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Jan 19 Bio or Mech.Whats better nowdays? Recent events: Mech:tanks have been buffed,thors have been buffed,like the whole mech do pretty well these days Bio:....ehm... ------------------------------------------------- So what's your thoughts about it? I know that mech scks vs protoss,but I think that mech against terran and zerg is pretty good,so yeah. (for some reason my profile is bugged in this site but it's ok)macawee11 Jan 19
Jan 18 What should i do better http://ggtracker.com/matches/6934024 im trash but i beat his dude lol just wanna know what to do betterBestAtBeastn1 Jan 18
Jan 18 Where are terran melee units? Terran does not have any melee units expect for the scv and puma robo thingey WHERE ARE THEY???Bowsernight25 Jan 18
Jan 16 How to mech? Hi everyone, im 5k terran player and im playing mech only. I have few questions about gameplay for both matchups, please share ur expirience if you want to. 1. TvZ. In tvz everything seems pretty clear for me exept one thing: Swarm Hosts. I ismply cant win vs that unit. I only win games vs swarm host players if i had a great opening (lets say i killed a 3rd and a lot of drones afterwards) and i kill them with the direct 2/2 push. If i dont have really huge advantage swarm hosts are always killing me. I tried to fight them with ground (eventually you just lose, you cant sit and wait vs SH) tryed banshess to kill them (as long as they are faster then any ground mech unit) but adding the spire or hydras or even queens makes banshees useless. I guess you can counter them with battlecruisers but you'll probably die from them before you have enough BCs to do anything while zerg eats the map and can remass on mass corruptors etc. 2. TvP. I have a strong feeling that any ground comps with/without banshees/liberators are really not viable because of disruptors (you simply cant save ur units from hits) and immortals (they are just too cost effective), while in air vs air battle you usually lose because protoss usually have better economy while switching into air, also carriers scale more then battlecruisers i guess, and if there are tempests you have to add ravens etc wich takes alot of time and money while you have to keep your ground army to not die while you are doing air transition. Anyway i find this MA extremly hard for a mech terran, mb im using the wrong units or smth. Feel free to share ur mech expirience and replays if you want to.llllllllllll7 Jan 16
Jan 15 Archon Terran trying to have some fun and improve, hit me up i have a teamspeak server so we can communicate easily.Dauntee0 Jan 15
Jan 14 new player streaming hey all, had to take a break and just came back from Wings of liberty, trying to learn LOTV, already took down my first GM! www.twitch.tv/prk624JackyDolo2 Jan 14
Jan 13 Terran Build Question Haven't tested, being lazy, looking for diamond + responses for my sanity. Can Terran consistently get away with CC first in TvZ? (Assuming Zerg Standard) In PvZ, as toss, I can go Nexus first easily in the event where zerg goes hatch first, A few differences I'm thinking of. 1. Most obvious is reaper is then probably pointless. - But personally I think 1 reaper expand has little point, it offers as a free scout but forces Terran down that same path every game, I'm wondering if things can be shaken up a little. an SCV scout from the depot I think would be sufficient to make sure the Zerg is building standard and quicker scans with the CC opening means you could scan scout early enough to spot aggression? 2. Walling is possibly a little harder with the mechanics of the terran buildings (the addons) In the event where your scouting SCV sees pool first, I imagine Barracks wall off would be a lot less practical then Protoss canon defence option... 3. No pylon charge equivalent, would a bunker+barracks full wall off be sufficient in the event there's any aggression potential? 4. I imagine this will ruin the 2/1/1 push that still seems strong, would Terran have any alternative pre 5-min pushes with this, without sacrificing the gain of going CC first? 1 medivac widowmine drop a the main? Does this go any further? In TvT Could Terran get away with 1 Rax, CC, 2nd Rax, double gas, to get out enough marines to deal with reapers? Would enough marines be out in time to stop a potential reaper push?Turtle5 Jan 13
Jan 13 Why can't BCs have auto yamato cannon cast Why can't BCs have auto yamato cannon cast so that you don't have to manually click and cast on every single BCs in the game which can be quite hectic as they tend to hide among each other.EricPlayboy10 Jan 13
Jan 12 Just switched over from WoL to LotV Old build orders are currently useless, as expected. Have refined a few openings to makes them work well with the new scv count, but finding old compositions are no longer viable. Most specifically i have noticed that rine/tank/vac in ZvT is extremely hard to win with. This used to be my old standard (obviously prep for hive tech, etc) and i realllly enjoyed playing it, but i'm pretty sure it's no longer very viable due to new units. Question 1: Is it still viable and, if so, what are good builds, timings, ways of playing it that i am missing? Question 2: What are some good openers/builds for Terran now that would work in most matchups (NOT MECH. Please, i dislike playing mech games, don't like the comp, the units, the way it's played. Everything. A hellion opener is fine but it's gotta tech out somewhow) Side note: The more economic the better. My old rine/tank/vac playstyle was disgustingly economic and i loved it. One-base banshee or some garbage is not interesting to me as i enjoy the macro aspect of the game and the big battles. Thanks in advance guys!TheDominion6 Jan 12
Jan 11 Newbie looking for a schooling. Go ahead! Laugh at my hilarious situation, but I'm here to learn. [jump to last paragraph for actual request] SO what I've done is spend the last month playing the A.I. as Terran and I'm level 38 now. I finally upgraded, I've played a few 2v2 games, and I've gotten tromped every time. This isn't a bad thing - I'm here to learn. I mostly worked on my build strategy, and now after reading Winterborn's post I realize "macro." But I know right now I'm In way over my head and I need to consult the forums, the experts, the strategists, the community. I don't want to switch races for more even matches at level 1. I like the Terran and want to learn Terran. I finally decided I'd have the time to get into StarCraft as I've planned for many years since I found Halo Wars. Mostly I needed a decent PC. I'm still learning unit types and I'm still at the stupid newbie stage where I'm trying really hard not to ever press the F2 key. Back in the day when I was playing Halo Wars for like 2 months, when I wasn't working, (I bought the game because I was about to break up with an extremely difficult ex and the plan worked beautifully), I decided to check my rankings for the first time and I was 12. 12 in 100,000! I was using the same gamer name on Xbox back then. I suck at StarCraft - but my level 1 build macro is pretty good so far.. I'm happy to be here. When I was young I learned pool from a guy who made me pay the buck for each game I lost (which was every game) and the following request reminds me of that time. I got really good at pool. If anyone wants an easy newbie to beat, even in ranked, I'm in, as long as you can teach me something as part of the deal. AYAlphaYeti8 Jan 11
Jan 11 How to beat Infestor Ling as bio How to counter infestor ling. my friend has been practising for a clan war with another friend who went infestor ling each game. As im not a player i dont have the replays. - this is as bio however However, despite knowing its coming each time my friend ( brytr26 - twitch ) couldnt beat it, even with my support and advice in the chat when he could spare a glance. I told him numerous strategies - note its diamond level here - but not 1 game did he win, here are the strats i told him Turtle until raven tank, marine medivac, upgrade and trade efficiently and stay highly cost efficient. 2. Go 2,1,1 but not drop and gather for a push ( with tanks ) at 6-7 minutes 3. Go 2,1,1 and drop and push everywhere like crazy preventing eco and forcing to defend bleeding zerg out and not allowing teching so easily 4. Push and harass constantly dropping to distract and hitting them when out of position and using ghosts / libs to advantage with nukes and emps and liberation zone in important areas. Do you agree with these methods? If not tell me why. Many thanks - MabadiMabadi3 Jan 11
Jan 10 What is the current meta against Z and T ? Hey, I play on EU, but came to ask also here. What is the current meta for Terran against Z and T ? I wish to mostly do mech, unfortunately I guess it's impossible to do against protoss, so I must stay with Marines, Marauders, Mines, Medivacs Liberators. I'm mostly curious about races (TvZ and TvT) and mech availability.Haskell5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Tips for a "not-main" Terran player 1- Do mass BCs work in any way even if coupled with Ravens to counter Hydras and Stalkers and possibly mass voids? 2- What is the Cyclon good for at the current patch? I came late into multiplayer when LotV was released so I'm not that familiar with the new units 3- If a 2v2 match goes into late game and the Protoss manages to mass Voids and Carriers, what's the counter? Ravens + Widow Mines + maybe Ghosts? It's a lot of effort to counter his A move but yea, any other solutions?Jiraffa8 Jan 10
Jan 10 Counter hydras + roaches? As terran, how do you counter roaches and hydralisks?Pastah6 Jan 10
Jan 10 How to counter Infestor Ling ( as bio ) How to counter infestor ling. my friend has been practising for a clan war with another friend who went infestor ling each game. As im not a player i dont have the replays. - this is as bio however However, despite knowing its coming each time my friend ( brytr26 - twitch ) couldnt beat it, even with my support and advice in the chat when he could spare a glance. I told him numerous strategies - note its diamond level here - but not 1 game did he win, here are the strats i told him Turtle until raven tank, marine medivac, upgrade and trade efficiently and stay highly cost efficient. 2. Go 2,1,1 but not drop and gather for a push ( with tanks ) at 6-7 minutes 3. Go 2,1,1 and drop and push everywhere like crazy preventing eco and forcing to defend bleeding zerg out and not allowing teching so easily 4. Push and harass constantly dropping to distract and hitting them when out of position and using ghosts / libs to advantage with nukes and emps and liberation zone in important areas. Do you agree with these methods? If not tell me why. Many thanks - MabadiMabadi0 Jan 10
Jan 9 How to counter void rays? What's the best way to counter void rays as a Terran player in the current patch?CobraKai5 Jan 9
Jan 8 Why can't Reapers have a mid-game upgrade? You never see Reapers outside of early-game harassment against Zerg. Against Protoss they get destroyed by Adepts and Stalkers, and Marauders can wreck them in TvT. But once you're past, say, the 8-minute mark, the Reaper-man is nowhere to be found, even in TvZ... Kinda disappointing, to be honest. It'd be kinda neat if they could get an upgrade available at the Tech Lab that gave them, say, +3 bonus damage vs light units, but required a Factory to research. Then they could go back to being the badass worker killers they were back in Wings of Liberty, but without being oppressive in early-game.darkdill5 Jan 8
Jan 8 nerf infestor! nerf infestor! The new infestor is like ghost + high Templar and it could be invisible without losing energy! TVZ is geting harder and harder for Terran player!carrier7 Jan 8
Jan 7 Battlecruiser Rushes/all ins are META? Seriously, this is not a joke. I played a game against a Protoss, and I thought, hey, why not build 2 rax, proxy starport, and do a battlecruiser/scv/marine all in? I wanted to do it for fun, but it worked amazing! The protoss had by complete chance went stalker void ray, and also had a few cannons up, the ultimate anti-BC early game build. But it turned out very differently. 1 BC (with Yamato) 22 SCVs, 16 marines. The SCVs completely negated the attacks of 2+1 voidrays with repair, and the scv/marine combo soaked up the stalker/zealots. My second BC could instantly get their via warp jump. Lastly, the Yamato Canon can one shot cannons and voidrays. Needless to say, I won. I just wanted to note that A) voidrays were nerfed (alternatively, you would need a lot of hydras/queens or stalkers) B) Yamato is still very powerful C) Photon Cannons dont do that much damage to BCs D) Warp jump is only on cooldown, no energy. It seems like with repair, there is nothing protoss/zerg can do against a battlecrusier all-in early game, even when they build to counter. terran can easily defend Via stimmed marines (much better in killing SCVs and The cruiser itself than other races), lack of large early game units worth using a Yamato on or Viking kiting.tobias2 Jan 7
Jan 6 Starcraft II Skin Suggestion Hello I have discoverd something that I think would be cool to have as a skin for the Battlecruiser in Starcraft II possibly a payed skin like the Roach, Marauder etc image will be provided. https://imgur.com/a/fu1cK - ImageShadowSnake2 Jan 6
Jan 6 TVZ Replay Analysis So I literally just learned the 2-1-1 today and would like some tips and analysis of these replays. http://ggtracker.com/matches/6921336 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6921337 My few questions are What am I doing glaringly wrong? What is the purpose of the 2-1-1? To delay creep, harrass or start engaging to force the zerg to build units and halt their economy? What is the follow-up past the drops? What is the exact timing that it is supposed to hit? I.E. What are the benchmarks?Azrael2 Jan 6
Jan 6 which version is used in professional match? which version of SC2 will be used in match? like WCS and ESL? I think the flying siege tank has been removed but I still can see professional players take advantage of this tech. Could anyone give me a clue? Thanks !laowu1 Jan 6
Jan 2 Marine Marauder Drop vs Battlecrusiers I've been using the marine marauder drop on multiple fights and it works really well except for going up against high tier units. I usually go air but then there is the high gas and build time for more expans. In the end it just ends up being a base race and a total pain in the #@! If anything it's just funny to watch the incoming onslaught :P What are some good options or should I grab a couple battle cruisers of my own?DryIce10 Jan 2
Jan 2 Terran vs Protoss (16% winrate) Im over 60% in TvZ and TvT, but I see no clues on how to deal with protoss. Can you give me some tips as a Terran? Im diamond, coming back some days ago. Thanks 4 ur potential help. Note: english is not my main language.CostaricanGG5 Jan 2
Dec 29 How to defend this strat ? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6909700Meliciouz6 Dec 29
Dec 26 Why do widow mines do +shield damage? Don't get me wrong, I love the unit. Its ability to punish fast-moving a-move comps like ling/bling/muta and chargelot/archon is great. That said: one of the Protoss themes is "durability." The WM says, "Durability? Nah. Whatever you're paying for those 40 shields---wasted, you should have known better and not played Protoss." Dropping the +shields damage (main and splash) and increasing the main damage by 35 (from 125 to 160) would have the following effects: adepts, stalkers, oracles, zealots would still be one-shot by WMs it would take one more WM to kill a bunch of adepts, zealots, or stalkers with just splash (this is reasonable. You pay for that durability) roaches and hellbats would be one-shot when hit by a WM (zealots, adepts and stalkers, which cost more and have higher health, die) a banshee would be one-shot when hit by WM (currently survives with 15 health...oracles, which cost more and have higher health, die) a viper or raven would be one-shot when hit by a WM (oracles...you get the drill) Archons and immortals could lol at WM splash the way ultras and thors can. WM splash would not weirdly be stronger vs phoenix than mutas would punish bad T positioning with friendly fire exactly the way it does now. Widow mines would be stronger against de-shielded "big" Protoss units like colossi or carriers we wouldn't have to imagine mini-EMP generators in the mine Ghosts and Hellbats would be relatively better in TvP Widow mines would be better in TvT and TvZCalm5 Dec 26
Dec 26 How to Counter Mass Banelings & Mass Zerglings How do you counter them as a terran player? I'm not talking about 10 ~ 20 banlings and 20 zerlings.. I'm talking about MASSIVE amount. Like 50 ~ 70 banelings and 100 zerlings. I've been playing against my friend (zerg), I can barely play against mass banelings and mass zerglings. All he does is he makes them and traps my units with his zerglings and bust through my army with his banelings. I tried everything to counter. MMM wouldn't work cause he'd trap my army with his zerglings and evaporate them with his banelings instantly. Splitting marines would help against maybe 10 ~ 20 banelings but when he has like 50.. i can't do crap against them. I tried using tanks along MMM too. tanks also wouldn't be effective when he has MASSIVE zerglings and banelings. I tried banshee too, but he would ignore my banshees and go straight into my base. I tried hellions too, but its not effective against 50 banelings. SO... my last strategy that i pulled off was to rush him to prevent mass banelings and zerlings. But he would make bunch of queens to transfuse each other to hold off my rush attack. So at that point, i'm already losing badly. I've been frustrated and stressed... help me pleaseervlSLee51 Dec 26
Dec 25 team killing what to do about it what's up with all the team killing lately?thanos0 Dec 25
Dec 25 New Supply Depot Skin How about a 'fortified' one with barbed wire, sandbags, and search lights on it? since we use them to build walls so often.CourageEagle1 Dec 25
Dec 22 Should Raven Autoturrets have multi-hits? One thing that kinda weirds me out right now is that the Autoturrets deal 24 damage per hit, which makes them pretty disturbingly strong against heavily-armored enemies like Ultralisks. Couldn't it instead deal 8x3 per attack (same rate of fire)? This way, they bounce off heavy armor, but have the same DPS. Or are they meant to penetrate armor that hard?darkdill4 Dec 22
Dec 16 Terrian Marines "greyed out" in game,,, know there has been a update recently, but why are the marines "greyed (greened) out" on all my map games? The marine build portrait is a single solid color. I thought that they were unavailable, but I can click on the single color box and build marines. When I grab some marines, where I would see a number of individual marines in the box, they show with a single solid color green block vice a marine portrait. How can I fix this issue? Note - this edited post has been reposted in the Technical Support Forum...SCArcher1 Dec 16
Dec 15 How exactly do you use a nuke... Alright, I'm new to starcraft and all of you that have been playing since the first probably think I'm a moron. I really don't understand how to use a nuke. What buildings and upgrades do you need? And how exactly do you go about using the nuke. If someone could break down this for me in the most simple terms I would greatly appreciate it.Seize12 Dec 15
Dec 15 Thor Auto Targets the Mothership Core I wish the Thor did not auto target the Mothership Core during combat. I wasted some time developing a 2base all-in (involving Thors) reaction to the Phoenix + 3nexus into adept/immortal build and discovered I cannot use the Thor during combat if the Mothership Core exists in the Protoss army. The Thor should prioritize the army the protoss army (for example: Adepts, Immortals, and Phoenix) over the Mothership Core because the Mothership Core's DPS is the least out of the army. The Thor takes forever to kill the Mothership Core and by the time the Thor finishes destroying it my army is dead. If the Thor prioritized the Protoss army, then my army would win. The only way to win is to manually target each unit with the Thor, but this takes a lot of micro. I want to micro my ghosts so that they don't die during the fight, not manually target each protoss unit with the Thor. I believe the Thor should not prioritize the Mothership Core, but I am willing to listen to reasons why it should--I just can't think of any. Thanks.DijiDiji3 Dec 15
Dec 14 Defeating protoss fleat How do I defeat Void rays, Tempests, Carriers and Mothership?bryanish9 Dec 14
Dec 14 How To: Map Control. If you like this thread please leave a comment, thumbs me up, and feel free to visit my other guides. If you have any questions or concerns please ask. How To: Macro. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074288 How To: Micro. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074091 How To: Scouting. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627974129 How To: Build Orders. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627973877?page=1 How To: Harassment. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628254273 First lets start with what map control is and means. Map control is what it sounds like. You have control of the map, and by that I mean you have sight on most of the map. Now the reason you may have that are a few things, because you control the xel'naga watch towers, because you just won a large engagement, because your opponent is new (it's ok, we all were at one point), and because your opponent is turtling. Ok, so I have map control, why do I want it? Map control gives you the ability to expand safely. Now, to a lot of you new players who always ask, "when do I expand". A great time to do that is when you have map control. Map control is very critical, and although I don't want to overstate the need for it by saying "If you don't have map control you can't win" but it will certainly help you. So how do you take map control? The easiest way is by harassing. Again using zerg as an example let's say you have... a viking and a few hellions. Well zerg will dominate map control with overlords and zerglings. Guess what terran units destroy those units? Hellions and vikings! Your opponent will have to pull his overlords back or risk losing a great deal of money and you can kill the zerglings holding the towers with the hellions. Now just send out a few marines to hold those towers and tah dah! We have map control. As an added bonus send a few marines to each expansion and you'll get even more map control. It's ok to "waste" a few units on map control, don't be shy if you spent 50 resources on a marine and you're saying "I need him to fight!" Unless the battle is in your base, it is better to have map control. Now, the other two races have observers, overlords, and zerglings for map control. Blizzard has gifted terran with one thing. The sensor tower, although overlooked, gives great map control. Although it doesn't give you "vision" you can see when a drop is coming to land in your base, you can see when your opponent moves out. It is incredibly versatile. Reapers are also very nice for controlling the towers. Most of the towers are on a cliff so reapers can move quickly back and forth and if need be get out of there quickly as well. Well I think thats about all, if you have anything else to add or have questions please ask. This is Beammeup, signing out.Beammeup44 Dec 14
Dec 14 Help!? Meta? I haven't played StarCraft since HotS. I mained Toss before I quit, but now that I've come back I find that Terran is the easiest to play for me as of right now. I'm too rusty and my APM is too low to play Zerg, and the addition of Adepts and stuff to Protoss gateway units have messed up my favorite strat of 4 gate-ing and I'm still unsure how to do the gatewayinthemiddleofthemapwithpylon-twilightcouncil-adeptrush thing that Has does. In general, I just don't know the meta for LotV at all. I can't use roaches because of the new added lurkers and ravagers, the gateway warp in times don't make sense to me at all, and the best I can do as of right now is a rack to expand, then 5 more rax to a mass marine rush. I haven't even touched cyclones. So I know I kind of sound like a crybaby and I really want to spend some time marinating my brain to adjust with the new game, but I want some tips from the community itself. What is the meta? How can I improve my terran build? And if you can, how can I improve on working on other races? (And yes, I know how to play the actual game (build orders, timings, etc). I've been playing since Brood War and was very immersed in the game for some time.) Specific questions: Because of the additional resources and increased starting workers, the game speed will almost double (a ton faster), so is mass building a strat? Like a bunch of rax at the start and expand like you're zerg or something. Thanks for even reading this far. I really need someone to guide me here.Eugene1 Dec 14
Dec 14 Free Master League Terran Coaching this is oldNaattt20 Dec 14
Dec 13 Switching to Terran, Oh the IMBALANCE So I'm a diamond Tier 2 EU Zerg player, what is that, Bronze league KR and GM NA ;) Firstly I want to get the attraction of Terran players that are Diamond or below and struggling in matchups, specifically - you guessed it TVZ, and refuse to believe they can get out of their league (with the exception of Diamond) I am going to start practicing Terran and see how far I can take it. I have some build orders in mind, which are not the standard meta, but then with the patch, what is the meta? Terran players to quit the game :D I will update this thread over the next few weeks of my progress.Turtle12 Dec 13
Dec 13 Energy regeneration upgrade ever consider this type instead of starting energy?nova5 Dec 13
Dec 13 Terran build for new (noob) one Hello, I'm a new player - I just finished campaign mode (on eu, not us). I need some advice how to play Terrans at multiplater mode. What I should do in which order? I know that for each rase I should have diffrent strategy... But for a start I need one strategy for every rase. There is chance that anyone can help me? :) RegardsNina1 Dec 13
Dec 13 How is Cyclone Going? Just a general survey on people's current thoughts on the Cyclone. Does it have a good niche, and if so, what is it? I've played with it a bit but don't feel comfortable enough with the new changes yet to feel certain as to its place, or whether my uses of it are ultimately better than the alternatives.Ironhide6 Dec 13
Dec 13 Fictional unit What fictional Terran unit you want in Starcraft post images or describe what they're like mine will be the zone vanguard (much like the zone trooper from c&c3 and space Marine from wh40k with the armor of doom guy in DOOM 2016) and the cyclops (with the looks of a armored core from armored core) and yes I know I will get down votes for this but feel free to post anything you want mechs, soldier, super soldiers, starships, vehicles and please no Mary Sues edgy or troll characters.LightPaladin2 Dec 13
Dec 13 Removing medanks has made TvT a nightmare It's just a massive turtlefest into doom drop, it's no longer even a game of skill. The game boils down to who lands the luckiest doom drop. Blizzard, you are terrible. Every game you make you balance in a way that the better player has as small of an advantage as possible. It's a joke. You're a joke. Starcraft 2, since this last patch specifically, is a TOTAL joke.Bladewise3 Dec 13
Dec 13 Most common Terran Builds? I haven't played Starcraft multiplayer since the original Starcraft 2 release. I am interested in getting back into it and was wondering what the most popular army comp is at the moment. Back in the original Starcraft 2 release, I would say marine + marauder ball with medivacs was the most popular build followed by siege tank centric mech plays.RokPaprBazka2 Dec 13
Dec 11 Whats the meta now as a T? Whats the meta in all 3 match-ups as a terran? Anyone have any builds/build orders/VODs that will help me get back into it?Azrael1 Dec 11
Dec 11 Banshees are op... I speak the truth.chrishansen44 Dec 11
Dec 11 Thor's new upgrade I have no idea what this will do, but I just want to see if it does anything to help Terran Mech or make it worse for the rest. I'd like to test this with the test balance mode. So here it is... I think the Thor should be given a passive upgrade that allows them to shoot air and ground at the same time and it can be upgraded in the factory tech lab. Kind of like how the Goliath can shoot air and ground at the same time in the story mode. This would be interesting to test out in the balance test match if possible.BboyApache8 Dec 11
Dec 10 My experience with Terran offrace I'm platinum 2 with zerg, probably in this/next season will be platinum 1. So this season I've started offracing as terran. I was trying it a few months before too, got an NA profile for it (the one thats posting right now), but without great effect.. I got myself up to platinum 3 in a week or so. These are my thoughts on all the 3 matchups: TvT Probably my favourite of all three. It has a lot of positioning to it, and the worker harass aspect doesn't seem as dominant as in other matchups. There ain't a lot of cheezes I encontered (EU server). I really enjoy the tank heavy bio and full on mech play. The only thing bad about the matchup is the Raven, its too weak in low numbers and too strong en masse. TvZ My weakest matchup currently. Full on mech gets shredded by vipers, unless you have perfect splits, so that a bllinding cloud covers just one tank and mass ravens you just cant win, unless the zerg slips massively. Playing with bio is also really difficult, but I find bio/tank vs hydra or hydra/roach/ravager and bio/mine vs lbm to be good enough. Banelings, however are a real problem, with the added HP bonus, they are really strong. TvP My best winrate currently, due to mass dropping tactics. I find the protosses unable to defend constatn drop pressure. Usually ending the game with a heavy liberator/bio push is the way to go after mass drops. Howevwe, I'm struggling with phoenix openers, as tehy preety much invalidate your drop harass and HT in the lategame, as I find myself unable to split propertly vs storms. Terran has been a lot of fun playing actually. Despite beinmg mechanically harder and more APM intesive, I am really enjoying it. Mech in teh other hand still is good only in 1/2 matchups. Gotta work on that, DK.Roomcajs2 Dec 10
Dec 9 Mengsk Mengsk is dead right? I mean the old guy.BlackLight1 Dec 9
Dec 9 LOVING MECH PLAY The tank is so fun. I've switched from zerg to terran and I'll be moving to platinum league any time soon. I'm not big on the bio terran because you can't attack head on as much. You need multi pronged attacks to move up in the league. I enjoy the more turtled play style of mech. It reminds me of broodwar. Harassing economy with hellions and banshees so you are not behind and can catch up. I know it is frowned upon because it is not as great at higher levels. But almost every game is a long macro game that I enjoy. And I feel like that makes me a better player instead of ending the game in 12 minutes. Air units are a little difficult to deal with. Late game protoss air is especially difficult. Their tier 3 air units have a !@#$ load of health. But I haven't been using Ghost emp yet. Vikings and Thors alone can't cut it. So we will see if that changes things for me. Zealots are strong too. I feel like you can't make as many mistakes vs toss. All in all a nice change of style for me. Hopefully they continue experimenting with mech units balance. The cyclone has not been very useful as of yet. Because I cannot justify a cyclone over a tank. Maybe a few of them mixed in. But I'm more worried about using extra supply for anti air. Cyclone is weak vs air. All in all I've never enjoyed sc2 as much as this win or lose.MAC2 Dec 9