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Nov 18 Picking up Sieged Tanks... It was OP. But it was also a neat concept. What if this: Medivacs could still pickup sieged tanks, but it would take 1 second to pick the tank up (uninterruptible). And would also take a second to drop the tank (uninterruptible). Makes it very vulnerable to lings, etc. Thoughts?Waagenator1 Nov 18
Nov 18 I offer coach. Hello im eli, master 2 on eu. I offer coach on all servers.JohnRambo12 Nov 18
Nov 17 Is it just me, or is Protoss IMBA? In a tvp you have to start off defensive, because Protoss has like 15 different cheeses they can do and at least in my experience, at least 8/10 games the Protoss cheeses me. These cheeses range from 4 gate to tempest rush (they make it look like oracles). I won't even get started on late game toss, because pretty much anyone who plays terran or zerg will agree that late game protoss is op. So this gives the terran player a small window, around the 15 minute mark to win or else they are screwed. How is that balanced? How I picture the mindset of the balance team: "If the terran doesn't defend the cheese and win by 15 minutes, they suck and are going to lose."Loladin54 Nov 17
Nov 16 NEW Deathball - Ghost, Raven counter The new Raven is now a core unit for the terran lategame army for the lategame. You absolutely have to scramble Colossus or Disruptor while making sure the HT s are emped that ur ravens arent fedback. If you struggle, you also have to build way less marines, because they are instantly dead against the new colossus. There is no more room to micro seperate marines in front, because you are busy sieging liberators, a few tanks, using ur ghost then ur raven before getting melted from chargelot and the rest. Tough times now, but i hope my hint does help you all to win those lategame fights. You shouldnt invest into vikings anymore, because even if u oneshot colossus, if the enemy has more than 2, you cant kill them in time. More marauders. New colossus has bonus vs light.Sun1 Nov 16
Nov 16 How have you been adjusting? So how have you guys been dealing with the new shennanigans this patch? Just curious to see how people have been adjusting to everything. Going on. Terran forced to turtle more vs protoss yet go for a big game ending push early. Forced to have to micro 10x harder vs zerg and multi prong harder. At least thats how it feels for me. What have you guys tried so far?FluffyZling4 Nov 16
Nov 14 Uneven Orbital CC energy So in a lot of cases, esp tvt or tvz I like to save some energy for scans, so ill only drop a few mules as the game goes longer. Ive noticed my 3rd cc will generally be empty on energy and my nat will be about half or so, and my main will be sitting at 200/200... So is there a way I can use the energy evenly without having to select my main cc just to use the energy? Ultimately it's not efficient to have 1 cc full cuz then im not getting the maximum amnt of energy. But it also takes too much time to individually select the cc I wana use too..ShiNjiN1 Nov 14
Nov 8 Plat 2, struggling with bio (replays) I'm only a casual player so my mechanics/micro are not great. The consensus out there seems to be that bio is easier to learn and apply than mech, but I personally feel the opposite. Vs Zerg: As soon as my opponent senses that I'm opening with bio, I get swarmed by lings or massed roaches If not the above, he puts bane/ling at each base to prevent drops, which makes marine casualties too high to continue with drops If I wait to do a bigger push, then he expands freely and destroys my push with mass ling/bane. Now I'm behind 2 bases.I feel like I have no map control, sweating bullets and forced to play very defensively. On the other hand, if I open with hellion/cyclone and transition to mech, then my army has much more stopping power and I don't have to hide in my base. I can even destroy his 3rd if he's not prepared. Vs Toss: the experience is similar - mass adept/stargate units simply shuts down any early harassment I can do with bio, then he simply expands freely and rushes to get storm. However, WM/cyclone/liberator harassment seems to slow him down quite a bit. Other than difficulty with playing aggressively, another issue I have with bio is that the intense micro it requires is taking attention away from macro, as a result I'm getting supply blocked and forgetting SCVs more than with mech. Bio replays vs Z and P: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7215231 http://ggtracker.com/matches/7215267 Yes I know, I'm banking way too much resources, but if I focus on macro, then he focusses on macro too, and by late game I'm faced with an unbeatable army from Toss or Zerg. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!liquidstorm9 Nov 8
Nov 7 Faster way to pump units So with protoss, you can select your warp gates hover your mouse around and hold z or s..etc.. And just build from all your gates very quickly, zerg same thing, select your hatch, select larva and then hold down h for hydra. Im not complaining that its easy, just wondering if terran has a similar way to quickly produce. I thought about selecting rax then holding A for marines, but over-queuing isnt going to get me far. Is there a better way, or is terran just stuck into the old fashion way of building units?ReapeR8 Nov 7
Nov 6 Terran Mech suggestion for upcoming Patch The new changes to the Raven are clearly an attempt to make Terran Mech a more viable option in TvT and TvP. And, while the new Raven abilities are a great step in the right direction, the main problem still stands: mech costs too much gas. There was the initial idea to allow mules to mine gas, but this can be easily abused and is too powerful an answer. So I'm offering a new idea, to help make mech viable before you fully saturate your 3rd base... What if there was a 3rd evolution option for the Command Center. It would allow increased gas mining, so the geyser would be mined out quicker (encouraging faster paced games, expanding, and all the other good things LOTV was built around), there could be a secondary function where perhaps there is some sort of docking bay for mech units to dock and get repaired at a discounted price from the new mech Command Center. This would allow mech to be more viable, but also force mech players to commit fully to a mech style by giving up an early orbital as your natural expansion. It's not easy to abuse this....could be cool. Maybe even allow the mech CC to have some sort of vision ability, not as good as orbital, but something to help with TvT, since scans are life in that matchup. Something to think about.....TempesT1 Nov 6
Nov 5 Mass Oracles How do you stop mass oracles? Evertime I try to move out base my whole army gets gets frozen in place. Stasis ward allows them to see exactly where I am so when i try to move out they freeze my army again. 3 oracles is enough to provide constant stasis ward and revelation on my entire army and by the time the ability wears off, the oracles have enough energy to cast again. After the oracles, the Protoss started massing oracles and carriers, these two units seem unstoppable together. I know both units will be nerfed slightly next patch, but how are you guys dealing with this now?Lowkey11 Nov 5
Nov 5 There should be a speed upgrade for hellions it gets killed really easily by speedlings Terran25 Nov 5
Nov 4 TvT the worst matchup? I find you either early all-in... or settle down for a 30+min macro game. How do you guys like TvT?Waagenator11 Nov 4
Nov 3 Noob How to get better at this game? I've read some articles and videos, so far I have learned to: -Constantly make workers and supply depots -scout frequently -keep money low -follow a build order -Macro more than micro since I am in the lower leagues - Watch replays to see where you messed up Are there anymore resources to get better? I feel as if every game I am stuck at the same skill level, and that I'm not improving.Jevin3 Nov 3
Oct 31 Hellbats vs Hydralisks Hey all, Generally speaking, how well does a large amount of Hellbats do against Hydralisks? I've been having some issues against Hydralisks mostly, usually with a little Roach support. I've been trying Ravens for Point Defence Drone and Seeker Missiles, and they're doing fine, but I find my Marines, even with Medivacs, are generally getting wipped out too quickly. Hellbats benefit from Medivacs as well, do bonus damage to Hydralisks, and only cost Minerals. Do you find they fare better than standard infantry?Juxtapose21 Oct 31
Oct 27 Complaint Suppressed Nove Energy I have my game set to where I get notifications on my screen. Such as not enough minerals, ect. I been receiving notification that Nova's energy is suppressed. Why??? It seems to do it when I have a large enemy unit in front of me eating up my forces. I can't snipe anything. Certain maps that is the best thing to do. Snipe. My tactic is to snipe units that can see cloaked units. Then I snipe strong units once or twice and let my units finish them off. Such as a Colossus or stag. Others maps you snipe and use sabotage drones and wait for right time to Nuke the enemy. Nuke takes to long to regenerate. So you're forced to rely on it least, if you use it at all. For me, the special ability of Nova's used most is snipe. That is now being suppressed. That is not good. It puts me at a unnecessary disadvantage, I lose all my forces and I feel cheated. Now I am thinking about, maybe I am too good with Nova's snipe ability and Blizzard decided to cheat me. Paired with a good player I win regardless. Yet I don't think it is fair to suppress her ability.WarMachine0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Suggested update to Swann Swann is gas needy. I understand the concept to him. He is an engineer. He has updated equipment. That is why he doesn't use a barracks. He starts with a factory. However, that means his equipment is gas needy. All Swann equipment is supposed to be the latest and greatest being an engineer. Yet his drones are not. He is limited to collecting gas at the same rate as all other terran commanders and races. This puts him at a disadvantage. I played a game in brutal mode where I had no more than 8 goliaths at any given time because of lack of gas and the slow rate of production of goliaths. When I play with Swann to produce goliaths fast enough, I require at least 5 factories, and I have never filled the queue up. In fact, those 5 factories may only be producing one or two each. Can't collect enough gas fast enough to do better than that. The rest of my minerals go to producing hellbats. They produce faster, yet can not hit air targets. I use the hellbats to protect my goliaths. Enemy forces are force to attack them first because hellbats are close combat units.WarMachine1 Oct 27
Oct 25 Build orders and Strategy for 2v2? So I sort of have a system for getting better at 1v1 and I've been a fan of the game long enough to take losses in stride, but I got this friend into SC2 and he likes the game pretty well but he's losing interest because we're on a losing streak. We got placed way higher than we should have been (Plat3- I'm like Silver and he's a novice) I'm imagining he might drop the game like a bad habit if this keeps up much longer. We're both Terran players. Can anyone recommend us each a build order that might stand a chance against these better players we're contending with? Even if we lose a few more games, if we lose in 10 or 15 minutes rather than 5 or 6 I might be able to keep my teammate from drowning in his morale issues.MattCat1 Oct 25
Oct 23 how do you deal with proxy hatch in natural? how do you deal with proxy hatch in natural when you go cc first on the highground? here is the replay http://drop.sc/359165omniproxy8 Oct 23
Oct 23 I'm bad at TvT Hey, BNET. I've made a thread like this when I was in Silver. Now, I'm in Gold 2. I'm still terrible at TvT. I don't know where my mistakes that led to my losses are. Here's some replays to scrutinize. http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7182529 http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7182530 http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7182531MrMalfnction24 Oct 23
Oct 19 Mass Speed Banshee Made Me Uninstall My opponent massed banshees off 1 Base and killed all of my workers while I stimmed around marines trying to catch him. Every time I caught up, f***ing hell, what do I do?MrMalfnction7 Oct 19
Oct 16 Getting wrecked by Storm How do you fight against Storm + Colossus? I've been getting wrecked in every game I play against Protoss. Any tips would be appreciated. http://ggtracker.com/matches/7197973MrMalfnction8 Oct 16
Oct 16 Fast expand as terran. Is this ever a good idea? if so, what's the build for it.Aries5 Oct 16
Oct 14 Base defense against drops As a Terran player, what is the best way to defend the base from drops.Rich2 Oct 14
Oct 12 Bunker Question Hi there every one I got some question about the bunker I don't really see the use of them... (sure in some cheese game you can see 1 or 2) But outside of that what the use of the bunker? In the mid game they are already kinda useless if you got some Seige tank and some medivac or even a Planetary. I just wonder can you tell me are the bunker use in mid to late game? Thx for your helpErzaScarlet10 Oct 12
Oct 12 Getting Cheesed Hey BNET, I've been losing to cheese on ladder recently. Cannon rushes, Roach attacks, proxy Rax, etc. What do good players do that I'm not doing? I'm trying to scout it early, but I can't seem to catch it in time. http://ggtracker.com/matches/7199906 3:00 Roaches (7 Roach Rush?) http://ggtracker.com/matches/7199907 proxy RaxMrMalfnction10 Oct 12
Oct 11 TvZ Ravager rush with fast muta??? Hi guys, hey, whats the best tactic to counter Ravager rush with fast muta in a TvZ?? Thanks fornaxFornax3 Oct 11
Oct 8 Does this patch help terran? What buff are we getting? So far it is the slightly faster transforming, but it is too expensive and not as good as any other mech upgrade you can get. Lib nerfed Widow mine nerfed Raven is not better and it is nerfed in terms of lategame, where terran struggles the most. Shedder is still never worth using. PDD >> repair drone. Ghost, no real buff since it has far less energy starting, even i like this change it is not a buff. So what did we get? Where is the thing that is going to make mech viable? We have no answer still for carriers, swarm hosts, and not marauders are going to wreck mech without pdd. I fail to see what there is to look forward to as Terran in this patch. And now bio will be way worse with the wm nerf. So no thanks Blizz, school will gladly keep me occupied over this dumpster fire of a game. Though I know zergs will continue to be buffed needlessly. This is the first time I would rather study then play this horrific game.Dreadlord21 Oct 8
Oct 7 Mech Hello Terran Community. I am a Protoss Player Trying to Learn Terran Mech. I likely Dont Like Bio even tho its more Powerfull. But i wanted to ask What is an Economic Terran Mech Opener. {I am not Officially turning to terran i just wanna learn}Escape2 Oct 7
Oct 7 Why are all terrans one base allin????? Every <removed expletive> piece of <removed expletive> is jsut one base allin every game? [Edited for language by Moderator - please review the Forums Code of Conduct]light30 Oct 7
Oct 7 DonkeyKong He's been trolling the T forums with ridiculous suggestions for a few days. Now he's taken to necro'ing threads that are over a year old. I think I'm going to go find them all, report them and see if I can get him banned. Who's with me!?MattOverMind10 Oct 7
Oct 6 Ultralisk Way to strong against Terran The Ultras are killing me everytime. everygame. Doesn't matter how upgraded my mauraders are. or how many medivacs i got. once ultras show up. tanks and thors can't pop em fast enough. mix with a few lings and banes and my game is over every time. I had this zerg down to 1 base when i had 3. he quick teched ultras on 1 base. and won the game by over powering me. its stupid. everyone tells me use ghosts. is that the ONLY answer? are ultras SOOOO edgy on terran that there is one response a terran must hold on to his entire chances of winning the game on this single stratagy? better not lose the ghosts or you'll lose the game? wtf people. are there any other terrans have WAY WAY WAY WAY too much struggle with even 2 ultralisk?CaptSchmidt9 Oct 6
Oct 6 Predator or Hercules? I'm torn. Just got enough Zerg Research to choose between these 2 units. I looked it up, and people say the Predator is outright useless, but the Hercules is better and people don't use it that much anyway. Soooo... Hercules or Predator?geerh3 Oct 6
Oct 5 Mech Harass? Do you play mech? If so, how do you harass their mineral lines. Also, do you one technique? Or do you alter your harass per race?Rich1 Oct 5
Oct 5 Can you please help critique my game? I'd appreciate some tips for my TvZ. I am a long time on and off player, and this is a game I feel I could have won. I think micro engages and failure to split ruined it for me. Very bad night for me with this one. Can you guys suggest a better build? I am stuck on the HOTS mindset of 3rax + gas. here's the game: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7185057 Best regards,Aggy6 Oct 5
Oct 4 Give marines a melee attack... Just like hunters in WoW. It can do 1 damage, and be the attack the marine is forced to use whenever something is within 1 range. Also remove stim pack move speed, and don't let marines shoot at ground units through other marines, it doesnt make sense that their bullets go around other marines to hit ground targets they can't even see.Hypnotoad8 Oct 4
Oct 4 How to Handle Void Rays Hello all, As a Random player, Terran is without question the Race I struggle playing as the most. Against Protoss, I've always had issues with Void Rays, specifically when they start to get about five plus and are supported by Adepts. What's the best way to handle this, as I find my Marines melt pretty fast. Vikings, though they're armoured? Thanks.Juxtapose9 Oct 4
Oct 4 Thors vs. Toss? In toss games, my strategy generally boils down by mid/late game to massive bioball w/ ghosts supported by viking/medivac/raven. Often, even in 3 or 4 base games, I only make one factory, which consistently produces seige tanks for purely defensive reasons. Then I got to thinking, should I be using Thors vs Toss? Thors excel at small groups of high HP units. Toss is that to a tee. Thors giggle in the presence of psi storm, and can no longer be feedbacked. They can also effectively address observers at range and prevent phoenix harass of my medivac/viking support. The only concern is Void rays, which whither in the presence of marines and vikings. But this is all pure theorycraft, and I've never seen a pro do it. So, should I make thors vs toss?Kritzkrieg9 Oct 4
Oct 4 Why i think marauders need to lose stimpack EDIT: Corrected the math Ill have to read the thread later. This got 5 pages of replies in one day. Why i think Marauders need to lose Stimpack. To start off here are the stats: Marauder Armored - Biological Attack - 10 (+1 ) + 10(+1) vs armored + effect slowing (50minerals + 50gas) Attack Speed - 1.5 Cost - 100 minerals, 25 gas build time - 30s Range - 6 Stimpack - +50% movement speed +33% damage (100minerals + 100gas) Stalker Armored - Mechanical Attack - 10(+1) +4(+1) vs armored (no effect) Attack Speed - 1.44 Cost - 125 minerals, 50 gas build time - 42s range - 6 Blink (150minerals + 150gas) By looking at the stats you can tell right off the bat that a marauder (even without stimpack or concussive shells) can out class a stalker with way more DPS. They also have shorter training time, and they're less expensive. Now a Marauder does 20 vs stalkers every 1.5secs. Well stimmed Marauders shoot 33% or .5 of a second faster, so they do 20DPS vs stalkers. Stalkers vs Mauraders will only do 14 damage per 1.44 secs or 9.7DPS. That more then double the DPS. If you add in a sentry (50minerals + 100gas [only 50minerals less then a medivac) and add in the Guardian Shield The Marauders still do 18DPS. A medivac heals 3DPS. So if you were to add a medivac to the picture a stalker only does 6.7DPS to a Maurader being healed by a medivac. Without Stimpack or even Concussive Shells Marauders can 1v1 any gateway unit... So why do they get concussive shells AND stim pack? ... That just seems OP to me.Smitty104 Oct 4
Oct 3 Losing to Gold Players (2.9K MMR T) Hey BNET, I'm losing to Gold players in all MUs. I'm a Silver T with good wins against other Silvers but I consistently lose to Gold players (1W, 14L). Also, I'm looking for meta-game answers. I open 2-1-1 in all MUs. Here's some replays to scrutinize. The questions I have are: am I getting Stim too late (Stim after SP; about 3:45), am I making good decisions, etc. I'm also looking for Gold timings. (When does a bane bust usually hit? If I'm opening 2-1-1 in TvT, how long should I stay defensive?) http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7138132 Lost to a Bane bust. http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7138139 Bad upgrades http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7138133 Got tank dropped, while countering http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7138598 Failed base bust. Took a bad fight. EDIT: added game 3.MrMalfnction27 Oct 3
Oct 3 Terran macro Hey, I'm having a bit of difficulty with my macro in mid-late game, and I was wondering who some of the pro Terrans best known for their solid macro are so I could look at some replays. I know FoxeR is supposedly the micro king. Is there a macro-master equivalent? ThanksEcho16 Oct 3
Oct 3 Nuke indicator Ok, heres the thing, I'm partly blind, i suffered a detached retina a few years back in one of my eyes and although i did recover a portion of my vision, i'm still left with a distortion in the center of my sight in that eye (and due to visual compensation). I honestly think they need to chance the nuke indicator for players aren't nuking because for someone in my situation, trying to find a small red dot isn't possible unless i concentrate for 2 or 3 min just trying to find it, but by then its to late to do anything. Now yes i realize this could just sounds like a low ranked player complaining about nuke but i also realize if i have this problem then other people probably do as well. and why should "we" be left with a disadvantage in game due to a our own natural disadvantages?Nightshaper43 Oct 3
Oct 3 There should be an ejection seat upgrade for mech units. When you get the ejection seat upgrade, you can press a button and launch the pilot out of the mech unit. The pilot requires 1 supply and has comparable stats to a changeling, except it has no duration and does not change appearance or appear as a friendly unit. Askray12 Oct 3
Oct 3 How to counter mass swarm hosts? hey, does anyone has any thought on how to counter mass swarm host in TvZ? its like a nightmare that cannot be stopped....unbalance glitch?? thanks fornaxFornax6 Oct 3
Oct 2 Marines and mine need to get nerf Just watched Rogue vs Innovation. Rogue played all perfectly no misstake in game four and we seem him still loose to parade pusching Innovation that overextended all the time. I am glad that Blizzard listen when it comes to reaper granades (which still has to be removed of course), but why do you refuse to listen about marines and mine? In game five a single mine killed at least 6 or 8 lings in one shot. That is truly unnecessary Blizzard. Make this game balanced again please. Fortunately Rogue was able to get that skillfull single bailing explosion that killed about 20 marines in one shot, otherwise he would autolost that game five instantly at that point. We see again and again how imbalanced Zerg is at Korean pro level where top terran players are dominating the scen. Please listen to Battle.net players and help Zerg to make this game great, we are sick of that terran domination, it makes everyone turn back on SC2, listen to forumers Blizzard, they know best ;-)!light23 Oct 2
Oct 2 Terran Exploitation I'm a FPS gamer, I played Counterstrike religiously, I played TFC, TF2, Battlefield, BF2, BF:2142. I played Bad Company 2, Section 8, Tribes, COD 1-5; you name it, if it's an FPS I've played it. I boycotted MW2 because IW took a dump on the PC community and I still haven't bought their game, and I never will. Now I'm not here to too my own horn, I believe in humility -- but click on my picture to the left and you will see that I'm 1v1 Diamond league, rank 20 or so. Not bad for an FPS fanatic who started playing Starcraft in the Beta. I used to love playing as Terran. I got into Starcraft 2 during the early Beta and my obvious starting race was Terran. I never once played Starcraft 1, and I'm not huge on RTS games at all. The last RTS I got into was Supreme Commander but I never got serious with it. A few of my "Internet buddies" talked me into getting Starcraft 2 so I did, and here I am. I told them I was planning on starting off with Terran. Even with no experience with this game or the first one, I knew that Terran was the race designed for newer players. It's not as flashy or tech oriented as the other two, it's straight forward. I mean, you get Marines and Tanks, you get Dropships and Attack Choppers(Banshees). It's like the frickin U.S. Military race, it's cool right? It didn't take me long to learn the game playing as Terran. I could win most of my games simply by building up a large ball of infantry and attacking the enemy army. Against Zerg If I'd see lots of Roaches I'd build Marauders. Protoss, always Marauders. There's nothing they can do until they expand and have like 12-15 minutes to tech. I would fear the PSI Storm, it destroyed me. That's when I learned how to use the Ghost. I usually had enough time to research cloak, and I'd Sneak my Ghost around the back and EMP all of his HT's and sentries, then all I really had to do was stand toe to toe with his massive army of Zealots and Stalkers. I could cut down 90% of the Zealots before they even got into melee range. After that, the Stalkers would melt like butter, and any Immortals would die quickly thereafter. I'd use EMP on his army 3-4 times. Ghosts were so easy to obtain, because the rest of my Army was so cheap. I could easily have 4-5 Ghosts in my army and just spam EMP's all over his army. The range on the Ghosts is amazing! Throughout the beta and into retail release I continued to play as Terran, but I suddenly came to a realization. I wasn't growing as a player, and my skill was not improving. No matter how many Point Defense Drones or EMP's I spammed, I felt like I was being restricted. Honestly, I felt like I wasn't earning my wins. I felt like the inherent easiness of the Terran race was supplementing my average to moderate skill in the game. I have come to this conclusion: The Terran race was designed for newbies, plain and simple. I haven't decided what the Zerg and Protoss were designed for yet, but they are definitely for the higher skill level players. Somewhere, in some board room, during some production meeting -- game developers at Blizzard sat down and said "This is going to be a hardcore game, just like SC1, but we need to put something in here for the casual gamer." I believe this is where the Terran race came in. Easy to pick up, and incredibly easy to learn. Easily the most effortless race to play, and terribly easy to master. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had 40mm grenade Launchers(Newb Tubes), Terran is the NEwb Tube of Starcraft. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had the Carl Gustav, and many many people who couldn't aim a rifle to save their lives ended up running around with this newb tube on their shoulders. Terran is the saving grace for many people who play Starcraft 2. If you're inherently bad at games like this, you can excel with the Terran race. If you don't have the focus and coordination to properly micro, you can excel with Terran. Think about it, and put two and two together. Siege Tanks deal SIXTY damage, with a wider range than ANY other unit in the game -- just make like 8 of the and set them down in a spot together. Marauders and Stim, terrible damage. They have so much health, and are so bloody cheap -- who cares if you lose a few -- just stim them and run them into the enemy army. You will make a huge dent, and you will already have 6 more of them waiting in your base. I am here to tell you that: A: You are not good at this game until you've explored other races besides Terran B: You will be nerfed substantially and you will see the folly of your playstyle soon enough C: You're playing this game on Easy Mode, time to step it up to Hard or Brutal D: IF you're Diamond League Terran, your Zerg/Protoss equivalent's are in Silver/Gold GLHFFragasm112 Oct 2
Oct 2 Terran Balance Update The mule should just go back to 25 min per trip, as they mentioned but keep gas mining as it is too. Let the terran decide which to mine and which not to. If I am using it to mine gas, then I lose the mineral income i would have gotten. Not sure why the gas mining was removed. Shredder missles are still pretty bad, most expensive spell, the least damage, and longest cast time delay, easiest to dodge or negate. It is the worst spell in every metric of damage spells for this game. You guys should really work on toning down all-ins, because that is probably the most boring to watch and play against.Dreadlord22 Oct 2
Oct 1 Getting Stomped by Platinum Players Hey BNET, I made a thread like this when I was in Silver and getting bullied around by Gold players. Now I'm in Gold 2 and I'm getting consistently stomped by Platinum and Diamond players. I'm not having much fun in those matches. I feel like I've lost as soon as the game begins. My biggest weakness is early game pressure. I've lost to ling floods and 3-4 gate adept attacks. Here's some replays to look at. Please be hard on me. I want to improve. http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7186366 http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7186363 http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/7186365MrMalfnction7 Oct 1
Sep 30 How to counter ultralisk? Those things are godly and usually fully upgraded, tear through like nothing else. Tried banshees, but they are super slow at killing them. Ground army just gets squashed too.Chris10 Sep 30
Sep 25 Advantages of accepting surrender? I'm trying to complete the battle chest, so I've been going a few with the AI. At some point the AI tries to surrender, but I continue on with my stormfront of death to destroy all their buildings. Here's my question, is there any advantage to accepting surrender? If there are any benefits, do they outweigh the couple hundred XP I gain from destroying the last few buildings?Invisibleman1 Sep 25
Sep 24 "Burrow" Update for Mines There should be an update for "burrow" mines in one of the techlabs as the game goes on! It's a good Idea for both - Zerg and Protoss - to make mines visible in the early game, because sometimes the game is over after one mine drop. It will give the opportunity to come back, without losing the advantage of dropping mines!Avalon3 Sep 24