Mac Technical Support

Oct 1 macOS Sierra support So I'm about to update my Mac (GM is available). Will Starcraft 2 work properly?Sundog3 Oct 1
Sep 25 Can not zoom out for mac Awhile ago my view was fine now for some reason the zoom is too close. I have seen other talk about this issue with no credible answer. I have a 27 inch 5 K mac and this also happen to my other older mac, so it is not a specific machine issue. It make me not want to play starcraft. I just bought Legacy of the void with the same issue. I wish blizzard would address this or someone answer how to get a wider field of view. Some how my setting are not correct. I tried every screen resolution with no sucess.MCUDaddy1 Sep 25
Sep 23 Can't test document from editor Problem solved by purging all sc2 related files and reinstalling.Cylon0 Sep 23
Sep 20 Mac F keys (F1,F2,F3 etc.) I cannot get my F keys to work for starcraft 2 on my macbook. I have checked the "disable os keyboard shortcuts" option in the menu of starcraft and have also checked "Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys" in my system preferences. I do not know what else to do! Please help!SharpStone28 Sep 20
Sep 14 Mouse Lag in Game Hi all, Like nearly everyone else here I had the problem with mouse acceleration due to OS X but I think I have fixed that with Bumblebees' MouseFixer (Teamliquid thread about it) among some others. When I am on the desktop and in Windowed Mode in StarCraft the mouse does not seem to lag at all. However, when I put the game into "Fullscreen" or "Windowed (Fullscreen)" modes the mouse lag appears (ie trying to box drones over and over and it goes slow. Feels like it takes 2x the effort to do the same thing I normally do on my PC.) The mouse lag doesn't really seem to be the movement of the mouse so much as it is the clicking and boxing of the mouse; if that makes sense. I am on a 2011 iMac, 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 (quad), 512mb graphics card, 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3 1333 RAM, and have OS X Lion installed (10.7.2). The mouse I am referring to is the SteelSeries Kinzu. The lag also appears with the Magic Mouse. I currently have SteerMouse (installed while attempting to fix acceleration issues), and Bumblebees MouseFixer (ver2) installed. Thanks, MistakesMistakes6 Sep 14
Sep 9 Star Craft 2 freezes and crashes my computer Hello anyone, I have a 2014 iMac 27" 5k with 32 gig of ram, 4GHz Intel Core i7 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4gig gpu. The game crashes constantly. I have never had this issue with running and other heavy programs. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, running the repair tool. I have replaced the logic board because I thought it was a bad board and still nothing.vDayWalker1 Sep 9
Sep 5 Campaign save and achievements reset. So I bought the game about yesterday, downloaded it on my macbook air, got excited I finish the first mission on prologue(11.00pm gmt+7 09/04/16). Then I found out my mission isn't saved at all because I disconnected some time during my game... nvm. It was just only one mission, so I don't mind that. Then I played LotV campaign and finished my 7th mission at 5.00am (gmt+7 09/05/16) on my macbook air. About an hour ago (11.00pm gmt+7 09/05/16), I downloaded SC2 at my other mac and tried to login to find out all my progress is lost. Nothing is there except that one mission from my first playthrough. The game also just forgot my achievements on my second playthrough, even though I can check so many of them in my web profile :(. In my SC2 accounts directory (Starcraft II/Accounts/[]/) there is 2 separated folder, one last played at 11.00pm gmt+7 09/04/16, and the other one last played at 5.00am gmt+7 09/05/16. I tried deleted the former one, hoping the game would recognise my another playthrough, but the game ignored it and redownloaded the former one for me to play, with that one !@#$ty prologue achievement completed. Is there anything I (or someone) can do to restore my progress ? I've already backed up both playthrough. And it would be great if I know that in which circumstance SC2 would save my progress. I mean do the SC2 client broke into the void immediately after my %^-*ty network innocently dc ?CatFlyFlyFly1 Sep 5
Aug 31 Bug change expansion Frame 1v1 LoTv. not switching in MacOSChovscopa0 Aug 31
Aug 27 Authenticating Download of Mac Client I had been playing sc2 on a windows PC for about the last 9 months or so and when I got a mac to replace the old computer I tried to download the client. Upon clicking the downloader I get the following error: There was a problem authenticating your download. Please go to to start a new download. I have seen some other people post no this topic and it seems that no one has had very much success. I would appreciate some guidance on this issue. ThanksFieldMarshal12 Aug 27
Aug 25 Achievements not loading/registering In short: I can see no achievements in SC2. No graphics for badges are loading, no old achievements seem to have registered, no unearned achievements are visible. It's like the feature doesn't exist in the game. Repair tool says everything is fine. With slightly more detail: I installed Starcraft on my machine for Legacy of the Void. I haven't played since 6 months or so after HotS launched and that was on an old computer (i.e. completely fresh install). I didn't think anything of achievements not showing up shortly after the launch, what with the "Achievements have been disabled" notice coming up. It has been a few days now, however, and I see that others are discussing various new achievements so they are obviously online. I have run the repair tool but everything seems to be fine there. Still I can literally see no achievement in the game. 0% progress on all campaigns despite the fact that I just finished a replay of the HotS campaign. I can't even see the badges for earned or unearned achievements. It's like they don't even exist in the game. Even after completing a mission, where the three achievements badges would be is blank (though I do get a description of the achievements that should be there if I mouse over the space). A quick search didn't reveal anyone having similar issues. Would be nice to have some light shed on this one... {EDIT} Looking through my profile, it's a little more extensive than just achievements. At the base of the Profile Summary screen there is a note "Error: Experience Data Unavailable". The game knows that I've played 2570 games and that I was in gold league in 2010, Season 1, but that's about it. No portraits earned, no decals, etc. Though it does have my mach histories from 146 weeks ago...Helo11 Aug 25
Aug 23 downloading,scanning,update problems. i downloaded heart of the sworm and it won't allow me to update or open and play the game. It's saying there seems to be a problem it keeps scanning and scanning and nothing, it has been doing this for a few days now. i downloaded it for a mac.vega0 Aug 23
Aug 21 OSX 10.8.1 ML Bank Files Location I just got a new macbook pro running 10.8.1 and I am trying to find the bank files so I can transfer the bank files from my old computer (a dell laptop running windows 7). I have been unable to find the proper location for my old sc2 files (there is no folder for bank files under the SC2 folder in the applications menu). Currently the copy of my old files are sitting in my documents folder (like they were on my windows 7 machine), but that doesn't seem to be the proper location on my mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated!MCMallett2 Aug 21
Aug 16 SC2 1v1 games randomly crashing/rebooting Mac I have a 2013 Mac Pro workstation running OS X El Capitan, v10.11.6 and have been playing SCII on it with zero issues for many months now. All of a sudden (I'd say after the last update patch or two was released for SCII), I've run into random problems where the game suddenly freezes up in the middle of a 1v1 game, followed by the Mac rebooting itself. (When everything comes back up, I don't even get the usual error box advising me the system was improperly shut down.) I'm sure there aren't exactly a lot of SCII players running on my same system configuration -- but I thought I'd mention this, in case it's something other Mac users are seeing?KingTJ0 Aug 16
Aug 12 No Response from Battle net. I can log on and press play but once i get to the main menu it tells me its waiting for a response. I can't for the life of me to get on my internet is find everything else works, I've reinstalled, checked updates, turned of fire wall, flush dns etc. you name it. I'm starting to think the issue is not on my side. Is there any help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Petey0 Aug 12
Aug 10 Map Editor Crash Hello, I am trying to make a hero leveling type map. When I first create the map I add all 4 dependencies. Then I put the Raynor sniper model on the map (this is not from the default dependencies) but any time I open the data editor, it looses track of the non-default dependencies so I can no longer search for Raynor. If I try to click on the raynor model I already placed on the map, the editor crashes. Help is appreciated :)Kaelmis3 Aug 10
Aug 8 consistently refuse to shut down Howdy! In short: My app will not quit, even force quit, and keeps my computer from shutting down. I've had this problem for about a week now without being able to find a solution, and so I have come here to see if anyone else have experienced this problem before i reboot my entire computer. Detailed description of the problem After updating some time last week and opening starcraft it told me it recomends me to update my OS to keep it up do date with the latest starcraft patch for maximum compability. So I did, but after that refuse to quit. When i try to shut it down it will close the window but the app will still show as open in my dock. When I then try to force quit it, in any way, (including from the activity monitor) it will stay in the dock. If I reopen, it will just start a new instance of the app, leaving me with two apps in the dock. The biggest problem this causes is that it keeps me from being able to shut down my mac without having to force shut it down manually by holding down the power button, which I know should be avoided for the health of the mac. But this is now the only way I can shut down my mac, even if I start my mac, dont open, and try to shut it off again. It does however shut down normally when I try to start it in safe mode. I have tried to uninstall, following this link: It seemingly worked but I could still not shut down my mac. when I reinstalled I still have the same problem with the app, that it refuse to be shut down. Which leads me to suspect that the problem part of the app did not get uninstalled. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this, and what I can do? Is the only solution to re-install the OS? Thanks in advance!Klesk1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Can my Mac Run SCII? Aug 8
Aug 7 Changing hotkeys Help Hello I am a new player in starcraft. I am having some trouble changing my hotkeys, i hope someone can help me. Whenever I try to change my hotkeys it keeps giving me the alert of saving it in a new profile. I am concerned regarding my old profile. What will happen to it?Will any data get deleted?Can I play with the new hotkey setup on my old profile? please help.drakonmaster0 Aug 7
Aug 6 Bank file arcade games I try to search about it but dont find a solution. Maybe because the old article has the old OS. I have Yosemite. I gonna sale my old computer and need a really fast answer. Do someone now where the bank file is?Genki2 Aug 6
Aug 5 Characters in cuscenes look sweaty When I see cutscenes (either of the games or nova packs) the characters look very glossy/sweaty/plastic-like I was wondering maybe my settings are off but its all "high" and the game and scenes run rather smoothly. I have a 2.8Ghz retina macbook pro 15" (mid 2015) any ideas?eidog3 Aug 5
Aug 5 Unable to Install Hey guys, so I recently just cleared up some space and want to reinstall SC2, i tried a bunch of things and both my computer's get info (command I) and a third party program say I have 45 GB free, while SC2 needs only 30, but when I go to install, BNet app says theres not enough space. Anyone know how to fix this?Cybrok0 Aug 5
Aug 4 5 second freeze when SC2 starts. Every time I log into SC2 t freezes for about 5 seconds after I log into my account. I have noticed this on my friends mac but not on my other friends pc. It could just be the speed of our computers but it is starting to annoy me.Tacar13 Aug 4
Aug 2 how to uninstall and reinstall starcraft2 so i downloaded starcraft 2 and there were errors. i am wondering how to completely delete out of my hard drive on my mac i tried deleting some stuff on my own but i dont think i deleted them all because when i first downloaded sc2 it took about 3 hours and when i tried downloading it again, it says 13 hours. i figured it would take too long so i cancelled the download and now im wodnering if i have to delete every single starcraft 2 file on my mac so the download will be fasterphil4 Aug 2
Aug 1 Cannot initiate patch I received the error "We're having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again." My connection is fine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I am still getting the same "transfer" error. Here are the logs: Last login: Sat Jul 30 06:36:04 on console iMac:~ Mike$ /Users/Mike/Downloads/LogGoblin\ 2 ; exit; === LogGoblin === Preparing data for archiving... Gathering system summary data. This may take a few minutes... Building file list... Archiving Logs... => => Tools/ => => => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Blizzard/System Survey/log.txt => => Tools/ => => => Tools/ => Tools/ => => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => => => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Updater Log.html => Tools/ Updater Log.html => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/agentclient-20140720-103320575.log => Install Log.html => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/engine.log => Tools/ => Tools/ => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/agentclient-20131130-211550077.log => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/Blizzard Launcher.log => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/agentclient-20131129-160202002.log => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/agentclient-20131129-031704643.log => Tools/ Launcher.2005/Logs/agentclient-20131128-222414708.log => Tools/ 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Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131027-184235602.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131026-201039133.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131026-090157972.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131026-085558648.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131026-080930272.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131024-150723387.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131019-233146412.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131019-185646900.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131019-182610866.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131018-211448679.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131018-191208054.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131018-190703070.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131018-190444644.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131015-160359342.log => Tools/ Launcher.1997/Logs/agentclient-20131013-065959789.log => Tools/ 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Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130820-123616807.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-185314842.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-181614093.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-132629648.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-131315985.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-125352265.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130819-125124144.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130818-133843038.log => Tools/ Launcher.1995/Logs/agentclient-20130817-222058868.log Log collection complete. -------------------------------- File: /Users/Mike/ logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. Deleting expired sessions...9 completed. [Process completed]Phreemynd2 Aug 1
Jul 29 Scanning Game Files Hi team been stuck the whole day for scanning game files on my MAC, nothing happens... thanks!RonFART0 Jul 29
Jul 25 Can't reinstall App When i tried to reinstall the app on my mac it say" Whoops! Look like something broke(or crashed). Please try restarting the desktop app and/or your computer." I did what it say and still not working. Please help ASAP thanks.Kirito1 Jul 25
Jul 22 Quick Quit - keys, plz! Quick Quit - keys, plz! How to quickly quit SC2?(Cmd+Shift+Q no longer works!)KulZizop1 Jul 22
Jul 21 Problem with my f1-10 keys Hello! I play sc2 lotv on a laptop (ikr). The keys f1-10 all have other functions related to others things on the computer, i.e volume control, turning the mouse on and off, ect.. that being said it impedes some of my hotkeys, or any purpose those keys would serve in game in sc2. Is there a way to turn these outside key uses off to make them applicable to sc2?ABJeskai2 Jul 21
Jul 16 PLEASE HELP! Can't view my published maps! I have been trying to upload an extension mod called the World War 2 mod, but after it uploads, and I try to find it in 'my published mods', it's missing. It says it's there in 'managed published' from the editor. I have tried uploading it Locked and Unlocked, Private and Public. Nothing has worked.HydraliskMan0 Jul 16
Jul 14 Connect Button is disabled, can't login My Macbook Pro died, and I ordered a new one, downloaded and installed SC 2 and patched it. When I type in my username the connect button stays disabled and I can't click on it. I tried launching the SC 2 Editor and authenticate from there but it says it failed to log me in. I've reset my account password, and it still fails to log me in. Suggestions?Rockamore9 Jul 14
Jul 14 New updates won't finish Haven't played the game in about nine months but the new updates stopped about half-way through. Have the latest OS. Internet is clearly working. Please use magic to helpDerski2 Jul 14
Jul 11 Crashes in macOS 10.12 Sierra Public Beta Hello, on my test system I installed the new public beta, and StarCraft 2 seems to studder and crash a few minutes after launch. Restarts did not resolve the issue. I submitted crash reports each time. rMBP 15 Late 2013 2.3 GHz i7 /16GB DDR3 GT 750M 2GB / Iris Pro Just wanted to share my experience just in case anyone else was in the same boat. P.S. - Hrm, just thought of this, I'll try disabling automatic graphics switching and attempt again this evening.John2 Jul 11
Jul 6 Cannot Log In After losing an arcade game, it says i lost connection to Checked my Wi-Fi and it's fine. Tried re-logging in and it says "Connecting to" It wasn't the Wi-Fi problem because how am i writing this at the moment? I thought it was the server, but to make sure, i asked my friend to see if he could log in. He could. I then also tried logging on other servers (Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia) and I CAN log in on this servers. So I restarted my laptop, tried logging in once again, and same thing pops up. ("Connecting to"). After seeing that, I decide to go here and ask, but another problem: It says something is wrong with my proxy server. So i turned it off and I can finally get here, writing this situation. Finally, i thought maybe i can log in Starcraft this time. Unfortunately, no, same problem. I appreciate any help. Thank you.Nerdasaurus2 Jul 6
Jul 5 Razer Naga Mouse Problems I have a Razer Naga mouse (The one with the number pad on the side). After this recent patch I can't create a control group using the numbers on the mouse and the ctrl key, but if I use the control key and the numbers on the keyboard it works. Will there be a fix for this? Any known solutions?LoveCrashes70 Jul 5
Jul 5 About application on Mac. I checked application makes many problems in newest Mac. I use newest OS X, witch is 10.11.5. I tried many things: reboot, reinstall, format. But I couldn't solve it. This is the problems. 1. can not shut down right. So I got to force to terminate the app at the menu. 2. makes problem with other apps such as Safari, iTunes etc. The apps appears with black blank space it separates menu with page. I check the application and I found out that you guys made this app when 10.9 Mavericks, and keep patched it but no redesign the app. So it seems that compatibility issues with macOS X and old version app. I want you guys make this app from the start for newest macOS X. I know that Apple released 10.12 Sierra test version for developers. So it is good time to change 3 years old application. Please fix this problems by making again!Alpha1 Jul 5
Jul 4 Please help me download Heart of the Swarm So i bought a hard copy of the expansion HotS today, i put the disk into my Mac, everything seems to be going well. The startup asks me for my password because Star Craft is trying to change stuff, so i do that. The battlenet opens up and starts to initialize the game and I'm watching the download bar, and all of a sudden it disappears. this keeps happening even after I've turned off firewall and tried to manually open the game. I own a Macbook, currently playing StarCraft, and it worked fine when i downloaded it. So my issue is there is no initializing of the expansion, it doesn't download or do anything, wtf do i do please help.CaptainCrunk3 Jul 4
Jul 1 can't start up game! I play starcraft on an iMac and i'm unable to start up the game. My computer recognizes that I've inserted the disk but I can't locate the option to start up the game, how do I begin playing?carver1 Jul 1
Jun 30 Mouse Speed Bug [Mac] [3.0 Bug] Mac OSX El Capitan version 10.11.1 - Mouse sensitivity gets reset upon quitting Starcraft application I don't use any fancy mice with personal speed adjustments, so I use the command (in Terminal) "defaults write -g 60" This command increases mouse sensitivity. Since the 3.0 update whenever I quit the Starcraft application it resets the mouse sensitivity back to OS X default speed.Shortland8 Jun 30
Jun 30 Possible Hot Corners solution? I know some of us were reporting that our Hot Corners became inactive after quitting SC2 and then having to re-enable them in System Preferences. I normally play at the suggested resolution of 1920x1080 while my native resolution is 2560x1440. Yesterday I changed SC2 to 2560x1440 to match the native res of my iMac. Once I quit the game at 2560x1440 I tested the Hot Corners and sure enough they were all active and working properly. Initially, this caught my attention after exiting a lower res game and noticing the only hot corner that worked was the upper left corner that I had assigned a function to. I was imagining, very simply, that if SC2 was at 1920x1080 it may originate from the upper left (technically) and then stretch to fill the screen. Anyway, just speculating on why the upper left worked. Hope this helps (and gets fixed in 1.4.2)!!Cleverwater13 Jun 30
Jun 30 Problem with mouse acceleration in SC2 Hi, After some recent updates of SC2 I have found bug, which makes game unplayable for me. I have mouse acceleration disabled in OS X (I did it by terminal command). Last few years it worked fine in SC2 but now it doesn't. When I open SC2 it makes mouse acceleration enabled and it's system wide. When I minimize SC2, mouse acceleration is still turned on. However, when I quit SC2 then acceleration is turned off. I have mouse sensitivity disabled in SC2. Bug is the same regardless settings of cofine mouse cursor option or any other mouse setting in option menu. I also noticed then during game loading/login splash screen is OK but at the moment when main menu appeared there is mouse acceleration turned on. I use MacBook Pro 15" late 2011 with OS X El Capitan 10.11.5Malauch2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Armory graphical glitch Hi, All of the units in the armory in the WoL campaign are tinged a dark blue. I was just wondering if there's any way to fix this? Thanks!Blaze3 Jun 30
Jun 29 Replays not compatible with Mac version On the Windows version all replays work 100%. But on the Mac version, it's a hit or miss if a replay works or not. Basically I have to go to Windows (Bootcamp) if I want to see any replay I want. Can this be fixed?Timothy4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Stuck on 'streaming data please wait' Every time I try to play a custom game I just get stuck on 'streaming data' endlessly. It happens when I just click play or create private game. Is there a fix to this?Papercut7 Jun 29
Jun 25 Editor Authentication When I try to use the editor, it gives me a popup window saying, "You must log in to to authenticate your StarCraft II account before using the editor. Would you like to do so now?" I click Yes, and then type in my email and password, but it says, "Failed to log in to as 'email' (Your login information was incorrect. Please try again.)\ I tried my email account and my forum username, my password and my StarCraft II authentication key. Nothing works. Computer is 10.5.8 Mac OS X. How do I fix the problem?Trfel23 Jun 25
Jun 23 Can't Play LOTV campaign I played through the first 4 missions but on the 5th every time I try to play it goes back to the home menu.Please Help.joshua1 Jun 23
Jun 18 How to ungroup, regroup, remove unit Hi, I used Macbook to play Starcraft2. I know to create group is press SHIFT + number However I don't know how to ungroup , regroup or remove a unit from a group. Sometimes I accident select an unit/building that I don't want to have this group so I want to know how to remove it. I tried to select all group then SHIFT + click to unit I want to remove then press SHIFT + number to regroup again but it does not remove. Sometimes I group unit in wrong number so I want to ungroup them then regroup with a new number. When I press SHIFT + number again, it will create a new group in new number but still keep this group in old number. Thanks!wopethemes2 Jun 18
Jun 18 Voice chat not working I am using the built in mic on my laptop for voice chat. I am able to successfully use the mic outside of Starcraft 2. When I conduct a test in the game, using both Default and Built-In Mic, there is no feedback. Also, when my friend uses voice chat, I hear only the game volume decreasing at the time he is speaking, but I do not hear is voice. Voice chat had previously been working fine for both of us.RicosRuffnek19 Jun 18
Jun 14 Can't install/update SCII on Mac. Help Please Hello need help installing SCII on my mac after it tried updating i got this error "An unexpected error has occurred. Last 3 digits of the error code contains: 2BC, 2BD, 83E, 834, 848, 852, 8A2, 8A6, 8AC, 8AD, 8AE, 8FC, 906, 907, 908, 960, 974, 975, 97A, 97E, 97F, 980, 981, 987, 988, 9C4, BC1" I followed all the steps, updated flash, MAC OS, uninstalled game but no success Please help ThanksArmCmdr2 Jun 14
Jun 12 SCII has been screwing up since the patch Since the emoji patch the loading time to fire up SC2 has steadily increased. At this point after running the scan and repair feature from the options load window, I can no longer get the game to work, no matter how many times I restart it. When I click the Star Craft 2 desktop icon for the first time I get a message that says The application can't be opened. But the load up screen to launch sc2 with still comes up like normal. Then when I click play I get a window that says the application Star Craft ll can't be opened then it has been taking gradually longer and longer amounts of time but eventually comes to the planets floating around loading screen. When I finally get through to here I get an error message that reads "There was an internal error while connecting to Please try again later". Its super laggy and when I try to log in the final time it doesn't cooperate and lags gratuitously. Previously I could log in after several attempts but now its super laggy and won't work. Should I try to reinstall or delete some particular file? It seems that other people are having a similar issue and reinstalling hasn't helped them.chronicgamin0 Jun 12
Jun 12 Mac and PC cross platform? Can mac and PC cross play each-other in lobby and multiplayer and such?SecondEarth1 Jun 12