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Dec 5, 2010 Viewing posts problem After the PTR recently came out my post history has been deleted or something. I check others post history i cant see that either. Is this a glitch?Cheese1 Dec 5, 2010
Dec 5, 2010 Better iMac Graphics? I'm able to run the game decently (avg. 35 fps) on medium and some high settings at the highest resolution but when a lot of things start happening on screen I get some slow down. I was just wondering what would look and play better because i want to enjoy this game's pretty graphics... Running what I have now or choosing a lower resolution with almost maxed out settings(which I know will run the same if not better)? Please tell me your opinions! Btw I'm playing on 24" Thanks!Rapture3 Dec 5, 2010
Dec 5, 2010 Mac keyboard voice chat problem The button for the mic thing isnt on the mac keyboard. Help?jet1 Dec 5, 2010
Dec 4, 2010 Custom maps never update When I update an existing custom map, or I publish a brand new one, in both cases they always fail to register on my Versus A.I. map listing. When I find the map under Multiplayer>Custom Game, it doesn't give me the option of re-downloading the map because it (erroneously) believes I already have the latest version (note, this does still occur even with a brand-new never before played map). This isn't a new bug and it's increasingly frustrating as the months have passed.Entropy0 Dec 4, 2010
Dec 4, 2010 Haven't play since the beginning of october. well since october 1st i haven't bin able to down load a patch because hell know why so since the path is unavailable that means i can't play. Ceaser3 Dec 4, 2010
Dec 3, 2010 Are the iMacs using Mobility Chips? I am planning to buy the cheapest iMac Model that comes with the ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics processor with 256MB of GDDR3 memory, before I plan on buying it I was wondering if the iMac GPU chips are the desktop version or the Mobile one? Last I heard Apple was using Mobile chips on their iMacs has it changed? Zulama5 Dec 3, 2010
Dec 2, 2010 Region Merge Petition Hi. I first started playing starcraft 2 through a trial version in North America region. When I bought the game through I accidentaly downloaded the latin american version of the game and situated me in the latin american servers. In my battle net status now I have 2 starcraft 2 accounts: - The trial version that expired and is located in the North American servers and - The Paid version for life in spanish located in the Latin American servers. If possible I would like my starcraft 2 paid version to be located in the north American region. Ty Blizzard for your quick attendance in my delicate situationRASTA2 Dec 2, 2010
Dec 1, 2010 In game icons and map not displaying So when i go into a game the outline of some of the icons are there but there is no picture of what unit it is. Other icons are just not there all together. Also, my map is completely black and will only show the Xel'naga locations but that it is. Even my own base at the beginning is not revealed. I also noticed when i set my rally point from my Command Center to the minerals the yellow line did not show up either. It seems like all of the graphical things are just missing. Edit: i just played through some custom games and randomly some of the buttons were showing. However when i went to go attack the cpu player some of his buildings were invisible and i could not see them, however could attack them. Also, when i select a group of units they do not show up on the selected units tab, it is just black LunarPenguin17 Dec 1, 2010
Nov 30, 2010 [Mac] Cannot install from exFAT partition Probably a low priority bug: The StarCraft 2 installer cannot find the installation data if run from an exFAT partition on Mac OS X 10.6.5. Moving the installer files to an HFS+ partition allows the game to install.coolbho2 Nov 30, 2010
Nov 29, 2010 Issue with extreme game lag during combat TvZ Hello, This only happens during combat against zerg, but during a zerg initial attack, SCII will do an extreme ping overload telling me I'm being attacked. No exaggeration, there are hundreds, perhaps even a thousand or more pings all at once from a zerg attack. This causes SCII to slow to a halt, and gobbles up all of my system resources making it impossible to play. Typing and mouse movement is severely delayed and I generally have to close SCII and take a loss. I'm on a macbook pro, i7 with 4gigs of RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce GT 330m. Have any other mac users experienced this? Is there a known fix? Thanks very much. Drapester3 Nov 29, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 Can't Install Game I got a digital copy and installed it on my pc no problem.... now i go to downloaded the 7gig file and when i go top open the file i get an error saying "please insert cd/dvd in the drive and press continue" something along those lines. How do i fix this?ItzANoob1 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 I'm playing in Korea. Connection speed Q's I was wondering if by choosing to play in a North American division, because I speak English better than Korean, would make my connection speed on Bnet slower. Does everyone in the world get routed through one server or do we have more local ISPs handling throughput? I ask because wc3 had gateways with different ISP's. If this does affect my connection speed I would like to know how to change my division or location to a Korean one. Get to practice my Korean. Thanks for reading hope you can help. Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac7,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 3 GB Bus Speed: 800 MHz Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03 SMC Version (system): 1.20f4 Serial Number (system): W8801DUHX86 Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-001B63BD41BB ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro: Chipset Model: ATI,RadeonHD2600 Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x9583 Revision ID: 0x0000 ROM Revision: 113-B2250F-219 EFI Driver Version: 01.00.219 Displays: iMac: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Built-In: Yes Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected Bobs1 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 When I push the left shift the camera zooms Any idea how to fix this?Shel2 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 Game blinking out I looked around and couldn't find another thread on this. The problem happens rarely for me too, but every now and then the game will just go black for a second or so. I flips back on immediately, but it happens once or twice and then stops. I have no clue what's causing it. Someone suggested that it could be the graphics card switching from igp to gpu, but it happens during not especially intensive parts of the game too. Like, super early game with my first scouting worker out. Specs: MacBook pro i7 2.66 ghz 4 gb ram geforce gt 330m gpuChaturanga2 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo not running smoothly? I got my 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running StarCraft II games but my CPU felt overheating is still heating on, It was taken 1 minute in a bit freeze time until running smoothly. Also I checked "Apple" to "About This Mac" buttons to read Hardware Overview in Total Number Of Cores: 2 , but why 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo still running bad? Since FPS working 72 to 30 dropped in a freeze time. My laptop was Macbook 6.1 model and trying zerg/something would usually drop FPS in freeze time. Can Blizzard Macintosh fix Intel Core 2 Duo freezing problems? Thanks.EnTaroAdun8 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 28, 2010 Single Player Menu Lag I know this has been said here before, but I want to bring it to Blizzards attention again, as it has not been addressed for a long time. When I press the single player tab, things are fine, but then I go to Versus AI and my FPS drops to about 2PS. The maps do not load, and then when I press Back and go back to Multiplayer, my FPS remains below 5 or 6. I hope Blizz replies to this, even if they do not have a solution. I just want confirmation of Blizzard being aware of this and getting to work on a solution for the future.Dasdude5 Nov 28, 2010
Nov 27, 2010 Match History Problem When i check my match history and the dates I have played those games, the dates are always one day faster. For example if i played a game on Nov 18th it says that i played on the nov 19th Is this normal?? Plz Help!!Cheese1 Nov 27, 2010
Nov 27, 2010 please help me blizzard :) im thinking of buying a new imac the 27' one with the ATI Radeon HD 5750 with 1GB just wanting to know if this will run sc2 on ultra. I would love to know before i buy it, so if someone could please let me know if that should cut it or not thx. :) redjrh2 Nov 27, 2010
Nov 27, 2010 how to download sc2 replays for mac I download my replays from when i have my pc i download it and it goes straight to the folder and i can watch it what do i have to do to watch them on my mac i go into the sc2 folder and find nothing that can help me get the replays to play... help please? :DSkeptic2 Nov 27, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 Terrible Terrible FPS (13'' Macbook Pro) I used to be able to play the game just fine on medium. Now if I try that my FPS is around 4. Playing on low I have a FPS at 25 at the best and around 10 at the worst. This whole thing started with patch 1.1 and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Specs: 13'' Macbook Pro 7,1 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 4 GB RAM Any help is much appreciated. Mechanix24 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 Welcome Klint! another new face to hold down the fort and give SC2 some more loveOmega1 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 Replays I tried to watch a reply from another user, but I was unable to load the replay. After I put it in the correct folder (I'm pretty sure it was), the game still did not recognize it. I also tried double clicking it with StarCraft II running, to no avail. Is this is a system compatibility issue or something I'm doing wrong?MogenarZ1 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 10.5.8 vs 10.6.5? Just wondering which of these would be better to play on sc?!daF6 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 late 2007 MBP, graphical settings? Below I am listing the specs of my MBP, I currently play with all the settings on low and I get decent FPS until there is alot of action on screen, especially 2v2 and 3v3, my FPS can drop as low as 5-10, basically making it unplayable. Any suggestions on how it can perform better? I may just get a new MBP if nothing can really be done. OS X 10.5.8 Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 6 GB Bus Speed: 800 MHz Boot ROM Version: MBP31.0070.B07 SMC Version (system): 1.16f11 Serial Number (system): System Serial# Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-001B6394399F Sudden Motion Sensor: State: Enabled Chipset Model: GeForce 8600M GT Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0407 Revision ID: 0x00a1 ROM Revision: 3175 Displays: Color LCD: Resolution: 1440 x 900 Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Built-In: Yes Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected Romeo3 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 26, 2010 How to force quit when Starcraft freezes? Since the starcraft 1.1.3 update and upgrade to os x 10.6.5, the game has frozen a couple times on me - how can I force quit starcraft so that I can get back to my desktop? Holding the power button to turn off my mac has been my only solution so far.goodDay9 Nov 26, 2010
Nov 25, 2010 Finding a file. help please! Quick replay question. if i download a replay where do i find my replay file so i can view it?? cause it used to be in documents as i recall in beta. on a mac ofc! help plzXLRBaBayOOsa2 Nov 25, 2010
Nov 25, 2010 DropED I keep getting dropped from sc2 and i know its not my internet so whats wrong with SC2 i went for 1700 diamond to 1500 cuz i kept getting droppedhippopotamus1 Nov 25, 2010
Nov 24, 2010 Screen blackout/freezes As soon as I start the game i cannot put my username/pw in without my screen getting pixelly then freezing or blacking out. Hardware tests say there are no problems and I reformatted and reinstalled Mac OS and SC2. I took it to the apple store and they just /shrugged. I listed my stats and a panic log below. Please help! iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM Mac OS X 10.5.8 2010-11-22-134917.panic: Description: Panic (system crashes) log Size: 6 KB Last Modified: 11/22/10 1:49 PM Location: /Library/Logs/PanicReporter/2010-11-22-134917.panic Recent Contents: Mon Nov 22 13:49:17 2010 panic(cpu 1 caller 0x00C126A4): NVRM[0]: Read Error 0x00003204: BAR0 0xe2000000 0x6714b000 0x092480a2 D0 P3/4 Backtrace (CPU 1), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 0x55733398 : 0x12b4c6 (0x45f91c 0x557333cc 0x13355c 0x0) 0x557333e8 : 0xc126a4 (0xe42e80 0xe42e80 0xe076d4 0x0) 0x55733448 : 0xecbdf0 (0x7c9e804 0x7ce7804 0x3204 0xeb670e) 0x55733488 : 0xeb9f77 (0x7ce7804 0x3204 0x4 0x5573359c) 0x557335b8 : 0xd5e9c0 (0x7ce7804 0x7d2b804 0x5 0x0) 0x557336c8 : 0xc169d6 (0x7ce7804 0x7d2b804 0x6fd8064 0x6fe00) 0x55733728 : 0xc16aec (0xc1d00040 0xbeef0003 0x6fe00 0x55733774) 0x557337c8 : 0xc21735 (0xc1d00040 0xbeef0003 0xbeef0004 0x0) 0x55733838 : 0xc102ed (0xc1d00040 0xbeef0003 0xbeef0004 0x0) 0x55733998 : 0xc0157c (0x0 0x600d600d 0x7029 0x557339c8) 0x55733a58 : 0x1114ca6 (0xc1d00040 0xbeef0003 0xbeef0004 0x0) 0x55733a78 : 0x11147a7 (0x7d36000 0x0 0x202adb00 0x0) 0x55733ac8 : 0x112073b (0x7d36000 0x46f553c4 0x55733b38 0x10f7abc) 0x55733b38 : 0x10f7cb5 (0x7d36000 0x46f55000 0x4fe34080 0x216cd080) 0x55733b78 : 0x10d14e6 (0x46f55000 0x80d6a00 0x55733be8 0x46f40090) 0x55733c88 : 0x43faec (0x46f55000 0x1 0x55733cdc 0x55733cd8) Backtrace continues... Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):>0x114cfff dependency: dependency: dependency: dependency:>0x10abfff dependency:>0xe57fff dependency: dependency: dependency: BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer Iceru9 Nov 24, 2010
Nov 23, 2010 No login screen! I downloaded the latest patch but now when the game starts it doesn't get to the log in screen at all. It gets past the loading loading loading screen and then to goes to the login but nothing appears. It's just the background screen with the planet spinning and the flying stars. Any suggestions? Wraaz8 Nov 23, 2010
Nov 21, 2010 3-9 fps since 10.6.5 I see a lot of good feedback on new new Apple release as too performance in SC2 but I can't say that is my case. Here are my specs: Macbook Pro 4,1 2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo 2 GB DDR2 RAM Geforce 8600M GT 512MB Yes, I am due for an upgrade. The point is, before 10.6.5 i could play on medium settings with 30-35 fps, though now on the same settings I get 3-9 fps (freakin' unplayable). Could the driver upgrade included in the lates version of OSX caused this ? Any ideas towards solving this problem ? Perhaps downgrading back to 10.6.4 ? Thank you ! Tomski8 Nov 21, 2010
Nov 21, 2010 Can't connect to Mac only? Hi all, For the past 2 weeks, whenever I load Starcraft 2, a message appears saying that is either unavailable, or that my internet connection is down. This is confusing and frustrating for me, because my roommate, who uses a Windows computer and is running Windows 7 is able to sign on with ease. In conclusion, my internet isn't down, and is certainly available. We are at a college that has heavy bandwidth traffic, and I was wondering if it is possible that my Mac is just not allowing me to connect due to such heavy bandwidth? It just seems strange that my roommate has no issues connecting. We are both using a wired connection. Any tips? Thanks and best, JumboLoveJumboLove5 Nov 21, 2010
Nov 21, 2010 Version Loading Issue So, I've read this: "Single player campaign loading issues If you had previously saved your campaign progress in the middle of a mission, the game will not be able to load your campaign in the newest version after patching a major revision. You will be prompted to revert back to a previous game version prior to loading the saved game. To resolve this you can either load up the mission in the previous version and then Abort the mission or load a previously saved and completed mission, then resume your progress. " And I'm trying to load some old save games, and it works fine, closing the current session of Starcraft, and opening up the older version... And then it gets to the loading screen... and nothing happens. The game just freezes. The only thing I can think of is that I've changed my name recently? Could that be it? Why can't I load my old save game?Surodat2 Nov 21, 2010
Nov 20, 2010 SC2 running worse in bootcamp? Hey guys, I wanted to see if what I had heard was true, that SC2 runs far better in windows os. So I installed windows 7 professional via bootcamp this morning and then patched the game and updated my video drivers and whatnot. however, when I started SC2 everything was set WAY lower in wondows 7 than it was in os x. the resolution was at 1028 x 720, and the basic settings were set at low. I tried to bump the graphics up, i was able to get a very stable 30 fps at this resolution with the graphics at high, however, if I tried to up the resolution at all my fps dropped quite dramatically. Now this wouldn't be a problem, if I wasn't able to run SC2 in os x at 1680 x 1050 with high textures and medium/high settings for my graphics with fps that hovers right around 30 and only drops when there's a lot of stuff happening on screen/a lot of water on screen. So, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue? Did I maybe do something wrong when I bootcamped windows 7? or is this just a problem with Mac and bootcamping SC2? I have a mid (late?) 2010 mbp that I got in october. i'm running a 2.66 ghz i7, Nvidia Geforce 330m, and 4 GB of ram. If anyone can help me out that would be great. Heartlessone9 Nov 20, 2010
Nov 20, 2010 Specifying a Display Hey, On WoW I can tell it to run Full Screen Windowed Mode on my secondary display. For SC2, if I pick Full Screen Windowed, it is always on the first display. For now I'm playing with it manually maximized on the second monitor but I'd like it full screen windowed over there. Is that possible? Thanks.Goatbert0 Nov 20, 2010
Nov 19, 2010 Mac Dual Display issues If you arrange two Mac monitors side by side, the mouse stays in the SC2 Fullscreen window no matter how far you put it. This is the desired behavior. If you put them on top of each other though, when you move to the bottom of the screen the mouse wraps around from the bottom up to the top of the window when you try and push down on the screen to scroll around the map. Also, maybe I'm misunderstanding how the keep mouse in window option should work under the gameplay section, but when I'm in windowed mode the mouse still goes out of the window even though I've set it forced to On.kevin2 Nov 19, 2010
Nov 19, 2010 patch 1.1.3 Okay lately when I try to play Starcraft 2 the downloader trys to redownload patch 1.1.3 and this cycle continues. Is there any solution at all to this or do I have to do an OS reinstall ? If I have to do an OS reinstall I doubt I'll continue to play Blizzard games. This is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.bigfah1 Nov 19, 2010
Nov 19, 2010 Battlenet Menu LAG Ever since the new patch the menu takes forever to load up my account information. Sometimes it takes forever to log me in, other times it takes forever to load up all my achievement information and match history ladder etc. Dont know what to do and would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem.Slater2 Nov 19, 2010
Nov 18, 2010 Digital Downloader Does Not Work On Mac when i do a digital download it opens up to the downloader but the bar doesnt move and it stays at 0.00 bytes of 6.99 gb. im using a comp that has Mac OS X 10.5.8. Anybody know the Solution? Firewall is set to allow all incoming conections. thats all it says in info. DSMarine16 Nov 18, 2010
Nov 17, 2010 Strange Disconnect Problem Strange problem I'm having with I've power cycled my router, tried port forwarding, etc. Cannot figure it out! Essentially, during a multiplayer game, the net connection starts out fine. Then, 2-3 minutes in, the connection is dropped, then reset, and then dropped by Any help would be greatly appreciated! Starcraft is the only application this happens to. This issue began happening post patch 1.1.3. It's so epically weird, I did a screen capture vid (it's fast, about 1minute+) and demonstrates the issue. Thanks!!Reginald1 Nov 17, 2010
Nov 17, 2010 Constant skip lag after patch I have a macbook pro and up till this patch i had been playing just fine on low settings, but after the patch i now lag every 3 - 5 seconds on games and by lag i mean the game basically freezes for half a second and it makes decent micro or macro impossible. I tried playing offline as a guest against the computer and it ran fine (like it did before the patch) and so did the campaign so its just a problem. what do???Enjoi3 Nov 17, 2010
Nov 17, 2010 ATI 5870 card finally available for shipping So... Anyone else gonna take the chance? I sure hope this resolves my sudden fps drops after games (drops down to 12-1 which is ridiculous on an 8 core mac) And maybe I'll finally be able to play on high settings. (currently on very low)verklighet3 Nov 17, 2010
Nov 16, 2010 Blocked from Online play When i tried to play online after just loading sc2 onto my mac (the game worked fine on my pc) it will no longer allow me to play online, saying "error reaching other player". HELP!!! Thanks in advance. EDIT: For get it, I tried sending a post to blizz, looked for 1 hour to find the necessary information, and just before i sent the request for help, the stupid mac backed me out of the screen, I am done with this stupid computer.Fabio0 Nov 16, 2010
Nov 16, 2010 10.6.5 results So, I was playing a little around different worlds which I noticed before a big performance hit, like smash and grab mission, dunno why but thats one of the missions that performs the worst about 15 fps. I have an iMac 27'' i7 2010, with 5750 ATI Graphics gard. The verdict... I saw a 3-5 fps overall improvement with the old same settings (following Frost guide) prior the update, modifying the settings to something higher, send back to hell the fps. My question is, does 3-5 fps is really an improvement? I was expecting something like 10-15 fps, so if in that mission I was getting 22 fps, I would be really happy if I would have got 30-35. SO I think I have the answer to get better FPS.. I shall get a Windows computer and get over with this nightmare.. thanks Blizzard thanks Apple, I had my hopes on you both, now who is gonna blame who? GustavPicora16 Nov 16, 2010
Nov 16, 2010 profile not updating? I have been playing starcraft for a while and ingame it shows my updated rankings and stuff but when I look at my profile on the SC website it shows that I have done nothing? How do i fix this problem?Travman0 Nov 16, 2010
Nov 16, 2010 .tga and .dds files unable to import on GE Nuff said - heard this was a mac specific issue, is that the case? Editor see's the files when I try to import, but does not recognize them as editor documents in the least. I see that several others have mentioned this on the web but have been unable to find a solution... any ideas?Malpheus0 Nov 16, 2010
Nov 15, 2010 kernal panicking.... just bought the game and was playing through some of the campaign and i'm on the first missions ("Outbreak") and my computer keeps's the report, I hope someone can decipher this for me QQ lemme know if there's any additional info you need =\ ...alpha16 Nov 15, 2010
Nov 14, 2010 Not showing correct single player results In the single player mission archives it is showing that I have completed 16/26 when I've completed 22/26. It is showing that I have not completed many of those 16 on hard or normal although I have. Logged in earlier today and everything was correct. Now the information seems to be old, although my achievements are correct. Also, when I leave the mission archives to the bridge where Horner and Raynor are standing there are large black circles where the characters should be. Not sure what this is or how to fix it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.Tom4 Nov 14, 2010
Nov 14, 2010 Sound issues. Exactly what it says in the title. After starting SC2 today, the sound does not work at all for some reason. I did reboot my computer, before anyone asks. I am running SC2 on a older iMac, purchased in '08, and everything has worked fine up until now. I can play it on other computers, but it runs best on this one. Anyone have any tips on what I can do?skork1 Nov 14, 2010
Nov 14, 2010 performance in 10.6.5 For those of you who have updated, how has starcraft been performing (FPS, etc)? For me, I have a Mid 2010 15" i5 Macbook Pro with 256MB nVidia GT330M Graphics Card. Since updating to 10.6.5 I have finally been able to return to these settings and have Starcraft be playable: ----- Texture Quality: High Graphics Quality: Custom Shaders: Medium Lighting: Low Shadows: High Terrain: High Reflections: On Effects: High Post-Processing: Medium Physics: High Models: High Unit Portraits: 3D Movies: High Definition ----- However, if there is water on the map (like "Twilight Fortress") then my FPS can be as low as 20-30 if there is any water in my field of view. Lowering the "Terrain: High" setting improves FPS on these maps.goodDay3 Nov 14, 2010
Nov 14, 2010 Replays I have saved 4replays before from a friend of mine pre 1.1patch and am not able to find my replays folder yet... I have googled and found to go to HD>Users>Blizzard>starcraft II> etc. etc. etc. but when I get to the Starcraft folder still no dice....Winner3 Nov 14, 2010