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Dec 13 Switching to Terran, Oh the IMBALANCE So I'm a diamond Tier 2 EU Zerg player, what is that, Bronze league KR and GM NA ;) Firstly I want to get the attraction of Terran players that are Diamond or below and struggling in matchups, specifically - you guessed it TVZ, and refuse to believe they can get out of their league (with the exception of Diamond) I am going to start practicing Terran and see how far I can take it. I have some build orders in mind, which are not the standard meta, but then with the patch, what is the meta? Terran players to quit the game :D I will update this thread over the next few weeks of my progress.Turtle12 Dec 13
Dec 13 Energy regeneration upgrade ever consider this type instead of starting energy?nova5 Dec 13
Dec 13 Terran build for new (noob) one Hello, I'm a new player - I just finished campaign mode (on eu, not us). I need some advice how to play Terrans at multiplater mode. What I should do in which order? I know that for each rase I should have diffrent strategy... But for a start I need one strategy for every rase. There is chance that anyone can help me? :) RegardsNina1 Dec 13
Dec 13 How is Cyclone Going? Just a general survey on people's current thoughts on the Cyclone. Does it have a good niche, and if so, what is it? I've played with it a bit but don't feel comfortable enough with the new changes yet to feel certain as to its place, or whether my uses of it are ultimately better than the alternatives.Ironhide6 Dec 13
Dec 13 Fictional unit What fictional Terran unit you want in Starcraft post images or describe what they're like mine will be the zone vanguard (much like the zone trooper from c&c3 and space Marine from wh40k with the armor of doom guy in DOOM 2016) and the cyclops (with the looks of a armored core from armored core) and yes I know I will get down votes for this but feel free to post anything you want mechs, soldier, super soldiers, starships, vehicles and please no Mary Sues edgy or troll characters.LightPaladin2 Dec 13
Dec 13 Removing medanks has made TvT a nightmare It's just a massive turtlefest into doom drop, it's no longer even a game of skill. The game boils down to who lands the luckiest doom drop. Blizzard, you are terrible. Every game you make you balance in a way that the better player has as small of an advantage as possible. It's a joke. You're a joke. Starcraft 2, since this last patch specifically, is a TOTAL joke.Bladewise3 Dec 13
Dec 13 Most common Terran Builds? I haven't played Starcraft multiplayer since the original Starcraft 2 release. I am interested in getting back into it and was wondering what the most popular army comp is at the moment. Back in the original Starcraft 2 release, I would say marine + marauder ball with medivacs was the most popular build followed by siege tank centric mech plays.RokPaprBazka2 Dec 13
Dec 11 Whats the meta now as a T? Whats the meta in all 3 match-ups as a terran? Anyone have any builds/build orders/VODs that will help me get back into it?Azrael1 Dec 11
Dec 11 Banshees are op... I speak the truth.chrishansen44 Dec 11
Dec 11 Thor's new upgrade I have no idea what this will do, but I just want to see if it does anything to help Terran Mech or make it worse for the rest. I'd like to test this with the test balance mode. So here it is... I think the Thor should be given a passive upgrade that allows them to shoot air and ground at the same time and it can be upgraded in the factory tech lab. Kind of like how the Goliath can shoot air and ground at the same time in the story mode. This would be interesting to test out in the balance test match if possible.BboyApache8 Dec 11
Dec 10 My experience with Terran offrace I'm platinum 2 with zerg, probably in this/next season will be platinum 1. So this season I've started offracing as terran. I was trying it a few months before too, got an NA profile for it (the one thats posting right now), but without great effect.. I got myself up to platinum 3 in a week or so. These are my thoughts on all the 3 matchups: TvT Probably my favourite of all three. It has a lot of positioning to it, and the worker harass aspect doesn't seem as dominant as in other matchups. There ain't a lot of cheezes I encontered (EU server). I really enjoy the tank heavy bio and full on mech play. The only thing bad about the matchup is the Raven, its too weak in low numbers and too strong en masse. TvZ My weakest matchup currently. Full on mech gets shredded by vipers, unless you have perfect splits, so that a bllinding cloud covers just one tank and mass ravens you just cant win, unless the zerg slips massively. Playing with bio is also really difficult, but I find bio/tank vs hydra or hydra/roach/ravager and bio/mine vs lbm to be good enough. Banelings, however are a real problem, with the added HP bonus, they are really strong. TvP My best winrate currently, due to mass dropping tactics. I find the protosses unable to defend constatn drop pressure. Usually ending the game with a heavy liberator/bio push is the way to go after mass drops. Howevwe, I'm struggling with phoenix openers, as tehy preety much invalidate your drop harass and HT in the lategame, as I find myself unable to split propertly vs storms. Terran has been a lot of fun playing actually. Despite beinmg mechanically harder and more APM intesive, I am really enjoying it. Mech in teh other hand still is good only in 1/2 matchups. Gotta work on that, DK.Roomcajs2 Dec 10
Dec 9 Mengsk Mengsk is dead right? I mean the old guy.BlackLight1 Dec 9
Dec 9 LOVING MECH PLAY The tank is so fun. I've switched from zerg to terran and I'll be moving to platinum league any time soon. I'm not big on the bio terran because you can't attack head on as much. You need multi pronged attacks to move up in the league. I enjoy the more turtled play style of mech. It reminds me of broodwar. Harassing economy with hellions and banshees so you are not behind and can catch up. I know it is frowned upon because it is not as great at higher levels. But almost every game is a long macro game that I enjoy. And I feel like that makes me a better player instead of ending the game in 12 minutes. Air units are a little difficult to deal with. Late game protoss air is especially difficult. Their tier 3 air units have a !@#$ load of health. But I haven't been using Ghost emp yet. Vikings and Thors alone can't cut it. So we will see if that changes things for me. Zealots are strong too. I feel like you can't make as many mistakes vs toss. All in all a nice change of style for me. Hopefully they continue experimenting with mech units balance. The cyclone has not been very useful as of yet. Because I cannot justify a cyclone over a tank. Maybe a few of them mixed in. But I'm more worried about using extra supply for anti air. Cyclone is weak vs air. All in all I've never enjoyed sc2 as much as this win or lose.MAC2 Dec 9
Dec 8 tanks can shoot all units - including air fix: mech: Tanks can shoot all units - including air - esp. if/when sieged ... do you think this could help balance "tank" and "mech builds"? yes or no and why?cannedbeans3 Dec 8
Dec 7 ZvT: "zerg OP" "buff terran" Terran: Unbalanced vs. Zerg "please buff"? avilo, demuslim, other casters are complaining this patch is the worst it's been. "terran can't handle zerg" before-patch TvZ 81% win after-patch 31% -can you mention a time when you thought "that aught to be fixed"? demuslim mentioned banelings rolling through an upgraded expansion edit: apparently zerg is going to be "nerfed next patch". discuss edit: update: demuslim honestly made it to top 10 today (a few days after this post) and zerg was #1, #2 and #3, the rest mixed. he mentioned "innovation stream = god's gift to terrans" -demuslim, top 10cannedbeans3 Dec 7
Dec 6 Few Suggestions, listen... ... i keep it short, pls read from a neutral perspective after nerfing Liberator vs light armor, i suggest buffing them in overall AA Damage. They have a low range on anti air and they should be anti air fighters. It would be great if they could counter Interceptors or the stronger Air units of the other races. warp prism pickup range to 4 or 5(prefered to test) instead of 6. cyclone, as mentioned earlier, just an anti air ability to lock air units to the ground. lets do small changes to the thor over and over, start with a slight movespeed increasement hydra with the current upgrades, 6 range is enough instead of 7. carrier interceptor to 10 or 15minerals each. I dont know why the change needed to be extreme from 25 to 5... thanks for the Ultralisk nerf, i think it is ok now. thx for readingVexOQ1 Dec 6
Dec 6 DPS Chart? Can anyone direct me to a detailed DPS chart? Looking for something current that includes base, bonuses, and damage after upgrades for each unit in the game. Seems like it should be easy to find but I'm not finding one.Ironhide1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Power Of Protoss Vs. Terran Dear Blizzard, please look at the difficulty Terran faces against Protoss. EARLY GAME: Their tier 1 units seem to simply run over my tier 1 units (e.x. adepts vs. marines). They transition into tier 2 units such as immortals- when I take the fight I snipe of the tier 2 units but then their leftover tier 1 units always seem to out-supply mine. Or, if I try to put on early aggression the warp-ins and mother ship nullifies it. MID/LATE GAME: If it gets to Mid/late game the Protoss's deathball they amass is simply unbeatable- you cannot fight it head on. And once they introduce storm you might as well GG. The Terran's counter, ghosts, is a micro nightmare at lower level play (I am diamond). And a Protoss can get to this mid-game with no counter-harass against the Terran (which seems to be an imbalance in itself). They can simply sit back and bide their time until they get the right unit composition to destroy you with. AVILO TWITCH: I was watching Avilo, the Twitch streamer. He played back a game it appeared he should have won. He put on early aggression, killed 30 probes (the protoss with no aggression killed 0). He took a good mid-game fight with a ghost/bio/lib combo. Went in for the kill and the Protoss had somehow rapidly amassed colossus and Tempest. His comments were: -If you 1 base harass a Protoss they can recover and and overtake you with 2 base (or counter and win with 1 base, tier 1 units). -If you 2 base they can easily go to 3 base at which point they are almost unbeatable. -He said that you start out the game already behind the Protoss because the power of their economy, defense, and unit strength. Hope this information is helpful and will be addressed! :D Warm regards, RyanGrumpyKitten9 Dec 6
Dec 6 Dominion in terms of terran dominion rankings, who has the higher ups, Nova or Hammers?BlackLight0 Dec 6
Dec 5 Mass viking as a choice Mass vikings gonna be viable. I promise.Giwl1 Dec 5
Dec 4 How you combat buff range Hydra. Well it's still at the beginning of new season, and I believe many are wondering how Pro players out there will play this new patch later in world class tournaments at the end of this season. Guys, please share what works for you as Terran to combat Hydralisk 3.8. This new 3.8 Hydra is quite a pain to deal with. Is Siege Tank with good micro the only way?Raiders3 Dec 4
Dec 4 Vikings aren't that great against sky toss Unless you're killing oracles. Honestly in straight up engagements voids will destroy them when they e.. VR speed makes them easy to chase down Viking unless you're just micro'ing more with your Vikings than anything else really well and even then it's a waste of too much micro when you need to macro in your base as well. Tempests out range them. Carriers destroy them in 5 seconds. You know works well against sky toss guys? Marine, mine, and medivac. So if you're in team games please go mines guys, and don't go Vikings. It's a waste of minerals and vespene to build that many starports for a unit that is no longer a hard counter to anything because of new carrier and because of the tempest. They just kind of suck unless you're using hit and run base trade tactics. I remember when they used to be good when javelin missles were good on thor and mines weren't even in the game, they would be great support units with marine thor medivac. now they kind of just have no place in my army against protoss, because who really goes collosi anymore, and it's not like you need an insane amount of Vikings to take care of 6 collosi. I thought terran aa was garbage until I started playing with mines a lot more, like hiding them underneath things to cover them up even if scanned or a detector is above. I'm not saying don't ever go Vikings, because there are certainly uses for them, but when a guy massed Vikings over mines in a game where there were 3 toss who went sky it cost us the game for him to go Vikings. they all had motherships. all his 30+ of his Vikings got wrecked in 2 seconds against a carrier heavy/vr composition. Mines wouldn't kill the carriers, but they most certainly would interceptors and vr's and then my aa would of easily finished off the rest of the oppositions army. I expect to get down voted immensely for stating my opinion, but really if you're new to the game and looking for good terran advice in 4v4, against multiple toss that are going air, do your team a favor, train drilling claws get about 4-5 bases 8 rax with reactor (stim/combat shield trained) 5-6 fax reactor (drilling claw trained) 2 starport 1 reactor, 1 tech for raven pdd/seeker and detection. Just move forward stim hold position f2 control click mines move forward burrow, boost vacs and run them back to not get focused fired and just let your marines hold position over the mines and repeat this process until you've gained ground and continue to push, hopefully at this point you have allies backing you up. only use f2 to control click to select support units or to get units from base back to the front lines if you're not getting hit that is otherwise i'd leave behind for defense in case the enemy counter attacks. And also please blizzard, fix team matchmaking. I'm tired of getting matched with people who only have like 30 real games played, and are bronze, when I'm platinum, diamond 13 x's before.... Please fix this matchmaking system. I would rather wait 10 minutes for a good game then 2 minutes with a team where I get that same guy who goes afk every time, and then as soon as we start winning all of a sudden they return, or that one or two people in a clan who backstab everyone every game, or those people who blame everyone else for their losses because they are bronze. Please match us with skilled players of = skill and = experience. I'm tired of getting people on my team who haven't even done their placement matches, and yet they are somehow paired up with me when they have 0 experience in void or little to no experience period. Fix this PLEASE. It's really annoying. I've asked this every day for the last idk half year it feels like, but please fix it. This new patch looks cool, but I WOULD REALLY LIKE REAL ISSUES REALLY ADDRESSED. Thank you and i'll continue to give you money if you actually deliver on these problems.Cokey12 Dec 4
Dec 4 Siege tank attack priority So I just played a game and in it I placed tanks in siege mode around an opponent's planetary. The tanks were out of range of being hit, but were able to hit the planetary. My opponent attacks with his bio army, but my tanks continue to attack the planetary. I didn't manually click my tanks to hit the planetary. Shouldn't they have automatically focused on the bio army?Bacco1 Dec 4
Dec 3 How to: Micro. If you like this guide please feel free to post to keep the thread bumped and thumbs up me. Also if you like this guide look at my other guides. Scout: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627974129 Build Order: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627973877?page=1 First let's understand micro and define micro. Micro is the way you handle your units. In essence micro means how you are able to manage your units in relation to keeping them alive longer, positioning them better, and attacking from multiple angles or places on the map. We'll start with the basic MMM ball. When microing your MMM you want to attack move then regular move then attack move again. In essence you want to get one volley and then either move towards or away from your enemy and then half a second later get another volley in, rinse and repeat. Why do this? With marauders you can chase down retreating foes or keep your opponents from getting to you. With marines it is the same mechanic. In essence you're doing all you can to take a mineral advantage. This tactic works, in one way or another, with all terran units. Siege tanks, hellions, thors, vikings, banshees, basically if it's ranged it can kite and we have all ranged units. Infact, your vikings can basically take out an equal number of BC's (without yamato) because of their extreme range and kiting ability. So now that we understand kiting lets move on. Positioning is extremely important. Zerg WANT to always get a surround. The best way to position vs. zerg is to get into a choke of some sort. Using the technique above, attack and retreat until you're in a nearby choke and then just attack. Also, having your marauders in-front to soak damage for your marines is very helpful, and although this is a more difficult thing to pull off, you will see results because of this. No nearby choke? Use a wall to prevent a full surround. Although this isn't quite what you want it is still helpful and in the long run is better then full on battles with a zerg army. The key is to minimize the amount of minerals you lose by taking advantage of your races all ranged army. Beware, against toss this is likely to backfire due to collosus and HT AOE damage. Next we'll talk individual units. Terran also have a few units that need to be individually microed in order to take full advantage of them. Ghosts are great for sniping HT's, Mutas, and banelings. They also very successfully can emp infestors, HT's and protoss shields. Because of all their various abilities it is highly recommended to not put these in your main armies control group, but instead to have ghosts in their own separate control group. Ravens too, can be very effective. The PDD drone is an exceptionally potent ability and will quickly turn the tide in a battle. The turret is also very capable in things such as mineral harass, but I'll do harass another day. Because this unit is also very micro intensive it is recommended to put this in a different control group. The PDD can block shots from: Marauders, vikings (air), BC's, Hydras, corruptors, mutalisks, thors (air), stalkers, and phoenix. Multiple attacks are also capable of being pulled off. Remember, you don't HAVE to micro all armies at once, because your opponent is likely to not be able to control multiple control groups just concentrate on one at a time. Example: I move my large force near my opponent, meanwhile I air lift 2 full medivacs of marines into his base. I attack move to the front of his expansion and tell my marines to attack his nexus in his base. Because his army is engaging my main army I concentrate on that. This ALOT of getting used to, but when you do it has a very beneficial advantage. I hope this was helpful to you all, feel free to leave questions or concerns or comments and if you like the post please comment to keep it bumped for others. This is Beammeup, signing out.Beammeup113 Dec 3
Dec 3 How To: Macro. If you like this thread please thumbs up it and bump it. Also I have many more guides these are all there to help you improve your game and have great insight, both for the experienced and inexperienced. How To: Micro http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/628074091 How To: Scouting http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627974129 How To: Build Orders http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/627973877?page=1 Alright Macro, lets define it first. Macro is the way in which you handle your money. Everything from keeping your production up to expanding at the right time has everything to do with macro. Lets start off with production. The optimal situation for macro is this, that you are receiving enough income to keep production in all your buildings constantly queued at one and have no excess of money. For instance, a terran can comfortably pump off of 2 tech lab and 1 reactor rax per mining, fully saturated base. Furthermore they can pump off of a second reactor rax but you will be staggering production. The key is to always have one unit producing without having to queue up additional units. Basically if you've got 3 marines queued into a barracks you are wasting 100 minerals you could be spending elsewhere. Another important thing to do is to keep making SCV's, you want to keep making SCV's so that when you expand you can saturate quickly, thus allowing you to throw out more production. When on the attack continue to produce, this is very important. In higher stress situations many players let their macro slip, the outcome of a game greatly depends on if you can continue to produce when attacking and being attacked. Many games are lost due to this fact alone. Another important issue is when to expand. If you're newer to the game and don't feel comfortable expanding keep this in mind. When your opponent expands is a good time for you to do the same. If you're doing a gas intensive build and your minerals are beginning to pile up, it's a good time to expand. When you're making an attack or you when a battle it is a good time to expand. When you have map control it is a good time to expand. All these are opportune times to expand, as you play longer you will get the flow of the game and learn when to expand and when not to. Eventually you will become comfortable and do it without thinking about it. The final key to macro is supply. Even the best get supply blocked, but the more you minimize this the better your chances of winning are. This to, has an important effect on a game. Sometimes if it just slips your mind, supply drop is very powerful. Just remember to just keep tabs on this and minimize your supply blocking and you'll come-out ahead more often then not. If you like this post please feel free to thumbs up me and post to keep the thread bumped. If you have any other questions, comments, concerns feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. This is Beammeup, signing out.Beammeup96 Dec 3
Dec 1 HammerStarcraft Stream [Twitch] Hi guys! I've been playing a quite a bit lately, figure I might as well share some Hammer love.. ehm that didn't sound right. I'm going to start streaming occasionally, I will be doing commentary to start with, and playing some good beats. Please follow the stream, and let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to connecting with the community, and helping Terran's where I can. Here is the link, along with a VOD from initial test run. https://www.twitch.tv/hammerstarcraft https://www.twitch.tv/hammerstarcraft/v/104498451Hammer0 Dec 1
Nov 30 Upgrades No more upgrades to make units useful blizz - design the unit to be useful once I build it.. Can you remember when siege tank required upgrade to siege? roflTNMASTERRACE0 Nov 30
Nov 30 Need Help TvT 3 Rax reaper defense I have a 100% loss rate to 3 Rax reaper. I have gotten better at holding the initial reaper push but always die in the follow up. Any best practices for defending a 3-rax reaper without abandoning an economic build? Replays would be helpful if anybody has them. Thanks!MadOx9 Nov 30
Nov 29 Whats your thor style? Just wondering how you utilize the Thor. Whether it's mid game or late game. Marine tank unit composition or mech play. Whether you keep them around your base defensively. Or use them in a timing push. How many is a good number etc. Just want to know what your style is. I've been very intrigued with it. But it's so slow. I was thinking it would be very good to be defensive with one or two to help you secure expos while maybe putting on mmm harass or somethingLaniakea6 Nov 29
Nov 27 Tvz cyclone opening question How many factories do you guys think one should open with for a hellion cyclone composition vs zerg? I'm thinking 2 or 3 with either 2 reactor one tech lab or one tech one reactor. What do y'all think?YETI4 Nov 27
Nov 26 Dealing with mutas I'm having alot of trouble vs mutas. Even if I know they are coming. I'm forced to stay in my base. I can't properly defend my 3rd. And the zerg just gets all his expos going and techs up. What do you guys do that works? Looking for platinum and up answersLaniakea7 Nov 26
Nov 26 MtarJesus explains the problems with LOTV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lzmqqorh5JY&feature=youtu.be In this video i discuss balance and why we need controversial players like AVILO,DESTINY and IDRA.HeavyRain1 Nov 26
Nov 25 When would a plat 4v4 build cyclones? What kind of enemy composition would you want a lot of cyclones for now? I think the short answer for a platinum 4v4 player like myself is probably "nothing". Their high vespene cost and my non-existent micro skills mean I don't think I could probably get much use out of them. But what are the pros using them for? Anti-harassment from stalkers, oracles, and the like?Torimar2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Mech AA? So just came back, only really doing practice games, working in vs ai. Anyway was doing great, but switched to mech before the patch and did fine. Today not so much. My question is what is everyone using for anti air now? Tried Vikings and ravens neither are holding it off too well. Should i try using thors? Or just use more Vikings? Thanks RobDeamoBD4 Nov 25
Nov 24 MtarJesus explains why zerg is too strong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvCTzfQT2VU&feature=youtu.beHeavyRain0 Nov 24
Nov 23 My message to blizzard (youtube video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0jj2zuqRGk&feature=youtu.beHeavyRain0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Mech AA? Double post sorry. Please delete Thanks RobDeamoBD0 Nov 23
Nov 20 @Blizzard: Battlecruisers - SC2 Vs BW Something I'm rather curious about is why Battlecruisers use rapid attacks that are heavily affected by enemy armor rather than their old laser attack from Brood War. When you take into account how easy it is to resist BC damage in SC2 compared to Brood War, it makes Battlecruisers seem bad. Yamato Cannon and Tactical Jump might be okay, but in straight-up combat you just don't get good DPS out of BCs for what they cost. Even when they're massed, BCs just don't impress damage-wise compared to a bio-ball. I have to wonder why BCs were redesigned to attack rapidly instead of having hard-hitting blows when you guys were still developing Wings of Liberty, and why you've kept BCs with this kind of attack ever since.darkdill2 Nov 20
Nov 18 Live cyclone vs Test mod cyclone Pros and cons ? witch one do you prefer and why?Lancelot5 Nov 18
Nov 17 Please don't post in all caps. It was terrible decision to take this ability out of the game. I personally loved it and would use it all the timeLiQuid11 Nov 17
Nov 16 New Tank Feedback Hello. I just hope this idea has been considered because overall, I will miss Medivac pick ups. And in retrospect, Bio strategies have always incorporated Mech and Air as support units to MMM. The idea that Widow Mines were already overlapping with tanks for certain situations is something I can see, but also disagree with because of the versatility and use of Widow Mines in general. For instance 2 Widow Mine drop harass functions very differently from Medivac Tank harass. The cost of 2 Widow Mines and a Tank is relatively the same in time and cost. And as I said these drop strategies really do just support Bio play. So moving forward, I don't mind seeing the absence of Medivac Tank strategies late game. I felt the need to express the need of evaluating the value for the Tanks versatility. I feel that pre-patch tank has rather good synergy with Bio play. And post-patch tank really seems to qualify the derived Mech play style. But please consider this: Because I do not believe Thors have been affected with the use of Medivacs and the usability of Medivacs with Hellbats, the lost of Medivac Tank compatibility is a lost of synergy with Air Terran and Mech overall. That being said, I would like to see the lost of Medivac Tank and the boost damage for tanks as a mid-to-late game upgrade, as an option for players to commit to a play style while also giving more flexibility to strategies end game. Because as an upgrade, there is truly a commitment made at any given point in the map. But at that given point, it would really define what the tank's role will be and should be for the rest of the match. Allowing Medivac Tank strategies to persist also allows the viability and synergy for Medivac use with mech to make them more mobile. Even if the "Mech Fantasy" is about position control and about sheer brute force and tankiness--without the use of Air support, Mech is still rather immobile. And giving Medivacs that extra role as a Mech support unit and not just a Bio support unit feels like it can make the game more diverse. Again, as a comparison of Mech and Bio to fulfill the fantasy of the playstyle--the idea of committing to a highly immobile and brutal ground force is there if the lost of Medivac Tank and the boosted damage is given as an option via upgrade. Because it will be at that point of a game where the player has commited to go full Mech because support Bio and Air units will still be viable end game for end game counters such as Ghosts for Ultralisks and Archons/HT or Vikings for Tempest, Carriers, BL. It is at that point in the game where it does not so much matter anymore whether or not players took the upgrade or not early game for the intentions of harassing early game, or turtle harder in preparation for the long costs and build up for Mech armies. Thank you guys for your consideration.HintonR2 Nov 16
Nov 14 Reaper/Hellion How to stop or counter Reaper/Hellion? Marines are killed by hellions. Tank is an option but reapers always come out fairly quickly. Making that exact same build would work but that would lock me to doing that build every time I play TVT, since in order to know if they're doing that, I need to scout and by the time I scout, it already is too late to go reaper/hellion.Choriqueso5 Nov 14
Nov 11 how to win against vs ai ? Best way to win against vs ai ? I know not many plays anymore but still people do play. Elite is kinda hard.GymFenixBFF2 Nov 11
Nov 11 How do you do a Reaper rush? So I'm liking the changes to Reapers in HotS, but having trouble executing a good Reaper rush. How would someone more pro handle it? Should I reactor my first barracks? Should I just start building reapers, build a 2nd barracks and reactor that? Should I try to get the lvl 1 wep upgrade before my rush? What about defenses for my base, is it smart to go all Reapers or should I build some marines and/or widow mines before I move them out? Most importantly, how many Reapers do you need for a good rush? At only 4 damage (and without their bonus to light anymore) they don't exactly one-shot workers and the maps are small enough that the enemy can scramble units from their ramp back to the mineral line. So, basically, any and all tips would be appreciated. Thank you.HeyZeus24 Nov 11
Nov 8 Want to learn Terran So with the new seperate MMR per race thing I am gonna start playing random to learn how to play Terran and Protoss. I have played purely Zerg since WOL day 1 release in both 1v1 and teams so this will be an exciting change for me. What is a starting build that I can learn for Terran that will be effective(ish) in all 3 matchups if it exists?Mlenk2 Nov 8
Nov 7 What are masters doing? Hey so I've been looking at lots of different builds in tvp tvt and tvz. Timing attack openings and economic openings. I basically want to start off by learning one really solid build in each matchup. Especially to you masters guys. What would you recommend? What are powerful openings in your league?Laniakea7 Nov 7
Nov 6 Thor changes When the patch is live, I wanna play Terran a lot more. However, I need to fully understand the Thor buffs. So, assuming all of the buffs make it in, how more effective will the Thor be vs armored units and non-armored units? Anything else I should know about the Thor? Also, assuming all the changes make it in, how should I do tvt if I wanna go mech?Somebody2 Nov 6
Nov 5 Adepts... So Adepts... after a 2 year absence. What the hell? I used to be competent but my games are all trash now. Really sad since I was a good player at one point, just placed into KR Bronze. Asia is where I play. How the flying F do you counter these things? I know Blizzard goes really lovey-dovey on Protoss but, this is excessive. Shade; WTF? Can I kill them in shade with EMP? What the hell do I do? I just lost to 3 toss in a row, they ate me alive and my macro game is not poor. My micro could use a lot of work; but this is just flat discouraging... they DPS the piss out of marines and have basically made zealots useless. A nerf has got to be comming because these things are CRAZY. Thoughts fellow T players?Dream4 Nov 5
Nov 4 Banshees and Liberators in 4RT I've been going banshees and liberators in 4rt and its been very effective. Have you tried it.EricPlayboy4 Nov 4
Oct 27 AI vs. Ladder Just wondering if anyone out there experiences the same thing I do. I play against the AI and also on ladder. I usually do several games against the AI to warm up. Always against Elite. I've noticed that I am way more on my game against AI than against people. My APM is way higher and I am on point the entire game. As soon as I play people, I choke. My hands move slower and I 2nd guess everything I do. Don't know if it's the nerves or if I get thrown off because ladder opponents are so much less predictable. Anyone else experience this?MadOx5 Oct 27