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Apr 4 Suggestion for Terran Power Armor Okay, so, I'll admit that I dunno what the Terran engineer was thinking when he made Terran Power Armor, but I've heard about the kind of power armor that is scientifically possible to create in real life when you have a civilization like the Terrans do, and Blizzard's sci-fi, well, ignores the boundaries of reality. So, I mean, when they were designing that armor, did they just like, decide that their troops should die when nuked? They could've just built armor that lets them survive the nuke, too. That's an option the Terrans would have if their physics worked like IRL physics do, and Starcraft is bad sci-fi, so it doesn't have to obey physics if it doesn't want to. Was "Marines die when they get nuked, but not when they get shot by their fellow Marines" really the kind of real-world thing you want to adhere to when science says you have it backwards in a civilization like Terrans, and you don't even have to listen to science?Pouncey7 Apr 4
Apr 1 Terran Feedback Since there is no reason to play anything other than Terran OP race! Zerg has 100% zero chance to win vs them it wouldent matter if you nerfed reapers or nerfed 1 or 2 units. The match up is complete dog shT and is unplayable. They can do what ever they want and beat you practically Free workers are broken marines are broken widow mines are broken I played as Terran and got masters within a few weeks. Yet I played zerg for 6 years and only got diamond. The imbalance is real and always has been. Playing the race did not make me feel as though I been wrong oh NO it only confirmed my suspicion that it is the easiest race and completely imbalanced. There is NO reason for FREE WORKERS you can buff scvs to make an even economy you can make the mule spell into something NEW which balances the economy like BUFFING THE SCVS instead of giving them FREE WORKERS! They should suffer from losing workers like the other races but they DON'T THANKS TO FREE WORKERS! Marines are way to OP for 50 minerals and 1 supply may be they would be fine if zerg has actual counters.... but banelings are still countered by more marines.... and micro... and then widow mines.... .which take no skill at all to use you just set them and forget them mean while profit. How do you think I got masters with Terran? Mass widow mines! and mass marines! oh repair_planetary= EZ MULES = EZ THE WHOLE RACE = OP AND EZOvermind46 Apr 1
Mar 30 So I finally tried ranked as Terran I figured I would try this out. Had no idea really what to do, but figured screw it people said just hop in and so I did. I ended up pretty much getting slaughtered, 0 wins really cause I am no counting the Zerg surrendering before the game even started. Are all games like this though? Lots of blocking off of the entrance and players able to build an army under 10 minutes? Cause I mean if so I'm not liking it. I tried scouting but the reaper couldn't really get up into their base to see what they were doing. I'm not fast enough to put together a medivac and a few units apparently. Basically after losing every game I got place in the bottom of Gold. They were able to harass my workers with just reapers, sneak in banshee's, and drop in marines and do considerable damage. I wasn't much use. I thought that at least though I would be able to play others of around the same skill. Wondering how many games I would have to even play before I have a 50/50 shot? And is it even possible I am so bad that I will just continue to lose no matter what? I don't really care if I am bottom of the barrel but just want to play against others around the same level, even if it means tier 3 Bronze and just building bases and screwing around.Sisyphus4 Mar 30
Mar 28 Wanting To Main Terran Hello, I am wanting to switch to Terran as my main race, and I am needing help. I am a Masters Zerg, but i just can get terran to click. If some people or a person could offer some helpful tips, coaching or mentoring, that would be fantastic. Here is my information to ad me if you are willing to help me. NeRBiX#1331NRB7 Mar 28
Mar 28 Idea for Making Zealots More Relevant This one has to do with how Charge functions. I'm not claiming that Chargelots are not strong in some situations (I personally use them quite a bit), but in general, they have proven to be overshadowed (or overshaded, if you will) by Adepts. Some large factors that contribute to this are: - The Zealot's inferior potential to escape bad situations compared to Adepts - The effectiveness of short-range splash damage units (like Banelings and Mines) against Zealots due to their melee range - The effectiveness of kiting against Zealots, also due to their melee range These proposals are meant to strengthen Zealots by increasing their micro potential: 1) Allow the Zealot to Charge to a point via user command rather than just to enemy units. Reasoning: This helps against both short-range splash damage units and for helping Zealots escape bad situations. Currently, there is rarely ever a reason to turn autocast off of Charge, the benefits of manually using it almost never outweighing the effort needed to use it manually for benefit; this would make doing so an option for those who desire to have more meaningful micro potential for their Zealots. For instance, when fighting Ling/Bling, you could keep the Zealots together to take on any initial Lings, then manually use Charge to split or pull off groups of Zealots when Banelings roll in to gain efficiency against them. You could also use this to gain positional advantages in engagements and more easily retreat from bad situations. Some tweaks to help balance this out could be to eliminate Charge impact damage and/or allow Zealots to Charge to friendly units (keeping impact damage would make this a tradeoff) instead of points on the ground, requiring a ground unit or structure back if you want to escape a situation and allowing more counterplay, though making the micro more cumbersome. 2) Reduce the max duration of Charge to limit its range. Reasoning: With the above change, you would most likely need to limit the range of Charge more than its current maximum range to keep it balanced. 3) Reduce the cooldown of Charge. Reasoning: With change 2, you also open up the option of altering the cooldown of Charge. This would mainly be to lessen (but not eliminate) the effectiveness of kiting against Zealots, as well as allow more opportunities for utilizing the micro. Again, the tweaks mentioned in the paragraph before change 2 -- as well as the magnitude of change 2 itself -- could be considered for balancing this change. With a more relevant Zealot, more freedom of experimentation for Adept changes could be opened up as many do not see the Adept as currently having an ideal design. Thoughts?NinjaDuckBob18 Mar 28
Mar 27 Is TvP still a 5 minute kill window? I cannot beat protoss after the 5 minute window no matter how big army I have. And it's litteraly impossible to kill of Protoss in the first 5 minutes thanks to a single pylon and MSC defending their base. Then after that they start pumping out mass stalkers/adepts with Immortals and it's already over for me. I really wish that PO was shorter or cost more energy so at least it gave us a window to kill protoss.DrRobotnik2 Mar 27
Mar 27 Returning Player. Curious about mech? So, I've recently came back to sc2 after a few years. I used to main zerg, but I feel like learning all the races to some extent with the separate MMRs. I'm the most interested in terran mech. I'd like as much help as I can be given. Basic tips and maybe an idea of how to open. I have no idea what I'm doing and any help would be appreciated.Gerrent5 Mar 27
Mar 26 how to use WMs vs Zerg? How exactly do i have to use WM vs Zerg in order to prevent them to be traitor mines? It seems that in all my games, all Zerg needs to do is right click behind my army and he wins, while in any pro game, the WMs do get decent shots or at least, dont kill 10 marines. Most of my mines do have really bad connects. And i don't know why exactly, or how i can prevent the zerg from just winning my right clicking behind my army. In HotS you have seen pros do unburrow but nowaday that is rarely the case so i wonder how do i use mines effectively. Right clicking on the banes is what i try but it doesnt rly work and also while doing that, i cant split further. But if i split and micro the marines dont shoot as they are moving and the WMs connect with the speedling the zerg just right clicked behind my army, so what is the secret?TigerTerran10 Mar 26
Mar 24 Mules are FREE workers Why give Terran FREE workers in the first place? People say they need them to stay on the same economy but that is not true they could change the spell to make it BUFF scvs to give them the same income. Giving them free workers just allows them to do things like come back after playing bad like losing your scvs because then you can magically drop MULES. If they changed it so its a buff then Terran might require some skill. Both players can play bad right? Sure but Terrans can magically drop mules after losing their workers and zerg and protoss can't we have to PAY for them and also need to wait for the BUILD TIME. Allowing Terran to magicaly drop mules and not build them means..... a lot. Imagine having to build 16 scvs.... or 16 probes........ you would need to wait..... what does waiting mean it means you have to slowly build up your income. But Terran skip right over that building thing and magically drop mules. Where each mule=5 workers some pros like Pig say they are worth 7. But w/e. So dropping even 5 mules means the income of about 25 or 35 scvs...... imagibe needing to build 35 probes.... or pay 50 minerals each for 35 probes......... 35X50= 1750 minerals just to build them never mind the the fact that other races have to slowly build up to that amount of workers and Terran magically just jump to it.Overmind39 Mar 24
Mar 24 On Widow Mine's HP Widow mines have too much health, what happens in the following video is common but I think it should not happen: http://giphy.com/gifs/mN55BZxEs2ju With that amount of units in position widow mines should not do any damage. EDIT: Full video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyTCqEjekoU There were 3 sentries and 2 adepts defending the main base and 3 stalkers and a MSC the expansion. The Protoss lost 2 sentries and 7 probes.dpqb50 Mar 24
Mar 21 Suggestion to see more mech play Since mech does not seems to be really viable, maybe the ship and vehicle attack upgrades can be merged into only one upgrade?BDawg8 Mar 21
Mar 21 Widow mine balance suggestions I feel like widow mines are one of the least fun units in the game. They have many strengths with limited weaknesses. There's also few ways to counter them without sacrificing too many of your own units, hence making them quite cost effective. When you have a unit that is relatively cheap, can burrow, attack air and ground, and do splash damage; I don't see how this unit can add value to the game. I have some suggestions that will hopefully make them more fun and require more skill to utilize them: 1. Allow them to damage other friendly mines. This way there's a possibility to destroy them without detection. This would also greatly reduce the widow mine drop cheese. 2. Allow them to miss if a target steps out of range. This would make kiting them possible and require more strategic placement. 3. Lower their cost and make them one time use. Perhaps make them more like spider mines from broodwar days. They can be reloaded with Helions or SCV's or something. 4. Make them air or ground only, not both. 5. Remove splash damage. Or reduce the splash radius to a minimum. 6. Reduce HP. I still don't get why a mine has 90hp? Perhaps 30-50hp is a more reasonable number. I'm not trying to hate on the widow mine (I use them all the time when playing Terran), but they should have an exploitable weakness to make them more fun. And by making the game more fun, you bring back players to this dwindling community.StarCheese29 Mar 21
Mar 21 Terran turrets cost too much 150 minerals is a lot of minerals, considering the mining time lost and it's a dedicated anti air turret that does nothing to ground units.. I think this is one of the reasons players can't Mech terran, unless you leave a dedicated Thor or something inside your base. Mines can also help vs drops, but cost supply and this is just a unit idle in your mineral line (No one wastes mines on the entire cliff edge) It's also funny that terran still require an engineering bay to construct turrets (Yet another downside to going mech). While zerg can build spores at 75 minerals with only a spawning pool. Toss always double forge anyways and cannons are all purpose anti air and ground. It's just frustrating that to stop drop/air cheese terran has to devote supply to do it (viking/mines)VietCong13 Mar 21
Mar 21 How to counter greedy zerg???? Does anyone know which is best opening to counter a massively greedy zerg?? I mean, some Z players go like 3 fast expands and keep stopping all attacks with just lots of lings...also keep stuff their bases with spores and is impossible to air-attack either. Thank you Fornax.Fornax40 Mar 21
Mar 21 Balanced? Can't find a specific part of the forum to speak about balance, so here goes. Terran right now feels a lot like terran in WoL, whatever they chose to go it's up to the opponents to play WAY better and counter everything terran throws at you. Cyclones and Liberators seem stronger than anything protoss or zerg can conjour up in the same amount of time and it's nearly impossible to get benefitial trades. Units like marine and marauder has stayed essentially the same eventhough the way people split vs storms/banelings is getting perfected in the lowest of leagues. What are your thoughts? Are terran dominating with a quarter of the apm and half the bases, as in my case or am I just a big chobo who needs to l2p?hehehehehehe7 Mar 21
Mar 19 Trying to find a pro to follow Any suggestions on which pro I should follow based on play style? I like to always be in my opponents face, attacking.Dignitos4 Mar 19
Mar 17 Why o why? Mech is not viable any longer. Well, As for the patch 3.9 the game was in good spot, there were some minor issues like mass reaper, or carrier. But overall game play was quite manageable, at least I have enjoyed it. I am solely a Terran player so I like all things Terran. But now... TvZ It was in a good place, mech had some options hellion + cyclone push was enough to do some initial damage maybe even win the game, but later tanks, and something against mutas like mines and Thor was an option together with a mix of liberators. Not any longer nerf to mines, reaper, and buff to hydras makes a zerg ball of death quite difficult to deal with. Ravenger, roach, hydra has no good mech counter at all as light hydra is 10hp stronger and ravenger has no tag. Now I have to shake hands with my bio once again. TvP Mech was never viable against skytoss, that said one could do some poke here and there, but now mines er well mines and not working against protos as intended. There is no mech opener with good anti air unless you want to drop second cc in favor of starport. TvT is ok but given mobility of troops there is only place for siege tanks + some air in this match-up. Enough whining :) Do balances vs each race separately, like it was with widow mine before, additional damage targeted ONLY Protos, as no other race has shields. Hellion +damage to hydras and lings, and little damage to mechanical. Make widow mines dummer - single target first thing in the zone, so that one can actually sacrifice a probe to disarm 10 mines all at once. BC single cool-down on TJ and Yamato. Vikings increase DPS - they are uterrly usles against corruptors. Make Interceptors cheap but let the expire. Anyway why there is so many different design choices? Every other caster casts for free but summoned units expire.RadLord3 Mar 17
Mar 12 Free Terran Coaching! Hello Everyone, I made a post a couple months back, and here i am again! Do you struggle with terran? Is Zerg or Protoss too much for you? or mass reapers always kill you in TvT? I would like to offer everyone free coaching and help as many Terrans as i can cause we need to stick together! So, who are you GamerRichy? I am a top masters Terran on both NA and EU. Well technically, i'm awaiting promotion to GM on NA for the second season in a row (finished top 100). On EU i seem to rank between 3-8 rank master while being in the top 400 on EU server. Ok so enough about me, if you would like any help, guidance or even just someone to speak to about your frustrations towards the game then don't hesitate to contact me: User: GamerRichy Code: 701 (both for EU and NA) Skype: GamerRichy Nationality: UK Best ability in the game: STIM :) So if your looking to improve, i hope i have explained enough, if not give me recommendations to make it more appealing. Please don't forget this is free coaching, the only thing i would like to gain from this is to give more Terrans confidence! If you are not a Terran, i am masters as Zerg and Protoss aswell, i would gladly give you some tips. Lets start working together, STIM AND WIN everyone! see you soon!Gamerrichy27 Mar 12
Mar 12 Gold league Hey im a terran player and im stuck in gold league does anyone have any tips for me on how to improve and become a better player overallLilFoos2 Mar 12
Mar 11 Catch me up on the meta Hey guys, I'm returning back to sc2 and was wondering what the meta is currently in the different match ups. Links are acceptable. Thanks in advance.Dignitos0 Mar 11
Mar 8 TvT So, recently my games have been fluctuating between winstreaks and lose streaks and complaining and assisting. However one thing has been consistent that i cant fix. Thats TvT. In Terran vs Terran whatever i do seems to be useless i have a vague idea why but if i drop they defend then whrn they drop with a smaller army im there to defend but even with my better micro i lose 10x more. In huge army engaments my bio gets crushed by mech or by other bio even with siege tanks and liberators. The build i do which is usually Innovations gas first banshee doesnt do anything even when i am constantly producing scvs and units whilst killing a average of thiers. They then proccede to drop me with 8 unstimmed marines and 1 siegetank which kills my 30 marines and 3 tanks. I just dont get it. Overall im looking for assistance from ACTUAL GOOD PLAYERS DIA 1+ ( plat 1 and above is ok but like plat i will take into consideration as im a keague higher. ) BECAUSE THE AMOUNT OF FAKE MASTERS IS INSANE. I by no means am a pro just a decent player which is being held back by mechanics not knowledge. So high diamonds and masters can you give me tips? I would really appreciate it. i know i dont have replays but i am at school will upload some replays of new TvT games in approximately 12 - 15 hours from when i upload this. Mabadi9 Mar 8
Mar 6 How do i use the cyclone against ground? how many marines does it take to kill a cyclone? how do i use the cyclone effectively?mrX3 Mar 6
Mar 3 Terran Build Orders - LOTV Hi all, i am HOTS Terran Master player on EU server. Currently i am in Top Diamond in EU hope to get into Masters soon. There are some interesting things which i would like to share with community. For quite some time i worked on Android tool for creating and managing build orders for Starcraft 2. You can find this tool in Google Play. Full version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sc2toolslab.sc2bmfull Free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sc2toolslab.sc2bmfree This tool using Starcraft 2 economy simulation to help write optimal build orders. You can find more details on my web site which i created to support this tool: http://www.sc2bm.com/apptour On this site i already have good Build Order Library for LOTV (HOTS library is much bigger though). What i would like to do for this Forum is to share build orders with you. Sinve LOTV metagame is not yet set there are a lot of action happening bith in Ladder and on PRO scene. New strategies are invented. Old strategies are adapted. I hope you'll find this thread useful. Added build orders 1. TvP 1-1-1 Marine Tank Liberator All In http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#2 2. TvP 17 CC into 3 Rax Bio http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#3 3. TvP Gas First 1mine 6marines drop into Liberator http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#4 4. TvT Reaper CC into 3 tank 2 medivac stim push http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#5 5. TvT Cyclone Expand into Cloaked Banshee http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#7 6. TvT Reaper FE into 1-1-1 with Fast 3rd http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#8 7. TvZ Reaper CC into Helbat Liberator push http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#9 8. TvZ 17 CC into Helbat-Tank-Liberator http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#10 9. TvZ Reaper CC into 3 Rax 2 medivacs Stim push http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20042695426?page=1#13yaRus13 Mar 3
Feb 27 Easy Macro Terran build TvX Recently I stumbled upon a rather easy build that gets your macro going as well as a strong defense. I played with it on the ladder against some players, and it worked well in all match ups, the strongest being TvP. The build is like all the other builds out there, but with the player getting a second and third barracks rather quickly. The build order is as follows without timings barracks Gas barracks(2 and 3 at same time) Reaper ( Remove from gas ) Orbital command depot command center 3x marines. ( return to gas ) The reaper will determine what you do with those marines, and the 3 marines will allow you to protect your low ground cc from an early adept/lings/reaper harass. after 6 marines start 2 more and a techlab, followed by a factory Start stimpack and a second refinery, and then drop a mule and start your second orbital. Starport and a reactor, and constant marine production. Use the reaper to decide what you want to do, against a teching protoss who has a third, or looks like plans to get a third by 6 min mark, I reccomend pulling all scvs except those on gas and just dropping mules and rallying marines medivacs and a moving. Against third base early zerg begin with a drop at his third and focus queens, take your third, and start adding ebays and more barracks behind the agression againts a third base early terran ( if this happens ..) just drop a medivac in his main and another outside his natural when he runs in to defend main stim in and kill all his natural scvs, then just macro up to win game with big marine drop. against 1-2 base play, play as defensive as you think you need to be, maybe send out first 2 medivacs for harrasment if you can spare them, and just focus on macro and map awareness, you should be able to hold all agression off 1 and 2 bases, your macro and micro will determine if you win these games more then anything else. Where 3 base builds can just fly under the radar and leave you in the dust, the 2 and 1 base builds can not and should not be seen as much of a threat and instead as an oppertunity to win the game by out smarting your opponent :DKiaph2 Feb 27
Feb 27 TvT So much pain comes to my head when i even type in TvT. But I need help with this MU. Im doing standard 1-1-1 stuff,but my reapers and cyclone die way too fast,and banshee/medivac does zero damage. I can provide replay if needed.HellGoesON2 Feb 27
Feb 26 Should Banshees get a range research? You never see Banshees past the early game because players are too turned off by their bad durability. They can hurt like hell, but since they always equal the range of most anti-air units, players just don't want to use them for fights. I recall that Blizzard tried giving them 7 range at one point, but reverted the change because it was broken for harassment. Well, what if you had to get a Fusion Core to get a range upgrade for Banshees? Way too expensive for when you use Banshees for early economy raiding, but if you wanted to use Banshees as a powerful air-to-ground DPS source, that upgrade could be really sweet. Would a +1 range upgrade at the Fusion Core be reasonable or is it impossible to balance Banshees that have 7 range? They still wouldn't outrange static defenses.darkdill1 Feb 26
Feb 24 Petty Suggestion: Siege Tanks Could Siege Tanks be allowed to Siege up in whichever direction they're currently pointing instead of angling to the upper left? Or is it a limitation of having a turret?DarthWalrus0 Feb 24
Feb 21 LF Sempai im going to play this game till i get a good rank, im current gold 3 whatever that means, i dont have more than like 15-20 hours in this game but i love it and want to get good at it, anyone who wants to take me ill make him/her proud of meOfi1 Feb 21
Feb 20 What are current builds for each MU? I heavily prefer transitioning into a bio drop style if that changes the answer. Early cyclones are something I've been wanting to experiment w/. What are you guys running? Currently returning to the game after a few months of break.pporkchop2 Feb 20
Feb 20 Terran Tactics for Dummies Well guys, after seeing several of the same types of posts day after day I felt that it was time that as a Terran community, we make a place to collectively place some of our different strategies for some of the newer players to Starcraft. So this post will be dedicated to collectively placing some of our strategies for other Terran players to look at and hopefully learn from. I will do my best to edit this as others post new strategies so that people don't have to go swimming through pages of posts to get the information they are looking for. Don't forget to like this post if it was helpful to you, or you think it may be helpful for others. 1. The Reaper Rush : A tactic used by Terran players in the early game to harass their opponent, it is best used with 3+ Reapers with speed upgrade for best harassment. Often used to damage the opposing players economy by taking out their workers. This tactic has the potential to end games if the opposing player does not have or bring in defenses of any kind. Note: Remember to continue to build units while harassing and if you are scouted early be weary of using this tactic. 2. Wall In : The general placement of barracks/supply depot/and the occasional bunker depending on preference. They are used as a "wall" to slow down incoming opponents when they push an attack, it helps to stop workers from being attacked in the early game by things such as the 6 pool ling rush, and an early zealot push. Very effective with defenses behind the wall to defend it. Note: Bring an SCV or 2 over and repair the wall while it's being attacked until your marines can kill the enemy. 3. Early Banshees : When the Terran player goes straight for cloaked banshees to harass the opponent. This is an effective tactic for players to take out the other players supply lines, and if the player is caught off guard has the potential to end games. Note: It is best to use a scan before sending banshees in so that you are able to position them in a place where things such as turrets and photon cannons can not reveal them and do damage to them. (Refer to post #4 on page #1 for a more in depth description) 4. Use The High Ground : As a Terran player you have the advantage with the high ground. When your group of Marines, Tanks, and Marauders is used with a wall in you have a higher chance of survival when facing an enemies army at your front door then you would if you ran out and met them at the base of your ramp. Tanks in siege mode are extremely effective when defending the high ground, it gives one the opportunity to pick off a couple of the enemies units before they actually get to you. 5. Supply Blocking/Expansion Scouting : An effective tactic when facing a Zerg player who gets a little too daring with his overlords is to build a couple vikings to fly around and pick them off, this in turn will lead the Zerg player to being supply blocked if you're able to find enough overlords flying around. While doing this it also allows for scouting with your vikings, and if you come across an unguarded expansion you may be able to take it out, if not take a couple workers at the very least. (You can also take out unguarded toss pylons/supply depots) Note: Be careful to continue building units while doing this, and don't get your vikings picked off because you forgot to move them, or get them out of an expansion when your opponent brings in defenses. 6. "The Avatar Strategy" : This tactic involves fast teching up to starports, while continuously pumping out marines. Once you amass a rather large army of Marines and Vikings, then using your army to push forward against your enemy. This strategy is effective due to it's ability to be fairly effective against most enemies; this does require some micro. Make sure to land your vikings effectively when doing things such as taking out a Nexus/Hachery/Command Center. (Refer to post # 8 on Page # 1 for more details on this) 7. MMM Placement: One of the most basic and fundamental strategies of Terran is this; the Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs. This is extremely effective due to the diversity within this group. Most Terran players will upgrade the marines and marauders, as well as getting a Engineering Bay to upgrade damage by your ground units. When using this strategy it is often important to keep your Medivacs back a little, towards the back of your army, so that they aren't taken out instantly and become unable to heal your units. By doing this it great ens your chances when facing an opponents army.Braden187 Feb 20
Feb 17 playing rank yup. im currently silver 1 and im expecting that at the most ill be against gold 3 to maybe gold 2. but im getting opponents that are plat to even diamond. i dont really get it. there are even cases where i ask them if they are playing rank mode and they say no. which leads me to my next question am i getting queued up with non rank players?AntiHero4 Feb 17
Feb 14 I found this game amusing I'm probably the best one in it despite my 40 APM (Zerg might have been better), and I nearly lose because I try to do too many different things and wind up with a huge lull in producing units, but...I'm not the worst one! You gotta be in the right mood for this though...it's like watching a fat kid try to swim. http://replays.sc/94 or http://drop.sc/replay/4242819Torimar2 Feb 14
Feb 13 Hammer Starcraft Live Stream **Now** https://www.twitch.tv/hammerstarcraftHammer0 Feb 13
Feb 11 Marauder Build - did everything just change? Today I discovered a really strong opening for myself using Marauders from 3 Barraks. Is this old topic ( like from 2012) or does this really work differently now with the new changes to the workers upon game start? Or is this just me? Maybe before I purchased the game and became a real live player the starting workers change for me? I dunno. Basically I build 3 scv, I build a storage, 3 more scv, ref, then wait while building scv then build two barracks simultaneously. As soon as I start that build I add two more workers to the ref. Then I can soon build the 3rd barrak and by that time I've tech'd the first two. More storage quick then because Marauders start coming out. It's been taking people off guard letting me get to stage 2 and 3 of the game really easily. Anyone else doing this, this is old news eh?AlphaYeti5 Feb 11
Feb 11 HammerStarcraft Stream [Twitch] Hi guys! I've been playing a quite a bit lately, figure I might as well share some Hammer love.. ehm that didn't sound right. I'm going to start streaming occasionally, I will be doing commentary to start with, and playing some good beats. Please follow the stream, and let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to connecting with the community, and helping Terran's where I can. https://www.twitch.tv/hammerstarcraftHammer0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Help a Silver player out here. lol. One game i was playing vs a protoss player and starting up the liberator production almost right out of the gate. i got up to about 20 liberators (lol) and also about 20 widow mines. because why not? Anywho~ he got void ray to counter my liberators. he also had a crap ton of immortals as well. i got liberators because i thought protoss would be hard pressed to against them. Do keep in mind this is low league~ after that set up on the game situation. What would be my next move. could THAT^ many liberators simply - obliterate - any air units? is the next move simply to attack and crush him? Thanks for any feedback, greatly appreciated.GoodDaytoDie2 Feb 10
Feb 8 a returning terran player hello everyone, its been a long time since ive played sc2 and i just tried playing it recently and i knew i really had a good connection with the game hence i bought LOTV. however, i have forgotten a lot of the terran stuff that i used to do so hopefully you guys can remind me of a few things like: - how do you do a move attack with a bio team? - how to actually drop marines from a medivac while it is moving? - im planning to learn doing a mech style gameplay but would you guys suggest that i start doing bio first and then transition to mech or should i go mech from the start? - does anyone actually recommend to bind command centers to numbers 1 and 2 and so on? im used to that when i started however ive noticed that if i bind my CC on those keys id probably not have a hotkey for my army :( thanks again!TheCatalyst4 Feb 8
Feb 7 How to Mech it Happen in LOTV Hey there, I'm a masters 2 mech player and just started a new video series on how to play mech: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJR8CIxZEeZIIq6OC59L7sgDoIgC4uQSK I plan on releasing a video once a week. Topic suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome, but please be gentle, I'm new to this whole making videos stuff ;)Tholor0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Help with the Terrans!!! Hello! I'm new in the game and I was playing a lot in multiplayer mode (with a very bad streak of games). I usually play a lot with Terrans and i would like to be told the most common construction orders for Terran, since I have my own strategy and it does not work for me at all. More than anything, I would like to know which are the best strategies for: Terran vs Terran, vs Zerg, and vs Protos. I would also like to know in which situations the base should be expanded at the beginning of the game (I say this since I have seen many professional games, and at minute 2 they are already making a new base ). Thanks!Sorfon4 Feb 7
Feb 7 ZvT. What can i improve upon? http://drop.sc/replay/4304261 had lots of fun playing this game. thought i'd share. apparantly one of my widow mines had 41 kills, including my own medivac and marines and tips or tricks would be appreciated. either way enjoy. let me know what you think. ps - only low plat =Dllllllllllll1 Feb 7
Feb 6 Lore question: How fast are Battlecruisers? Going back to the lore of Sc1, if I remember correctly from the Sc1 manual, Earth is 60,000 light years away from the Korpulu Sector. Now in Sc2 in the campaign and multiplayer, that Battlecruisers could "jump". Is "jumping" referring to instantaneous travel or extremely fast speeds? My guess is that it probably can't be instantaneous as the UED have cryo pods on their ships indicating that the trip from Earth to Korpulu was really long. In this case, how fast are Battlecruisers?Forge2 Feb 6
Feb 6 Mech opening? Mech openings Vs zerg ? Vs terran ? Vs protoss ? Nothing gimmicky. Just a solid OPENING vs each. Looking for just the opening here. What I do now. Vs zerg I reaper FE into factory in star port Vs terran I do the same thing but make a gas before my first barracks Vs protoss I barracks into factory and then make cc then star port. The whole time I make temporary marines at my ramp to stop protoss harrassMAC6 Feb 6
Feb 4 How to improve the 1 base cycline bio allin? Saturate on 1 base, build 2 barracks 1 with reactor and 1 with tech lab to get combat shield (and concusive shells vs protoss) and 1 factory with reactor. Then basically make marines, marauders and 8 cyclones off of 1 base and then once the 8th cyclone comes out, pull about 16 SCVs and leave 6 on minerals with mules and attack. Also, prevent all scouting and hide cyclones. I've been winning very consistently in diamond league with this build against all races (less so vs terran seige tanks) and I'd like to know how to improve it. For example, this is my own build I came up with, is there a pro version that hits a better timing?Alexander5 Feb 4
Feb 1 Is zerg imba? IGNORE THIS POST PLEASE: REALISED ME BEING STUPID TvZ is now my most comfortable matchup. Shame personally I only hit cheesy terrans... the noobs XD Is zerg imba? I mean since i started sc2 i have always sturggled vs zerg - just saying now im a europe player so i dont 1v1 on america. Ever since lotv i have struggled vs zerg with less than 50% winrate averaging between 30-40% winrate because i go vs gold zergs or offracers - im plat 1, I really dont want to say zerg is imba but i personally find it really hard to not think so. I have looked at the pros and my replays which i cant post because i dont have a tracker but i just cant beat it. My playstyle is reaper expand into marine medivac tank push with vikings or libs around 6-8 minutes - if it fails to do decent harass ( deny expo - force to build army and kill existing -make defenses ect.... ) i occasionally drop with 1-3 medivacs with marines ( i dont use marauders as they cost gas and arent worth the cost overall - tanks mines and libs are better ). No matter how many bases or drones or hatcheries and tech i kill they end up spamming 70 burrowed roaches which they instantly remax on 3 bases or 50 lings and banes with 20 mutalisks losing it every 2 minutes and remax off 4 bases and losing whole army around 10 minutes spamming 15 ultras instead - these are plat1/diamond 3 some replays of recent: ( just note my spending isnt to good as of lately) http://ggtracker.com/matches/6919203 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6919206 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6919204 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6919242Mabadi21 Feb 1
Jan 27 Ghost Forces(Nova Upgrades) Since Nova is now a Commander, I think that any forces that would run with her would be "Elite" forces! Common sense, would dictate that these forces would deal extra basic damage, before upgrades, & with upgrades! I was thinking at least +1 to basic damage of any unit, & additional +1 per weapon upgrade (max +4, for Ghost Forces)! Or, they could become "shadowed", similar to cloaking, but their shadow is still visible! But the enemy wouldn't know what's happening until several loses occur(!, appears several times before they start shooting randomly until they hit something, then focus fire)! It's just a thought! I just didn't think that a ghost commander would put up with units that are weak, or deal very little damage!Thraxx0 Jan 27
Jan 26 Bronze League Duldrums Hi all. As a returning StarCraft player a lot has changed. As of this previous season I was placed in the silver league where most new/returning players can get a positive experience. Sadly With the turn of the new season I have been place back into the hell hole of bronze league play. Enduring proto cannon rush and cheese tactic drop galore. While I understand this is part of the game it can become very frustrating trying to climb out of the cesspit of toxic players. Out of this, What can a Returning average Terran player do to get out of the bronze leagues and get into some fairly matched gameplay again? Any tips/ build guides to counter the early cannon rushes and Zerg rush bombs would be really appreciative. ~Sincerely A frustrated AdjutantGrimReaper4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Masters teams Edit~~~~~ I meant for this to be in clans and groups area Please disregardZodiac0 Jan 26
Jan 24 A scouting guide for TvT Hello everyone just passing by to share one of my recent articles about TvT, hope you enjoy, would also like to hear your feedback about what you learned. https://www.gamersensei.com/blog/what-s-going-on-a-scouting-guide-to-tvtBombs5 Jan 24
Jan 23 byun playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnyINyP2Els&index=1&list=PL1OSm1qYc5qC5LHmWHADMQWoUBGX-H2JJ here you go pls enjoyJackyDolo0 Jan 23
Jan 19 Looking for a skirm partner! Hey guys, I'm a relatively new player looking to improve in legacy of the void. I'm looking for a skirmish partner below platinum to practice against. I play zerg and and willing/want to play against any race. If you're interested my tag is C00PJr#1185COOPJr6 Jan 19