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Apr 21 How to be on top of things. Hello all. I was a high diamond(promoted to masters then demoted back to diamond) in 2010 WoL. Since then, life happened and I quit playing until 3months ago. I came back and placed in Gold. I actually got a lot better APM them what I used to have. I used to have 70-80 APM, but now I get 140-150 APM and 120ish effective APM. I am very good with Macro. I always have lots of buildings and enough money to cover everything. My matchup % is TvP 45% TvZ 50% TvT 60% My problem is how to keep a tab of your opponent and picking better engagements. I always forget to get ghost and storms destroying me. How you guys focus on the map to track everything for fast reaction. And how do you remind yourself to pick the better engagement rather than just attacking? There are times I beat master league player, but there were times I lose to gold. I just need advise to improve on micro and decision making. I was a semi pro CS 1.6 player. I was actually pro back in 2003. So I got the pottential, but I cant get it out in SC2.TurKFX4 Apr 21
Apr 20 How to beat Roach Ravager I´m reaching my final point in the TvZ MU when the Zerg builds that composition. I just dont know what to do against it with my Bio / Tank / Medivacs. I tried to build liberators but you can´t siege them because the corrosive biles just snipe them and they are utterly useless. I´m on the border to Master league but i need help in order to beat Roach-Ravager.ArcAvalon1 Apr 20
Apr 18 [WoL] How i beat this????? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6597140 WoL game, i just get rekt all times in this TvP, i don't what to do, the protoss just massed Zealots, Archons, HT and few Colossi and just A-moved me and spammed Storms all time, i've tried MMM+Ghosts/BC/Walls of PF and what i saw was just the Toss winning, some help?MinhowMinhow1 Apr 18
Apr 12 Terran Hotkey System Hey everyone, I'm a silver league player and was wondering about the control groups for production structures...would I have CC's on 4 and Barracks, Factory, and Starports on 5? The only thing is: what about separate rally points or does it matter? And whenever you feel like cheesing someone, would you put a separate building control group for that? I use a custom hotkey system that is similar to the grid...the only other question I have is: do Terrans typically use the hotkey for selecting all the army units? Anyway, if there is anyone willing to answer...it would be greatly appreciated.SiDrahLin14 Apr 12
Apr 12 Ideas to fix Thor. Hey guys I see alot of threads about the state of the Thor, but no real ideas on how to fix it. It seems like it does not have a defined role in the terran army since liberators are now the go to anti muta. They are also the only tier 3 that gets wrecked easily by tier ones of the other races (zealots/lings/etc). I think it would be cool to see your ideas on how to fix the thor and why. My ideas are as follows... 1. Give the Thor a passive ability that causes thor to explode when destroyed dealing SMALL AOE damage directly around the thor. 50dmg vs all +30vs shields. The range would be small, only enough to hit melee units directly around the thor. This will force the other races to micro when getting close to thor if they don't want to lose all there zergling or take damage to zealots. 2. Can we get some kind of fusion core upgrade that gives additional armor to the Thor?? I'd be happy with +2. Thor is a behemoth monster mech unit and players should feel that way when they use them. It would also be nice if that had some kind of defensive ability that helped mech take more bases without being spread to thin (another fundamental problem with mech right now). Discuss...TeamSC18 Apr 12
Apr 12 Thor 250 mm Cannons Functionality Suggestions Right now the Thor's dorsal cannons are purely cosmetic and that irks me a lot. I really hope the developers find a use for them in a future patch. However here's some of my suggestions of some uses for it. 1. As a Shotgun - inspired by Heroes of the Storm, the thor performs a similar attack to the Odin ultimate. It fires a single volley of its cannons that deals 35 splash damage per shot (total of 4 shots) to a medium area (approx. 3 range radius). This would help the Thor fend off a swarm of attackers; not a solid counter but should help shore up one of its major weakness and adding a considerable cooldown should help keep it balanced as well. 2. As an Artillery Emplacement - This one is inspired by the Juggernaut + sniper team combo from Tiberium wars. The Thor will team up with Ghosts. Thors gain the ability to enter into bombardment mode, activating their barrage cannons but become immobile and vulnerable to attack. The Ghosts will gain a call down artillery strike ability in which they mark a target and after 3 seconds all (or up to 3?) Thors in bombardment mode will begin to fire artillery shells from their barrage cannons which hits the target for 80 damage until the Ghost cancels the ability or the thor disengages bombardment mode. 3. As a Flak Cannon - I tried to research the details as to why the high impact payload ability was removed but IMO it should be brought back to complement the thor's role as an air unit deterrent. To the community let me know your thoughts and your own suggestions on this thread as well. A good day to all.Koetetsu7 Apr 12
Apr 12 Secret Ghost in the NCO Mission? So, I was playing Nova Covert Ops on the Sudden Strike mission for about the 3rd time now, and I used the Orbital Command to Scanner Sweep the entire map to see what was going on. I saw at the top of the map behind the Zerg base is a Psi Emitter (or disruptor i forgot the name) and a Ghost. Im thinking this might be an Easter Egg or a lead to the next mission. Just something I thought I'd point outKij0 Apr 12
Apr 11 Sky T Builds? Greetings! Recently recommitted to Multiplayer. Already bored of bio. Whats the best build order/opener for fast speed banshee. 2 or 3 Starports? And what am I using for early protection? Hellions, WM's, and Marines? Doesn't really work against Protoss.Initiative2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Ideas for balance and a newer metagame SSSSOOOO.....weird idea, I'm a bit drunk so let me know if I'm being crazy. All ideas after 1 are only relevant if the first idea is implemented. 1. Remove photon overcharge entirely, or at least, if you can't do that, then have to do have it do a quarter of its current damage applied equally in a small area, like every enemy in the area takes full damage, while slightly reducing the range of PO. 2. To make up for the above change, increase maximum of Mothership Cores to 2, 3 once you have a fleet beacon. 3. If the above ideas are implemented, give the Mothership core a speed boost of 0.25 so that, since you have multiple cores, at least one can be used for mild harassment while keeping the defense.....adequate, against early pressure. And 4. At the Fleet Beacon, you can get a very expensive upgrade (minimum 750 Min, 750 Gas, 150 Seconds to research) to allow you to get a second full mothership on the battlefield. I think that these changes may allow protoss the ability to attack and defend earlier on, and at the same time, Something that I'm not sure can be done with the highest non professional player now, but I suck a bit already, so I'm not totally sure........ Once again, I'm a bit drunk, feel free to let me know if it's me or the booze talking hereHammnet3 Apr 11
Apr 7 Anyone bored enough to reteach me the game? I was a platinum terran player barely at one point and now don't have much besides basic muscle memory still in my brain, so I was wondering if anyone would like to reteach me the game. Things I would like to learn - Macro semi-perfectly (I can kinda do this on my own) - Current builds 2 for each race, one safe economical, one aggressive - Basic strategies like what units generally should I be getting (I don't know the LOTV units yet rofl) - Maybe a few resources I can look at to learn on my own after that! I would really appreciate this if someone can help me! edit: oh and before someone says "UR SILLRVRR MY BRAIN NO NEUEUEUE" this is just my 2nd account while I try to get my main account back, forgot pass...WiLD1 Apr 7
Apr 7 f fIdocandoaddo3 Apr 7
Apr 7 getting back into sc2 I just started back playing ex diamond from wing of liberty. Looking for solid build orders vs each race having trouble finding some on the internet, I like to play a macro style game. Any tips are also welcome.SoBBeN5 Apr 7
Apr 6 some questions about LotV Terran What are current macro benchmarks as Terran? In HotS is was something like 10min 50-60SCVs depending on game and at 14min i think maxed out with 2/2 done if you play bio WM vs Zerg for expample. So what are the benchmarks in Lotv? Also what are benchmarks when you have to adapt to your opponent? I played a training game, where i was able to be maxed out at around 9:00 just focusing on macro, still got a bit supplycapped but i managed to do that. 2/2, as well as the 4th base was taken and saturated at 10:00. But that only applies in an ideal macro game with no harras or cuts or adapts at all. In normal games i am like 130 supply at 9:00 which is, compared to pros, a huge difference! Would rly like to hear some oppinions Also just if someone is interessted, that would be the replay: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6575610 Also how many SCVs should i get? Is it still 66 or 72 for the gases at the 4th base? I would also like to ask, what is the "ideal" base setup on 2, 3 and 4 Bases vs Protoss and Zerg, depending on their choosen tech? I think if i know that, that rly should help me out a lot. I wonder as well, when i should take my 3rd base in both MUs normally or in most cases.AleXusher3 Apr 6
Apr 5 Gameplay improvement stream with commentary! https://www.twitch.tv/visclaggSpidermind0 Apr 5
Apr 4 (Livestream) Help me analyze replays/improve https://www.twitch.tv/visclaggSpidermind0 Apr 4
Apr 3 Tips for someone getting back in (replay) Hello all, I recently started playing again and I'm working on my macro etc.. I'm low silver. I just had a match against a gold terran, I uploaded the replay can anyone give me some advice/pointers? I know I had alot of unspent resources and I'm trying to balance that out, my micro left something to be desired also. Thanks link is http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/6571757dbsysadmin0 Apr 3
Apr 2 How To defend One Base Ravager This basically hits that i dont have factory yet i usually do reaper FE so what should i do ? this thing is been bugging me for a long time and its just too frustrating , repair bunker wouldnt do a thing to ravager basically even a wall is out of context this is so !@#$ing frustrating . I even scouted it for God sakes .Meliciouz8 Apr 2
Apr 2 how to beat lurkers when going bio? I know they are immobile units similar to swarm hosts so I've tried doing more drop-based style of play but just played a game where i successfully dropped and even killed his lair without losing too many units and he just marches across with roach hydralisk lurker army, plants lurkers at my 4th base and wins the game... even when i get rid of roaches and hydras and scan to kill lurkers; it is not cost-efficient enough and lose my whole army. Any thoughts?Texan10 Apr 2
Apr 1 2V2 VS Toss going all Voids I hate it when Toss mass Voids, with that extra ability that Voids have, they can clear up any make of army. What is the best counter against that?JZA3 Apr 1
Mar 31 Buff viking armored damage and hp in walker ? Hi there, what if vikings... well, you read the title. They count as air during transformation and I think this could male them good against tanks and immortals, or at all actually viable in walker mode. This hasnt had much thought put into by me, but what do you think ?BugFighter4 Mar 31
Mar 31 hey guys looking for practice partners plat or higher. any race. im playing terran. im really bad at it but just cuz im new to them. add me badakface#1861. if im on and not in a game ill 1v1 and soak up anything and everything lolAlexander0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Thors or cyclones in late game TvZ Typically in TvZ, the Terran goes bio tank in the match up. Therefore, the Terran usually has two tech labbed factories. Would it be wise to use those two factories to make thors or cyclones to deal with ultra/viper? One already has upgraded attack from the armory too. Or is it better to continue making siege tanks or is it better to forego any mech units for bio ghost liberator instead?Raver10 Mar 30
Mar 29 Need tips for improving vs vhard and elite AI Hi, I not good at multiplayer, but I would like to be a little better. Here is a recent replay against very hard AI zerg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0d7kzycpcfvxzk8/Dusk%20Towers.SC2Replay?dl=0 And here is another vs Protoss (I forgot about DT's, if not of liberators, which I didn't know how to use them it would turn in a loss): https://www.dropbox.com/s/nsttp7fdwd05o88/Orbital%20Shipyard.SC2Replay?dl=0 There are a lot of moments I do nothing cuz waiting for minerals Sometimes (not in this replay), if my attack force (those 8 tanks + 20 marines) is destroyed I can't win. Also I don't want to abuse of AI issues.zkshd5 Mar 29
Mar 26 i need strats I am looking for nonprofessional and professional stratigies because I am still in bronze and want to be in at least silver please help me.Valowen8 Mar 26
Mar 26 Just Reinstalled, What do? I quit shortly after HOTS. I just bought LOTV and I've played the campaign. I did my placements and was placed into silver league. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore and was hoping someone would take the time to catch me up. Aside from builds and what the meta is, what ever happened to all the old shows and streamers that were relatively popular back in 2012/2013? I haven't gone back to Team Liquid yet, but a quick look at twitch shows that no one i remember streams sc2 anymore. Watching streams used to be were I got all my ideas and builds from. Any good recommendations for terran streams or just entertaining streams in general? The only name I remember that I did see was Vibe.SKTerran2 Mar 26
Mar 21, 2016 Military Ranks Who has a higher military rank, Morales (Medic from Heroes of the Storm) Sargeant Hammers or the Ghost Nova? Who has more authority and who can give the orders and who has to obey them And yes, I am fully aware that Morales "WAS" part of the UED, but the UED no longer exists in Koprulu and most if not all of the remnants of the UED now Is either dead or under employment (as Mercenaries) for the Terran Dominion. So therefore, they have to obey Dominion command. What about Sargeant Hammers? Can Nova order Sargeant Hammers?BlackLight6 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 Immortal SCVs? So I was playing a terran the other day and got some speedlings over to his natural and denied him expanding fairly early on. I did go on to win after containing him in base for a while, but he did something crazy that kept me from being able to get my slings into his base - he stuck an unknown number of SCVs at the top of his ramp, clearly on hold position. Behind them he had his few combat units. I realize that's not an optimal engagement for slings, but I literally couldn't see them doing ANY damage to the SCVs. If you have enough minerals and SCVs at the top of the ramp can they auto repair faster than the zerglings can damage them or at least faster than the game will display? Since his marines were firing on my guys just fine, I bugged out pretty quickly and just sat at the bottom of the ramp to keep him from moving out.Crystalis2 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 HTS are out of control. I have been playing the game seances releases, and just going to say what I need to say, HTS are completely out of control, to the point of making games unplayible, I use hammers 111 must of the time because nothing elas works because of Storm, I lost three battles in a game because I had to finally after watching my army for 5 minutes sight to prevent this from happing, attend to my base to avoid losing the game on Macro, with in 3 seconds Toss had killed my entire army with storm, this happen 3 times, Im sorry but storm is just flat out broken, if you do not kill 95% of his HTS before the battle you will lose end of discussion. No more BS no more garbage about blu blah do 20 perfects EMPs in 2 seconds wheel splitting your army, BEING ABLE TO KILL 100 SUPPLY OF UNITES IN UNDER TWO SECONDS IS NOT FAIR, END OF DISSECTION FIX IT.comanderalex7 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 my today's rant So, I'm a gold player, not that good I know, but this game has become so frustrating for me lately, everyone seems to all in all the time, all in !@#$ing adepts, %^-*ing roaches and its damn evolution that I don't remember it's name right now and even other terrans doing proxy. Seems that the more I play the worse I become or could be the league where I play? Wish we had invisible detectors and powerful invisible units, seems very easy for other races. F¨**K! Thanks for listeningrageMarine3 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 19, 2016 delete battlecruiser, raven, thor plz plz delete them. nobody use these units. who use them? only liberator or banshee in starport, and only tank or mine in factory nerfing liberator is acceptable. for example, why terran no have counter units of Carrier + Tempest ? marine? viking? lol high templars and archons slay them. sOs vs Journey in Proleague, terran(lots of viking, liberator, ghost, marine) lost almost force. but protoss(carrier, tempest, high templar, archon) lost little. is it game? why terran always finish the game 20min inside? battlecruiser have too many counter units. void ray, high templar(feedback), tempest viper. etc.. I accept all. but feedback is so powerful to terran. banshee, raven and battlecruiser are broken by only high templar. thor need huge remake like swarm host. liberator and other units can replace thor's position. there is no reason to use thor. what is thor's concept? tanker? DPS? raven's energy demands are too high. viper can recover his energy. and its skills are powerful. however, raven can't restore his energy. but I accept this. because its skills very useful. also, raven's skills are too short. 20sec, 10sec. and have risk to use skill. thx for reading. though I can't english well. plz nerf terran's opening part. and improve after 20min.SkySpirit4 Mar 19, 2016
Mar 19, 2016 Ultralisks and Roach/Ravager Hello Terran brothers, I'm here again to ask your help about TvZ. It used to my best and favourite MU but, right now, I feel lost. I always open with 3CC 1-1-1 build and push out to clear the creep a 6.30 with stimpack and 2 medivacs. I usually make 4 hellions and 1 banshee to make pressure but when I reach zerg's 3rd base I find a couple of roaches that hold everything and I have to back up. Then I push out to clear the creep a 6.30 with stimpack and 2 medivacs. The main problems comes here substancially, because I find at least 10 roaches and 4 ravagers (sometimes even infestors!!) waiting for that and clear the creep or do damages become impossible. Even pushing a fourth base it's so hard for me and I find lost for this reason. Another huge problem with this composition is that I don't like siege tanks at all. My playstyle is base on huge multitasking and multidrop so, a siege unit, slow me into the oblivion. I tried them but against ultras are garbage. Since I can't get damages done or at least slow the zerg, ultras pops at 9.30/10 minutes and I have no answer for that. All my bio becomes useless and I have a few liberars to none. Maybe I can post a couple of my replays if needed. So, how do you deal against r/R fast infestors into ultras and ultras in general?Airmax2 Mar 19, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 Terran is broken Terran is almost impossible to play against other races currently if you are just a casual player. And casual players should form a significant part of the online community no? Right now, it's like as if the game is built and balanced for pro gamers only, at least for terrans. Right now, terran has to go for bio units ALL THE EFFIN TIME. And every race has a hard counter for it. Protoss storms are insane against bio units. Zerg's infestor has fungal growth, not to mention banelings that simply just roll over your marines. The problem is, the ONLY way for terran to play against that is INSANE micro skills. Splitting marines while at the same time using medivacs to drop and pickup units to run away guerrilla style. Against protoss, you even have to micro ghosts to emp the Templars before the storm hits/your ghosts gets sniped. As for the other races, not much micro is needed to fight against terran. For zerg just roll in bloody banelines and while the guy is busy splitting his marines u march your infestors forward and fungal growth the !@#$ out of them. For protoss, just press "A" and click on the ground while you hotkey your Templars in one key and just keep spamming storm. I miss brood war.. that was the time when StarCraft was perfect. Each race was more unique yet playable and more balanced. Zerg units were weak but they had huge numbers. Protoss units were strong individually but more expensive. Terran units are balanced between the two. They were all unique in that they had a standard theme behind them yet all playable and balanced for both progamers and casual player. StarCraft 2 on the other hand is not like that at all. Each race has also lost its uniqueness/standard theme.JinJo2 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 TERRAN SO OP! Hey everyone, I just wanted to mention that Terran is currently extremly overpowered and needs urgently a nerf for nearly every unit. Lets start with the scv. For the same cost as a drone or a probe, it has more healthpoints, has the ability to repair and has also much better speaking skills than his colleagues of the other races... The marine is the only starter unit which can attack air and is also a ranged unit. The marine has an armor which saves him from every kind of Radiation, fire and acid. The zergling for example has not that Kind of protection which is highly unfair. The marauder who "gotta whole lotta love" is classified as armored and shoots two high damage shots at once killing Units like Stalkers and roaches in seconds. And as if that wasnt enough, he has the ability to slow enemy units down which gives him an enormously high advantage in the shutter step. With the marine he is also the only unit who gets drugs to sharpen their senses. The other Units, especially from the other races, dont get that benefit :(( He is also the most charming unit in the game with phrases like : ◾"Baby, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together..." ◾"Actually, that IS a grenade in my pants." ◾"What's your sign, baby? Mine's explosive!" Theres not much to say for the reaper^^ A unit who can jump up and down cliffs, heal itsself, throw bombs, combined the a high mobility cant be called fine... The Ghost, the scare of all protoss Players, hasnt only the the ability to snipe, cloak and emp, no he can also call down a nuclear rocket whereever he wants. Apart from the fact that this is damaging the Environment, it has also Impacts on the athmosphere which keeps us the bad sunbeams away. He is also very selfish because he wants always a solo operaton and thinks the female ghosts have better equpment^^ The hellion, who has a light fetish for seeing things get burned, is extremly fast and mobile. Whenever he doesnt kill the whole eco-line, he can transform into an well armored Scorcher who burns everything with a Preference for workers The siege tank is obviously one of the most OP Units in the terran Arsenal. High damage, combined with an enourmous range makes him the core of every terran army. The only bad aspect was his inmobility while sieged, is now also solved with the meditank^^ The widow mine is probably the only mine who can Trigger more than once. The high damage and Aoe gives the Opponent a lot of stressful and annoying time. The fact that they are nearly always worth the produce because of the low cost. In the end I want to refer that I dont understand why Terrans have barely to micro while for example protoss is that micro intensive? :(( PS: Why cant Zerg buildings fly around?ThOrganizer11 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 Are they blind? WCS CIRCUIT AND WCS KOREA WCS Circuit has only 1 TERRAN in the top 20 and WCS Korea only has 4 TERRAN, just 1 in the top 8... WHY WONT THEY FIX THIS BROKEN GAME?makealive6 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 16, 2016 NEED HELP ty http://ggtracker.com/matches/6534938 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6534932 forgive my macro ty how supposedly am i going to counter early ravagers effeciently at this game. And basically what do i do after i survive.Meliciouz2 Mar 16, 2016
Mar 13, 2016 Ideal mid game TvP composition Would it be better to go Bio liberator, Bio mine or Bio mine liberator in mid game TvP? I know that in late game TvP, it's typically better to go Bio ghost viking to deal with HT/Tempest. I'm just curious about the ideal mid game TvP composition or is it merely situational and depends on the composition you are playing against as opposed to having one versatile composition that can deal with everything?Raver2 Mar 13, 2016
Mar 13, 2016 help with bling hi im in hots whats a good way to stop early banelings as a terran tycoldsteel1 Mar 13, 2016
Mar 13, 2016 A way to kill the stinking protoss. Hi, Im a noob, so I fight against noobs, but people keep complaining that protoss is o.p. and that terran is too weak and this has been working for me when I want to kill a protoss. I make ghosts. For real, try it, theyre a pretty rarely used unit but they can really mess a toss up. This was short and not put well, but I just want to help my fellow terrans. MAKE GHOSTS !BugFighter6 Mar 13, 2016
Mar 12, 2016 Why are Medivac's still flying pass the army? There should be a "follow or hover" command or something. I mean I know how to efficiently move the army + the medivacs, but that options doesn't allow me to send an army to a destination while I focus on something else.Sluggernaut2 Mar 12, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 Every Terran brother (at pro level) losing.. ..from disruptor drops! I just saw Neeb (what a patch toss unbelievable what David Kim is able to do) beating Polt 3-2. 3 games in a row were disruptor drop, which has simply no counter! You cannot even punish them because 3 robo units are out on the map. Pylon are there to punish you with a bunch of adepts and an immortal. If we are able to get into the lategame, ghosts liberators get SHREKT from tempests colossi. What are we supposed to do? Unbelievable.Airmax7 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 How to drop units while medivac is moving and Anyone knows? And how do you auto repair stuff like when ur Thor get damage the scv auto repairs it without clicking on itMrjellop10 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 R.I.P Mech..as if it wasn't bad enough. Dayvie throwing salt in the wound with this last "community feedback."GGeoh0 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 7, 2016 Why all pro didnt use Mech in TvT anymore? because of map ? or liberator switch ? i think TvT in hots is a lot funnier than lotv : (StriKE4 Mar 7, 2016
Mar 7, 2016 Why the Terrans so weak? Cuz seriously, this is not even an isolated incident, but just now, I deploy 4 siege tanks, I place 6 SCVs in repair beside by guys, I roll in with 9 Banshees, and have like 4 Goliaths as well. The AI Protoss roll in with like 3 stalkers and 2 Immortals. They commence to 1 shot my first siege tank, 1 shot my 2nd siege tank, 1 shot my third siege tank before my entire force can bring down the 1 stalker and 1 immortal. By the time its all said and done im down 4 siege tanks to the loss of like 3 Protoss guys. I bring vastly superior firepower, yet it doesnt amount to a hill of Zerg !@#$. Like wtf!? Why are the Terrans !@#$ so weak? Even the Thor is actually a !##@%%@!% unless it has like 14 SCVs trailing it at all times. The Terrans are so odd. You need 30:1 odds to do anything, yet when you 30:1 odds stuff you just cluster %^-* yourself and everyone gets in the way.... I try small units of 4-5 guys and a few SCVs, but that just gets murdered by just about anything beyond a baby zergling.KnightCole7 Mar 7, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 Vulture! Since we are on the subject of terrans, I was wondering if anyone can help me get the vulture mount in heroes of the storm! Just click the link below. If you hadn't tried heroes of the storm, its a really fun MOBA game by blizzard. https://battle.net/recruit/6LZJNXPV76 Thank you! JimJim1 Mar 5, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 Need help learning how to terran I am in bronze playing terran and losing every single game. Please teach me how to terran! Thanks.Mentalfruit2 Mar 5, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 Pleading for Blizzard to fix the game. This is a plea for Blizzard to do something about Terran. The game is no longer fun. TvT even sucks. I spend years learning how to play Terran and you've literally made it impossible to play... casually. Yes. If I had professional level control anything is possible, but in Gold, Plat, Diamond, etc. being a god at SC2 just isn't feasible. This is the only game I like to play in my very scarce free time, but it's impossible. I've been playing this for a while now, but Protoss has an easy button for everything Terran can do. The only games I win against Toss is some early cheese play, which Protoss can EASILY defend, but most of them don't have good scouting mechanics and are so used to easily scooting to a win with one of their MANY options that they don't react quickly enough. And it's not just Protoss. Zerg is a better matchup, but we still have to win before tier 3 units come out, otherwise.... GAME OVER. You've given Terran exactly ZERO tier 3 units to play with. None have any use whatsoever. All we can do is play bio every game. Do you not have any mid to low level players there to know just how hard it is to emp high templars BEFORE storms hit? It's impossible. I'm not saying I don't win some games, but it's so obvious I'm struggling to beat players that have learned other races but play at a much lower skill level than me. They just have all the options. Hell, it's even hard to beat pylons these days. Why even give Toss cannons anymore if they have pylons that attack land and air, oh, and they have to make them anyway, so why not. Literally a defense structure that costs zero. They have the best scouting units. The only permanently cloaked units in the game. And the best detecting units in the game as well. EVERY advantage possible. Does anyone actually PLAY Terran at Blizzard that isn't a PRO? Do SOMETHING about this. Fix tier 3 for sure... even at the cost of bio. Just do SOMETHING interesting. I can switch to toss, and I actually WIN games knowing nothing about build orders in Gold/Plat league since that is where I'm at in Terran... I can play Protoss in the same league where I play Terran? That says a lot if you knew how bad my Protoss is. The issue is I don't have the time it takes to learn all the reactions and builds to make it fun. Figure out how to detect and defend all the cheeses. It takes too much time. Just balance the game. Please.Wyered3 Mar 5, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 Terran Too many useless and overlapping units As the title suggests does anyone else feel like some of our units overlap or are simply useless? Thor-too expensive for what they can accomplish and they overlap with cyclone which can probably be a better jack of all trades unit. Battlecruiser-too short range for their extreme cost. Liberator and Viking/Siege tank- All strong units, but the liberator overlaps with both. Raven-call me crazy but with the amount of orbital commands terran can have is a mobile detector needed? and the seeker missile seems like a waste of time, also can it get an attack? its the most expensive detector.Jack4 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 when do i make battlecruisers i like to make battlecruisers because they are big and scary and make me feel rich for having them, but they are slow, expensive, weak, not very damaging, etc when would i make battlecruisers over any other unit like marines or liberatorstempchar19 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 Map Vetoes Just coming back to the game after a bit of absence, and was wondering what are some good map vetoes for Terran? I fully understand that if I have to ask this, it means that I don't play on a level where that's relevant more than just improving my play is, but it'd be nifty to know. Bonus points if you teach me why the maps are unfavorable for T.Flowen0 Mar 2, 2016