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Jul 21 TvP be like https://postimg.org/image/f28e8pojl/Bladewise9 Jul 21
Jul 21 Protoss beats me all time, what to do? It doesn't matter what I do, if I try to harass with reapers they die to early adept, stalker or MSC + PO. If I try to do a doom drop they just use PO or warp in units to kill my army. If I try to fight them head on I will lose since the Protoss army just A moves through mine like a warm knife in butter. I manage to stay alive long enough then Protoss will kill me with HT, Archons, Tempest and whatever units they have. Or Protoss does some 4 gate which I cannot hold or does a prism warp in. I feel that it's becoming less and less fun to play as Terran vs Protoss. Half of the units terrain has is either too weak or is too costly to do their job or I need to have more than twice the micro Protoss has just to beat them out. I've been looking at twitch streams but Protoss never plays like they do :/DrRobotnik2 Jul 21
Jul 20 How do you beat mass lings and queens? Played against a random player that did nothing but mass lings and queens. Hellions and hellbats couldn't kill the zerglings since he focused the, down with his queens and my liberators couldn't kill the queens fast enough since they got transfused and mowed them down. He has a overall 90% win rate with Zerg as his strongest race at 80%. He told me this is something he has done since WoL and it has given him big successDrRobotnik8 Jul 20
Jul 20 Need Help TvT Im a meching terran and im having trouble vs marine tank Its all fine until i try to get 5th base then they start to pick me apart. Killing my 5th and pulling me back and forth http://ggtracker.com/matches/6734173 Thanks if you can take time to watch replay!Atom1 Jul 20
Jul 17 Raven seeker missiles on friendly units Terrans weaponized the ability to use seeker missiles on friendly units. By doing this you can deal massive damage in a way that cannot be preempted due to fog of war. I think this should be removed from the game since it creates an unbalanced experience.Swarm1 Jul 17
Jul 17 What is the Best Terran Build for 4v4? In 4v4, it's pretty hard to react to what the other four people are doing. Is there a solid build that can kind of do well against everything?Seven39 Jul 17
Jul 17 Reaper FE auto-loses to Pylon Rush Hate to say it, but if you reaper FE against a pylon rush, you auto-lose. Your bunker will finish 2 seconds too late, and you literally will only have 1 reaper, maybe 2 marines if lucky, and you just straight up die. You can't engage the pylons, and after your wall goes down, you will have to fight a stalker, 2 adepts, a zealot, pylons, and the mothership core. In my opinion, this is absolutely broken because you cannot scout it in time. A reaper FE with the fastest bunker still dies to it. This should be nerfed.PoLyGLoT6 Jul 17
Jul 11 Top50 GM Terran Stream Hey guys Bombs here, i'm a Top 50 GM Terran still getting supply blocked, isnt that amazing? I'm streaming at www.twitch.tv/bombscoach I will be commentanting games and answering questions between games, i see you there!Bombs0 Jul 11
Jul 11 Zerg is too easy and Protoss is too IMBA Zerg: Needs to have skillfloor raised considerably. Has way too many advantages that inflate rank. Mechanics aren't even a thing, a zerg player merely has to know what units to build when and not miss injects to progress. Furthermore I find it SICKENING that Blizzard says bull!@#$ like they dont wanna see mass cyclone when for 90% of the game zerg can stare at their "production" (ala the 4 buildings they have to build all game) and build nothing but roaches and ravagers. It's REALLY imbalanced that zerg players have so little to keep up with all game. Yes top level terrans are that much better than top level zergs. Yes top level zergs, like all zergs, are used to having their hand held and that's why they're underrepresented in korean tournaments. Zerg only has to turtle, doesn't have to keep up with production buildings, doesn't have to mix and match units, doesn't have to micro, doesn't have to look at their base to build supply. And can f2 all game while leaving queens at their base to defend. Any statement that even INFERS that zerg is underpowered is nothing but typical blizzard pleb pandering. Protoss: Needs to be nerfed to the ground. Their early game is too strong, their late game is too strong, and pylon cannons shut down any sort of a joke of a midgame that terran can claim to have. Its gross that this bull%^-* isn't being nerfed. Adepts are overpowered amove garbage (and yet again mass adept is a thing but god forbid terran gets to mass a unit even if it requires 20x the micro of any unit that protoss has). Literally turtle to 200 then amove and storm. I've tried not getting salty, I've practiced to try to get better, but the fact of the matter is, this race is overpowered in every way. If I try to put on early pressure, they stop it with pylons, If i try to take an econ lead, they just take the same amount of bases and all in me for amove autowin, if i try to play late game they just build tempest and templars and amove storm across the map. If a Terran beats a protoss its because the protoss player was SEVERELY outplayed meanwhile in an even game protoss will !@#$ on a Terran player with blatantly imba units. Terran: Is garbage right now. Maru and TY are the best players in the world, balancing around them is stupid as %^-*. In a game of equal skill vs another race, terran loses, the only way you win is by being considerably better than your opponent. The macro is the hardest, the micro is the hardest, the skill floor is the highest, and the units are the weakest. This whole "kill them before they get there" bull!@#$ is just an excuse for blizzard to pander to players that are never going to stick with this game anyways aside from playing the joke that is co-op. PS: I'm not saying I'm good, and I definitely have a lot of room to improve. However, this game is complete trash right now for terran and i'm getting pretty frustrated with beating my head against the wall. ZvT is too easy for zerg, you literally have to pressure the zergs horrible mechanics to win (but the jokes on you because they dont have to have mechanics!). PvT is grossly imbalanced and the protoss has to make horrible mistakes to lose (but the jokes on you because they can still WP your base when you try to finish the game!). TvT is a huge %^-*ing turtle fest where either 1 person throws an engage and loses, a random doom drop end the game, or you both roll the dice and base trade. PSS: Playing Terran is not fun right now, Terran is blatantly underpowered. /endrantBladewise8 Jul 11
Jul 8 Auto Cast for Stimpack I'm just a casual and super slow player with the fancy 10 APM. I am usually only able to use Stimpack for the whole group, or at best select a half front to use it. I really wish that Stimpack can be auto-cast, so that my units can use it much more efficiently. Stimpack is activated only when units start attacking. I know there are some times when we don't want to use Stimpack, like when we don't have any Medics or Medivacs and must save as much health as possible. But then, I can deactivate it in that case. You can make it deactivated by default if necessary. But for someone like me, I really need it.Syltom2 Jul 8
Jul 6 Very hard AI: How good? Alright, started playing again after basically finishing the campaign and playing against a couple of friends a year ago. I tried to play against a very hard AI Protoss on a small 1v1 map and got beat a couple of times before finally beating him. Now, I know the AI tend to fade out hard when reaching mid game so my question applies more to the 1st couple of attacks it sends. Basically, how good is the AI compared to humans early games? It seems like to win, my only option is to turtle up and survive the 1st couple of waves. Somehow it always gets a stronger army then mine during those waves and the only reason I win is because of the positional advantage (elevation, ramp, tank(s) and bunker(s)). If I deviate ever slightly from the full defense tactic early on to try something a little more fancy (or simply different, like meeting mid map) I get crushed. So the question is: What should I read from this? Am I specially slow? Should I expect to do the same turtling tactic against lower tier players (barring any cheese)? Or is the AI known for being remarkably fast early game and is not representative of what a lower tier player capable of?Crazyced29 Jul 6
Jul 6 Mech Build (not a polemic thread, ok?!) Hello fellows, I am here to know if there are friendly builds that can go for a mech play. I know all the prior polemics about mech in LOTV... but i just enjoy mech and i will play just in low ladder (i'm not a skilled player lol), so... not a big problem.... So.... any good basic good and/or safe build that can go for a mech play? OBS.: I didn't play much LOTV since launch.... and yes, i think the game became a lot more hard to play for a casual player like me..... shame on you Blizzard !!! Thanks a lotSuperman0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Just a very simple TvZ tip. I've been watching a lot of terrans vs zergs. There's this little thing that REALLY bugs me. IF you use tanks in TvZ, Get 1 attack upgrade on ground mech, then all armor. why? 1. You will 1 shot lings, regardless of the zergs armor upgrades. 2. tanks will 3 shot roaches, regardless of the zergs armor upgrades. Having roaches take 4 shots, and/or not one shotting lings can be game changing. There's no point getting more then 1 upgrade on ground mech attack though. Armor will be better.GameDog7 Jul 5
Jul 5 Using reapers in mid and late game So I wanted to make my own unique playstyle and I decided on centering around Reapers. I usually start with an all in because going just mass reapers vs z/t/p is just silly if your not going to do early economic damage Vs zerg I do either the pf reaper rush or the ghost hellbat push Vs protoss a 3 rax reaper all in followed by a 3CC  Vs Terran a 3 rax reaper into a tank reaper viking push followed up by 3CC Now od course you cant mass reapers because thry arent really combat units however ive discovered that using reapers with tanks has great effect. For example roaches need to get on tanks to do damage however the d8 charges push units back and lets tanks get more volleys. However I find that you need to het ALOT of pfs. Reapers are kinda like mutas. You scout that the enemy is out of position and then snipe his 4th or 3rd and can easily get back to base before a counterattack. So far ive gone against lots of plays and a diamond and its working out well.  It is gimmicky obviously but nobody masses reapers so you wont get hard countered by a player who scoutsit ouWiDoW10 Jul 5
Jul 5 Vikings need a redesign I'm not talking about their stats. I couldn't care less about their stats right now. I care about how they look. They look awful. They don't look cool for high tech space stuff. They look like regular airplanes. Terrans are supposed to be high advanced technological humans not hillbillies. I mean star craft has always had some kind of weird mesh of country and technology but it's a downgrade from the wraith. And why can't we keep the units from before? We should just add new units to existing ones. There's nothing wrong with old ones like wraiths or corsairs. Those were cool. Vikings and void rays not so much. Phoenixes not much better either. Okay scouts suck so do valkyries. I applaud the new liberator even if the name sucks compared to valkyries. Okay my rant ends here now Also hellions have wheels which could break and pop so it doesn't make sense. It's a downgrade from vultures which weren't that great either. But it's like blizzard is trying to make new units while trying to forget the old ones while the old ones were just as good if not better than the new ones. Not all just some. Like the hellbat is just a combination of firebat and vulture. Cuz it transforms. Banshee plus Viking equals a wraith except a Viking is also a wraith minus the cloaking abilities plus a goliath. But its worse than the Goliath bc it's slow. And why take away lockdown from ghosts? They were perfectly fine with it. It kind of balances technological stuff like protoss and mech. They take out useless things and make it even more useless. (bc lockdown can't really be used on a lot of units) But the mother ship oh the mother ship it dies so easily. It's a mother ship but it's so weak. Like a glorified mother ship core but no power. Just cloaking ability. It's not fun to watch units die so easily. Where's the strategy? Where's the fun? I hate watching matches where they die so easily. Motherships bcs etc. I mean ultralisks are strong finally but that's only one unit. Ok I know there's a lot of ideas or rants in this one but I don't have time and I just wanted to express myself byeAlmondJoy4 Jul 5
Jul 4 Looking for coach Hi, I've recently just gotten back into Starcraft 2 and I'm looking for a coach to help me get better overall. I lost contact with my old coach back in HotS so I need another trusty companion to help me out. I have some basic knowledge of builds, macro-micro play already but there's plenty of room for improvement. NA: Dom #1460 Or you could add me on Battle.Net if you'd want; DOMinator #1284 Many thanks :)RegiShotGG0 Jul 4
Jul 4 Countering Pylon Overcharge Rush in TvP Anyone have advice for countering offensive Pylons on short air distance maps like Ulrena, Ruins of Endion and Korhal Carnage Knockout? Considering Protoss may rush with Pylons, Mothership Core and Stalkers/Adepts. Also considering the chance that this rush may be assisted by an Oracle. I'm 99% sure the Pylon rush is overpowered and unfair on these maps but I want to see if I may make any improvements on my play. I may stop playing Terran in Legacy of the Void unless there is a reliable counter-play for this Pylon cheese.IllIllIlIlIl12 Jul 4
Jun 28 TvZ Deal with Roach into Muta into RR timing? i just faced a very strange ZvT opening i stood no chance, can someone helpt me pls? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6700411 the guy told me he never lost with this buildAleXusher1 Jun 28
Jun 27 Looking For Terran Coach hye guys! im really into this game and terran,but i don't really know how to play,i did watch a tutorial video,trying a couple of move but micro always mess up my build order,losing alot of game,can anyone help me? im willing to learn.i acn't execute my build order under pressure,i don't know what build to counter. i need a coach that can teach me how to play and i want to be a grandmaster in SEA server.i always practice on Americas server beacuse so many people online in that server add me in game (SEA) BajuBesi#1268 Americas BajuBesi#292BajuBesi0 Jun 27
Jun 27 Widow Mine question (how to use them) So, I jumped into my first series of games in HotS last night (lost all of them like a true bronze! lol). I'm not qq'ing, half the loses were due to poor management of some sort...crap happens. This thread is about Widow Mines though. I was under the assumption, after watching a lot of videos during the beta, that the WMs also had the ability to: 1. Disable auto-attacking 2. Launch themselves at the enemy and explode I wasn't able to do either, and it actually got frustrating. I had my WMs in good places for recon purposes and such, but I couldn't disable the auto-attacking. This also lead to more frustration when the mines would just shoot missiles. I thought they acted like Spider Mines from SC1/BW era where they would explode when someone came near.raevin13 Jun 27
Jun 25 TvT and TvZ tankvak opinions In my own opinion I think every match up would be more fun without tank vaks. They turned tvt from a chess game to who lands tank first. liberators with tankvaks also make zerg really weak early game its very abusive. Does anyone else think this mechanic should be removed? the only problem i see is roach ravager all ins being hard to holdMarineKing1 Jun 25
Jun 23 Important Terran Macro Tips for the Expert Hello, Terran macro is definately something that takes some practise and experience to get... and some might say that it's just as difficult as the zerg at high level, but thats another story. 1) When you expand with a new Command Centre, always turn into an Orbital Command first and drop a mule before lifting off/building SCVs. This way, the OC benefits your economy in the most immediate way possible, and doesn't waste potential while in transit/ starting up. 2) Keep all your Orbital Commands on one hotkey. Using this simple technique, it makes macroing MULEs much easier as well as making emergency Scans a more reliable affair. With two OCs available there is a much greater chance that one will have the energy you need to get that pesky DT. 3) Hotkey your Command Centre from the start of the game, preferably on an easy hotkey like 4. This means that when you need it, you aren't desperately panning back to your base and wasting time. 4) Pressing and holding a unit's hotkey will fill the entire queue. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW and will redefine the way you think about macro as Terran once you use this feature to your advantage. 5) Link all your Production Structures to hot keys. From this point you can decide whether to seperate them all into seperate numbers (like using 5=barracks, 6=factory, 7=starport etc.) or to stick them all on one key and tab through them. 6) Possibly the biggest tip I'll give you all post - here is a guide to how many Production structures you generally need to wage war effectively as Terran: 1 Barrracks/Factory/Starport = those units will be produced in a trickle, and suppliment your army in a supporting role. 2 Barracks/Factory/Starport = decent production, par enough to make an army given enough time 3 Barracks/Factory/Starport = a 'macro' king's assortment. Essentially, your army is coming out of here buckwheet. Note that adding a Reactor means that Production Structure is +2 on this list. Unfortunately many times Reactor units are weaker then Tech Lab ones (Marines coming to mind) so it would still be beneficial to have say 2 Barracks w Reactor to = 4. 7) Know what you want to happen a couple of minutes from now, and build accordingly. Terrans are a race of planning, despite what opponents of the MMM might say. I hope you find this tips useful, and to the pros who already know them - sorry for wasting your time. Caustic Caustic25 Jun 23
Jun 23 terran thor rush, outdated, yet effective Thor rushing is soo funny. It's an old tactic that rarely ever sees use. But that's what makes it freaking awesome. Your enemy will almost never expect it!! It is really effective against protoss while being effective against terran. caution when using against zerg. build order (my version) = 2 scvs as soon as you can and start mining. create a supply depot and make another scv. once the depot is done create a barracks ASAP. construct a refinery and then have three scvs mine from it. create more scvs while switching some to mine gas as you will need minerals. create another depot. once you have 100 gas your scv should be done with the depot, create a factory. make sure you have atleast 3-4 marines while thor is being produced. once thor is out rush their base and have 5 scvs set to auto repair so the thor doesn't die. if your enemy tries to focus down thor scvs will repair and the thor's spectacular ground attack will wreck most early armies. Have a nice day trolling some protoss ;)ghost33 Jun 23
Jun 22 How do i beat ultralisk? Heyjo, i rly have no chance, when Ultras join the field. Unless i am able to somehow cripple Zerg hardcore and prevent ultras i lose every game in TvZ as soon as those Ultralisks pop. Funny thing, i just went through all those GSL SSL games i found in that playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgN32fqH1yth8VZDkibCSVv-swu_UxZeg&nohtml5=False and as far as i can say, all Terran died in a game, where ultras were out. Ofc that can have many reasons, but you would think that out of... 15? games, at least 5 or even 7-8 Terran should have won, like 50%? I mean, SC2 is balanced right? Kappa but srsly, how do i beat ultralisks? I cant beat them with bio, ok, fair enough. but Mech seems to be no viable option either. Skyterran? I dont think that rly works in most cases. And Ghosts are only good for turtlling, so you never attack? Libs, well i heared they get nerfed soon, and even if not, you just avoid the zones and you are fine, esp with Roach Ravager as startingpoint instead of LBM. Vs LBM Libs are somewhat viable, because they counter muta and in great numbers they are good vs Corruptor as well, just in case. But still, not rly a viable option. And Thor? I tried in unit test map with 3/3 vs full upgraded Ultralisk. Well, Terran loses in all cases. And lets be honest, when does Terran hast 3/3 mech upgrades, when playing bio? esp now that Sky and Mech have different attackupgrades again. So, pls tell me, how, am i supposed to win vs ultra, if i am NOT able to deal heavy dmg in mid game, and it is just even macro game?AleXusher27 Jun 22
Jun 22 Terran Vs Adept? Counters? I've been watching alot of pro games and casual play myself and im a little confused on the Adept counter. Blizzard recommends we use tanks or thors? Wouldn't tanks hit your own mineral line and thors are too expensive until late game? Other option they say is to use marauder due to their high armour, would mass marauder work for adept rush? Or are they too slow to build due to needed a tech lab? Im a little confused on these counters.Laz16 Jun 22
Jun 21 Can't Manually Trigger Stimpack/Shield I feel...a little silly writing about this but I've been looking through the forums and random net but can't seem to find an answer. I recently fired SCII Wings back up for the hell of it but for the life of me I can't seem to trigger the stimpacks like I used to. (Default keys so it should be T for me) I have the purchased upgrade for the marines but I can't trigger it. What am I doing wrong?Crosse3 Jun 21
Jun 21 Switching to Terran Is there a general strategy guide for MUs per race I'll face?noobtastic5 Jun 21
Jun 20 Marines seem like garbage` Especially in the late game. Literally they are useless unless you are playing against another Terran who also makes lots of marines. Zerg makes ultras, brood lords, infestors, etc. and you die with bio. Toss makes storms, colossus, disruptors, etc. and you die with bio. If I play bio, when should I transition and what is the best thing to switch to once you've made lots of barracks? It seems like if they reach ultras / storms etc. you have already lost the game.PoLyGLoT23 Jun 20
Jun 18 magma mines trouble Some noobs lift to gold and wall in on magma mines. i see this coming and try to rush but even though all my timings are right, they get more money than me a few seconds later after moving cc to gold after noob lift to gold. how do i counter this stupid strategy without doing the same thing? im goldTheHomophobe1 Jun 18
Jun 18 how do i defend 2 proxy robo adept WP immo al how do i defend 2 proxy robo adept WP immo allin? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6681333AleXusher2 Jun 18
Jun 15 Raven Suggestion Guys Guys, listen to this Guys, you listening? What if What. If. The Raven's Auto-turret could float like how the PDD does? Eh? EH? (Also, PDD needs + duration and seeker missile needs to be reduced to 100 energy I mean really, 125 energy? Psi storm only costs 75 and is guaranteed to always hit...JMan2 Jun 15
Jun 12 Not getting promotion/Terran So, im rank1 gold and i keep winning against platinums that it gives me, sometimes even diamond, thats when i happen to lose once and then win against another 3 platinums, vicious cycle.. How in hell am i supposed to get into platinum ? Also, what the heck happend to terrans, when i want to play against other races of similar skill i have to have 500APM and computer instead of brain, can someone fire this david kim guy already? i even remember one pro terran quitting this game because of what are they doing to terrans. I want to play teran on higher ranks but this is just putting me away from game.. especially when i see how enemy protoss just A clicks my army while i have to break my wrist. I sense some serious fanboyism in blizzard balance staff tbh For those who don't get obvious: I returned to game after few years, since hots, and my winrate is 75+%BluStar3 Jun 12
Jun 11 Supply depot build time I finally played some games for the first time in forever, and I'm probably the last person to notice this but, the supply depots take 21 seconds to build, and I was watching my opponent build their pylon and it takes 18 seconds to build. Checked another replay and the overlord takes 18 seconds to build. I know that this was a balance thing for Terran in the past because I believe both Protoss and Zerg had 14 supply to start off with and, Terran had 15 supply. Now Protoss and Terran start with 15 supply and Zerg still starts at 14. Both Protoss and Zerg take 18 seconds to build supply. To sum up (Didn't want to read paragraph) Protoss : 15 starting supply 18s supply building time Terran : 15 starting supply 21s supply building time Zerg : 14 starting supply 18s supply building time I'm making this post because I want to know whether this was the same in the past or not. This is not to provoke balance arguments, I'm just seeking informationSimitary7 Jun 11
Jun 9 Ketroc is Back & trying to make Ravens work. https://www.twitch.tv/ketroc/profile https://www.youtube.com/user/Ketroc21/videos If you don't know Ketroc, he's known for using ravens, as much as possible. They are his bread & butter. He quit a while back when the auto turret duration was nerfed, but he's back now and trying to make them work. They're now a lot better at killing all the workers at a base before opponent can respond, and far better at killing ultralisks due to increased autoturret damage per shot & higher dps. They're a lot worse at taking out buildings, so the focus should be killing their army/workers and maybe important tech buildings. Has anyone tried mass raven and had success at climbing the ladder with it? Ketroc floats a lot of minerals, could dump that into marines/hellions but he has low APM which is why I think he doesn't make many of those. He sticks to a couple of tanks and widowmines to compliment the ravens. What do you think of mass ravens, how high can you get with them these days? Any tips? etcTheCulture16 Jun 9
Jun 7 libs damage reduction just killed terran... no way to counter corruptors ... how the hell does david kim thinks thats balance?! what a auful producer just disaster.. libs were the only units that saved me against immortal ultras.. if he zerg adds like 8 corruptors im just dead... so david kim wants me to use ghost? like make it more difficult while ultras just a move, so now i need to snip, stim and kite, deploy libs, macro and lift tanks all in the same second?... while the zergs a move what is this design? just horrible horrible design.. they should fire this david kim as soon as possible the game is dieing because of this guy, so much frustrationtalski16 Jun 7
Jun 7 The game is so much harder in diamond I got to diamond today and the game is SO much harder than in platinum, and the players seem so much more easily enraged, and try harder to win like it matters to them more than anything I want advice, how to I win against other diamond players? The skill difference between platinum and diamond is like the skill difference between silver and platinum, I get kind of nervous when playing against a diamond player because I feel like they are a better diamond player than me just by looking at them in the loading screen I lose to early ling attacks when I am making my CC at the low ground even with a bunker, I lose to the nearly unbeatable ravager rushes and other terran players who seem to have a better build than me that blind counters everythingGoldenar13 Jun 7
Jun 7 Mothership core earlygame broken? So i just lost game, but how i lost it ? Enemy protoss spawned 5 pylons in my base with probe on 2 minute mark, then flew over there with mothership and on third minute i was dead, i had 3 marines that killed the probebut there was nothing they could do against overcharged pylons.BluStar8 Jun 7
Jun 7 I see no LotV build orders. Any good ones? Hey guys, I just got Legacy of the Void and I've been playing for a little while, but I have no good build orders and it seems as though I can't find any either. What have we terrans been doing lately? I need strats and builds for all three match ups. Thanks in advance.HektorOfTroy4 Jun 7
Jun 3 Liberator Bug There seems to be something wrong with the liberator there seems to be no way to kill mass quantities of them, not even if I throw mutalisk's at a 3 to 1 ratio in favor of the multalisk the Liberators will still win. This bug has been around for a long time, I think it needs to be addressed soon.Donmige2 Jun 3
Jun 3 How to deal damage when there are mutas? yo, im a top diamond player, it seems that every time zergs get mutas i just cant deal damage.. he gets ultra and a moves so fast if i dont slow him down... what can i do? ever ydrop dies in seconds when there are like 15 mutas on the map patrolling you cant even run.. if i try to push thought middle i often die cuz of insane amount of lings banes.. sometimesi get magic widow mine shots and that helps but rarely..talski6 Jun 3
May 30 State of the game ? Hello, Stark here, former EU plat terran, i stopped playing after the release of this damned LoTV extension. In march i believe, DK announced he was trying to adress Mech issues but was struggling to see the difficulties Mech players had. About the same period of time, Terran was having such a hard time keeping up with others races that some pro decided to quit, thus shaking the Terran community. So, my question is : In what state is the game in right now after theses events ? Did something relevant happened ?Is Mech Terran still a no go ? Does the Pro Terran scene still on the verge of extinction ? Can someone fill me up so i can decide if it's worth coming back to the game ?Stark7 May 30
May 29 the new Thor it still seems like the thor is a bad unit , ive tested it on unit tester a few times, its not there and not there.. it doesnt counter anything, for mutas id prefer libs and for broods and tempest id still prefer vikings, the thors cost so much and so immobile it should come with a greater power, blizzard are trying to make it a all arounder unit and i think thats a bad idea, thors should counter something, at the moment they dont counter anything..talski6 May 29
May 28 Why is neosteel still in the game? I have yet to see this upgrade in a pro game or streamed game. Why is it still in the multiplayer game?hanster9 May 28
May 28 From Bronze to Masters (Video Series) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV13oCz7uLw (Bronze) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM0E8OzvzkI (Silver) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVDHoo9OzQQ (Gold) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vdpxvJmqdQ (Platinum) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1TNg8Qquck (Diamond) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMEv4etJiCw (Diamond) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TLMtTFr9i8 (DIamond + Master promotion) If you like the videos - please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3e5K0_kKcexZLAm1BPkkgSinofSloth2 May 28
May 27 Ghost abilities Can Nova mind control Protoss? As in Zealots, etc, not the powerful ones, i mean the lesser protoss, weaker soldiers. Make them do what she wants and maybe kill themselves with their own weapon?BlackLight5 May 27
May 26 Early toss agression. Im a bronze zerg, but I started playing T to mix it up a bit, and I have a problem with earlygame P. Whats ghe go-to composition in case of early zealot, adept or stalker attacks? Thanks in advance.Roomcajs3 May 26
May 26 master or higher terran training partner add me dozer#747 add me dozer#747 im a protoss player looking for terrans who want to understand the match up betterdozer0 May 26
May 24 Mass Reaper Playstyle Guide! Tips Welcome! So i've taken the last two weeks and dedicated all my games to mass reaper. I've been experimenting many builds utilizing reapers and id love for you all to give me tips and advice. Just to say it again this isn't a tutorial on mass reaper, i'm gold. This is more of a “this is what i'm doing any tips?” kinda thread When i started playing sc2 i really wanted to find my own unique playstyles. I experimented with skyterran, mass infestors, mass swarmhosts but i think reapers are the most fun to use. Vs Terran: 14 supply 16 rax 16 gas @As soon as you have 150 throw another rax down @100 percent rax make an reaper @150 minerals make another rax and another gas When you are poking with reapers your mineral count increases drastically so get a ebay and 2 more CC’s The main objective is not to outright kill, but it sometimes does, but to delay my opponent from expanding. They are usually able to get a tank out and i stop the agression. IF my opponent has been heavily damaged OR if we are on a 4 player map i usually get a orbital as my natural and start another CC. IF my opponent hasnt been that damaged i get a pf as my natural and make my 3rd CC as a supplmentary orbital. From there onward i get a factory for tanks and get one more ebay and another armor to start upgrades. The main comp is reaper tank viking. As the reaper player i've found out that opponents are rarely bold enough to run across the map and instead do drops. Extra minerals means extra turrets and reapers are quick to get to drop sites. It is key that you expand exponetially faster than you're opponent and get orbital cc’s in your base to get even more minerals. If the game is dragging a bit a BC switch kills the opponent in all my games. Vs Zerg 14 supply 16 rax (when finished make constant reapers) 16 gas @Use you're scouting scv to make a CC near his main but hidden @300 mins throw down 2 more rax (constant reapers when finished) and get another refinery @150 mins get a ebay When your poking with your reapers your opponents lings will be preoccupied and the CC should land in his main next to his ramp. Make that CC a PF While the PF is building you should have a decent amount of reapers to defend the PF. If the PF falls its gg in higher leagues but in gold i make my nat a pf and get another supplementary orbital. I'll be far behind but my opponent can easily make a mistake or take too much damage from harrasing reapers. I then transition into SkyTerran with reapers. Liberators, banshees, ghosts and reapers. I find that ghosts can snipe ultras and corruptors with relative ease and banshees and reapers can do great economic damage. It is gas intensive so you need to expand and be dominant on the map which will be simple to do with reapers. This is probably my hardest matchup to do mass reaper for the simple reason that ultras DESTROY everything late game and even libs and banshees wont do much if the zerg is ahead on econ Vs Protoss -Exact same build as Terran I find that its harder to do the inital damage with the MSC core and pylon overcharge but the MSC is slow and you can always bait PO’s. Once the protoss player has adepts you should back off. I then usually get 3 factories and do mine tank reaper with vikings. Its usually very easy to have reapers next to their 3rd base and have them walk across the map and then snipe 20 probes. Reapers keep the protoss at home instead of in your face. While tempests stop BC play i think staying on tank viking with pf support can deal with most protoss armies Conclusion: Reapers are a lot like mutas. They are really good in game ending economic damage and are very quick. Unlike mutas reapers suck at combat. However d8 charges seem to stop enemy forces from getting too close to your tanks and DESTROY mineral lines. Diamond and above comments on my build would be very welcome. Thanks!WiDoW0 May 24
May 24 Mass ghost? Need advice So ive taken a bit inspiration from ketrocs build Usually 17 CC, 17 and 20 gas. Fast third and make 2nd and 3rd pfs  This is where I divert from ketroc. I make 2 orbitals in my main because unlike ravens ghosts cost alot of minerals I make different variations against race Against zerg I get tanks because roaches cant all be sniped. Agaonst protons I get Vikings and liberators because emp won't win me the game. Against terrain im doing a one base ghost build into mass ghost because doing fast CC is a death sentence these days in tvt. Im currently silver but im usually gold. Id your a diamond or above terran id like advice or if your other races tell me some good timings or counters. ThanksPaRaSite3 May 24
May 23 Sensor towers Do sensor towers show cloaked/burrowed units?Roomcajs3 May 23