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Feb 11 The Art of Terran Macro A Detailed Look at Terran's Macro System www.RHgaming.com Now that I'm on break and have some time, I thought I'd go ahead and start writing some words on some realizations I've been having lately, and how it is affecting my game. And that, simply put, is the art of Terran Macro. This will be a long post, because I'm going to go into a detailed look at several aspects that are key to our macro game. If you want a TL:DR, I'll include a form of one, but truth is that defies the point of this post, because there are 100 posts like that already, but few like this. This is designed to make you think about it, to help clarify why all those little help points are important. I don't expect you to get all of this at once, but I'm hoping as you read little light bulbs go off in your brain and it helps your game go to the next level. I will include a table of contents so you can scan and find a part that interests you. Like the name says, this post is designed around the Terran Macro game, but as Protoss's macro is similar in the fact they also have to expand and build more structures, the basic concepts are also probably similar, so it could be that you can take something out of this as well. Also, let me say I am no expert by any means. I am not in the Top 200, and I'm not pro...I am Master's league. But I have gained an understanding about this, and it's helped my game out a ton. In fact, writing this helps me, because putting those words in writing helps solidify these points in my mind as well as yours. I'm still learning, and still make mistakes. But I learn after every one, and my game is growing. So, now let's get into it. Table of Contents: 1: Macro- What it is -1.1 Income -1.2 Output ----1.2.1 Unit Costs ----1.2.2 Example of income vs. output in a build 2: The Macro Game -2.1 What is the Macro Game? -2.2 Early Game Macro: Expanding -2.3 Mid Game Macro ----2.3.1 Production ----2.3.4 Your Third Expo -2.4 Late Game Macro ----2.4.1: 200/200 Unit Armies ----2.4.2: Hit and Run Tactics ----2.4.3: Dealing with Turtlers 3: A look at the Macro of Other Races --3.1: Zerg --3.2: Protoss (- continued)WinterBorn422 Feb 11
Dec 26 Useful Terran Learning Threads Compiled *UPDATED AND REORGANIZED* Mentoring Threads BlackDeath's help thread: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3867056868 Official Terran Help Thread: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3424903029 How To Terran: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1756041415 by MVP BeamMeUp New and Bad at SC2?: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/374767670 Cheesfactory's Tutoring Thread: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3430939869#1 Help Low Level Players Here: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1648734077 #1 Masters Terran Q/A by vGYosho: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3530365059 Terran Strategy Guides The Art of Terran Macro: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1568012513 Now Stickied on the front page! How To Micro: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074091 How To Macro: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074288 How To Attacking: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627975769 How To Scouting: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627974129 How To Build Orders: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627973877 How To: Map Control: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628234992 How To: Unit Composition: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627975425 How To Advanced: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2065787439 Great Guides by BeamMeUp A Comprehensive Look at Terran Micro: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2140269929 A nice thread by Hipsv that is also stickied. Hotkeys: Learn 'em, Use 'em, Love 'em: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1921983336 Hotkeys training program from Charger Terran and positioning: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2016792742 Positioning guide by OTL How to Engineer Your Own Timing Attack: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2065777299 Ballertron (Clan RH) tips on timing attacks. Posted by Winterborn. A Detailed Guide to Terran FFA: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1648734178 by UnRivaled. To Masters: A Detailed Guide to Cheese: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2211722493 by tGPrax Team Liquid SC2 "Liquipedia": http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Main_Page Lots of standard build orders for all races. Other Team Liquid Guides: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=251694 Terran Help Me Thread http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=267242 Nice TvZ build, 16 marines 1-1 drop. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=172190 Synystyr's TvP build http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=280600 High masters Terran guide to macro TvZ. Videos YouTube Casts: http://www.youtube.com/user/HammerSC2 Hammer's Terran Thread http://www.youtube.com/terranspecialistsc2 xiLith's Master's Terran channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ForceSC2strategy ForceSC2 Strategy videos http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1965992499 Master-level terran player instructional casts. Adebisi's casts and replays: http://www.youtube.com/user/AdebisiStarcraft http://www.youtube.com/user/HD http://www.youtube.com/user/HuskyStarcraft Entertaining shoutcasters Mattness' awesome Top Starcraft strategy casts AND Livestream: http://www.youtube.com/TopStarcraft http://www.livestream.com/topstarcraft2 Master-level halby educates and evaluates his replays. Very amusing: http://www.youtube.com/user/HalbyStarcraft WinterBornRH's livestream: http://www.livestream.com/winterbornrh Dubstep's livestream: http://www.livestream.com/DubstePT Day9: http://day9tv.blip.tv/ Live Streams: http://www.teamliquid.net/video/userstream.php List of active live streams by top tier players. Playing Terran - Video Tutorials: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2179709944#1 Ironman compiled links to lots of great videos. Matchup-Specific Guides Yoshi's Pure Air vs Toss guide: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3595347297 How to Tan Toss: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1127000202 5 ways to beat ling/bling/muta: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1772567427 Halby's strats v zerg a TvZ guide: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1015371615 InfowYen's TvZ guide: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1074087851 MtlGuitarist's TvX guide: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2973017469 MtlGuitarist's TvZ guide (google doc): https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1BX5gM_d5yin9RpPigbAP3styZvY5kKWxwYkvt6wb9iI MattOverMind's TvP guide: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/3530356148 Updated 1/11/11BeefMaster81 Dec 26
Jun 15, 2017 How To: Attacking. If you like this thread please leave a comment, thumbs me up, and feel free to visit my other guides. If you have any questions or concerns please ask. How To: Macro. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074288 How To: Micro. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074091 How To: Scouting. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627974129 How To: Build Orders. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627973877?page=1 How To: Harassment. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628254273 How To: Map Control. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628234992 How To: Unit Composition. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627975425 Alright, what I have been talking about so far are basics, these things will likely (if refined) get you into gold+. Now lets talk about getting into platinum. What we're going to be talking about today is core. In every attack there needs to be a goal. You need to think of why you're attacking, most of the time it's obvious... "I want to kill my opponent" thats great! When you're ready to end the game do that, until that time you need to be thinking about these things. This is going to be very in-depth and it's applicable outside of just terran. Let's get started. Timing Attack Alrighty, first lets explain, a timing attack is an attack that lines up well with an upgrade or something similar. So you're sitting there with your MMM force and you're thinking of attacking, if combat shield is done in 30 seconds WAIT until it finishes and now you've got a TIMING ATTACK ooh sparkly. This is so basic and yet people will tend to ignore this altogether. If you're ready to attack and an upgrade is almost finished, or that thor is about to come out, just wait a second. It gives you small advantages throughout the game and if you claim enough small advantages you can put yourself in a position to win. Out of Position My opponent's army is in his third expansion, I have 6 medvacs and a large mass of marine/marauder. What do I do? Drop in his main. This is an attack that takes advantage of your opponent's positioning. Kill a few structures and run away, you save your army from any serious damage and you can decimate a few key structures in seconds with 8 stimmed marauders. Distraction Next, we have the distraction attack. I've got 6 marines loaded into a medivac and I'm going to drop them in my opponents base. This is going to pull his forces into that place. Now I may commence with my main attack against his unprotected expo and for the cheap cost of 400 minerals and 100 gas. As previously discussed, being out of position will kill you. Multi-Pronged Attacks The main way to pull this off with terran is dropships. Starting to see a few repetitions? Drop 4 marauders in one expansion, 8 marines in another, and move your army to his main. He can't respond to all three and you will only need to micro one (probably). Feinged Attack This is a big one, in fact if you learn oneattack, this needs to be it. Basically, this is an attack that lets you put pressure on your opponent so you can expand. Remember how I said you need to have a purpose with your attacks. This is to take an expansion with little risk to said expansion. How often are you getting attacked and the first thing that pops into your mind is "My opponent is EXPANDING RIGHT NOW! I gotta kill it!" No, you are thinking, "I just need to survive this." The point isn't to destroy your enemy, but to pressure him into not even thinking about your expansion. Do not over commit, just don't. In any situation that you're attacking and you begin to lose pull some or all of your forces back. If you have to sacrifice some marines and save the marauders. This is such a mistake that so many of you newer players make. Every single mineral counts, if you can salvage anything please please do so. In all things, have a purpose. Don't just do something to do it. Don't say "Well this guy said this build is really good, and I trust him." Why is the build good? What does it do well? What does it struggle with? Is it adaptable? Thinking on the fly in SC2 is the most important thing you can do. The reason 300 apmers lose to guys with sub 100's is because the 100 guy is thinking more abstractly about the game. Many of you know who TLO is, he is really good because he thinks outside the box, he has a purpose for what he is doing. Finally, I want to leave you with this. The most important thing about attacking is to put pressure on your opponent. If your opponent is pressured he will make mistakes. Pressure gives you the ability to take map control, it gives you the ability to scout effectively, it gives you the ability to expand. Pressure will help you feel safer and force him into a corner. Pressure wins games. This is Beammeup, signing out.Beammeup141 Jun 15, 2017
Jul 12 A Comprehensive Look At Terran Micro More Comprehensive Look at terran micro So I was looking on the forum and I noticed that there was only one micro guide and TBH i thought it was a little light so I decided to write up my own guide which goes into more details I think. ToC 1 Introduction 2 The 4 main unit advantages 2.1 Range 2.2 Speed 2.3 Position 2.3.1 High ground vs Low ground 2.3.2 Arcs and Chokes 2.3.3 Army Order 2.4 Targeting 3 Commonly used techniques for micro 3.1 Stutter Step 3.2 Staggering Tanks 3.3 Hellions 3.4 Marine Splits 3.5 Pre-arcing 4 Conclusion 1) Introduction When most people think about micro they think of something small, however in starcraft it is short for micromanagement which is a misnomer for the most part. Micro refers to unit control more specifically relating to increasing their cost efficency when in a battle by using the 4 main unit advantages to help you. Micro can range from something as small as moving a group of units not in combat the the epic marine spread that has wowed many people. 2) The 4 main unit advantages Now when we are talking about micro these are the four main aspects that people seek to use to gain an advantage in combat. The four advantages are Range, Speed, Positioning and Targeting. Positioning is usually the most important one as it is the advantage you are most directly in control of. Now I will explain these advantages into more detail 2.1) Range Range advantage is a very simple advantage to explain on paper as it simply means you can hit your opponents units farther away than they can hit yours. Good examples of this are Bio vs Zerglings, Bio vs Roaches, Bio vs Zealots, Vikings vs Ever other air unit ect. The main way to use this advantage in your favor is to use a technique called the stutter step which is going to be covered later in this post. To counter a range disadvantage you can do three things: keep moving forward or retreat or fake a retreat then turn around when he chases after you. As a terran you usually have the advantage of range on your side with units like viking with 9 range and tanks with a whopping 13 range. 2.2) Speed The speed advantage is also very cut and dry, your units are faster than your opponents units. Examples of this are Reapers vs pretty much every unit and hellions vs pretty much every other units. There are several ways to use this advantage to your favor. If you have a speed and range advantage you can kite your opponents units and take very little damage to your own, however if thats not possible, you can use the speed to run around your opponents army and harass his base and force him to be pinned next to his base until he throws up a ton of static defense. To counter speed disadvantages you will need to leave some units back from your army or have some static defense to protect your base. Terran usually has a speed disadvantage in both matchups.Hipsv56 Jul 12
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35m Golden armada OP? Is there any way to beat the golden armada with Terran? I have tried almost everything. Mass rines, thors, cyclones, BC, Ghost, Vikings, a mix of all of them. What am I missing or is the Golden armada just unstoppable for Terran? I can win with zerg but for the life of me I can't do it with Terran.PsychoticEp3 35m
52m Need a coach Any platinum or higher Terran out there willing to coach me? I have been stuck in gold for years and need to refine my play. I typically play between 10:30 and midnight PST. Much appreciated! MadOx#1322MadOx0 52m
55m Protoss straight to VR/Carrier Hi all, any strategies for beating a protoss who walls off with cannons and masses up void Ray's and then carriers? I always scv scout toss and as soon as I see the forge (and haven't been cannon rushed) I know what's happening. I just dont know what to do to counter it. Help is appreciated!MadOx6 55m
1d Zerg Overpowered. Testing for a while in unit tester and in games. The meta for zerg late game is to make Hydra/Corruptor/Broodlord/Viper. Terran has no answer for this unit composition because of Parasitic Bomb. Its really frustrating for Terrans like me who play mech and enjoy longer games with more mechanics involved. When will this get looked at? Toss air can be answered with the right composition and same thing with Terran air but zerg BTW i play at masters level and my other AKA PoliceState is was playing on GrandMaster level as a Top Master tier player. Feedback is appreciated and hopefully a game balance change because there is literally nothing a terran can do except get extremely lucky with widow mines! ;(SHaKuR15 1d
4d Extension Mod: Battlecruiser Fix I have created an extension mod for Battlecruisers! Instead of gutting them like you have I think it would be wise to take a look at my not-so-thought-out-numbers. You can find this extension on NA server by typing in Battlecruiser Fix. Here are some of the changes I made to the current Battlecruisers: Armor +1 Attack +2 Energy +50 Energy Cost +25 Energy regen +.5 Starting Energy +25 Yamato +50 dmg +2 uses (instead of just one) Mass +.2 Health +50 Weapon Speed +.215 (1.6 to 2.8) Armor Reduction +1 Range -.5 I have contemplated about lowering the health by about 150, upgrading the damage by 2 more and reducing cost by 75 minerals/50 gas or 100 minerals/75 gas. I am also thinking of doing a build time for Yamato gun and giving it a cost of 75mins/125gas per use while keeping the damage at 350. What are your thoughts? Too strong? Too weak? Why?ChouYun0 4d
6d sdfg thanksDEVIN0 6d
6d Diamond League Terran I have been playing Terran for 8 years. I have finally made it to Diamond 1v1. I lose every single game now. It is extremely hard to play any matchup. What are the general strategies I should employ for each matchup? Terran has never had very strong late game, but I feel as though late game Zerg is just unkillable.MastrPimpHoe2 6d
6d In the pipe, 5x5. Hey guys, So I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "in the pipe, 5x5" from the medivac. The first place I heard it was in Alien, the drop ship pilot says it. And in SC1...said by the drop ship pilot. Does anyone know what it means though? I had never really thought about it before, but while I was perusing the internets one day, I stumbled across a discussion about this phrase. Now I had always assumed it just meant something along the lines of; "I hear you loud and clear" which I guess doesn't really fit the context of the phrase in Alien. In terms of SC it fits though, given that the typical response to selecting a unit is something like "wut?" Anyway, my pursuit of the answer to this question on the internet hasn't been very conclusive. A lot of people have been saying something like "in the pipe" refers to the metaphorical line that is drawn from the dropship to the ground, which doesn't really fit the context of Alien nor the games. Or that "the pipe" is the area through which the aircraft is safe from anti-air fire. And the "5x5" part, people have been saying that it means they are in the exact center of both of these metaphorical lines. Now, I know for a fact that "5x5" is a radio response which essentially means "loud and clear" the first five being the best out of five in terms of audibility, and the second meaning the best of five in terms of clarity. So with that in mind, wouldn't "in the pipe" mean something along the lines of "I read you"? This would lead me to believe that "in the pipe, 5x5" would simply mean "I hear you on my radio receiver as clearly and loudly as possible"? I'm sure someone who was in the military, or who is more savvy about radio lingo will LOL at me, but I was just hoping someone could enlighten me on what this phrase means, because as you can probably tell, it has been bothering me. Thanks! Wrathgarr29 6d
Aug 14 SC2 is a joke. SC2 is a joke and the LOTV balance team has ruined a great game. WOL was great. Thanks for ruining SC2 guys. Great job. I applaud you.ShiceLite25 Aug 14
Aug 10 Having Trouble Late-Game TvZ I'm doing ok in macro, and my early game is fine but after there gets to be enough banelings everything I do just fall apart. What can I do to prevent this from happening. I'm doing great in TvT and TvP, but TvZ is really holding me back. Here's a replay: https://drop.sc/replay/8103827 (This isn't a balance whine post, I just want advice)Shaggy4 Aug 10
Aug 9 How to ottomanslap 3 slaptoss in 3v1 how to dominate 3 slaptossin 3v3 2 allies left and one of them is trash talking GM watch and enjoy https://drop.sc/replay/8102944GGSwede0 Aug 9
Aug 8 Late Game TvP Replay Pack Hi fellow Terrans, So I've decided to post a replay pack consisting of 26 late game TvP replays atm + 7 Diamond late game TvP replays from Miro, all of which have been won. I don't win every single late game TvP, but I do win roughly half of them so I think 50/50 odds are pretty good. I am currently a D3 Terran fyi. My composition usually comprises of bio/lib/ghost or bio/lib/viking/ghost. I figured rather than telling Terrans repeatedly that late game TvP is possible at the lower levels, it would be better just to show them if they are interested in learning how to play macro TvP. Here is a thread I posted recently on how to play late game TvP: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20762127757 Here is a recent post that I add more knowledge on how to control these armies based on more late game TvP experience: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20763666184?page=3#post-41 The goal for every TvP is to win so if that means you can win with a mid game timing push then that's great. Lately, I've been trying mid game pure Bio pushes and they work well. Sometimes, I win off these mid game pushes, sometimes I lose, but if you're caught on a stalemate where you can't end the game, but you got a lead then transitioning to the late game is highly recommended. Personally, I see no reason why someone with Platinum level mechanics cannot control a late game Bio TvP army. I am now a newly promoted Diamond Terran and I am capable of playing late game TvP Bio without any issues. Most of my replays are when I was in Platinum btw. Someone who is mid-high Diamond would perform even better than me with this knowledge so I think it will work in Diamond too. For Masters/GM Terrans, they certainly have the mechanics to perform late game TvP, but have significantly better Protoss to contend with and Bronze-Gold players may have issues in having the basic mechanical requirements. Also, for Masters/GM Terrans, it comes down to preference and playstyle if they wish to play late game TvP or they think mid game oriented game play may give them the best chance to win. Here are the replays, I hope they help (From newest to oldest roughly): https://drop.sc/replay/8098171 https://drop.sc/replay/7916510 https://drop.sc/replay/7916508 https://drop.sc/replay/7910209 https://drop.sc/replay/7896243 https://drop.sc/replay/7767833 https://drop.sc/replay/7759299 https://drop.sc/replay/7759298 https://drop.sc/replay/7754354 https://drop.sc/replay/7683822 https://drop.sc/replay/7683802 https://drop.sc/replay/7610091 https://drop.sc/replay/7572917 https://drop.sc/replay/7534733 https://drop.sc/replay/7336863 https://drop.sc/replay/7290114 https://drop.sc/replay/7169180 https://drop.sc/replay/7290135 https://drop.sc/replay/7290138 https://drop.sc/replay/7290141 https://drop.sc/replay/7290150 https://drop.sc/replay/7290154 https://drop.sc/replay/7169168 https://drop.sc/replay/7290158 https://drop.sc/replay/7290171 https://drop.sc/replay/7290173 Miro's Late Game TvP Replays: https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/8075812 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7877757 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7793883 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7793835 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7586043 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7586042 https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7586025 I'd like to give a shout out to Kilshais who showed me late game TvP is possible. Another shout out to Miro who always told me late game TvP was possible.Raver42 Aug 8
Aug 8 Why I am Quitting Starcraft: https://imgur.com/a/1jCrhTAHektorOfTroy4 Aug 8
Aug 7 Protoss balance Protoss seems to be struggling at the moment against both races and seemingly deserves a buff in the near future, I think it should have something to do with robo units, any gateway buffs are just going to ruin the game like when adepts or when blink stalkers were too strong. Colossus seems like the most obvious one, the unit is not seen very much these days, perhaps a range or attack speed buff, this one might sound weird but a movement speed buff could help them a lot as kiting away from colossus is a very strong micro decision. Another possibility is nerfing Zerg(as zerg is dominating against both races at the moment) but that doesnt solve the PvT problem, and you definitely don't want to buff protoss and nerf zerg at the same time.BerryPuncH5 Aug 7
Aug 7 How can you hard counter mass carrier? I was playing 2v2 and with a reaper scout I saw i fleet beacon. My partner and I (both terran)Expand/Harrash/Drop. But the turtle like Hell and defend very well. I did Raven,Marine/Medivac with some Viking and Built +30 Turrent in the middle of the map. My friend went bio MMedV.I was 3/3 bio. Protoss ATTACK BOTH OF US WITH +30 TURRETS AND DESTORY US!!! WTF, HOW THE HELL MASS supply of 80 marine+3/3+30turrets+viking+heatseekermissle CAN LOSE!!! SOO EASY!!! Viking Suck Vs carrier, EVen target fire can't deal with the crazy DPS of Carrier. HSM only deplete carrier shield. Marine go crazy with that many interceptor We where 7 base and they where 6 There is a Counter for +20 carrier? and don't say "Don't let then get there" they turtle like hell!Tarrlok29 Aug 7
Aug 7 How do I counter mass Zealots? How do I counter mass Zealots? Siege tanks don't seem to work and I get them attacking me faster than I can get battle cruisers. Do banshees work?Commie4 Aug 7
Aug 7 BC Rush? (Silver) hSloppyMayor1 Aug 7
Aug 4 Military Ranks? those anyone knows, what are the military ranks in the terran faction, or where can i find it, by military ranks i mean by branch and rank, like army: private, sargeant, corporal, colonel, commander, or navy: admiral, lt. commander, commodore, etc, thanks.Mjolnir3 Aug 4
Aug 2 Counter to Mass Hydras Hello, im pretty new to terran and im having trouble vs zerg, specialy vs mass hydras. So far tanks are the best option, but whenever i move to this base, zergs just nydus on my base, o near, and obliterate my base, and my tanks take a long time to come back. Im plat so for sure i must be doing tons of things wrong. Any advice?ShooShooBaby9 Aug 2
Aug 1 What the heck can I do vs. Stalker/Immortal? I have been having some good success on the ladder lately and am enjoying the current patch, but am really struggling vs Protoss builds at the moment. It kind of seems that, no matter what I do, Stalkers and Immortals walk through my army (usually MMM and Cyclone or Lib) and then destroy my bases. Does anyone have some suggestions to deal with this? What can I build to hard counter those powerhouse Immortals?RaidersRoll17 Aug 1
Jul 31 Countering Void Rays How do you counter mass void rays? I can't use cyclones. Tor's rapid fire don't seem to work either. Help a noob out.Commie4 Jul 31
Jul 29 Balance changes for Teraan PLEASE I'm not here to cry about a certain build or anything. TVT: While not broken, cyclone/cyclone is just a dumb battle, no one likes to go through it, and it's boring to watch. Doom drops, while also not broken should be discouraged because it just kills the game. Solution: -Get rid of the stupid bunker upgrade, and replace it with an upgrade for turrets to get concussive shot. If you can't just boost drop ships in because the turret is slowing you, people will think twice about dropping. Also this won't really affect any other match ups in a meaningful way. -get rid of the cyclone, or design it again. It is just a dumb, boring unit that everyone agrees is just stupid. It's expensive and not fun to use. It's just the "I need this unit".iceshardzz17 Jul 29
Jul 25 New Terran, looking for coach. Hey, new to LotV, looking for a little coaching, currently top 25 silver. Not much but getting better. If anyone wants to show me a good build or just give me a few pointers it would be greatly appreciated. Bear#14687Bear8 Jul 25
Jul 19 Terran vs Zerg: as simple as possible If you are a Terran player who does well vs Zerg, I would like to know if you have one or two particular tips; it doesn’t have to be specific, just looking for some ways to improve my game that I might have over looked.RaidersRoll4 Jul 19
Jul 16 TvZ is unplayable and not getting fixed How long do we have to wait until skill makes the difference between who wins and who loses in a TvZ and not who picked zerg and who didn't? It's may 2018, if we ever admit that making 30 lings on 2 base before I get my reaper out because zerg economy is utterly broken has no counterplay at all (while I got my reaper out in the fastest way possible) then the time is now, blizzard please, just make it so that I can get one macro game against zerg because every single zerg cheeses and even players who have incredible micro like avilo lose to it And to top it off the people who play zerg are far more likely to map hack, anyone with half a brain can figure out that zerg has been the most broken race (excluding ZvP) for the longest time so the people who have 0 interest in improving or getting better just pick it and the people with that mentality are much more likely to map hack TvP is not balanced right now because of storms, shield batteries etc. but you won't have your opponent going 3 base before pool then cheesing not in spite of it but because of it, ofc not literally but it's close to being the case If you disagree with this, that's fine, but if you disagree that running lings into someone's base before they get a reaper out is always an auto win for zerg then you need to be rotted out, the community is already the worst one out there by far, we don't need people with below 83 IQ never getting good but being in the top 5% of players along with people who earned it, all because they used cheese that has no counterplay and don't even get me started on what I would do to people who think dark templar shouldn't be removed from the game IRL If this continues we will have bronze players in GSL, you should see how scarlet's cheese beat simper in the recent match that can be found on the WCSstarcraft channel, any bronze could have done that and won against a !@#$ing pro player, repeat: pro player losing to a cheese that can be done by anyone to get an automatic win But why exactly can't I just take massive economic damage by floating my natural, losing the SCV that was building it then repairing my depos so that zerglings can't get in? Because you can't repair a building reactor, and if I cancel it then they get in, so they will get in both ways unless I have enough minerals to build bunkers and depos to cover up spots where zerglings could get in via baneling busting... and that would put me so far behind the zerg player who is gonna get his third base You literally can't play the game for 2 minutes without finding 100% confirmation that either the developers don't play starcraft at all such as mike morhaime, or only play zergSpaceOrc17 Jul 16
Jul 12 When to expand for third and fourth? I would like a thorough explanation and analysis on when to expand for my third and fourth in each MU specifically and/or a general time to do it for all MUs. I always go reaper expand mind you. I generally expand with my third from the 4 to 6 min mark. The only time I expand later is if I see a Terran or Protoss one basing or a Zerg delay third. The 4th expansion I expand from the 9 to 10 minute mark. I would like a time range or a specific minute benchmark to aim for each MU or all, thanks. I am really curious when Diamond/Masters expand as I am wondering what time I need to generally expand to get into Diamond. I am looking for a standard time to expand, not greedy early thirds or aggressive late thirds, thanks.Raver21 Jul 12
Jul 10 Previous GM Terran making Macro Guides! Sup! I'm DijiDiji (Chris) -- I hit GM mid season a couple times at 5375 MMR and lately I've been making one video guide per week to share helpful knowledge that will improve your gameplay! I just finished video 7 today, but I'm gonna link you to video 1 because I recommend watching them in order (they build off one another). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es8XtNGUKiI Videos 1-6 will improve your macro while video 7 is more of a helpful to know topic, so future videos may continue to be a mix of different ideas because I keep thinking of different video ideas =] These videos will give you a better sc2 experience because you'll win more games. Lastly, I'm happy to add to the community a bunch of macro posts got a lot of use on this forum!DijiDiji6 Jul 10
Jul 6 Need advice for perfecting builds Hi guys,i'l preface with that i am a diamond 3 terran player(going for d1) from europe(europe forums are dead:( ,but i hope it is the same meta as here). I currently use 3 different builds(one for each race match-up) 1 is made by me mostly and 2 are taken from videos and adapted. My issue is i am having huge problems with perfecting the build orders,since all are not 1 on 1 replica builds (maybe someone uses them ) but i don't know how to perfect them and adapt them,at some point my build goes wonky with the timers and i lose due to it. I will detail the opening builds and write where i get the problems ,if some of the guys from diamond/master/gm have the patience to read thorugh and give me some tips i would be really happy and grateful. In TVT I use a double barracks reaper rush ,this brings me the most succes with almost 80% winrate against terrans. I open normally with 2 workers > supply>1worker. After the supply finishes i go instantly into barracks>refinery >Barracks. After i queue up the second barracks i get 1 worker >second refirnery>1 worker. When my first refirnery ends i drop 2 extra workers there and then queu up the scv doing the barracks for an supply. After all this i will summarize what happens > i start queuing reapers from my first barrracks.My second barracks gets a reactor and then starts spawning double reapers non stop . I get 2 extra supply depots. And i have 2 refinery with 6 workers on them. This is the point i am lost,i have no clue how i should transition. I get alot of extra minerals so i usually try to cap out workers from 12 to 16,and then go for orbital. then second base > 2 more refiniers > factory>tank etc. But the build is off so many times i actually don't know if it's better to hold gas for factory > starport banshees. Or just factory hellions.I have problems managing the gas cause i try to keep reaper build up 100%. The build revolves around reaper microing and it's my best point in this game,and the sole reason i reached diamond,that i can micro reapers extremly well and split them and harras the living out of every terran +zerg(used to beat protos really hard until the recent changes). Against Zerg. I found out triple barracks proxy is the best option.But i am not good at transitioningt late game,so i want to try to finish it always. 1. I do not know when i should leave with the 2 scv to build barracks i need hep with these most of the times i send them as soon as i queue the depot but they arrive really late 10+ sec after depot finishes. I do not know when to build gas so i can proxy factory and !@#$ on the ravagers. A really detailed(extremely detailed if possible :D) all in 3 proxy barracks into proxy factory would be really helpfull cause i am new to this build. Main goal is not to stop second hatchery but push in for the kill. I don't care aboud nydus recking my base in all ins i know i can destroy him. And lastly my biggest problem versus Protoss. I used to be able to destory them with double reaper rush ,cause i outmanouvered the stupid mothership. Nowdays they go for adept that 3 shots my reapers and baterry stations(or w/e they are called) that regen shields. I am trying to do an 5minute build(or so i found out it was called). It's normal opener with 2 x worker>depot>worker. Instnat refinery then barracks. Instat factory. The goal (and i manged it 1 out of 10 games) to get barracks and factory up asap.And to always create terrans 24/7 and tanks asap. When i get 3 tanks rolling i instnatly queue command to his natural. Set up siege tanks and let the siege game beings. Nowdays i cannot reach this build constnatly. I have no ideea when the second CC should go down when depots need to be made so i dont' draw back from building factory or terrna or get supply blocked. ALso it seems that this build does not fair well against the new protoos with batteries. When i used to do this build against former protoss it desroyed them cause they went for oracle. Nowdays protoss seem to be turtling and then i get raped.If you have help with this build i would aprreiciete it but if you knnow a better (under 15 min game finish) build against protoss i am open to it. I I am at my best when i micro intensively with solo units(banshess,liberators,reapers) so im inclined to rush builds that require more micro than macro,macro just kills me cause i lose sight of my base i go all in etc. Thank you all that manage to read this and even more those that can give some tips.Sorry for this huge wall post.Blood2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Need help against Disruptors How to kill disruptors in a way that doesn't involve losing half your army to get 3 disruptors or getting a lucky shot with a liberator? The splash damage is crazy and the explode on contact is worse, sometimes you don't have time to retreat or split your forcesSWORD3 Jul 6
Jul 5 Hellion or Hellbat VS Marines? I've recently started experimenting with a hellbat/cyclone combination in my last matches. It's gone fairly well, I'm having some success. I find hellbats work decently well against protoss and zerg. They're cheap, tanky, and essentially melee fighters so they're good at soaking damage. They can punish an overabundance of zerglings and zealots too, and they at least do some damage to things like roaches and stalkers. However in TvT I've found hellbats die extremely quickly against marines. It's not all bad. The cyclones are still able to clean things up and really, if the hellbats aren't dying in the situation, then they aren't doing their job, but... Does anyone have any experience using hellions vs marines? I feel like they'd just die faster, but they do have a ranged attacked. Could they make up for a lack of tankiness by being better damage-dealers? For context, I'm getting mech attack upgrades early, but I've never gotten blue flame.OdicHastings1 Jul 5
Jun 27 Guide: Holding the Proxy Hatchery Many players struggle holding proxy hatchery aggression and I myself use to be one of them. Finding good replays was nearly impossible and masters+ advice was lack luster due to the diminishing presence of the all-in as they progressed to a higher mmr. Finally I held it once, I held it twice, and then I stopped seeing it as I got into diamond, but today someone tried it again. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/7752910 The player was clever and used a in base proxy hatchery to distract me, however to beat a in base proxy, you simply wall off, and bunker it, with out anything to reinforce the hatchery is doomed for failure. Distracted by this, I failed the number one master advice "scout it, and it is easy to hold" as I realized my natural had already been seized by zerg. However dont worry, there is a simple solution. Take a third cc. Tech to air. Save mules. Once you get to air tech you have 2 options. Aggression and, Defense. Agression Use medivacs to be aggressive, load up units and take them to the opponents base slowing down his advancement into your own, repeat this until you solidify enough units at home to advance to your natural or force him to engage up your ramp. When they engage up the ramp pull all your scvs, (hence why your saving mules), break the contain and drop the mules at ur natural to quickly replenish your economy and army so that you can be aggressive. Defence Once you get your air unit started (lib or banshee) begin cloak / tank production. By forcing spores you will need tanks to pick them off at a safe range or if the sight of the banshee/lib initiates an attack by zerg, pull all the scvs, hold the ramp, advance to the natural and land the mules. Quickly replenish your economy and be aggressive. Final note, never defend with tank before air unit. This was my biggest novice mistake. This meant that if I did break the contain I had no way of immediately being aggressive, early air units may not break the contain as quickly but are vital for preventing the zerg from running away with the game economically. Zergs know this, and when they see your first air unit, (unless this is the first time they are playing against proper defense) will most likely attempt to break the ramp. So be prepared to pull the boys. Hopefully this helps some gold/plat terrans cause I can't tell you how many times I lost to this back then.NoTanku0 Jun 27
Jun 20 storms rek tanks and terran mech storms do good damage against mech which is bs and fact is you can test it on unit test map. dont believe me? i got plenty of proof to show and you can micro bio good and still lose especially if they storm ahead and infront. Fix storms and terranWraith5 Jun 20
Jun 19 TvZ Build Order Reaper FE Liberator harass I've been using this build order lately with success. It's a Reaper FE hellions followed by constant Liberator harass. Can confirm it works up to D3. https://youtu.be/1HGSqp0mT0wGreenTea1 Jun 19
Jun 19 I can't beat protoss I can't beat protoss. I am not an amazing player, but my TvT and TvZ are 50-70% win rates on bad days, and 70-90% on good days. However, I my TvP is 25-40%. This means that I'm unable to advance my league mostly due to my inability to compete against protoss. I have watched streamers, pros, and practiced, but I consistently get beat if I can't do damage by the third nexus. I was wondering what the best way to go about this matchup is? What should my mindset be? Is there a certain time I need to have done massive economic damage? I have also dabbled in playing other races as a way to find the weaknesses in them on ladder. But really to no avail. Any thoughts would be helpful. I just haven't been able to find a sweet spot method vs protoss yet.CrusaderKing15 Jun 19
Jun 19 Need good 2B all-in build vs Protoss Any suggestions? High diamond right now and the only thing keeping me out of masters is TvP. Have a 70% winrate in both TvT and TvZ but close to 40% in TvP. It just can't go late-game guys, my army is wayyyy too hard to use compared to his. Get beat by Protoss that are 200MMR below me with less eco, army, bases, you name it. Need something that hits between 7-9 min, anything with a good winrate. ThxSTxPerseus10 Jun 19
Jun 18 How do I beat Mech with Bio? More specifically: How do I beat the meching Opponent if early attacks don't work and they get to 3+ Bases (all PFs) and start to turtle? Especially if there is an insane amount of tanks and Vikings? Can't drop, can't directly engage even with 3-3 Marauders, what can you do? Already tried AAMs but the DPS is still so insanely high. I lose nearly every game vs Mech.Hotfix5 Jun 18
Jun 17 TvP build Hey guys, http://gggreplays.com/matches/46403 What do you think about the terran build? I feel like he should've just skipped vikings and instead get liberator range way faster and liberators. Anything else I should adjust to be solid vs. protoss? (I want to copy the build more or less - maybe add some scouting and stuff) Cheers, iBSiBurrowStuff3 Jun 17
Jun 16 Small Widow Mine Idea If the widow mine dies while still armed with a missile. Then the missile will explode, dealing its splash damage to nearby units. The Widow Mine feels more like a suicide unit after losing a large portion of its stealth capabilities. So why not push it further in that direction. This would make them a bit more risky to keep along side the army, but would make them stronger as a solo throw away unit.killheadface3 Jun 16
Jun 14 Bio and Mech in TvZ I have been playing Mech in TvT/TvZ and Bio in TvP. I know Mech is far worse than Bio in TvP. However, I am curious on how Bio is in TvT and TvZ compared to Mech in those match ups? I keep hearing Bio is worse than Mech in TvZ and is even in TvT? However, is it really? I am curious to hear from players that play Bio or both styles in those MUs.Raver13 Jun 14
Jun 12 starting terran hey guys looking for any and all info on opening bio. early mid and late what combos work also what timings and stuff to look out for. all is welcome. thanks all. also how do i post replays aswell?xanax7 Jun 12
Jun 11 Neosteel Frame ideas I think after so many years it's time to do something with least useful upgrade in the game, here's a couple of my ideas: On top of what it's already doing, it allows infantry to enter PFs and shoot from inside. or Remove upgrade from Ebay, bunkers can be upgraded individually after Ebay is built.GibiASMR1 Jun 11
Jun 11 maruder buff? I keep here there going to revert mauders from attacking twice to just once again? is this true?TheNatureBoy5 Jun 11
Jun 8 standard macro TvP 5k mmr (tips and tactics) Hello. I was clueless most of the time how to play TvP since 4.0 patch. Now I feel like I kinda figured it out for myself. It's not like I discovered something new, but now I have a clear plan what to do and how to adjust to whatever protoss does. So I want to share my thoughts. Why I think this post could be useful to you? It's simple: 1) it does work against >5k mmr protoss (I feel like there is more potential than that); 2) it's easy to execute. It does not require much micro or multitasking. How to: I always open with rax - gas -> reaper, marine, reactor, since early gas does not provide any advantages for this build. Scout the most obvious places for proxy then go to protoss base. If you can go to protoss main it's great, but if you cannot it's still fine, because you can presume protoss tech according to what units protoss builds first. If you see 2 adepts it's likely to be a stargate. Adept + stalker may mean robo or twilight and, at last, double stalker means blink. Against stargate (you may skip this one, nothing new here): it is the most powerful way to play PvT in my opinion. I believe that 1-1-1 with WM and a viking is the best respond to that, so try to minimize possible damage from oracles while transitioning into 2 base attack. This is like the most standard TvP and there is nothing to tell about. I want only to point out that while siedging protoss you should pre-split your army and micro very carefully so you don't get FF from WMs and walk out from storms timely. Against everything else: same as against stargate you make 2 WMs, marines, lab on starport -> raven, lab on factory -> tank. I tried liberator first, medivac into marine drop etc. Now I believe that the only unit you have to make in starport early on is a raven. I will explain my point later. Place your first WM so it would intercept stalker/adept, place 2nd near protoss 3rd base to gain info about its timing and possibly delay it a bit. In factory you may build some tanks or skip them. They are not bad overall for an early push, but WMs are preferable. If you feel safe you may skip them. I usually build one just in case, it does not hurt anything really. Land your raxes on tech labs and start producing marauders non-stop. Start reactors on the starport and the factory. Take both gases on your natural, start +1. At 6.00 you get your first medivacs and move out. Take 3rd meanwhile. Since you take a 3rd relatively soon, your eco will allow you to have non-stop 5 rax production, 2-2 upgrades w/o a delay and x3 liberators with range. So you get everything you want, basically. What is the point? As you can see, it's a pretty standard way to play TvP, just with a few little adjustments: 1) we build only a raven early on in starport. Thus, we play very passively at first, but have a sharper timing when we move out. Also mind that observer won't be able to provide information to protoss since we have a raven, so protoss may easily underestimate potential threat of our first attack. 2) widow mine provide information (if not used defensively) and also deny protoss scout. Even the first stalker/adept gets intercepted by WM, so protoss is really blind unless he's got oracles (which may get intercepted by WMs too though). 3) you will be able to send full double drop to protoss main once your 3-4 medivacs pop out. At my level of play even when protoss is able to hold my first attack, this double drop takes them completely off-guard. 4) Raven makes your first attack much stronger. It's great against colossi, it's very helpful against heavy gateway army. Especially it's great for Marauders because of their doubled attack. +1 marauder deals 8 damage to an +1 armored zealot for example. If a zealot is affected by AAM, damage is increased to 14. So you don't need to go fragile marine heavy army comp, since marauders can be really damaging with the help of a raven. I provide a replay here https://lotv.spawningtool.com/36017/ I am not proud of this one, but the point is not to show that i am a decent player or something (that is unfortunately untrue). You can see that I did some terrible mistakes (late 3, 4 gases that leaded to heavily delayed timing, losing 2 WMs for free, not killing 2 probes with the reaper etc), but I still won it with ease. You may say that protoss fell from his overconfidence (I really dunno why 4th this early). It's true, but also mind that he did not have much information too because of the raven. He could pay much more respect to my attack as well as I could execute it better. Even if my first attack was not that successful, I still think that I'd be in a very decent spot. Probably I will add some better replays later.chobo2 Jun 8
Jun 7 Which Upgrades to get, and when? As a platinum level Terran, I would like a bit of advice on which upgrades to prioritize on the ladder. I know there won’t be a hard and fast rule, but any advice would be helpful, specifically: • Should my first Engineering Bay upgrade be Attack or Armour? Should I have two Engineering Bays? • Should Stim be the first Bio upgrade or Combat Shield? • What should be my first Armoury Upgrade be? • How early should I get Blue Flame vs Zerg? Are there any upgrade that should (almost) never be researched? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.RaidersRoll7 Jun 7
Jun 7 Counter Mass Air Hello. I am a Gold Tier 1 Terran and I am looking for some kind of help or advice. I do decently against most match ups and such it seems but right now I'm having a huge issue with something that seems very prevalent in LoTV and that is Mass Air. Now I know the old meta meant that mass air against aggressive early ground pressure means you lose largely in WoL but now that's no longer the case. I try to be much more aggressive early on, usually pushing out about the six minute mark with about twenty marines and three tanks to try to suppress an opponent I suspect may be going for air, Terran or Protoss, and I have found that does work to some extent but against better players they have just enough army to fight me back and protect their bases, especially Protoss, and are able to transition much more quickly from ground forces to air than I am able to. Particularly my issues are mass bc's, carriers and even mass liberators with hellions. I have found vikings to be largely obsolete against these match ups and massively struggling to beat back a sizeably air army. I understand that part of the battle is preventing them from getting to that point but I don't know what the best method for doing so is. If anyone can give me any advice or strategy to use for this I would greatly appreciate it.Crennos1 Jun 7