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Jan 13, 2011 MAJOR mac problem (spaces/expose) On my mac I have active hot corners in expose. The top two corners activate the screen saver, and the bottom two show the desktop. Well guess what I found out when I just played Starcraft? When I went to scroll the map to the left and down a little, my desktop showed up. And if I wanted to move my vision up and to the screen saver came on. Who want to try playing like that? None of this happened until the latest patch today.... Any ideas on how to fix this without disabling expose everytime I Play starcraft? Thanks.Ghostooze13 Jan 13, 2011
Jan 13, 2011 F9-F12... Something changed. Hey, I have a new 13'' MacBookPro and since the patch, I can't do F10+n and leave. My F10 key won't work, regardless of whether I've checked the media key toggle in system prefs or not. I can still use some of the F keys, but F9-F12 seem to be locked... Anyone else having this issue?Leargle1 Jan 13, 2011
Jan 13, 2011 In-game menu Anyone else not able to access in-game menu, message history, and achievements via the F-keys since the patch?Ainent2 Jan 13, 2011
Jan 13, 2011 Shaders drops my framerate dramatically Hello, I have a 27" 2010 iMac, i3 3.2ghz, ATI HD 5670, 8gb ram. I can have most of my graphics settings on what the game recommends, except for shaders. If I have shaders on high, and everything else on high/ultra, the game runs around 25fps. But, if I have shaders on medium, and keep everything else on high/ultra, the game leaps to around 50fps. Is there something I need to do, or is that expected?Snooron3 Jan 13, 2011
May 1, 2011 F1+control not selecting all idle workers Some games when i press control+F1 it highlights all my workers. Some games it doesn't. In over 400+ games pre-patch, never once had an issue with it. Post-patch, about 60% of the time it does not work. Note: It either completely works for the entire game, or it does not work at all for the entire game. I.e. In games that it works control+f1 will select all idle workers 100% of the time. In games that it does not work, control+f1 will fail to select all idle workers 100% of the time. Don't know if it makes a difference, but i am using a MacBook pro.Sacrifjell1 May 1, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 Very frustrating 1.2 mac os glitch I have noticed that although 1.1.3 was fully compatible with the expose feature(if you don't know this is the function where you can view different screens or sleep your display by putting your mouse in one of the four corners of the screen), the new 1.2 patch seems to respond in very strange ways to this feature, as it does not disable the feature as it did in 1.1.3(which means every time you move your mouse to a corner your sc2 game gets alt-tabbed, essentially). The first work-around was to "disable os shortcuts" however my game still randomly allows the expose feature to close it from time to time to the point that I had to actually disable this feature using my system preferences(not good). As a final note I'd like to say thanks for adding this annoying bug and for costing me a game because right as I scouted a proxy and went to build a bunk my game closed.tGmBeNgAa0 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 Uploading replays? Hey, I can't find my folder that contains my replays for me to upload them online. I'm running a macbook pro, latest OS. (10.6.6) and my HD is NOT partitioned. (I'm running the mac version of the game) Help? Thanks!Rathe4 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 MAC Mouse Track Ball Problem So I installed Patch 1.2, I also installed 1.2 when it was in beta stage, after installing it once it went live I went into play and ran into a problem. Now the game will not recognize my right click on my track ball mouse. I have to use the old fashion way to get my secondary mouse click thru my keyboard and is making me slower. Any suggestions?Tyrinal1 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 Another Mouse Issue... I'm currently using a Razer Deathadder on a MacBookPro with OS 10.6.6. I am well aware that Macs have an issue with mouse acceleration, which is indeed a HUGE problem, but not the issue I am having. Currently the mouse functions properly using the Razer drivers, but when I open SC2 my mouse becomes unreasonably sensitive. I mean, very, very sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that I have my in-game sensitivity turned down to 1% in order to even navigate the menus. I've also noticed that the mouse sensitivity in the Mac preference pane jumps to 4... Is it possible SC2 is causing my mac to stack its sensitivity with the Razer drivers?Aurtel2 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 [BUG/Omission] Full-screen mode SC2 on the Mac currently lacks the ability to run in Windowed (Full Screen) or Full Screen on a secondary display. I quite enjoy having this ability in WoW, and would love to see it in SC2 as well.Ziwcam0 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 service unavailable... Hello all. Is is just me? After patching I get that message when launching the game, it ask me to check my network connection, so i dunno if is down, or if the after patching my game decided to don't connect anymore. thx gGustavPicora3 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2011 Minimap fail im a macbook user graphics have been fine till now. some minor oddities. but MINIMAP NOT WORKING :/ its hard to play without a minimap. this happened to my brother a week ago (macbook as well) sorry to bug you guys thxs for reading/caring/not caring i might try reinstallDillywhack4 Jan 12, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 SC2 1.2.0 Known Issues (updated 2/1/2011) Hi There all you Mac gamers, I just wanted to post real quick a link to current known issues for patch 1.2.0. (Note: This is not an exhaustive list and should be updated as issues come in) • Spawn Creep Tumor from a Creep Tumor cannot be customized We are aware that the Creep Tumor does not appear in the Zerg tab of the Custom Hotkeys dialog. We're working towards a solution and are sorry for the inconvenience. • Cloaked flying units attacking through fog of war will show up momentarily We are working on an issue where cloaked flying units will appear through the fog of war as they attack a target, even when they are not detected. • The Join Game page is not immediately scrollable We're aware of an issue with the Join Game page not being movable until the last map is selected and are working towards a solution. • Seeker Missile does not always strike a Baneling just after it finishes hatching It is possible to fire the Raven’s Seeker missile at a Zergling as it evolves into a Baneling in such a way that the Baneling can hatch and avoid the missile’s strike. We’re evaluating the targeting mechanic and working on a solution. • The Game Invite dialog for Join a Game does not display Category and Mode We are aware of an issue where Category and Mode are blank when inviting people to Join a Game. We’re working towards a solution. • Vespene Geysers that are taken by your opponent sometimes flash on the minimap Occasionally captured geysers will blink to appear unclaimed on the mini-map, we're aware of the issue and are investigating the cause. • (MAC) A key can become stuck if the game client window is minimized while a key is being held down. We are working on an issue where keys can be stuck "pressed" on a Macintosh version of the game client if you hold the key, minimize the client, and return to the client after letting go of the key. We're working towards a solution and are sorry for the inconvenience. • Absence of Foliage can be used as an indicator of starting location on some maps. We are aware of an issue involving Zerg creep and foliage through the fog of war on some maps. We're working on the situation and will have a resolution as soon as possible. • General ladder points issues. We are currently investigating several reports of points and ladder rankings not appearing to be accurate. Sadly I have no time line to offer for resolution or further comment but know that we are looking into the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. • (Mac) The control key becomes stuck when holding control and minimizing the game window or clicking on to a different application and then going back to the game window and attempting to use Control+1 to create a control group. ________________________________________________ Mac Tech Support || Tues-Sat 9 AM - 5 PM CST Can't find a resolution on the forums, contact a Support Rep directly: ---- Show some love to this boomkin! I love STV. All the animals are so nice. They just run out of the jungle as your passing by and greet ya. I just have a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I run through. No, wait, that warm and fuzzy feeling is the friggin Tiger that jumped me. <ul/>TonyM0 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 Text editing keyboard shortcuts are wrong SC2 seems to think that Shift-Home and Shift-End are used for selecting text to the beginning or end of the line. They are not. Cmd-Shift-Left/Right are. Shift-Home/End are PCisms that are impossible to type on newer Apple keyboards.Kleriq0 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 Edge scrolling doesnt work after 1.2 update I JUST updated to the 1.2 patch and the mouse no longer scrolls when I go to the edge of the screen, only middle click scroll works, making the game unplayable for me, please help/fix this issue !!jaffarr2 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 US/EU version I own both these versions and I also own a Mac. I have both installed in separate directories but when I try to run the SCII (EU) version, it attempts to patch itself and then runs the patch. But the patch is a for the US version of SC2. Therefore it is impossible for me to patch my EU version without first uninstalling my US version through conventional means. ... If you can explain how I can switch gateways or modify some file so that I can point the SCII launcher to the right version, that would be very helpful.warpandas7 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 Graphics improvements I believe the graphics performance has improved a bit since Apple just released some updates. I did a custom game and set the graphics to "High" and was actually doing reasonably well, though the FPS was never more than 20. Medium was a bit better. I'm accustomed to Low so this is an improvement.TorqueSmacky1 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 replay vids? where do my replay videos save to on my mac? i cant seem to find them. also, how do i post links to them on forums? thanks. Rabbit0 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011 Stuttering Online My game seems to be stuttering a lot whenever I play online. It sort of freezes every 12 seconds or so for a small moment then "catches up" for about a second. This happens often during matches/custom games. It was definitely happening more often in the custom map "Star Battle". My graphics are set really low for my system (I love a smooth frame-rate). Nothing was downloading in the background. This is definitely a recent problem. Any idea what could be causing it? My internet connection is Verizon FiOS and it's fast and reliable. Textures are set to medium with everything else set to mostly low with a couple on medium. Mac Pro OSX 10.6.6 2 X 2.66 GhZ Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors 8GB 667 DDR2 Ram ATI Radeon HD 5770 This is pretty annoying so any information would be great.BNice1 Jan 11, 2011
Jan 10, 2011 Unable to login.... HELP! I bought this game when it first came out and was able to play fine and it worked no issues, I recently had Apple fix my DVD drive and now I am unable to login to the server. How can I reset the settings or w/e to get this functioning properly again. Thanks! Here are my specs from System Profiler: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac7,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 3 GB Bus Speed: 800 MHz Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03 SMC Version (system): 1.20f4 Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-001EC20ED3E3 ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro: Chipset Model: ATI,RadeonHD2600 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x9583 Revision ID: 0x0000 ROM Revision: 113-B2250F-219 EFI Driver Version: 01.00.219 Displays: iMac: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Built-In: Yes Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected Memory Slots: ECC: Disabled BANK 0/DIMM0: Size: 1 GB Type: DDR2 SDRAM Speed: 667 MHz Status: OK Manufacturer: 0xCE00000000000000 Part Number: 0x4D342037305432393533455A332D43453620 Serial Number: 0x28151B45 BANK 1/DIMM1: Size: 2 GB Type: DDR2 SDRAM Speed: 667 MHz Status: OK Manufacturer: 0x7F7F9E0000000000 Part Number: 0x565332475344533636374432202020202020 Serial Number: 0x0601F0FB Software Versions: Menu Extra: 6.2.1 (621.1) configd plug-in: 6.2.3 (623.1) System Profiler: 6.0 (600.9) Network Preference: 6.2.1 (621.1) AirPort Utility: 5.5.2 (552.11) IO80211 Family: 3.1.2 (312) Interfaces: en1: Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x88) Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( Locale: FCC Country Code: US Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 a/b/g/n Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165 Wake On Wireless: Supported Status: Connected Current Network Information: HOME NETWORK: PHY Mode: 802.11n BSSID: 0:26:bb:76:19:ea Channel: 149,1 Network Type: Infrastructure Security: WPA2 Personal Signal / Noise: -52 dBm / -88 dBm Transmit Rate: 270 MCS Index: 15Visionaree1 Jan 10, 2011
Jan 10, 2011 Unable To Login Hi, I just recently got SC2 and love it. There's one problem that has to do with the SC2 Editor Application. Apparently I cannot connect to the server using my correct information. Well, everything's entered correctly but apparently not. Thus, I'm unable to use the program. Please help. Thanks in advance, Cloud Edit: I apologize if this is in the wrong section or is easily answered.Cloud14 Jan 10, 2011
Jan 10, 2011 Drag-and-drop custom maps not working? I can't seem to drag-and-drop custom maps to either the SC2 dock icon or the game window. Windows users love this feature; is it an intentional omission on the Mac?Kleriq2 Jan 10, 2011
Jan 9, 2011 SC2 should disable Scheduled Sleep Just played my fifth placement match, and in the middle of it midnight struck. My machine is set to automatically sleep at midnight, so at 12:10 the confirmation dialog countdown expired and my computer dutifully shut down in the middle of the match. I was able to come back online and lose. Now I'm a proud member of the bronze league. =/ Please, Blizzard, disable sleep when the game is running. There's an API for it and everything: Jan 9, 2011
Jan 9, 2011 Mouse behaving erratically This is an issue that has occured a few times over the past few months but has fixed itself quickly, however lately it has been persistent and i cannot seem to fix it. I can move my mouse, but i cannot scroll to the edge of the screen to move the camera, i cannot select units and only hot keys work, right click to move also does not work. I can only use hotkeys, and the only temporary fix that i can find is by right clicking a unit and than i can select units for a few seconds. Ive lost two games because of this, and i cant seem to fix it. It doesnt effect any thing else besides sc2.DaFiggles0 Jan 9, 2011
Jan 8, 2011 patch update for lag issues? will blizzard launch a patch update for mac users im experiencing so lag even though the game suggest medium setting i set the others to low i still get so much lag my macbook is new macbook white late 2009 320m nvdia 2GB AMKuechi1 Jan 8, 2011
Jan 8, 2011 iMac: downloaded installer locks up at 96% 24" iMac, E8235, 4GB, NVIDIA 8800 GS, 750GB, Snow Leopard w/all updates. I've tried multiple times, and it always seems to hang at 96% (even with audio disabled).astrostl1 Jan 8, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 MAC USERS UNITE IN REBELLION!!! This is call to all mac users with Nvidia cards experiencing sub-par performance: PLEASE JOIN ME IN DROWNING APPLE IN OUR EMAILS OF FRUSTRATION!!! here is the feedback link: If we want change, we must demand it! I think each of us should send 1 message per day to apple until they fix the problem. I know that nvidia is at blame as well, but they only shovel the blame back on to apple. If you know a better way to contact Apple on this issue, I am all ears. IT IS TIME TO TAKE TO THE STREETS! Pretend this is France and tell apple every day that you are not happy! Please reply to this thread if you are commited to contacting apple ONCE EACH DAY until they DO something. MAC USERS UNITE!WhoDogg14 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 No News & Community showing... When I first log in it always says, "No Available News" When I go into my brother's room it works just fine for his computer. I can see what News there is. Any idea what is causing this issue? Thanks in advanced!Silentcry3 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 Crashing while loading a multiplayer game Hello. Long-time Blizzard gamer, but new to the forums. I've been experiencing an intermittent crash while loading up league games, which results in an automatic loss for me before the game even starts, and usually a loss for my team, since they're a man down. It usually freezes up after the loading progress bar is completely full, sits there for a few second, and then quits. It's very frustrating, and it occurs about in about one out of every four or five games. It has also happened a couple times in the middle of a game. I'm not certain if it would repeat in custom games, since I don't play custom games. It never occurs in single-player games, such as during the campaign. Anyone else having this issue? Is it a known bug? Will it be fixed? System: Mac OS v10.6.3 on a Powerbook 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo 4 GB of 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (256 MB VRAM) Nova5 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 If I buy this for Mac... Will I be able to sign onto a PC version of the game and play it without any problems? I'm just assuming because all of our data is in the cloud (right?) that you could essentially sign on anywhere SC2 is intalled as long as you have a vaild CD key/authorization code and account (which I have already). BTW this is my brother's account, not mine (mine is 'dys' [i think]) and I would like to use my account. I'll also be going back up to school in a few weeks and would like an actual game to play to pass my time rather than running emulators all the time, which I would not be able to do if I don't purchase this game for myself. But yeah, when I'm home I'd rather play on a better computer rather than my Macbook. Thanks for any answers/help Also, I'm sure that this may have been answered before and sorry if it has been but I've been looking and I can't find the answer to this question. And if it's in a painfully obvious spot shame on me.Avarice2 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 Login not coming up... help! The game seems to load fine but when it gets to the log in screen the log in page doesnt come up, all I see is the ship going around the planet again and again. I took a few days off of playing for the holidays and I came back to this! any ideas?Cyrus2 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 Recent Errors A few days ago when attempting to log in I would repeatedly be refused, the reason given was "Error," with no more detail or special coding. Each time I logged in for about two days it would require about 5 attempts to get on. That has passed. Now, in two games over the last 2 days I have been dropped from games. Not because of connection problems. I was still on bnet able to chat with friends, join a new game, etc. When I was dropped it just said Error, with no code or anything else. Please fix.Computer1 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 7, 2011 Points Issue and Advancement Bug? Every time i win a game i get only 2-4 points with the highest i have ever gotten being 6 points. Every time i lose however all of the points i have gain go back to zero. Ill win 6 games in a row and accumulate 12-16 points but whenever i lose a game all the points i gain are gone from one loss. Is the game not giving me as many points for a win as they should or is there something wrong? i sent a email to blizzard and they sent a general response with several questions related but did not specifically address my issue. I realize you get less points for beating some one who you are favored over, but even when the other player is favored or teams are even i still only get around 2 points. Everyone i know gets substantially more points for winning 1v1s then i do and they say i should be getting more points because my bonus pool is over 2000.TheallMaster0 Jan 7, 2011
Jan 9, 2011 what windows should i get? i can't take it anymore so i've finally chosen to buy windows i love OSX, my mac, and Sc2. but i want better performance for Sc2 and other video games in general! so i was looking on amazon and i saw: windows XP for like 100$ is that a good price? is windows XP even good? is it to old? winodws vista for like 70$ it said "old version" what does that mean? is windows vista any good? is it to glitchy like i've heard? and windows 7 which i know is good and new but do i really need to pay 170$ for better video game performance? or should i go for one of the previous versions? please help thanks :DXLRBaBayOOsa8 Jan 9, 2011
Jan 4, 2011 I apparently don't have a replay Okay, this is incredibly annoying, I can't find my replays folder on my hard drive. Period. I mean, the game saves replays that I can watch in SC2, but I can't download any replays to watch them. I've spent hours trying to find anything on my system with the words "Replay", "replays" "multiplayer", I've even enabled show hidden files... Nothing. It's obviously on my computer since I can access them, but I can't find the folder. On my old mac I could easily go to > Accounts > Replays > Multiplayer (something like that) --- If I try that on my new, 27" mac I get: Starcraft 2 (there is no folder names outside of SC2) > > then two files come up " and Please help.PhYsic2 Jan 4, 2011
Jan 4, 2011 Runs bad on MB Pro NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Hey guys, I put the graphics settings to low for all settings. It still runs very choppy. Any suggestions? Or is my computer just not good enough? It will like look smooth for a second, then lag, then speed up to "catch up" or something. So it's quite choppy. The gameplay that is.. Anyway, sorry if this has already been mentioned, my search function isn't working for some reason. Macbook Pro, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card. 8 GB of ram.SvcGhost2 Jan 4, 2011
Jan 4, 2011 Can't turn graphics.... Down? o_O It seems that i am unable to turn my Shadows settings from Medium to the recommended and much preferred Low, simply because there is no option in the drop down menu to do so. It says "Recommended setting: Low", but there's no option for low and i'm stuck on medium. :S Any ideas? Edit: I also looked into the "Performance guide for Macs", and it mentioned going into a file named variables.txt and changing some text to cap fps. Well, i went to do this, and found no such file, it simply doesn't exist on my computer.... :SToskorae3 Jan 4, 2011
Jan 4, 2011 FPS flop I run SC2 on a MacBook Pro 15 2010 i5 and have generally gotten good performance out of the game (roughly 25fps on custom medium/high settings) but recently almost over night the games performance has fallen to pieces. I turned the game on today and was getting 11fps on my current settings and when I switch it to low the fps only goes up momentarily. Is there a problem with my graphics switching? I don't seem to notice my cooling fans coming on during game play so that leads me to believe that the computer isn't working as hard has it used to in order to keep the graphics quality up. Any help would be appreciated. Mike.Replicant1 Jan 4, 2011
Jan 3, 2011 Buying a new graphics card... Hi everyone. I am running Starcraft 2 on a new 13-inch Apple MacBook that I just got in November of 2010. I have OS X 10.6.5 and my laptop has 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and I have 2 GB DDR3 RAM. My current graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. When I run Starcraft 2 the program optimizes the graphic settings to Low on every setting. I have experimented around and most of the time when I up a few things to medium or high, the graphics look a whole lot better but the game runs a whole lot slower. From seeing the requirements for most of the settings I have gathered that I need to upgrade my graphics card and my RAM. Does anyone have any suggestions for what would work well on my laptop, and if so what brands, what prices, and where I could find these upgrades?YosefBling2 Jan 3, 2011
Jan 2, 2011 "Global_Internal_Error" As I'm trying to log in, I keep getting a "GLOBAL_INTERNAL_ERROR" message pop up on my screen and not allow me to continue. Sometimes it'll let me log in, other times it won't. Does anyone know why this issue keeps coming up?Nightmare16 Jan 2, 2011
Jan 2, 2011 Keep getting invalid login Anyone out there know the reason why I might be getting an invalid login error. I am putting in the correct info, but my computer says "GLOBAL_INTERNAL_ERROR" Any counsel?RJM4 Jan 2, 2011
Jan 2, 2011 buying a new comp i will be buying a dell inspisron 15r with the intel core i5 2.8ghz and the ati radeon hd 550v graphics card upgrade. how well will starcraft run? thankspunkmonk1 Jan 2, 2011
Jan 2, 2011 Will my Video Card Run This Game? my imac has a ati radeon hd 2600 video card. I was wondering if this game could run it and if so how well? Thanks guysDoctore5 Jan 2, 2011
Jan 1, 2011 Anyone use a mic? (And like it?) I am thinking about getting a mic/headphone set for SC2 play so I can talk to allies rather than type--99% of the time, typing takes way too much time away from gameplay for me. I have found the internal mic in my MBP does a poor job of broadcasting what I say. Has anyone found a good setup for voice communication in SC2? I posted in the Mac forum since, obviously, that is the kind of machine I am using.TorqueSmacky5 Jan 1, 2011
Jan 1, 2011 mic my mic wont work and i have it enabled and voice chat enabled to and i can test it and it works but i cant talk to anyone or hear anyone ... and im not on muteOutcast2 Jan 1, 2011
Jan 1, 2011 Can't take it anymore!! Sc2 has become intolerably unstable. Every time i play a custom map it'l end up freezing 4 min or so into the game. every half an hr or so i'll get artifacts on normal ladder multiplayer games, shortly after that it ends up freezing too. I would have understood if this had always happened, but it only started recently. I'm running the latest version of OS X on 2010 macbook pro any tips or help would be apreciatedslayyou1 Jan 1, 2011
Jan 1, 2011 Log in info incorrect after 2 hours of play.. Whenever my internet goes out I get the surrender message but usually get it back up in 10-15 seconds. The problem is after I rejoin the game I make it about another 2 or 3 minutes and suddenly it says "log in information incorrect" and it forces me out. Ok, so I've been playing for 2 hours? You're just now realizing my info was incorrect? Any suggestions on how to prevent this other than getting internet that doesn't suck (Verizon service is awful, slow, unreliable) and I'm working on that because I can understand dropping me when it goes out for a minute. That's my fault, but for temporary 10 second derps it still gives me the boot in a way.ProbableLoss0 Jan 1, 2011
Dec 31, 2010 it will not let me log on to starcraft When i open starcraft it opens normaly but when i type in my email it will not let me click continue..dose anyone know the reason why? Tyler3 Dec 31, 2010
Jan 11, 2011 Zerg's disadvantage MUST READ/FIX Cheese8 Jan 11, 2011
Dec 31, 2010 Can't log in! I put my login screen name and login button doesnt work! Any idea??bkcfunk3 Dec 31, 2010