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Jan 26, 2016 Diamond zerg LF terran practice partner I posted this in general but forgot most people there don't play the game. I'm basically looking for a practice partner because the ladder is incredibly inconsistent for practice purposes until your play is relatively solid. I play muta/ling/bane if that matters at all.Zergring5 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Discussing the new patch Blizzard announced their new ideas for patching and they have been added to the balance test map. http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/20020253/ As far as I can see, they have: -Fixed TvP -not removed tank pickup -made Zvair somewhere close to balanced which is good. I am still unsure how to think about the spore crawler change, as they were already changed. Anyways, I think the following patches still need to be done: -Ravagers are now classed as "Armored" (and take more dmg from marauders) AND either -Ultralisk chitinious plating was reduced to 2 armor. OR -Snipe channel was reduced to 1s and is not interrupted by damage. What do you think?MisterL0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 try mech tvp early game hellions with blue flame deals with adepts, one or two cyclones to stop oracle play and if you get lucky take out a MSC and kill some workers. then go into mass thor with hellbats and a few siegetanks with medivacs in them and air units if they go air. immortals are actually alot worse against mech now, especially thors.max2 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 TERRAN NEW PATCH DETAILS! Well guys considering all the feedback we have got from angry terran players we at blizzard realise that we got it wrong . Protoss shouldnt be able to push one button and defend all terrans early game harrassment protoss shouldnt be able to run adepts through your bunkers and take no damage and kill half your worker line protoss shouldnt be able to make a big unstoppable army late game and just rofl stomp terran no matter what the terran player does . zerg shouldnt be able to defend all terrans early game attacks with just mass queens . zerg shouldnt be able to grab a 4th base uncontested . zerg shouldnt be able to fly overlords in terrans base to see terrans whole build and know everything terran is gonna do before he does it . zerg shouldnt be able to hold down one button and make 12 workers at a time. zerg and protoss shouldnt have rediculas AOE damage and then terran have nothing to counter it . zerg and protoss shouldnt be 10 times easier to play and a move than terran . SO AT BLIZZARD WE ARE TAKING ALL OF THIS INTO ACCOUNT AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU IN FEBUARY 2020 THX FOR YOUR CONCERN :). OH PS. NEW PATCH FOR PROTOSS AND ZERG COMING SOON DRONES AND PROBES NOW HAVE THIER OWN PHOTON OVERCHARGE . SIGNED DAVID KIM .HeavyRain1 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 sometimes i wonder why i bother as terran Blizzard really need to fix all these issues in the game i mean .Zerg being able to take a quick 4th base uncontested because all of terrans early game builds suck .roach ravager being to dam strong vs bio tank .Then parasitic bombs come out and you may as well leave the game . Toss adepts running past your bunkers and protoss just being the stronger army with storm spamming .i just dont get it on top of all these advantages the other 2 races have they are incredibly easy to macro and micro and dont need all the hard effort and multitasking that terran need . Its just totally unfair for terran players to be expected to have so much skill and macro/micro when the other 2 races can sit on thier #$$#$^^ and do whatever and not be contested .Sometimes i feel like zerg has a PO because you just cant do anything to break them . i just feel like blizzard have to make terran easier to play that or buff our units because this is getting beyond a joke .HeavyRain5 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 Plat Terran DESPERATELY stuck between plat/di HI guys, this is a post I made on EU, I usually play EU, but theres always better response from US so here it is Hi all I am top platinum terran and I am completely stuck between plat and Diamond. I play loads of platinums win pretty much all of them, then play vs diamond players I win 1 or 2 or 3, and then I just get rekt for the rest of them, then I am back to playing platinums again. In the diamond games that I lose there is a general correlation going on. For example, Toss always cheeses me with adepts and oracles, and then I cannot do anything vs it, because it is too strong. Zerg always plays roach ravager bane into fast ultras, but I can never get the damage done with timings in order to prevent that. I also find it hard to drop vs zerg because of how quick the units are, or maybe I am just doing it wrong. Terran I learnt a maruader rush cheese off a mate, and I know its lame, but the state of tvt mid and late game, is so hit and miss I would just rather get it over and done with. But it does seem that in diamond games I always get cheesed, and I am really struggling any general tips on getting to diamond as a terran? I pretty much always open with reaper expand. Vs zerg I do a hellbat medivac bio 2 base push, sometimes wins, if not im in a decent position. Vs toss I just bio and drop and vs Terran Like I just said Pls help :(llllllllllll7 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 Ultras in TvZ Hello, everybody knows about the problem with ultras in tvz, with chitinious plating and the marauder change/nerf. When zergs are posting "pls dont flame us, wasn't our idea" on reddit you know you need to address balance. here are some suggestions... 1. Change it back to +2 2. Change marauders back and change it to +3 3. Change it to +2 but give them no allied hitbox, so they dont get stuck behind lings. This is actually a series buff from hots if you thik about it. 4. Change ghost snipe to 0.75s and/or increase range 5. Change ghost snipe to 1s and don't let it get interrupted by damage (only by death) bio vs Z ultras were always hard to deal with, but in hots you could just switch to mass marauder and that would do the job.MisterL4 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 Solution vs ADEPT Hm...FireStorm3 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 Cyclone, Liberator, Widowmine What if cyclone was an anti air only unit that was less expensive to make (and could be made from reactor for example)? Then, what if Widowmines no longer did mine shots, but instead pooped out spider mines (ground only) in an AOE around them, for a max of say 2 or 3? What if liberator circles did bonus damage to armored, but less damage to light? But still resulted in about the same effect vs armored, only better in certain circumstances? Next episode, ghosts ravens and BCsHeuschrecke5 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 How do you beat protoss in LOTV? I'm a Terran player and was diamond in HoTs, got a computer that Sc2 was compatible with a couple months ago and I feel like I've gotten the hang of both TvT and TvZ now, but TvP seems to have changed so much for me. I've also been playing nothing but Asia server ever since getting LOTV, so protosses there are probably A TON different than on NA. My greatest struggles are warp prism drops and then weird all ins vs Protoss. I saw a TvP from TY once where he won using liberators and being really solid defensively, but I don't like playing defense that much, wondering if you guys have a way to turn it around so Protoss has to defend me like they did in HoTs, or if I have to defend now in LOTV, how do I get better at defending? And how to I beat them after I've defended successfully? Everytime I try to do what TY did (with his ridiculously awesome defense) I end up defending too long and they have a deathball by then, if I move out too early they have some all in ready for me and are somehow able to warp in enough back home to defend while killing me at my natural. I would probably also bennefit from watching some of TY's replays so I can see what he did a bit better. If anyone has them, any idea how to get my hands on them? Really thirsty for Protoss blood again, please help if anyone's figured it out yet. Thanks.NaTsU7 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 Bronze player I'm starting with Multiplayer StarCraft as Terran, and I would like to know some builds for bronze players. That would be awesome. ( = It would be good also to get some strategy builds just to try it for example, banshes harass, liberators harass, cyclones harass etc. Thanks!Vic4 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 Battlecruiser Range It is unfortunate that the Battlecruiser, perhaps the most iconic capital ship in the Starcraft universe, is also the least utilized on ladder. The Brood Lord, Carrier, Tempest, and even the Mothership are seen more frequently than the poor Battlecruiser. This comes down to a number of factors, but one of them in particular stands out to me: range. In lore, a capital ship oversees a battle from a distance, bombarding the enemy with powerful weapons while lesser troops in the front take the brunt of the attacks. The other capital ships (with the exception of the mothership) are all capable of dealing massive damage from well outside the range of most units. While the battlecruiser can use its Yamato Cannon from a distance, you aren't paying 400/300 for a single spell. To get full value from your Battlecruisers, you need to be within 6 range of the enemy, exposing you to counterfire. Because of this, despite their 550 hit points and 3 base armor, Battlecruisers are more vulnerable than any of their protoss or zerg counterparts. Paying 400/300 for a unit that needs to be within 6 matrices of the enemy to engage is just not worth it. From a conceptual standpoint, I find the limited range of the Battlecruiser to be a little odd. For starters one of the defining features of the terran race is their range. Why is it that their capital ship has the least range? Why is it that a battlecruiser has less range than a queen? I mean, this is the largest ship in the terran fleet, with the most powerful weaponry. What would happen if the base range of battlecruisers was increased from 6 to 7 (the same as a mothership, siege tank in tank mode, thor anti-ground)? While they would be better at engaging clusters of static defense, they'd still have to approach within turret attack range, so they wouldn't be true siege units. In engagements, they'd be able to deal their dps and stay a little safer. With respect to both balance and flavor I think a range increase makes a lot of sense. What do you think? Would a range buff help make these old warships viable again?FinalDoorman8 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 David kim fix this !@#$ /REPLAY. Well guys this is egzactly why i stopped playing in HOTS and looks like its the reason why im gonna stop playing in LOTV .Like i have said in the past as terran you can do so much damage vs toss and zerg and outplay them immensly but they just have the stronger better units with tones of AOE so bad players can essentually get carried by this race .Im done with sc2 till blizzard wakes up and fixes this mess i shouldnt have to be polt to beat inferior toss and zerg players im done with this game . http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/2325718 enjoy the imbalance that is protoss :). now i know what the korean terrans mean by having to be 4 times that of your opponents .HeavyRain8 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 Old Marauder vs New Marauder TL;DR is this math wrong? if so please drop facts and math on this cause i really dont understand -_- ""23-8=15x34=510... 34x1=34 13-8=5x2=10x50=500... 50x0.7=35"" If you aren't good in math at any way shape or form posting does you little to nothing other then insult me most likely, im not trolling or being silly im seriously confused and i dont just "trust" random people online when they say things like the mara got nerfd without facts... i hear time and time again that new mara sucks yet all the damage numbers show it dealing more damage... and when ever i read anyone elses post on the stats they always seem to ignore all the other stats and just focus on the base damage and base armor only... theres more things then just flat attack damage vs armor like attack cooldown and upgrades also realistic scenarios. the stats: Ultras> 500hp, 8 armor old mara > 20-23 armored damage, attack cooldown 1.0 (w/ stim) new mara 10-13 x 2, attack cooldown 0.7 (w/ stim) 23dmg - 8arm = 15 damage per old mara shot 13dmg - 8arm = 5(10) damage per new mara shot twice now for the old mara to kill an ultra it takes 34 attacks 15x34=510 and yet the new mara vs an ultra takes 50 attacks 10x50=500 so for the old mara it takes him 34 seconds to kill 1 ultra by himself since he attacks 1 time per second new mara only takes 35 seconds to kill 1 ultra 50x0.7=35 so even with that said thats in the match up of marauders vs ultras thats like 5% damage nerf by losing 1 second... on the other hand vs a stalker or anything else: 23dmg - 4arm = 19per shot... 160hp / 19 = 8.4 which still has to be 9 full attacks to kill a stalker 13dmg - 4arm = 9 x 2attacks = 18... 160 / 18 = 8.8 which still means you need 9 shots to kill him anyway ... if both maras need 9 shots to kill a stalker then it ends up like new marauder just has a 30% damage buff? i tried talking to a streamer about this but sadly he really couldn't do math in the least bit even tho this is only like 4th-8th grade stuff... old mara > 9 attacks takes 9 seconds to kill a stalker ... 9x1=9 new mara > 9 attacks takes 6.3 seconds to kill a stalker ... 9x0.7=6.3 so where did this go down hill? i really dont see it... 5% damage nerf vs ultras, and a 30% damage buff vs everyone else? can someone please come here and either point out where i went wrong in the numbers or formula at any point or what im not seeing here... and im sorry for the mess of text but i really never make posts...Vossler5 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 That's so Raven: Review and Rating (pg) Currently Max Power: 200 Auto turret:50 Seeker Missile:125 Point defense drone: 100 Review: Ravens have something of an interesting role right now. They are not combat units, however, their seeker missile is ideal to use against bundles of troops, and they are useful in other roles as anti air support. They also have the important job of hunting down enemy protoss spy drones. A little bit of history involving their Auto turrets are in order. It used to be in the past that auto turrets could last forever, which made auto turrets viable to set up defensive lines that lasted long enough and were numerous enough to be a credible threat. Well after mass ravens dropping turrets left and right that killed bases become a thing, that got shut down fast, because it was considered a cheese that won far too often. Sad days. Right now the turret lasts a few seconds, and it is wiser to run from the turret rather than engage it. It is also fragile enough that big armies simply destroy it and go through anyway and there is so little time that setting effective mass turret defenses is not viable before the first ones start dropping. That being said, the ravens now have no offensive functions besides flying in and launching a few seeker missiles, and then usually getting caught by angry interceptors because the raven does not have enough energy. Also, the seeker missiles take a tremendous amount of time to recharge, and do the same damage as two siege tank shots. Its a very niche tool. The other thing its ok for is killing spy drones, but that's overkill. Suggestions: Ravens have a big energy weakness. A way to effectively buff their inherent energy weakness is to clip back their ability costs and their max energy cap. Turrets do not last long enough for what they were originally designed for which was a free unit. The reason that free units for terran are OK is because terran have to repair all damage they take, and plus, when you got 3-4 bases, free unit mechanics do not come into play really. Regardless, with such short lifetimes, turrets either need a lifetime buff, or they need to be replaced with another ability. 1. energy cap 200->150 2. seeker cost 125->80 3. point defense 100 -> 70 notice that now 1 point defense drone + 1 seeker missile is the entire energy budget of the raven. This gives the raven a fighting chance to escape from interceptors who want to kill it. Before, seeker + point def cost 225 energy, which is more than what a raven has, effectively forcing ravens to go in groups of two if they want to conduct a poke and run harras mission. 4. Turret gets a duration buff back to the original duration, but no energy change. With only 150 energy, ravens can only chuck out 3 turrets, With point defense at 70, they can chuck out a single point defense and a single turret instead of 2 turrets and a point defense which was the big pain for turrets vs air. 5. Ravens should get more sight range. Not detection range, SIGHT range. This boosts the role of acting as a forward observer for deployed siege tanks, and it allows ravens on a seeker missile harass mission to have more survivability. 6. If the turret is not going to get a boost to its duration, then the raven should get some other thing, and the turret should be removed. The description of the raven on http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/game/unit/raven says it is a combat engineer. Well, how about an ability to chuck spare parts and modules to repair damaged mechanical units? For example, it would stun a friendly unit for 2 seconds and at the end of the stun, the unit is healed for 50 hp. Another nice tool would be a harassment missile that is a single target, medium damage missile. This missile would be able to one shot spy drones, workers, and burrowed widow mines, and cost 45 energy. Yet another tool would be an ability to chuck extra armor plates at undamaged mechanical units giving them a shield that does not self repair so that they take less damage in battle. 7. Ravens need to be able to volley fire their seekers. I suggest making seeker missile toggleable so that when click to attack with enough energy, all ravens fire their seekers at the same time so they can make a run for it as a group.Shaithias0 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 Should the Yamato Cannon have splash Damage? YEs or no?Batleforever17 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 terran needs pylons overcharge more then toss toss can warp in units zergs are super mobile, as terran im afraid to leave my base, dt harasses, mutas ling drops, nothing in my base to defend, does david kim wants me to start to plenetary fortress or what? or maybe every game i should spend 1500 minirals to make torrents rings? ho i forgot warp prisims range !@#$s on on my torrents, i dont like starcraft anymore if i cant play terran i think im going to move playing some other games, thanks davidtalski4 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 bring back the goliath and wraith they fill the holes in terran army, banshee is just a really bad wraith, it doesnt shoot air slow and not mobile, wraith can use do harass and protect from prisms run away from mutas and snip zerg basses fast, goliath counter mutas and air harass and fills great holes,talski3 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 My terran wishlist This is a wishlist, I know it makes it probably would make terrans a tad unbalanced, but here it is. What is your wishlist for any of the races? Share what you would like to see in the comments below. I tried to have everything on my wishlist have some sort of a counter. 1. planetary fortresses now, they can garrison normal infantry in addition to scvs. This would make planetary fortress defenses viable and force attackers to bring heavy siege equipment. Also, planetary fortress upgrade would be split into two mini upgrades. Fortress gives the gun, and upgrades in 15 seconds. Planetary fortress gives the bunker capacity and takes 21 seconds to upgrade. 2. Repair station buildings. They would repair nearby mechanical units and structures from energy not crystal and gas. They could be costly. They could have a low energy cap. They could repair at half the rate of an scv. I don't care, I just want a way to keep buildings from burning down if my army saves em and there is no nearby scv. I also want my battlecruisers to have a retreat point to a forward base that doesn't have the weak point of a single scv to kill, because scv's have seriously low health. Lastly, when late game rolls around and I am stuck in the annoying position of being broke along with my opponent, I don't like seeing protoss get free shields, zerg getting free regen and me getting only free healing on infantry. Infantry doesn't survive like void rays and tempests, and all the zerg air and ultralisks do. 3. Ghosts energy usage. It sucks to have to break stealth eventually. a. ghosts no longer use energy. b. cloak is broken when using an emp round, and while cloaked, rate of fire is reduced by 25%. c. uncloaked, ghosts become detectors, they lose it while cloaked. d. snipe and emp round get cooldowns. e. after uncloaking, the ghost has to wait 5-10 seconds to recloak. 4. Thors. Give the thor a deploy mode just like the siege tank, instead it targets air. It takes 10 seconds to deploy, and 10 seconds to undeploy. While being deployed or undeployed, it takes 20% more damage and loses all armor. Once set up, it gets a big boost to anti air range, damage, line of sight, and gets its armor back. This would allow terrans to zone enemy air out of an area, and use it defensively. If they wanted to get the drop on enemy air offensively, they would have to sneak the thors in at the beginning of the attack, and set up and defend the thors long enough for them to get the deployment off before the enemy units arrive. EDIT: deployed thors could be moved like deployed siege tanks can, but would slow the carrying medivacShaithias2 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 Liberators do not have a dominant role What is the purpose of the liberator? Earlygame: worker harass: banshees are better. base defense: siege tanks are better. anti air: vikings are better. The only thing that liberators seem to be good at is rushing a protoss player early, and if they get phoenixes out, or the mothership its countered. They also seem to be semi ok with covering a widow mine drop early game, but in many cases, cloaked banshee still outperforms them. Midgame: they sort of counter air spam. Not as good as a raven missile or a widow mine in terms of raw splash but whatever. So that is it. half baked widow mine cover, and early protoss harass if protoss didn't build defensive structures or get anti-air. What is worse, is that by the time liberators are coming on line, the window where they dominate is closing. I would argue that two reapers is more damaging to an enemy economy than a single liberator. Not only that, but two reapers at 50/50 cost less than a single liberator at 150/150. Suggestion to the liberator: allow liberators to shoot air AND ground targets while they are deployed. This allows liberators to zone enemy air out of an area, its not a big buff because they still have blind spots the enemy can fly to but at least they force the enemy to maneuver around the block.Shaithias1 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 How Do You Go From Diamond to Master's League Hey guys, I just got into diamond league and have noticed the transition from platinum league to diamond league is basically a better execution of a build as well as better micro. I can beat low diamond players; however, I have no clue what the skill cap is of mid/ high diamond players or even low master players. My question is what skills is needed (to improve) from a new diamond player to reach master's league?Zapster3 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Why David Kim is the best qualified developer 1 Strong resistance to compression. Despite so many amateurs and professional players in all regions complained about the imbalance of TvP, David still play deaf and dumb for nothing. 2 Clear logical thinking. For example, his reason not to nerf the adept is very convincing: since this unit has been weakened in the beta period so there is no need to do this anymore. 3 Valuing people’s feedback Yesterday Kim has made the new speech, and said” Siege tanks going back to tank mode when picked up by Medivacs does seem to be a solid suggestion. We agree with you that Siege Tanks gaining mobility did take away from what the unit is by design, and also agree that this change played the biggest part in making mech not viable in TvT. We can definitely add this to the next balance test map. ” So basically Kim means: thank you guys for giving so much feedback on adept is imba, I am very happy to hear that, so we decide to nerf the tank. 4 Enjoy reputation everywhere If you ask the league of legends players from Korea or China whether they know the name of DK, they will definitely give you the positive answer. Why? They will tell you just because him they choose to leave SC2 to LOL. Thanks to Dk’s hard work, you are absolutely the best qualified developer in starcraft,and you are a warm-hearted man. Without you, I would never quit the stubbrorn addiction to legacy of the adept so easily..QuAsaR3 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Planetary fortresses Planetary fortress upgrade should be able to be built while the fortress is airborne, or it should be built fasterShaithias4 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 17, 2016 LF partner Collegiate archon tournament. have played a little this expac, my comp is a little crappy i lag a lot, but my new comp will be here on the 22 of this month so no more issues. I attend Eastern Kentucky university. or if any one knows how to find a partner let me know please.xzeyph0 Jan 17, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 low level terran. Ok so first off, I know there is a retarded amount of balance/whining threads but I have to rant for a bit just to calm myself down lol. I've only played SC2 for a year or so and I know my league has almost no input on the matter of balance but even so, I'm just not having fun anymore. I've always loved playing Terran, but playing on ladder is cancer for someone without 250+ apms. I can literally win at my level playing zerg or toss by simply macroing and a-moving. I like winning, I really do, but its just not fun for me personally playing anything but Terran. Bio is just too micro intensive to compete with the other races, and mech is just awful. I know we balance the game around the highest level of play and this is great and all, but give us low level terrans some options lol.GGeoh5 Jan 16, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 Looking for a good opener vs mech Hey guys, do u know any bio opening that counters a mech, at least make his days hell in tvt?Majoris3 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 14, 2016 Need a specific build to shut down rays Hey, I'm so sick of rays in gold 4v4 I need a very specific build, which I'm wondering about because I don't know quite how important medivacs are. For the sake of argument let's assume my teammates kind of cancel out their teammates. If my opponent is a Protoss and builds two cannons, then a mothership core, two stargates, and then just pumps out rays, what kind of build can I do with marines, medivacs, and maybe widows to have the biggest advantage at the time I attack? Or if you don't have a specific build, any thoughts on whether stim is worth it or just one-base no-gas cranking marines for an earlier strike is appreciated.Torimar12 Jan 14, 2016
Jan 14, 2016 How do you beat Protoss 1-base pylon rush? I'm a top diamond player and the only matchup problem i am having is 1-base protoss... I always scout and know exactly what theyre doing... i get early reactored marines and fast tank and liberator and still can't hold it.,.. even put a bunker at the bottom of the ramp... any tips? ThanksTexan2 Jan 14, 2016
Jan 14, 2016 Why this game is imbalanced towards terran This game s imbalanced towards terran in so many way, specially for new comers, not just in lotv, terran is decent only if you have 300 apm + and why? 1) terran workers dont mine while they make building = you loose money 2) you need to rally workers back to mining = you loose apm 3) terran workers can be killed while making a building 4) zerg player just need to rally his units and attack with ultras banes, terran need in all of the mass to split his units and try to hit the ultras and snipe while micro his units and deploy librators, what does zerg needs to do? ctrl a and rally.. 5) terran has the worst late game and can be abused easly, what does terran have in late game? nothing the main issue is that i find my self all the time need to control 3-4 control groups - ghosts , librators , medivacs with tanks, marins, and my enemy with 60 apm just need to rally his units and win for someone that isnt a pro and got about 180 apm i find it sometime just impossible and i loose 100% of my army while the zerg for example with ultras - banes - broodlord just rally units towards me and win with 60 apm just a shametalski10 Jan 14, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 Tvp MarineGhostMedivac Alright folks ,im a eu mid-top master protoss player ,but i love to play terran sometimes (wether it's unranked or in Na). Besides my tvt sucks and my tvz is..Okay ,my tvp in hots was super ,as i knew protoss weknesses and could exploit them kinda well. I feel like pvt is very unbalanced right now and protoss have a very big advantage ,but that's not just it. I also feel like you terran playerz are a little bit lacking of "creativity" as you just complain abuot "mech not a thing" or "can just go cyclonopening" w/o even trying different stuff. Now ,i know that adept are a very pain in the !@# ect.. So i just wanted to share with you this little different playstiyle that i've been using against protoss in ladder ,beating also a few masters. CC FIRST --> 3 RAX , double tech lab and before any tech, ghost accademy. The money that you should invest in cyclon / tanks / marauder ,try to invest them into ghosts. Ghosts are great against adept since they are light type and they are heavy on shields. So ,for every terran that likes to bio ,id suggest to try this. Hope it works and good luck to everybody! (Before stimpack you want to get shields for marines to be more tankish)MiaNonnNa8 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 Hey terrans, listen, new TvP Hi, in the current state of the game, we have really strong difficulties in each not-mirror matchup. TvZ Roach Ravager really strong, u need 300 apm without a missclick and a lot of eco damage to get into the lategame, to finally lose to ultralisk. Otherwise Reaperrush and win mostly. TvP While PO is broken, terran can defend offensive PO easily with reactor first. In defence it is way 2strong and the Protoss could always go for a safe third. Furthermore Tempest are broken in early-mid game for example on Ulrena. U cant counter them and just lose to their 13 range. Adepts are way 2strong and could just hold every aggression we do. Photon Overcharge helps even more. While TvP is very broken and we just have to hope for a midgame fail engagement of the unexperienced Protoss player who just got boosted through his race, we have one more option which i will tell you now. On a few maps, you can do a different opening than 1-1-1 cyclone.... Start with reactor rax as usual, but scout with one scv(thats not part of the normal 111) Scout for proxy Stargate or 1base Stargate. If u see expansion build of the Protoss, build 4 Reaper instead of Marines, build CC as usual to normal timings as well as 2nd Gas and Depot. Now continue with 2 more Barracks like in HotS. 1 techlab 1 without and the reactored. Boost just Marines and go Factory Starport - reactored Medivac tech. Then u can do a very fast Stim timing push and kill the third or do main damage - depends on his fault and ur micro to snipe the msc or the pylon or catch him out of position. Well this is all depending on yourself. Back to the opening. It only works if u micro ur 4 reaper very very well and kill his 1-3 beginning adepts. U need to use the grenade very properly while microing good. Even when he attacks with msc too, outmicro it with your movespeed of the reapers. After that u can force POs or even do eco damage on his expansion or main. btw, i like to do a reactor on the factory after i built the reactor for the starport with it, to build mines and go for a mine-bio mix firstly until liberator. This build got tested and works, but u need the skill for it. It is exhausting. And when u still lose, u ll feel as bad as u usually do against protoss edit: maybe u will say: but he has a pylon at his natural. And thats why i suggest u to try this build. He wont have a pylon at his natural. By the time u arrive he didnt build a pylon yet on his natural. And if he has, then look for a way to engage out of range, u have high movespeed reaperVexOQ1 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 2v2 Team Strategy Terran and Protoss I recently started playing a strat with a friend, we are protoss and Terran (me). We have now been winning consistently without losing a single game (in Diamond) with this. Basically I wall off hard (double buildings against Zerg just in case for banes) with marines, a few marauders if the comp is needed, very quick tanks medivacs and a few turrets. I take two bases, he takes three. Usually this is easily defendable. Meanwhile, I am upgrading bio (or just marines) to 3/3 and he is getting upgraded carriers. As soon as I have my upgrades or if he has enough carriers (usually at least 6-8) we push. Literally nothing has been able to stop this. Even early ling pressure and reapers has not, as we both play conservative opening (cannon in the mineral line etc.). Does anyone have any ideas on what might break this comp? That is essentially, MMM with 5-6 tanks and carriers. Or any ideas on how to improve, or if a certain comp might be better? Thanks all. DanDtatheizAN0 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 11, 2016 Mechanic Drills #5 Mouse Mechanics(Video) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcq8mtr_dhw In this episode of Mechanic Drills, we focus on our mouse mechanics by doing some out of game drills. The beauty of improving with your mouse is you can do it outside of sc2 and it will drastically improve your ingame game play! In this episode I talk about some of the finer details and why this is so important. Link to Rest of Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFsSKtEn_DmSmcj2TNJgvG0jE9YpDJI4R Can find me on twitter @RiskSc if you liked what you saw and what to see more be sure to subscribe!Risk1 Jan 11, 2016
Jan 10, 2016 Help TvT bio Hello Terran brothers, I'm completely lost in TvT, mostly because of tankivacs bull!@#$, and I need help on opening. I like to macro every MU, I used to go reaper FE - marine into siege tank, but, everytime I got outmacroed because I really don't know hot to follow up at my initially opening. Should put my 3rd CC before pumping out tanks? Before 2nd/3rd rax? What can I do to deal damages to my opponent? I'm really scared of moving out because of tankivacs and there is almost no way to have any kind of early game aggression (like hots hellion drops or siege tank drops). How to play mid/lategame stages? Push the front? Multipronged attacks? Against mech I just doom drop, is it right? Thank you everybody!Airmax3 Jan 10, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Mules or scans? As a silver terran, I almost never use mules and win vs zerg half the time. I always just do constant scans to see what the enemy's army is doing and what structures they have (this has saved me multiple times as if I scan and the army is gone I prepare myself for upcoming attack with repositioning and pre splitting and making sure my counter units are out). Is the constant scans worth the money you can gain from constant mules? And if so, what is another way i can scout efficently?BruteBrawn5 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Reasonable Buff to tanks Just remove splash damage to friendly units. I expect this one to be controversial, because Terran player will think this one is hardly a buff and others may think this is toooooooooooooooooo OP I like to see how bias people are.Fentoyal2 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Cyclones have no purpose There basically useless. They have no strategic purpose in multiplayer. The beta version of the cyclone was far better. It had lots of range. Now there just way overpriced for having no use in the game. Light units like rines, lings, stalkers, zealots can easily counter them as well as far range units like tempest, cols, tanks, lurkers, etc. They cost more than tanks and I think tanks are far more valuable. If the cyclone was cheaper I think they would be used more and it is so difficult to keep there special attack going as the enemy is always moving away from them.monster10 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Proxy hatch into Ravager/Roach vs T I'm specifically talking in base natural, so let us be clear about that. I open depot>rax>gas>reaper and oc, 2nd cc before depot. I always scout with second built scv, so I can see the lack of a natural for the Zerg. Is the only way to avoid autolosing stopping the drone from building the hatch at all? That seems almost impossible unless I pull my building scv off. My current (failed) strategy is I get my second cc elsewhere and "bunker rush" my own in base natural while building a factory and then a second rax and starport (basically my standard build) but the bunkers get easily destroyed by the Ravager's long range ability. I can barely have out maybe one tank, a few marines and a medivac and he will have 4-5 ravagers and a few roaches as well... what am I missing here? Any tips? PS YES I am aware this a repost from the general discussion forum but after a moment of thought I decided maybe a double post specifically for my terran comrades is in orderhofnerJ0 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Back in Platinum! Didn't know if I would ever reach it in LotV, kept trying to go mech and failing hard.... finally switched over to our favorite strategy since March 2013, gas opening into reaper into expo and have been dominating the competition in gold and plat... kinda makes me sad that mech still isn't really viable at this stagehofnerJ3 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 I never beat late game zerg i never beat late game zerg no matter what i do, it takes an insane amount of skill to kill late game zerg , ultras, banes investors vipers, just impossible i try everything, i tried to snip the ultras but everything melts before im able to clikc on 1 ultratalski8 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 Raynor is boring in co-op; help me, please? What are your builds and tactics? I need inspiration fast because anything else than marines & medics is not viable or engaging.CyborgHotDog14 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 How to not suck at Terran? I am a noob that doesn't want to be a noob. How do I not suck at Terran? (Or SCII Multiplayer in general?)Puzzlebark3 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 Possible new play style There is no set in stone build order yet, But I wanted to get some other terrans involved in testing this out , it may be the next "meta" This play-style is like the 1 rax FE, it works every game against every race, regardless of what your opponent is doing. The foundation of this build is 2 factory 2 starport mech-terran. The units you will want to be producing are 1 tank, 2 hellions, 2 libs, 1 banshee. As you add more production you will be able to afford to add ravens / BC to end the game. The core of the army should always those 4 units though, find ways to manipulate your units to out play your opponent. I personally love opening classic 1 base blue flame hellion expand, into a fast third and agression with hellion / tanks and banshee, there are a few down sides to this opening, namely being oracles, and quick ravagers all in. To beat this your scv needs to see gas, if it does not drop a scan, or two, it is worth knowing that is coming. Take an early second gas to get ready for banshee tank production, and build a sim city that gives you the defenders advantage from any and all angles, when you get your first 2 libs, if they are still being agressive, use them to force a retreat ( IE send them to their base ) From here you will expand rapidly, build hellions contionously, upgrade relentlessly, and attack with authority. Every move you make will strike fear, you will be in control, do not stop for a momment, there is no time for sitting idle, this army thrives on position, and constantly changing your position gives you an edge like none-other I have ever experienced with any other composition in the game. It is not easy, but it is not bio-splitting hard, it feels light, quick, mobile, intense, rewarding, new and most of all fun. Hopefully you read the thread, but a final summary; 2 factory (BFH/Tank) followed by starports (or ebay/turrets first if necessary) 2 starports (lib/banshee) then 2 armoury ( mech-ground first, then mech-air attack) Be aggressive, and enjoy the feel of complete map dominance.Kiaph6 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 6, 2016 Offering Free Coaching Hey everyone, Furbiford here. I am offering coaching to anyone in need of it. Anyone interested feel free to post here and/or message me in game. Furbiford / 398Furbiford203 Jan 6, 2016
Jan 5, 2016 The real Polt? Hey there, Can anyone tell me if this is the real Polt? I played this guy on the ladder (1v1) but I have a hard time believing it's the real Polt (i.e. Seonghun Choi). http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/1847532/1/CMStormPolt/ladder/leagues#current-rank He said that he was playing HOTS and was taking a little break from LOTV. Could this be true or is this guy an impostor? Thanks!DerWicht7 Jan 5, 2016
Jan 5, 2016 hellions instead of drops? i dound helions much more useful then drops, i can take 6 hellions and rack a whole drone line in 6 secs, with drop i get maybe 4 drones before i get 100 zerglings on my head and mutas running after my medivac, also with clearing creep, try it outtalski0 Jan 5, 2016
Jan 5, 2016 cant beat carriers if im unable to stop toss and he gets to carriers im dead meat, nothing i can do even mass viking melts... i just gg and quit, no late game for terrantalski3 Jan 5, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 How many barracks should I have? Hello everybody! :) So pretty much my entire time playing Starcraft from BW to now I have been either a Zerg or Protoss main. Now in LOTV I am picking up Terran. I have made it to platinum from bronze playing as Terran but I feel I do not know much about Terran still. So my question is roughly how many barracks should I have down per expansion? I find myself being stuck around 5-10 barracks. Also what is the ratio for tech labs to reactors? I typically do 2 tech labs to 1 reactor usually vs most matchups. I know this probably differs with each matchup and how the actual game goes but if I could get a general template to work off of that would be great!Natalie5 Jan 3, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 How to scout and maintain vision as Terran? Hello, i'm Bronze Terran. I'm new to Starcraft also. Protoss have their observer. Zerg i think they are everywhere, they control every place on the map. I don't know how to maintain my sight, to know when my opponent attack my base and what he bring in. On a map which have Xel'naga tower, i usually bring a widow mine there. Otherwise i send a marine or SCV to high ground spot, but they get killed very fast. So, how do Terran maintain vision? Or we usually blind play like that?hucancode7 Jan 3, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 What mech to add in with bio vs protoss? What I have normally done to add In with my bio are siege tanks but I have seemed to lose most the times with those. However recently I had made thors instead and won. I'm not sure which one to mix in with infantry... what mech do you usually add in?BruteBrawn2 Jan 3, 2016