was referred by someone on the windows side to put y problem here cause I'm a mac use.Whenever i try to open starcraft2 my mac pops up a windows saying "Starcraft2 wants to make changes to your mac so please enter your username and password" I've tried all sorts of emails and usernames and passwords..but it says incorrect..please tell me which username or email id and password is this window asking me. Also when i press cancel instead of entering these things. a battle net window opens and says " Sorry starcraft2 could not be opened or installed"...and a it also says that if this problem persists please click the link given..i clicked and tried all things..still nothing happening. i havent updated my mac to sierra 10.12.3..could that be the problem??nugarp1 Mar 22
Mar 20 Starcraft won't launch on sierra Hi I just finished updating the OS on my MBP. Am now using sierra and starcraft doesn't work. The battle net app doesn't even launch. Is there anyone with similar issues or knows why there is this issue??jeffa1 Mar 20
Mar 19 No Cursor in Game after patch (mac) After i upgraded to 3.11.0, i have lost my cursor once i start the game. It is not invissible, i can not click on anything. Please helpSenatorYoshi1 Mar 19
Mar 19 My FPS are stuck in 60fps Hi. The past years i have been playing on my Mac Book Retina , (i7, 2.5, 16ram, 750m 2GB), in all this time i have the same FPS, up of 90-100. But this week with no reason, i have my fps stuck in 60, and only going down. i dont have Vsync active in sc2, and i have the same FPS in all resolutions. Any ideas?draff3 Mar 19
Mar 17 Require SCII hotkeys list for Mac There are many hotkeys which I can not or know how to use them like the F combination . can someone please help? A list of Hotkeys for ScII will be appreciated .VanWilder0 Mar 17
Mar 12 Metal support for lotv? According to the WWDC keynote, blizzard was one of the supporters of metal. Just wondering if LoTV will be taking advantage of the advertised performance improvements? Thanks.Mugy36 Mar 12
Mar 11 SC2 cursor issues since update MAC OSX Ever since patch 3.11, my mouse cursor is frozen in the bottom left side of the screen only when running SC2. I am unable to select anything in game. I'm playing on an iMac with a Razer Abyssus mouse, however the stock bluetooth mouse doesn't register either. I've never experienced this issue before update, and other games like HOTS work fine. Please help!KTWO5 Mar 11
May 3 3.11 hot corners Hi! After latest patch on fullscreen (not windowed fullscreen) hot corners are not disabled. Tried everything. Had issues earlier - when moving mouse into corner it went black screen and freeze. By pressing ESC it went back to normal, then CMD+Tab out/in and hot corners disabled and gl hf. Now it is working really great. But sadly it shouldn't. Have to disable manually.haidi3 May 3
Mar 9 Dead of Night - Stukov bug Stukov's broodling AI auto-targets the rocks. If you use infest structure to defend an entrance and any broodlings are left after the attack they will move to an adjacent entrance and break down the rocks, letting the enemy in.Escadin0 Mar 9
Mar 9 Alt-tab causes issues since new patch I've noticed a huge number of issues when I alt-tab to another program on my Mac. When returning to Starcraft, it's barely moving, very jerky and difficult to move the mouse. Tabbing back out and quitting other programs seems to resolve it... except when I bring my cursor to the bottom left, which makes the screen flash from Starcraft to my desktop for a moment. Very troubling, and never an issue before the patch.StrikeRouge0 Mar 9
Mar 8 Achievements Disabled I'm have been getting an "Achievements Disabled Until Further Notice." message every time I log in. If I change regions achievements are restored and disabled again. I tried reinstalling the game and restarting the campaign. My account shows some multiplayer achievements but no campaign achievements after doing a bunch of them. I played the starter edition about a week and upgraded to the Digital Deluxe Battle Chest edition 5 days ago. Playing on macOS 10.12.3. PhoenixEye#1516. New patch today and I play online. Thanks.BlueScreen1 Mar 8
Mar 8 Banks and files locations So, I am having issues finding bank files and folders for sc2. Under Library/ application support I do not have a sc2 folder. I had to restart because sc2 was acting odd (long launch times and the first loading time after the first game of the day took forever, ect). Also, I still hae my banks despite not being able to find out where they are located (not under the banks folder, the account folder I saved also has empty banks. - this has been going on for a little while . I am running OS Sierra Thanks for any helpLifeswork2 Mar 8
Mar 6 BLZBNTAGT00000843 error after new patch 3.9.0 BLZBNTAGT00000843 error after new patch 3.9.0 install for LOTV. 1. Reinstalled Bnet Launcher and then got this error .. SC2Switcher quit unexpectedly. 2. Closed and reloaded Bnet Launcher and got the BLZBNTAGT00000843 error again.OneFatPanda7 Mar 6
Mar 3 MULTIPLAYER GAMES WONT START i just purchased new mac and new star craft 2 disk, install was fine but when i tried to join multiplayer games it never initialized(game never starts). timer says 1 min remaining but games never start.Eric3 Mar 3
Mar 1 Graphical Issues Having issues every since the last maintenance. It's a graphical issue in the coop section. The background and eventually the whole screen starts flashing colors diagonally. When I click to go to campaign, arcade, etc. the screen is fine. If I select Swann it settles down. Once I enter a game it starts again to the point the game is unplayable. I just tried playing multiplayer vs AI before creating this topic and it's now doing it on the other menu sections. Specs OS 10.10.5 MacBook Pro Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024MBZadok3 Mar 1
Feb 28 My thoughts on SC2 LotV + MBP 15'' (2016) So, first of all, let me tell you Blizzard, great improvement since last time i played SC2. Second as I got a new MPB 15'' late 2016 with the 455 Raedon card, I wanted to test it. I know a mac is not for gaming, but anyway, casual as I am I wanted to give it a check. Worth mentioning i have attached a 4k dell p2415Q display. Conclusion: Games runs very good, not optimal, but at least above 40fps, in the following settings: Resolution 2550X1440 (native 4k resolution killed the whole experience with 5fps :P) Graphic settings between mid and high, shaders definitely mid as well as for shadows. And i realize that Metal Beta gives cca 5-8+ fps than openGL 4.1, so kudos. it would be good if performance after Metal Beta will see improvements so to get some extra fps, some love is always appreciate it. G.GustavPicora0 Feb 28
Feb 28 Stutter w/ audio hiccups Hi. Today, my late 2014 5k iMac started stuttering when running StarCraft 2. I observe both graphical and audio hiccups, every 1-3 seconds. Even in the front-end menus. Rebooting doesn't help. Any way to make this better? Edit: Yesterday, I tried the Metal (beta) rendering option. I set it back to OpenGL 2.1, but that doesn't help.interim1 Feb 28
Feb 27 Desert strike hots unavailable? Desert strike hots does not show up in the arcade anymore. Where did It go?doombender0 Feb 27
Feb 26 Logitech G13 and Nova Pack I have a profile I had used for the last patch, legacy of the Storm if I remember. So I decided to try the new Nova packs, and the G13 does not do a thing. Is it possibly OS 10.12? Is it possibly the old need to access the executable which is not directly seen from the app package? And to clarify things, this G13 DOES work with World of Warcraft. I know the development teams are not the same, but come on. If it works for one Blizzard game it should work for all. And though I haven't tried it lately, I believe it works with Diablo III as well.Rikko0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Drag Scroll Bug In Windowed Mode Since patch 3.6 there's a bug with drag scrolling in windowed mode. When you let go of the middle mouse button, your mouse cursor re-appears vertically offset from its starting position — higher if the window is closer to the bottom edge of the screen, lower if the window is closer to the top edge. Depending on the size of the window and the positioning on the screen, the mouse cursor can appear outside of the SC2 window, causing the camera to scroll undesirably. Video: It's particularly problematic when testing maps from the editor. System: Mac OS X (10.9.5) Screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 Window size: 1024 x 790hawk3 Feb 26
Feb 21 Has the MacOS mouse lag issue been fixed yet? Not the mouse acceleration, more specifically, the lag when a button is pushed. For instance, if I hold down crtl and try to click, it'll lag a bit. More importantly, it'll lag a significant amount when I try to make a box. I've tried this already. Oddly enough, it worked one time then the following times I played the game, it stopped working again.SpecC1 Feb 21
Feb 19 A few issues (Mac client) 1. After alt-tabbing, gamma setting resets. Needs to manually adjust it again every time. 2. After signing a tournament, if you close game client or jump to another server, you can't get access to the tourney when you're back. It says sign up for the next one, and even if you press 'sign up' button, it says 'there was a technical issue, please try again later'. MBP 13'' late 2013, OSX Sierrallllllllll0 Feb 19
Feb 18 [Bug] doesn't show Accounts 1Yudeka1 Feb 18
Feb 14 account suspended account suspended and I didn't do anything wrong. How do I get it unsuspended?Dreadphantom1 Feb 14
Mar 28 Mac Editor Still Can't Use Component Files Cross-posting this on the Editor forum, as well at I originally reported this with the release of 3.0, but it's still the case over a year later. The problem is pretty straightforward: the Mac editor often fails to save to component files, usually spitting out an error message about being unable to copy files. I know this was at least on your radar at one point, but is there any news here? It's a serious problem for me. Here's my original post: .LucidIguana3 Mar 28
Feb 8 MBP 2016 touch bar hangs on exit w/ 4K This is on a new machine, a MacBook Pro with touch bar and upgrade 460 video card, fresh out of the box, nothing else but SC2 installed and I have the latest macOS updates installed. This also happens on my other identical MBP. Game is always set to 1920x1080, vert sync (have tried with it on and off), Open/GL (have tried metal as well). Couple odd behaviors I'm hoping someone can help with. When I have my MBP connected to my LG 27UD68 4K monitor via the display port with a usb-c to display port adapter (from Cable Matters off the game hangs when I exit. I click Exit in the game, sound stops, the screen goes blank, then nothing. I never get my desktop back on the monitor or the MBP display. I have tried with and without the laptop open. Touch bar is also non functional. The other odd thing is when I have it hooked up to the same monitor via HDMI and exit the game. It exits and I get my desktop back, but the screen blanks off and on a few times before everything goes back normal. I'm hooked up in this config via the Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. I have tried it on a few other monitors, and all work fine: No monitor hooked up, works. 1920x1080 monitor hooked up via HDMI it works. An Apple 1920x1200 cinema via display port hooked up it works. Hooked up to a Thunderbolt Display (iMac 27" in target display mode) it works.Axorion1 Feb 8
Feb 8 keeps on d/c For some reason, my game keeps on disconnecting and re-connecting to when I'm playing SP. It is getting annoying. Is there a solution?Razorwing58 Feb 8
Feb 5 Keyboard presses trip mouse Hi there, I was hoping to get some help so I can get back to taking nerds' ladder points: So, I'm playing on an 2015 MBP 13" for the time being. I've got a keyboard and mouse plugged in. Intermittently, when I press a key on the keyboard, the cursor stops for a split second. Is this a known issue? Is there any way to fix it? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been Mostly Sc2-less for months now :(. Cheers! <3HashtagSwag2 Feb 5
Feb 4 OS X 10.12.2, SC2 3.9.1, Mouse Tackpad lag Ever since updating to OS X 10.12.2, the second SC2 is loaded (note not the app), the trackpad lags. The cursor moves extremely slowly. If one loads up System Preferences, Trackpad, and then changes or even simply taps on the Tracking Speed cursor, normal functionality returns. This does not apply to external mouses, everything works perfectly fine with those. Nor does normal functionality return upon closing the SC2 application. The trackpad will continue to experience the issue until one taps the Tracking Speed cursor in system preferences. Is this a known issue? I suspect it might be an OS X bug since loading the Razer Synapse Software also causes the exact same problem, in case that helps.Veritas16 Feb 4
Feb 3 OSX 3.2.2 Refresh Rate Bug (60Hz NTSC) I got a new Monitor (Dell u2415) that only advertises NTSC refresh rate "60 hz" (which shows up in the monitor control panel as "60Hz NTSC", but in system profiler as 59Hz...depends on if you round up or down I suppose) for native resolution (1920x1200 @59.94hz) which causes SC2 to only show 1920x1080 @60Hz as the max rez (presumably because those resolutions are advertised at precisely 60Hz, and SC2 is either looking for easily divisible values (i.e. ones that are integers and not floats), or someone has set the minimum to be 60.0hz) My other monitors (Dell u2412m) still work fine at 1920x1200, but they do not use the NTSC 60hz, they use regular 60.0Hz. Attempting to manually override in the variables.txt file does not force 1920x1200. If there is something I can do to force it to work, let me know... Please fix...16:9 stretched to 16:10 looks weird. I can gather additional debugging/system profiling information if needed.Crusher3 Feb 3
Feb 2 Windowed (Fullscreen) vs Fullscreen mode Why is there such a huge discrepancy between the performance from windowed fullscreen vs fullscreen mode? I'm getting 30-45 FPS in windowed mode but 80-110 FPS in fullscreen mode. The game is unresponsive and pretty much unplayable for me in windowed mode yet in fullscreen mode everything is smooth without any issues whatsoever. I'm running a late 2013 rmbp. Also, can anyone let me know if Mac gestures and function keys work in fullscreen mode on their system? Only the sound keys work for me, nothing else, despite my having Disable OS Keyboard Shortcuts unselected.Veritas4 Feb 2
Jan 30 Trigger Editor Seems To Be Crashing A Lot This is mostly happening to me with the trigger editor. To reproduce the crash, do the following: 1.) Create a new trigger 2.) Create a new action: Add Player To Player Group 3.) Within Add Player To Player Group, double click on "Group: (No Value)" 4.) The editor will crash I'm using the latest MacBook Pro with the touch bar on the latest version of OS X Sierra. This crash issue seems to occur primarily in the trigger editor.KubusKraft6 Jan 30
Feb 7 Crashing green monitor crashing green monitor...cant play...pleas help...csongor12 Feb 7
Jan 27 MacBook Pro 2016 - Broken Resolution Hi, I've contacted support regarding this, almost 2 weeks ago. They've sent the report to the dev team - seems like the issue still persists ever since the 3.9 update. Basically - HighDPI is never recognised. Game always runs in a black 2880x1800 window (MBP 15" late 2016). If I choose a resolution from SC2, the game will be displayed in a small square. If I really want it full screen I have to play it in 2800x1800 or above (or play it in fullscreen window mode) which severally affects performance - getting 10FPS so it's unplayable. Any advice on how to fix this? Tried it on 3 different MacBook Pro's 2016's now, 2 of them on a clean install so the issue is definitely from SC2. Thanks, DanDan6 Jan 27
Jan 26 Jumpy Mouse Issues During games, but only ladder games my mouse jumps anywhere from a few cm to a few inches away and back and forth several times, then stops in the middle. I never had this issue before the 1.5 update. It doesn't happen with games like team fortress 2 or counter strike source, so it's not my mouse, nor is it my computer. I believe this is a problem with the game and it needs to be fixed, i do play on a mac if that has anything to do with itNinjaAnt11 Jan 26
Jan 26 Weird graphic bug on Covert Ops Hi, I'm using a late 2012 iMac with an i7 3.1ghz, 16GB ram, GT 650M. I'm running MacOS 10.12.2. SC2 LOTV runs quite well to be honest, but I have a glitch with the Nova Covert Ops cut scenes. In all the cut scenes, most character, especially Nova, look like they are surrounded by jello. It's like there is some transparent layer on their skin. It's a bit ugly and distracting. Gameplay is fine. It's inly in the cut scenes. It's nothing dramatic, and I hoped a patch would fix it but... no such luck. I've played with setting (guessed it was probably a texture or lightning/shadows issue) but to no avail. Any clue? Thanks!Manu7 Jan 26
Jan 20 Mouse and keyboard not working in game I am using a MacbookPro mid 2012, I was playing just fine last night and then this morning I started playing and in both arcade and multiplayer games my mouse, keyboard, and hotkeys don't work (both external and internal). Esc does not work, but if something is selected I can use Q,W,E,R,T,Y, etc to summon/use. Also my game data was cleared for at least one arcade map (although match history still shows I played).Stunnz0 Jan 20
Jan 18 Map Editor Bugs Dear Blizzard, I understand that you have your priorities but these bugs are just getting out of hand and a solution is needed, now. An actual update on this issue from a developer would be nice rather than just a "we are working on this issue"SSpiritual2 Jan 18
Jan 17 Mac issues, how long Blizzard? So let me tell you my history, and I really hope that for once you actually read it. Let me start with a question, how many times do I have to adjust my gameplay, get rid of my muscle memory, and spent a considerable amount of time (which I don't have plenty of) to try to find workarounds for things that you keep breaking or just never fix? I'm a developer, and as such I'm really disappointed by the lack of QA specially when it comes to the Mac client. You've made me relearn the game more than once when you've decided my key repeat rate isn't good enough for your client to handle, I can think of at least twice this has happened. You've made switch DPI and polling speed on my mouse and adjust to it, because, again, you had to add a new Stukov commander or something. I've spent significant less time over the years learning hotkey layouts than I've had to relearn the game because of something that downright makes the game unplayable, that shouldn't have been released, and yet it was, and even then it's not fixed, even when reported. And that doesn't even begin to describe how much time I've spent and how many options I've fiddled with about the "mouse lags when holding keys" issue that's been persistent since forever. There's a bug since March related to FPS drops on windowed/windowed-fullscreen, why is this relevant? Because you made me switch to windowed back in 3.7 because you broke my mouse while holding on keys, and even without holding'em, and you broke RF, again, similar issues that a lot of people have reported on these forums. Then I found that windowed was a decent workaround (coupled with a few of the above), and I didn't experienced those FPS drops if I preloaded units before starting to play (again, another workaround) until 3.8 or 3.9 broke it again, because your client is stupid enough to use my max Retina resolution even when I've set to scaled. It used to do resolution switching when opening SC and now it doesn't anymore, now it's stuck with 2500x something which my graphic card couldn't possible handle. Even the FPS meter is so small in contrast to how big the mess is (It is a pun, except not quite, since I've attached an screenshot of it in another post). So, I'm now forced back to fullscreen with my mouse and keyboard being fishy at best, sometimes unplayable. It's infuriating what you've been doing with the updates, specially to the Mac client, and you broke every single workaround I've spent significant time finding out, when I shouldn't be having to find workarounds for broke stuff that's supposed to just work in a game I don't develop but paid for. It's really depressing and if I didn't love this game so much you'd be uninstalled since day 2 of issues. I've reported these, along with so many people on the forum, and nobody cares to respond. I wish I had the time to complain about balance, but your game is unplayable by the hour for me to have a view. How long, Blizzard?blackxored1 Jan 17
Jan 15 Infinite Loading Circle in Multiplayer On SC2, I cannot enter any multiplayer games because there is a loading circle that never disappears. I tried all sorts of things based on what I read in the forums including the following: - Repair the game via options - Delete caches - Delete SC2 Folder - Delete Folder - Uninstall and reinstall NONE of the above worked...Help? Btw...I'm using a macMysterYi1 Jan 15
Jan 15 Stuck on "Updating Agent" (Mac) So I just reinstalled the firmware on my Mac and was trying to get the client. It's been sitting there like that for at least half an hour and no luck. The progress bar did not even move a pixel. I tried virtually everything I was able to find on Google but none of the solutions were able to solve my problem. Is there anything else I can do about this?SwordGodYooo0 Jan 15
Jan 12 How to play offline. Well, we finally got internet out here where I'm deployed and it took me 3 days to download, patch, and update but I'm finally able to play SCII. However, the internet connection in the DFAC isn't as great as the one in my room and I'd like something to do between meals and during serving hours. I'm trying to play offline but it says it can't let me do that because all the information isn't downloaded from the server yet, but when the launcher... launches, it's says my game is up to date. I noticed that the campaign missions 'stream' data when I start them, does this have anything to do with that? I can get online just fine, it's the offline play that I'm going for. Thanks and cheers.Cheddar27 Jan 12
Jan 11 lost all my runes and lvl fore second time i need help to get rune ultimat +5 back and lvl 36 i lost all today i whas playing a lottery deff and whane do a ader i startid the game and rune whas gone sp gone lvl 36 gone please helpConan0 Jan 11
Jan 8 Unavailable Cinematics Hi, I need help. I am from Singapore, and i bought the wings of liberty pack. While playing the campaign missions, i cant load the cinematic. It says it is unavailable. It says that it will only be so if the game is fully downloaded. But it already is. I am on a mac OS10.12.1AppleWareon0 Jan 8
Jan 5 Terrain Editor displays blank screen only My terrain module refuses to display anything but a blank screen. All other editors (data/trigger etc) are working fine. It was working perfectly for YEARS. I deleted the editor and reinstalled it along with sc2. I tried different maps. Nothing. Please help!MOTHER1 Jan 5
Jan 4 StarCraft II Patch will not download Unable to download patch or contact support about StarCraft II. BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 when I try to install patch Submit button will not activate (greyed out) if I try to contact via email, phone etc. Mac using 10.12.2. Tried all of the steps in troubleshooting. WTH?Stev1 Jan 4
Jan 3 SC2 not launching after patch download I have a Macbook Pro and after downloading the patch 3.9.1 I would click PLAY and then it would just say the game is running...but nothing is launching to the SC2 log in screen. MacBook software - 10.7.5Weaksauce0 Jan 3