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Aug 10 1 Rax FE into Stim Timing How early is it possible to do a stim timing off of a 1 Rax FE? Most of the time, I see pros doing a 2-1-1 16 Marine, 2 Medivac drop around 4:45 to 5:15. I've tried my best and my best timing so far is 5:25 with a few extra Marines at home to defend. I take my gasses at around 2:30. Is that too late? I'm a newbie and I placed in Bronze during Beta.MrMalfnction15 Aug 10
Aug 10 squadron TD hey, Maru I beat you the first day of the katowice open laat year the squadron td community needs skilled players lets .....OneDrum1 Aug 10
Aug 10 BFH Harass Is Blue Flame Hellion still viable against toss?SenKeigo1 Aug 10
Aug 10 What's this new PvT crap? Any one seeing this cheese !@#$ on the ladder tonight? Holy hell, Either Nerf Oracles, Adepts, or HT. Take your pick because they are unbeatableSoliloquy4 Aug 10
Aug 9 buff auto turret duration auto turrets cant do anything with the reduced lifetime, they blow up as soon as they are deployed, might as well just remove it from the game. i propose that their duration be restored to its previous amount as to make them viable again.Avisuara1 Aug 9
Aug 9 Is 2 base turtle then BC the new meta Honestly cause I can't tell how many times am I surprised by it, it's like Reality and TY coached a kid and he told every terran in the world how to do it. Then it's sitting outside his base, wack-moling hidden bases into an hour of wasted game time.Raptorteam4 Aug 9
Aug 4 How to make medics follow team? Hi guys, This is really frustrating. I select marines and medics, hit Ctrl+1 to save them into a group. Then send them to attack a certain spot or gather. Well marines take a long walking path to get there, while medics instead fly ahead and get themselves killed since army is far behind. Can't figure out how to make those damn things follow the army. If I click them on a marine, they just pick them up... argg!Chris10 Aug 4
Aug 4 Thor I know there have 101,523 threads before on Thor and its viability in the game, its weapons, etc... However, its gun & firing speed are almost useless in this game - yes, except against buildings : (.... What is the reasoning, do you think, behind its exceptionally slow ground fire? Is it potentially OP to attach a super machine gun to its firing arms? What would your build compositions look like if the Thor were potentially more effective in its ability to do dps?ApeIsland1 Aug 4
Aug 2 Replay Help http://drop.sc/replay/5223459 Played this against squirtle on the Asian server I've watched it already, and the obvious problem was how many units I lost while being unable to do damage. That being said, i'm rather stumped to what I could've done better to actually hurt the protoss, since he played so well. Any help is appreciated!TEarDroP0 Aug 2
Aug 2 Standard Terran opener? I'm trying to learn terran and the game, but I can't seem to find a simple standard opener, I just need something to get me through the first 2 minutes then I'll try to go from there by myself.Simpumba10 Aug 2
Aug 1 Composition for Stalkers/Void Rays/Archons Hi all, I'm a relatively new player and I'm in Silver 1. I played a match yesterday where my Protoss opponent started out with some Zealots and Stalkers with a few Void Rays and I went with Marines and Siege Tanks with light Medivac and Widow Mine Support. I then transitioned to pure Marines and Vikings as he started going all Stalkers and Void Rays, and then he also started mixing in some Archons (from Dark Templar). I lost the game, but it was a very close base race. His army was larger, so that was one problem for me, but in general, what unit composition would be best to take this kind of force on? I'm thinking I should have gone Maruaders with Vikings instead of Marines, and perhaps a few Ghosts for EMP? Maybe a Raven or so for Point Defence Drone? Suggestions? Thanks!Juxtapose2 Aug 1
Jul 31 ignore ignoreJinn2 Jul 31
Jul 31 Viking speed upgrade. I really believe that if Terran gets a buff and you got extra room to spare after you balanced the game out by adding the firebat, the medic, and the melee upgrades for the marines and hydralisks. Then you should add a reasearchable speed upgrade for the vikings that boosts their flight speed by 15%-20%. Once this happens, vikings will be truly gangster.Leveler2 Jul 31
Jul 30 Master Archive changes I was wondering if there is a plan to make the Master Archives in Wings of Liberty like it is in Swarm and Legacy and even Nova to allow players to swap upgrades around when replaying completed missions? It would be helpful to be able to change research choices based on each mission. Just a thought. Thanks, DoppellsinnTerrel0 Jul 30
Jul 28 am i too old to play starcraft im 28? am I too old to play starcraft. ive been playing since I was 15 years old. I still love the game but im starting like I should nt be playing because im too old.krisgunkilla43 Jul 28
Jul 26 Medics and SCVs Why do medics and SCVs seem to always auto go to the worst spot. IE: SCVs will go outside a perimeter to repair from the attack side (even with nothing on the inside blocking the repair) and Medics also seem to move about 50/50 to the enemy side of the line to heal troops.......they should stay behind the lines and so should the SCVs. Also....when placing a bunker....and you have it open on three sides and 1 little spot against an obstacle where you place it....why do the SCVs 75 percent of the time go to the one place they get stuck...they should leave the building area to the center of the base on that side.....Just curious if Im the only one who notice this, or if its just my style of play....Dragsoni4 Jul 26
Jul 25 (GUIDE) How to scout in TvZ Hey guys this is Bombs here! New video is out about Scouting in TvZ, any questions ask below, heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmZ4qEbq3y8&feature=youtu.be Also make sure to check my TvZ scouting article, here's the link: https://blog.gamersensei.com/article/game-changing-a-scouting-guide-to-tvz/Bombs1 Jul 25
Jul 23 Coming Back Hey guys, Haven't played since 2010 lol, but I let my friends use this account cause. I am looking at the new units and damn... some crazy units for the Terrans. So here are a couple of question: 1. Why build the Thor? (I know it's an old unit, but still want to ask.) Honestly, I would rather invest into other units. When I played in 2010 I NEVER made Thors. They just didn't seem that useful to me. If I want anti-air I would just get the Liberator (if they're swarming) or the Viking. If I want anti-ground siege tanks or even just the MMM would be good enough. Ultralisk? I would just snipe them with a ghost. I mean I guess Thor can be useful against them, but IDK I feel like there are better options. The Thor to me seem less cost effective than what they're worth. I can only see the reason why to get them is to just take out bases FAST and looking back I guess to have a unit that's a little tankier against units similar to ultralisks. Though when I played in 2010 what were the chances of seeing ultralisks? I never really saw those that often... 2. Cyclone seems great! Especially when I read people like to pair them with the hellions. Though when would you guys build them? 3. Battlecruisers: much like the Thor I never really built them cause they just didn't seem that useful to me. I guess the cannon is nice? But the cost is just so much and the build time too. 4. Is there much reason to make the Viking transform? It would be helpful for harassing, but I'm trying to explore a better way to exploit the ability. The damage output to me seems a little low until maybe around 5+ Vikings are grouped together.Xurey3 Jul 23
Jul 22 Hydralisk So strong after patch every game i lose when they make them How many siege tanks u need ?Marinezzz8 Jul 22
Jul 21 Wanting To Main Terran Hello, I am wanting to switch to Terran as my main race, and I am needing help. I am a Masters Zerg, but i just can get terran to click. If some people or a person could offer some helpful tips, coaching or mentoring, that would be fantastic. Here is my information to ad me if you are willing to help me. NeRBiX#1331NRB8 Jul 21
Jul 21 Are marines "best" DPS in the game? There is this idiot going around posting in every thread about marines having "best" DPS, and there are imbeciles upvoting his retarded nonsense. So let us speak numbers: Zergling dps: 10 http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Zergling_(Legacy_of_the_Void) cost 25 mineral Marine dps: 9.8 http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Marine_(Legacy_of_the_Void) cost 50 mineral. Now you can only purchase two lings at a time, so for 50 mineral you get 20 dps which is more than double of 9.8 that terran gets. Range factor does it's thing, but a single zergling will kill a single marine if not microed and pair will kill a marine even with micro. That actually puts lings as best dps for the cost. You can upvote/downvote according to your bias, but if you don't have an argument based on actual numbers try to constrain yourself of displaying lack of IQ by posting rubbish. OBS: this is not a QQ about marines, I have no opinion on how much dps they should or should not have, I am just after showing that this forum is filled with ignorant people who don't even care to look up their facts and base their bias on assumptions that have no connection with real game. In my opinion mods should flag such comments as trolling and remove them because the only thing such posters accomplish is making this place cancerous.light23 Jul 21
Jul 21 Terran theme 3 I think there are 2 versions of this theme. The part where the violin starts is different in one. I can only find the version with the quite violin start.DolanTrump1 Jul 21
Jul 19 is this a cheese? so i was playing a game TvT and i had some marines,medivacs,and some vikings and out of nowhere my opponent walks a thor, siege tank, and like 15 SCV's into my base and i lose. i was scouting but clearly not well enough. what do you do in this situation? im pretty new to multiplayer and have no idea.seaplusplus4 Jul 19
Jul 19 Looking for tvt build Well im master 2 terran on eu. My worst mu is tvt, the only reason im not gm is tvt... Whatever i tried didnt work and i cant figure out the matchup... Im looking for all in or 2 base allin build. Not the crappy 3 rax marine or proxy reaper or reactor proxy cyclone... A good build. Ty.JohnRambo1 Jul 19
Jul 16 How to turtle I have seen a lot of complaints about turtle Terran and how difficult it is to crack a Terran defense. Okay. How is it done. What have you encountered that is so tough to crack? Or if you are a turtle Terran, what do you do?Rich1 Jul 16
Jul 16 When does 2017 season 3 start? I'm just curious. I apologize if this is already said somewhere but I can't find it anywhere. not even team liquid seasons chart. I'm just thinking of getting back in SC2 so wondering when the next season starts. thanks!SunnySkies1 Jul 16
Jul 16 How to Counter Mass Banelings & Mass Zerglings How do you counter them as a terran player? I'm not talking about 10 ~ 20 banlings and 20 zerlings.. I'm talking about MASSIVE amount. Like 50 ~ 70 banelings and 100 zerlings. I've been playing against my friend (zerg), I can barely play against mass banelings and mass zerglings. All he does is he makes them and traps my units with his zerglings and bust through my army with his banelings. I tried everything to counter. MMM wouldn't work cause he'd trap my army with his zerglings and evaporate them with his banelings instantly. Splitting marines would help against maybe 10 ~ 20 banelings but when he has like 50.. i can't do crap against them. I tried using tanks along MMM too. tanks also wouldn't be effective when he has MASSIVE zerglings and banelings. I tried banshee too, but he would ignore my banshees and go straight into my base. I tried hellions too, but its not effective against 50 banelings. SO... my last strategy that i pulled off was to rush him to prevent mass banelings and zerlings. But he would make bunch of queens to transfuse each other to hold off my rush attack. So at that point, i'm already losing badly. I've been frustrated and stressed... help me pleaseervlSLee52 Jul 16
Jul 15 Starcraft 2: TvZ Greedy Mech Build Order Learn the build here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT4rTq6NCeY Get the written build here: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6hbf0p/starcraft_2_tvz_greedy_mech_build_order_bombs/ Any questions write down below!Bombs1 Jul 15
Jul 14 Housing SCVs in the Command Center Iv'e seen other terran players house there SCVs in the Command Center yet I can't find the hot keys to do this operation. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks SteveKarrup1 Jul 14
Jul 4 How do I make my SCV auto repair Like when I play mech I have to constantly press my SCV on the Thor to make it repair is there any way that the SCV know when my mech are damaged and it just repair by it self Srry for my englishMrjellop8 Jul 4
Jul 1 How do I hold this? Seriously, I have no idea how to hold this zergling rush. I had a wall and was repairing it, yet, he still got through. What should I have done? Should I have made a widow mine earlier or something? I knew he was doing this, so I made a bunker at the ramp at my natural. Should I have put it at my main ramp instead. Thanks! Replay: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7103016ruDolph2 Jul 1
Jun 29 Help vs. Viking/Siege Tank Leapfrogging Earlier this afternoon, I played a game where the other Terran kept on leapfrogging with siege tanks and vikings. He'd have like 10+ siege tanks and more than enough vikings to one-shot everything with no marines or medivacs. I tried dropping marines on the siege tanks a few times, but it never really made any success. I then got really frustrated, and I apologize in advance for saying "hacker" at the end as I was extremely tilted. To deal with this, do I just need to do a tech-switch and mass air units or something? Thanks for your help, and here is a replay: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7086440ruDolph7 Jun 29
Jun 27 Train APM/Multitasking Skills FAST Just released the map - Ultimate Multitasker DuskTowers on the arcade It's supposed to simulate intense multiplayer combat and gives you objectives that are specific to crucial dimensions of multitasking/apm skill sets/mechanics. It's supposed to be hard to tax you and help me become better fast and efficiently. Check it out and post your high score xD Original Post https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6jrwqt/train_multitasking_and_apm_skills_as_fast_as/ Check out some of a training session in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I4ngHsdJ1I&feature=youtu.beGrowin1 Jun 27
Jun 24 Micro/macro struggle I always have trouble managing resources and attacking and scouting and i always get stressed and worked up by this.. Is there any improvements that i can do to get better and over this struggle? And during the 20 minute mid games i get lost and confused and don't know where to go next, it's like my brain shuts off.. I might have to add that i have high functioning autism and i'm not very good with pressure situations, is there anyway that i can train my brain to accept these qualities and get better from the pressure?DerCrysis10 Jun 24
Jun 22 Starcraft 2: TvP Bullet Proof Build Order New video is out! Check it out guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxAcNOpjLZ0&feature=youtu.beBombs5 Jun 22
Jun 19 Looking for Terran vs Very Hard AI Terran I'm practicing on the Cloud Kingdom LE map against very hard AI Terran. I'm good up until the mid to late game and then it stomps the @#$% out of me. Does someone have a replay that I can watch. Thank you in advance. pedz pedz11 Jun 19
Jun 8 Do oracles die 1 shot to 1 widow mine? Lmkllllllllllll17 Jun 8
Jun 5 Games with viewers / coaching Hi everyone, Diamond 2 terran here. I know i'm not the best player out there but i just wanted to throw this out there. - I'm a streamer on twitch at twitch.tv/tweetotv and i'm very friendly and open to the public. - The odd time i get a player that comes by and asks questions, and in return i help and give input/feedback. - LIke i said i'm not amazing i'm just a diamond 2, but if anyone out there wants to play matches with me to practise or if they would like me to coach them on what i know, i'm more than happy. - I've also played the other races and have over 1000 wins as random, so i know a bit about all races but i'm best with terran. Thanks! https://www.twitch.tv/tweetotvDefy0 Jun 5
Jun 5 Terran is harder to play well. Is it just me, or is Terran much harder to play effectively than the other races? (mainly low levels.) When I play toss, i am generally plat diamond 2 or 3, same with zerg, and i am ok i think. but when it comes to terran, i am stuck at gold 3. is this just me?elikorn8 Jun 5
Jun 5 what would flying a dropship be like? i decided to go through the hots campaign when i got to the part where kerrigan had destroyed the cannon i started thinking whats the controls like on the ship? how would you fly it? do you just tell it to fly somewhere and it does so?simon1 Jun 5
Jun 3 Warhound I just like the Warhound, but I don't remember why it was removed from the HotS beta. Can someone enlighten me?KSNumedia1 Jun 3
Jun 2 Free coaching from 7pm-9pmest Hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing some free coaching sessions from 7pm-9pm est. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or join me on bnet! Manatee 812Manatee27 Jun 2
May 28 How do you do a tvz? Recentally I switched races from protoss to terran. When I did this i quickly figured out that terran has more weaknesses than toss but more potential to. What are good builds? also specificly i don't know how to hold a zergling rush or baneling bust or even a roach ravenger push. if someone could explain how to use this race against these stragegies. not having much of a problem after 10 minute mark as im pretty good at macrojakehfgd2 May 28
May 27 The max scv's u need as terran Late game how many scv do u need as terran ?Marinezzz9 May 27
May 26 tvz late game isnt reaching potential In tvz late game what is there to do except make mass marine with some support units? The same can be said about tvp and more recently tvt somewhat, but ill be talking about tvz specifically in this post. Mech is way too weak, slow, and generally not fun to play or watch IMO. So I will be talking from a perspective of a bio player wanting more options. Every game, no matter the opener, there is only one mid and late game option: make marines and send them straight down the center of the map. Even when I play much better than my opponent, the other options just feel so weak compared to mass marines straight down the center. I have been experimenting in each iteration of sc2 and havent really found a strong late game option. I thought this problem would be fixed at the latest when LOTV was released, it hasnt happened. The problem lies with the terran late game units, upgrade tech tree, and the way terran macro works late game vs zerg late game. All the terran late game offense units arent what I would call 'power units' like what the marine is. The other terran late game units are way too cumbersome in both macro and micro compared to the zerg units. Lets take a comparison of the z and t late games. Production and upgrades= Firstly, having larva means zerg has ~6 production structures to work with for every hatch and queen combo. And with the way inject work now this macro process is even stronger. Not only this, broodlings and ultras benefit from the same upgrades zerglings and banelings benefit from. If the zerg gets roach hydra, ultras still get the armor upgrade that roaches and hydras get. So upgrades work in favor of teching to higher units. To make matters worse, because zerg macro is larva this means a zerg can make like 10 ultras or broods (before morph) at the same time. So its like the entire zerg tech structure, in addition to being easy to make, also strengthens the late game units as the zerg goes through the game. Terran on the other hand needs to make entirely new structures for each production cycle it wants and needs to get separate upgrades for these units. Almost all of them, save maybe the thor, need an tech upgrade to be useful at all. I dont think I have ever made more than 5 starports in a game over my entire 18k game career. So upper limit for production of late game units terran has is safe to say: 5 for starport and 5 for factory. Im not considering medivacs, vikings, or liberators to be late game. Now ghosts are late game units, but they are not power units. And to make ghosts, a rax needs a tech lab - making production of the all important marine weaker. That is, late game terran is weak in addition to being an entirely different tech track from bio. So you see, teching is significantly harder for a terran force than a zerg force. Not only this, zerg late game units are stronger as I will explain one at a time: Thor= Weak against air units, weak against ground units, all around waste of money really. Worse, doesnt synergize with bio at all save against mass mutas. In which case, the thor only serves to limit zerg muta stacking which IMO is a function that falls way short of its cost. = Tank= With bio, tanks never really reach a number high enough to be really powerful. If this point is reached, broodlords are already on the map. So tanks serve roles as light artillery support on a push or as defense against say a ravager push. Which just means tanks give way for marines to do their job.Jinn24 May 26
May 23 Terran Basics Im new to playing Terran (I normally play zerg) I was just wondering what the basics were to Terran and most importantly when I should be starting upgrades for a bio force.clayn5 May 23
May 22 BC's Yamato Cannon should do splash damage If they did then Cruisers would actually be useful. Thats not asking much because they take so much energy and so long to actually fire.Tyrant25 May 22
May 20 Are Cyclones worthless now? So I've been away from SC2 since WoL and I just picked up HotS and LotV. Looking at all the new units and changes, in the official Blizz documents the Cyclone is listed as being a counter to Immortals. I tried it in the unit tester... and laughably at no point do cyclones beat immortals in any army size for similar mineral/gas cost. I also noticed they removed the lock-on ability except for air and it is no longer auto-cast making it difficult and clunky to the point of useless. Are there any uses for cyclones at this point or are they worthless now?kNoxqUickies9 May 20
May 19 How can I tell with scout? TvP I play Terran and I just have one question... When i get my reaper over to the toss players base and I don't see an expo... hop into his main and they are just finishing MSC.... I can move around a bit and try to steer clear of pylons to not get overcharged down.... but how can I truly tell if this is proxy stargate/orcale... proxy twlight into DT's.... ninja base... proxy robo to bust with immortals.... (or toss is just waiting to pick of my reaper with stalker or MSC then drop 4 gates and go all in).... There are too many options for me to know what they are doing.... then I have to drop a scan to see but that is pure luck if I actually see compisition... best bet is i can see if they have taken expo or not... and if not i have to bunker up and hold... in which case it could have been a ninja base they went and I'm screwing myself... but even if it wasn't ninja base their compositions are too strong to hold even with 3+ bunkers filled with marines and mines placed.... any help with determining what toss is doing??? I certainly need it in every game I play because I can't figure out what I have to defend against.....PyroBladeOne6 May 19
May 18 Starcraft 2: How to Split New video about How to split with theory and also exercises to improve your splitting! Also, make sure to follow my daily stream at www.twitch.tv/bombscoach, have been streaming there in a daily basis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wie9sCV3IkcBombs1 May 18