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Nov 11, 2010 Latest MBP performance with SC2? Hey everyone, I am in the market to get a new mac book pro and I was just wondering if anyone is playing SC2 on the latest MBPs and how is the performance? Can you play with all graphical settings on high without stutter? Im looking at the 15in, 2.66ghz, Intel i7 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330m with 512mb Thanks!Romeo6 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 11, 2010 Renamed my replay folder; HELP i renamed it from the numbers it gave me and now i can't acess them. Any body know how to fix this please?Marcos3 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 11, 2010 Mac OS X 10.6.5 Likely Next Month According to the article, the release of 10.6.5 will likely coincide with the release of iOS's 4.2 update next month. Shouldn't be too much longer now, just keeping tabs for those who are interested. =)Severin8 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 11, 2010 Trouble getting FPS counter to display I'm running 10.6.4 on a '09 MBP. Quite simply, when I press control-option-F, the framerate counter doesn't show up. Just nothing. I'm hoping it's just something stupid I don't realize I'm doing. Any ideas?Gelenn1 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 11, 2010 Tell me your 320m problems As I've probably stated more times in these forums than anyone needs to hear, I'm saving up for a 13" MacBook Pro. They currently have the NVIDIA GeForce 320m IGP/Chipset combo. I've been to the Apple Stores, SC2 disc in hand, and I've played it on many a 13" MacBook Pro and from beta to version 1.1.2, it plays smoothly. That said, I've heard rumblings of many an NVIDIA graphics problem with SC2 (as well as all of the Steam games). Have many, if any of you found this to be the case with the 320m machines?Yebubbleman4 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 11, 2010 LowShader30-80FPS MediumShader10-20 FPS?Help! I have no other problems in Starcraft II, but for some strange reason when on medium shaders my Frames Per Second Drop to around 12. Why is this? I have an imac from 2007 or 2008 (don't remember when i got it) running the latest version of Snow Leopard. I normally play on lower settings but i know my computer should be able to run on at least Medium Shaders. I normally get 45-75 FPS on Low Shaders when playing online, unless its a bigger battle or the game has more players. I did test playing on higher terran/texture settings (both High) and Game Models/Movies (both High) and it runs fine. It obviously lowered my FPS but It was Higher than the Results on Medium Shaders. I even put Medium Shaders on with every other setting on Low and it only ran at 30FPS max. Can someone please reply and tell me if its my Computer or something Starcraft and Mac.Masternorc10 Nov 11, 2010
Nov 10, 2010 Installer : no installer data could be found When I try to run the installer I've got from the downloader All I get is a window that says : No installer data could be found. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. Anyone ever had this problem. Any known fixes? Thanks for any helpMazenmor2 Nov 10, 2010
Nov 10, 2010 Game Streaming From Mac Hi guys, I have been looking all over the internet for a solution to this problem but so far (after trying multiple things) I have not been able to comeup with a decent solution. I have a 27" iMac (from 2010) and I have been trying to set up a Livestream of my games. Unfortunately I haven't been able to come up with a set of software products that allow me to properly stream my games to a site like LiveStream or UStream / etc. Has anyone else that is running Snow Leopard been able to get their iMac / Mac to stream live game footage to the net? Any assistance / support would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, GeorenGeoren0 Nov 10, 2010
Nov 10, 2010 Patch 1.1.3 not downloading Hello The patch is not downloading. The downloader doesn't even open. The game starts and freezes at the login screen, presumably because it tried to connect to with a client version 1.1.2. I have an iMac 2.8 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM with Mac OS X 10.6.4 MaxPower1 Nov 10, 2010
Nov 10, 2010 1.1.3 16939 issues?? I just installed patch 1.1.3 16939 Nov 9th. 2010. Now it says battle net can't recongize my client? Help please, thank you blizz<3Dante5 Nov 10, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Trouble for Mac Users? Seems like every little patch/update/maintenance, I continually run into problems when re-connecting and it isnt solved for another day or so and its never immediate....does anyone else have these problems? I have a brand new fully upgraded Macbook post this on the Mac forum but GO's down. Ha!xNeMeSiSx2 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Little Snitch and Patches After every path I have to tell Little Snitch to allow connections and by now there are at least 10 different preferences for SC2 (1 for each patch). I doubt this is Blizzards fault and hopefully it just has to do with settings on Little Snitch that can easily be changed. *crosses fingers* Any suggestions? edit: I always set it to allow any connection and always, so it's not that...TitaniumGame0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Help! How to UNDO "report player" My son clicked "report player" on my name while my significant other was AFK. Now we can't form a party together. We bought the game to play *together*. When we contacted support, they emailed back: "Unfortunately, my department is not able to help with gameplay-related questions. However, detailed information on StarCraft II can be found on the official web page" Does anyone know who CAN help? Has anyone else had this problem? Endori2 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 New Macbook airs? The new macbook airs just came out, does anyone know if these can run SC2? Assuming you get the larger screen, 4gb or ram, and the 2.3 ghz processor upgrade, is this enough to run the game? The 320m graphics chip is claimed to be able to run medium settings in the stickies.Zao11 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 And Still NOTHING On The FPS ISSUE?? Why is there nothing new form Blizzard about this? This is absolutely infuriating. The game was Running FINE before patch 1.1 Now I am getting 13 FPS on the lowest settings on a machine that was running it beautifully on medium with some things on high. It might be working fine for some of you now, and that's great, but what about the rest of us? They shut the game down for maintenance and yet the game still wont run properly for many Mac users. WHAT GIVES? ViTeksR21 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Starcraft 2 causing computer shutdown. I have a 21.5 inch iMac ATI 3.06 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo ATI Radeon HD 4670 I assume the issue is that the GPU is reaching the 85 C temp limit. When I boot up after a shutdown the GPU temp is usually somewhere around 80 C. I've tried putting a fan directly on the back but it seems to make no difference. The issue is seemingly getting worse. I can only play 1 game before the GPU temp is around 80 C. I've heard of Nvidia cards having issues but not ATI. All my internal fans are working as well. So I'm wondering if this is a SC2 issue or a iMac issue. Thanks.Broseidon1 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 ATI Radeon X1600 vs. ATI Radeon HD 2600 I've googled this topic a bit already, but I want to check and see if what I've found also correlates to StarCraft II; basically, the HD 2600 as experienced on the third and fourth Revs of Intel iMac is only slightly better than the X1600 as experienced on the first and second Revs of Intel iMac. In terms of StarCraft II performance, this would enable me to run on lowest settings with a higher frame-rate, but would not yield me enough of a performance boost to warrant upping any of my settings from low to medium. Is this correct? I have a Core Duo (not Core 2) Intel iMac at present. I'm toying with the idea of replacing it with one from two generations newer (for more RAM and Hard Drive expansion), hence the question. Obviously, this computer purchase doesn't have SCII in mind, though I am curious as to what benefit, if any, that I'd be getting performance-wise from that upgrade. I'm already planning on buying a 13" MacBook Pro and a PC that I'm going to build, both of which will beat the crap out of either iMac anyway.Yebubbleman7 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Unable to get to the login form This just cropped up today. I tried a reboot, etc without any changes. Whenever I start SC2 I get a window that shows the planet and battle cruiser entering from the top right then zooming off around the planet. No log-on form ever displays though. I just have that small video looping every few minutes. I've tried multiple times both in full screen and windowed mode. ESC doesn't do anything. Has anyone experienced this and found a workaround/fix? I'm on a mac pro 10.6.4.Xim0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Client closes after start-up 'LOADING' screen Hey, just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue at the moment. It could be just due to the maintenance on the SEA servers but, my sc2 client crashes or closes straight after the 'LOADING' screen at start up finishes. It doesn't even allow me to input my password or select which region i want to play in. Note that the game was fine until I tried to switch to the SEA server (where I usually play in), as I was playing on the North American server last night. If the reason this is happening is because the SEA server is on maintenance, then its cool. It just bothers me at the moment because I cant switch back to the NA server and play. Any advice on how I should go about fixing this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! (also, im playing on a fully updated Macbook Pro 2010 model) And yeah its my fault for overlooking the small banner about the maintenance, i was just in so much hurry to play some sc2 CAPS2 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Mac connection issue, bug rather than net? Hey all, Recently, I have been unable to connect to However, my roommate can connect on his Windows computer and we are using the same wired connection in the same room. All the appropriate ports have been forwarded by my college ISP. Is this a bug or something wrong with my computer? My internet is working fine. When I launch SC2, it INSTANTLY tells me that is either down or my internet is not working, and I am forced to play offline. My friend told me to reinstall, but I downloaded the game digitally. Does that mean I have to delete SC2 entirely, and redownload everything if it comes to that? Thanks and bestJumboLove2 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 iMac freezes when playing SC2 So I just bought a new 27" iMac and I was paying SC2 on lowest settings but the screen will jump a bit flash black and then after a while it will go black for a few seconds then my whole system will freeze and there will be random coloured pixels over the screen. I thought maybe a video card problem but I can run SC2 on my windows 7 bootcamp at full settings with no issues at all Is anyone else having this issue?RainbowSocks2 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Dual Monitor Windowed Full Screen Issue So i've been running Sc2 on 2 monitors for awhile now. and i recently discovered that if you run it in windowed fullscreen you can actually use the second screen. my issue is that when i move to the right side of my screen to move the viewing window to an event my mouse will break over to my extra monitor. is there a way to restrict the mouse to the main window in windowed full screen.DrQton0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Disconnecting in I don't know why but i just got 3 disconnects in a row. My internet is stable and I did not have the timer on when I got dropped. Is there a change in port forwarding/DNS or what is happening to the servers? This is really odd since i've never disconnected like this before. Shack1 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 8, 2010 How do I use the mouse properly? Im having an issue guys. I've just recently bought a MAC and so Im used to a mouse having two clickers. The left to highlight the group and move it and the right to order an attack or to gather. How in the world do I control them using the MAC mouse? Do I have to press A to attack, G to gather, and so forth? Cause if thats the case, Im going to so blow at this game. TheMan6 Nov 8, 2010
Nov 8, 2010 FPS issue still not solved yet? Seriously Blizzard, when do you plan to address the FPS issue around patch 1.1? Takako2 Nov 8, 2010
Nov 8, 2010 Variables File In ~/Documents? Really? Ugh. Why did SC2 drop a folder and settings file in the Documents folder of my user account? There's far better places to put this (Application Data, for example.) Is there any way to change this so I can go back to actually using my Documents folder for what it's meant to be used for - documents, not settings?Arivia47 Nov 8, 2010
Nov 7, 2010 Replay Problems I have a replay folder in my Documents folder under my user address, but all of the replays aren't playable in Starcraft 2. I cannot find the replays that I have saved in starcraft 2 anywhere else in the computer. Searching replays into the magnifying glass search bar comes up with the replay folder in my Documents folder where all the replays are default .Doc icon, and unplayable. It is NOT located: Applications Library System User Shared I cannot download any replays from the internet and watch them, it will not load up starcraft 2 and play them. I would put them into my Replays folder, but I don't have it.Msrobinson3 Nov 7, 2010
Nov 7, 2010 starcraft 1 screen issues okay, so i've bought the collector's edition of starcraft 2 and it came with jim raynor USB drive. I installed starcraft 1, but whenever I run it, there's some black bars on the left and right sides about 2 inches long. I have the new mac book pro 13 inch and I've search around and found no solutions. help please! also the letters looks really formal compare to the desktop and i can't view my record stats because of poor font.TommyLove1 Nov 7, 2010
Nov 7, 2010 Log-In Screen Not Loading? Hello I have recently encountered the problem of loading starcraft 2 and the log-in screen doesn't show up. Any ideas? I have reinstalled the game twice from the disk and also online download. Can I get some help please? Is anyone else getting this problem???Revan4 Nov 7, 2010
Nov 7, 2010 Game is lagging pretty bad Even when I have the game on Low quality, the game seems to lag. Around every 10 seconds or so, my FPS will drop to about 12fps then go back up to 100. This is a brand new Mac Pro. 3.33 Ghz 6-Core 8GB 1333 MHz ATI Radeon HD 5870 When I had Windows on here it could run on Ultra with no issues. I do not see how OS X would make this unplayable even on Medium/Low. Do you have any ideas? Just installed Win7 to see how it runs again. 150 fps on ultra and 200-220 fps on high. Why is it running bad on OS X? Are there any logs in the activity monitor or something that I can measure performance? The drop in FPS is too fast for me to look at the activity monitor to see what is going on, but it is long enough for me to notice it in game. Sometimes it freezes for a second though.Whiplash2 Nov 7, 2010
Nov 7, 2010 Odd slowdown Hello MacTeam, I've been having some weird issues, but I'm not quite sure if it's the issue that's talked about in the sticky. When playing, I sometimes get frequent "pauses" in the game. They're frequent enough and long enough to make play very difficult. On the replays, they play back fine. When this happens, it happens for every match (usually 2v2). Logging out fixes the issue, usually until my next play session (ie: having closed and reopened SCII, the problem reappears) The lag you see in the video is the lag I experience, and not the result of poor encoding or other errors. Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro4,1 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 8 L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB L3 Cache (per processor): 8 MB Memory: 6 GB Processor Interconnect Speed: 5.86 GT/s Boot ROM Version: MP41.0081.B07 SMC Version (system): 1.39f5 SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f5 Variables.txt: ...Ziwcam2 Nov 7, 2010
Nov 6, 2010 10.6.5 graphic glitches I know 10.6.5 is a pre-release software but I'm running 10H568 build on my MacBook and SC2 glitches out. Minimap is gone, certain textures get messed up, especially Sentry shields. I was wondering if Bilzzard is looking into compatibility issues with older Mac hardware and 10.6.5. My MacBook comes with GMA x1300, which I know is not supported by Blizzard but the game ran fine, if sluggish, before.goro4 Nov 6, 2010
Nov 6, 2010 will 10.6.4 help me? Hey i have a late 2008 model with these spec's: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz Boot ROM Version: MBP51.007E.B05 SMC Version (system): 1.41f2 Serial Number (system): System Serial# Hardware UUID: 4739F5EA-1930-5A37-A13B-E2076EEE381B im currently running 10.5.8 and starcraft 2 runs pretty slow. I have to set everything on low and i still lag occasionally. How well are other people with a similar setup running the game?Cryosin5 Nov 6, 2010
Nov 6, 2010 lag like nobody's business seriously, what is going on? lag started a couple of days ago, only happens in 1v1, happens a few minutes into the game out of nowhere. becomes impossible to play after that. used to be able to run all my settings on high, brought them down to low on everything, even 2d portraits, and i'm still having this issue.Duen8 Nov 6, 2010
Nov 5, 2010 Units Freezing Bug? Does anyone else get this? Is it a mac bug? Where you will have a control group selected, and you will be issuing move commands and the units WON'T MOVE? Or maybe one unit out of the entire control group will move to where you are telling them while the rest are stuck in place, even though you have all of them selected? Normally it's not too much of an issue, but I just lost a game to this yesterday. X( Has been happening once every several weeks since... beta? Specs needed?Unholy0 Nov 5, 2010
Nov 5, 2010 Performance Lower Than It Should Be Playing the campaign I'm getting between 15 and 25 FPS using the settings recommended in the stickied thread on these forums My computer is a 2010 15" MBP 2.66GHz i7 Processor, 4GB Ram, 512MB VRAM. I'm running the game in OSX (yes I realize that running in Boot Camp would boost performance, however the performance I'm getting is still below what it should be in OSX) Given that my software is up to date (using snow leopard, just ran software update, SC2 is fully patched) and I'm using the recommended settings, I'm not sure what I could possibly be doing wrong :/ Thanks for your time, and any help you can give me (=Tuval7 Nov 5, 2010
Nov 4, 2010 need help installing hi well I installed the game fine but when I went to patch I got this: The patch "base/Campaigns/Liberty.SC2Campaign/Base.SC2Maps/Maps/Campaign/TArcade.SC2Map/DocumentHeader" could not be applied. (MD5 mismatch: expected 0x77BAEC1045F02AAE736BD23739362737, actual 0xD41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E.)(PTCApply_BSDiff failed.) If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (BNUpdate::PTCApply) Im not really a tech person at all so any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Oh and I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didnt do anything. Cyrus1 Nov 4, 2010
Nov 3, 2010 Offline Play Authorization Required. I have purchased the game, installed, logged in, created a character, played the tutorial, played a campaign mission and played 1v1 across the Internet. When I try to get back in without an Internet connection, I get: "OFFLINE PLAY AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED" "To enable offline play, connect to to authorize your game client. You also need at least one StarCraft II character on the account." Screenshot --> How do I play offline single player? --FoxFox141 Nov 3, 2010
Nov 3, 2010 Mac replays are WHERE? Seriously blizzard... are you incapable of putting replays in a logical place on a mac? How about in the application folder under Starcraft 2? Why is that not the logical place? The first place was horrible (under documents) and this place is worse. I had NO idea what directory you were even talking about when I first read it. So thanks for making it about 24 clicks for me to open the replay folder. Can we get that changed please??Roge26 Nov 3, 2010
Nov 3, 2010 Not logging in: As of today, when I go to log in (enter email and password) and hit 'connect' the screen goes blank. I still have the 'credits, play as guest, options, manage account' buttons to the right, but that is it. I've restarted my computer and nothing changed. Any tips?Bucketofunk11 Nov 3, 2010
Nov 2, 2010 What happened to "View Posts"? It used to be in mine, or our profiles when you click on the portrait under all the categories on the left. "View Posts" is no longer there. It's becoming increasingly hard to track my posts and threads :( Did it get taken out or what?IronMan1 Nov 2, 2010
Nov 2, 2010 Graphics driver update not working I've got a mid-2009 Macbook Pro and i'm running boot camp with windows 7 64bit. I'm trying to update the graphics driver to the most up to date one which is 260.99. However, when I try to install it I get a message saying that my hardware isn't compatible. Even though in nvidia's list for compatible GPU's the 9600M GT is listed as compatible. Anyone know of a fix?Mango1 Nov 2, 2010
Nov 2, 2010 Screen flashing/blacking out Specs: Mac Pro, Core i7, 8GB DDR3 ram, ATI 5770 card I've installed SC2 on my new computer running OS 10.6.4, and installed the graphics update for Snow Leopard. Last night, I was able to play SC2 on Ultra settings with no issue. Today, I started up a campaign mission and started seeing white flashing on parts of the screen, like around buildings. I thought it was some sort of weather effect (it was raining in game) until my screen blacked out and lost signal for a couple seconds. It proceeded to do this about every minute. I set everything on Video to "Low" and restarted, and had no issues. After tweaking, I thought it was related to the lighting or shading settings, and it was playing fine for a few minutes, but it gets progressively worse anytime I go above "Low" until the game becomes totally unplayable. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Other games appear to be fine, even WoW. It's odd that it just started happening after playing fine yesterday. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Edit- scratch that, it's happening on WoW too... looking in to video card now, any tips appreciated. Fenyx7 Nov 2, 2010
Nov 2, 2010 Macbook pro excessively lagging / heating up My Mac OSx can play SC2 fine for about an hour after which it begins to excessively heat up, lag, and occasionally freeze. These problems usually persist even after quitting sc2, and need a restart or recharge to fix. My comp specs are: 2.26 GHz intel core 2 duo processor / 4GB ramAcediA4 Nov 2, 2010
Nov 2, 2010 In game chat issue I prefer the Push-to-Talk option. I set a button on my mouse to be the "option" button. I go into the game and want this particular button on my mouse to be the button i use to talk in the game using the in-game chat. The default key assignment to Option is set to something about health bars/status bars. When i load up the game and push the button on my mouse it does nothing. When i go into the settings for Voice i see that it's set how i want it, the button on my mouse is still Option and the Option key is the key to activate the P-t-Talk. I click on the box to set the key i want and i push the button again on my mouse. Message pops up telling me that it will/could conflict with another key setting. I click on Ok. Go into key settings and i can't seem to change the button that Option is already assigned to. When i press the Option button, as i have set it on my mouse, i don't see anything happening so it doesn't look like its doing anything. It would be nice if every time i loaded up the game i didn't have to go into my Voice settings and reconfirm that its the button i want. I don't want to have to scour the list of buttons that are being used and find one that isn't. I also don't wan to have to change what the button is set to on my mouse because i play other games and i have settings on those arranged to suit me as well. Thanks.McNuggets1 Nov 2, 2010
Nov 1, 2010 Sound issue - I cant hear chronoboost I dont know what happened but I realised that some sounds changed. it's not that I cannot hear the sc2 sounds, All the good drivers are on, I can hear the game sound but thats only few sounds that dissapeared. I hear voices of the protoss unit at creation, and all the ambient-effect interface are on, still, theres some sounds I lost... chronoboost sound, building warp sound Does anybody have the same issue? I have a macbook pro w/snowleopard-core i7/500gb SATA 5400tpm / 8 gb ram stock soundcard and I never had those issues before. I'm here since the beta and I miss few sounds QQSOPhorrific4 Nov 1, 2010
Oct 30, 2010 Editor won't work on mac after update I ran the updates for starcraft and now the editor has an error every time it opens and then force closes. I checked my system updates and I am up to date. Does anyone know if there is like a video update that i need to run to get this to work again. Any help would be appreciated thanks.Felix2 Oct 30, 2010
Oct 30, 2010 Blizzard Downloader freaks out Hey everyone. So I have SC2, and I have been having an issue as of late. Every time I open it up the launcher and a patch of any size needs downloading, my screen is spammed with "Do you want to allow Blizzard to receive incoming transmissions?" I click Allow and instantly it pops up again, and again, and again. In order to install any patch, I just sit at my screen spamming my left click on Allow. Under Security>Firewall, Blizzard is on the list of OKs, and I tried removing it and putting it back up but the problem persists. Anyone have the same issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!Zuldain2 Oct 30, 2010
Oct 30, 2010 SC2 Download is asking for the DVD on MAC Hello everyone, I'm trying to install SC2 on my Macbook and whenever I open the it asks me to insert the DVD. This is the digital download version so it shouldn't need the DVD. Any idea how to get SC2 installed? Thanks, --RickKGBird4 Oct 30, 2010
Oct 29, 2010 No login screen, fails When I start the game, there is no login screen. It displays the background but there is no UI at all. I tried running but got the following log: Repair version Asking '' for service information. Server '' refused connection. Asking '' for service information. Server '' refused connection. Repair failed.Iterative2 Oct 29, 2010