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Aug 7 Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players. I've been mentoring many lower league toss players and I've decided to write out a guide about common problems I noticed/things most people need to work on. Note: this is a guide intended for bronze/silver players mostly, so you may disagree with some points here and there, but I believe its easier for new players to understand the game first before looking into deeper strategies/micros/etc.. If anyone thinks that there is anything this guide is missing, you are welcome to point it out and I'll gladly add it. _________________________________________________________________ 1.) The Basics 1.1) Probe Production Perhaps the biggest problem I've noticed among lower leagued players is that they don’t make nearly enough workers. Generally speaking, you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80’ish probes. The key to a powerful army is a strong economy, which is powered by a lot of probes. Don’t worry about how making too many probes is going leave you without enough army, unless you’re going for some rush builds (k4g for example),there is never a time where lots of workers are gonna hurt you. You dont need to make worker non-stop past early game, but you need to remember to chrono boost out a pair of worker once in a while. 1.2) Chrono Boost Chrono boost is another important thing that most low league players miss. You should never save up chrono boost off 1 base unless you are getting an important tech soon. Toss production and research are fairly slow so chrono boost is essential to keep yourself ahead in a game. The importance level of things that needs to be chrono boosted are as follows (imo): Warpgate tech (prob most important tech, worth saving up chrono for)>Extended Thermal Lance/Psi-Storm>Other Upgrades>Robo/Stargate Units>Probes>Warpgates (Late game when you have spare). Of course you need to use early game chrono boosts wisely. Usually you should chrono out your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th probes. After that if you do not require a super fast warpgate you can maybe spend another 1-2 chrono on workers, but save at least one for warpgate. In mid-late game once your on 2-3base, you can feel free to chrono anything you need out fast. It will help a lot to get some vital upgrades out. 1.3) Supply This is yet another common problem. Players tend to either make too many pylons thus wasting valuable resource early on or get supply blocked and have their production halted. Supply block at a bad time can easily cost you the game. It is quite hard to not get supply blocked at all during mid-late game. But I'd suggest that every time you goes through 1 production cycle of units (made some units from your production buildings) add 1 pylon for every base you have and maybe a extra one if you’re going supply costly unit like Colossi. Early game though, a good time to drop your pylon will be: 1st pylon at 9 supply, 2nd at 15-16, third at 22-24, 4th at around 30. This should allow you to stay ahead in supply early game without wasting much resource. 1.4) Production Buildings 1 Protoss base can support a maximum of 4 production buildings continuously making units. So you should not have more then 4 production building when you’re on 1 base. If you are going high tech units such as Colossi off of 1 base, you usually can only support continuous production off of 3 buildings (1 robo 2gates). More importantly, once you have expanded add more production buildings so that you can effectively turn your resources into army. You don’t need another 4 buildings up as soon as your expo is up but get them gradually as you saturate your expansion.Mycophobia320 Aug 7
May 14, 2017 Protoss Micro Tips Note: If you are plat or below, macro is still MUCH more important than micro. Focus on just having more units than your enemy, rather than controlling the few units you have. General Micro Tips: 1. Are your zealots in front of your stalkers? 2. Are your low-health units in the back of your army before you attack? 3. Are your immortals attacking armored units? 4. Are your colossus attacking clumped up units? If the entire enemy army is clumped, than focus on attacking light units (marines, hydras, zealots) 5. When defending your ramp, A. Are your units in a concave at the top of your ramp? B. Are you cutting his army into bite-size pieces? C. Are your zealots on hold so they arent attacked by the units beneath your forcefield? D. Are your stalks far back enough to not get hit by the units beneath the forcefield? 6. Are you moving units under fire to the back of your army? 7. You can somewhat kite-attack marines, roaches (assuming they dont have movement speed yet), and zealots with stalkers 8. You can forcefield the enemy ramp to prevent him from reinforcing the units that are at his natural expansion. 9. When chasing down an enemy, pull your zealots back to prevent kiting (from maruaders, roaches, hydras) 10. In order to bunker, cannon, or spine crawler bust move your army just outside the range of the static defense and put them on hold, then, attack move your colossus (with the range upgrade) into the static defense. 11. Put health bars on, so you can see which units are low health. 12. Psionic Storm does not stack, so do not throw down more than 1 storm in the same place. 13. Before an attack, put your units in a quick concave with zealots in front to help get a concave sooner when the attack begins. 14. Colossus can abuse high ground by attacking units on the low ground and then moving back once the units move in to attack the colossus. 15. stalkers can chase fleeing units. 16. Do you have functional control groups? (For example, I have 1 as my army, 2 as my sentries, 3 for HTs or collosus, 4 for nexuses, 5 for tech, 6 for observer) 17. Remember to move your HTs back once they have stormed to prevent them from running into the enemy army. 18. Make sure your sentries aren't tanking damage for stalkers. Your sentries are spellcasters, not dps dealers or tanks, so once your zealots are dead, MOVE THEM BACK. 19. With the interceptor upgrade, carriers can launch their interceptors and move away from the enemy. Rinse and repeat. 20. Spread out your dark templar to force the enemy to react to different locations. Also, the enemy will need multiple sources of detection in order to counter your harass. 21. Blink can be used to blink back the stalkers with lowest health to the back of the army. Also, Blink can be used to get a faster concave against the enemy. Additionally, You can ensure that all your stalkers will blink to high ground or low ground by right clicking to the point where you want to blink FROM, hold shift and click B at the place where you want your stalkers to blink TO, then right click past that point which will make the stalkers move thus giving the other stalkers room to blink (hold shift the whole time). 22. Moving your sentry forward with guardian shield popped can cover your zealots with guardian shield, which will help them last a lot longer against ranged units and especially marine armies. 24.Morph your HTs into archons if they are out of energy or just got EMPed. You can also do this with DTs, if they have mobile detection. 25. Before I engage I try to attack in multiple locations to distract my opponent and catch his main army off guard. 26. Bring a probe with your army and make pylons along the way as you move out. Protoss versus Zerg Micro Tips The goal of micro versus zerg is to allow the majority of your units to attack while only a few zerg units can attack. 1. Are you keeping your units in a ball to prevent speedling surround? This changes when facing infestors. Spread out your army to prevent money fungal growth chains. 2. Are you attacking through constricted pathways? (attacking in the open makes it harder to forcefield and you need more forcefields) This changes when infestors are out (then you want to attack in open pathways, while spreading your army). 3. Are you cutting his roach army and hydra army into bite size chunks with ffs to prevent most of them from attacking? 4. Have an observer ahead of your army so you know when and where you are going to have to ff. 5. Make sure your colossus are attacking lings or hydras. 6. Make sure your army is not attacking broodlings, but actual units.yaegz288 May 14, 2017
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55m I will never... ... listen to Terran's whine again. When they said that BCs are trash, that they have no lategame, blablabla, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Sure BCs don't have siege range and such. I already lost a few time to BCs, but I also won a few time against them. So I already suspected that they weren't nearly as bad as them claimed they were. But I never had this : First of all, I did some test. There is no Protoss unit Supply efficient against BCs in a straight up fight. They claim Stalkers and Tempest wreck them... they actually don't. Voidrays are even worse since they get OS by Yamato. The only cost efficient way to beat them is with a similar strat than Stalkers vs Cyclone. Use the fact that Tempest have a low attack speed and BCs a fast attack speed. But you pretty much need to go through the entire map to do so. But what if the Terran has half a brain ? Yamato the Tempest (fun fact, 2 Yamatos kill a Tempest even with full shield regen between the 2 shot) and jump out of there. Attacking the Terran ? Look at this turtling ! A freaking PF on the ramp of his natural ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Even on his expansions, how do you attack a PF with Turrets with less than 50 supply ? There's no "don't let them get there" like with Carriers. Normally a turtling Terran can be dealt with Tempest, but Tempest are actually bad against what they are suppose to counter. I used Storm to kill the SCVs (yeah mass repair) and GS because it impact a lot their autoattack... not enough. Worst of all, they can get 150+ supply of unit with mass OC. If you try to take the entire map as Protoss, you need mass probes... which is really bad against a maxed low SCV count. This guy, I think I could beat with an harass tactic (with my main army, nothing short of that works). But again, if he actually was good, he can Jump on my army, or even in my main base, I just cannot contest that (I tried to save one of my expansion with recall, that's pretty much when I lost the game). Seriously, when are the Tempest getting buff ? They are bad against Carriers and BCs. What more do you need to see how trash of a unit this is ? Attack speed, speed, damage, shooting while moving... I take whatever. BCs, PF, Sensor towers, Turrets, MULEs. And ofc, it's impossible to scout before you see the BCs, nice Turret ring... If someone actually has something that works against that, plz let me know.Papanarbre0 55m
20h Effective ways of dealing with 1-base T as P. Sh*t is so damn hard to hold even when scouted early, no ammount of defence seems to be able to keep up with the reactored cyclones just pushing ones stuff over like nothing, can't get immortals out quick enough to matter, can't opt to one base urself as toss even when you see it coming because you'll just end up lightyears behind. I got so infuriated I decided I just simply tanked my P mmr out of spite. Then I got even more furious, played Terran and simply reaper all in the sh*t out of all the one-basers, worked nicely, outagress the agressors, but that's no soliution to playing as Toss. Yes, I'm a useless gold scrub, nonetheless som advice would be nice. Also. Haven't seen a single zerg on ladder today, anything vs Z is my best matchup. Where all the zerg at? Gimme some ladder points dammit! Have tried searches on google, seems to be very little on how to deal with this lame strat. Heeeerppp prease! SwiftRageChaseLeChic3 20h
1d Marauder whine I need to vent. The marauder is a disgusting unit. They have an insane firepower, with their bonus against armored they take down building in a hearbeat. They have mobility with stim (even more with medivac ofc) and crowdcontrol with concussive shell. I know that Sc2 is a difficult game, but there's nothing that makes me so angry than loosing to an army composed for 90%+ of one unit type. Like if there was no strategy involve. Going up a ramp into an army supported by SB ? NP ! Not that I lost there, but the trade was good enough for the Terran. It's supposed to be a specialized unit, but with a minimum of micro, they can kill Zealot. Our only early game unit ok against it, is the Immortal, but we can never match the production. Terran have plenty of versatile units, but even there "specialized" one are strong in situation they are not suppose to be. I make 3 robo, sentry to cut the army in half (and prevent this half to flee), Zealot to tank the damage... But no, I still see wave after wave as if they cost nothing. As soon as I can sort of fight head on, thx to the medivac they drop everywhere, I loose my Robo in a blink. And ofc, because I try to pump out Immortals, I have very little map vision. When I finally bring Disruptors, I'm so far behind, the bio just run into the nova, doesn't matter there's always more. It was a strong unit before. Why make GS almost useless against them ?Papanarbre7 1d
3d Guides, Build Orders and more for Protoss ! What’s up guys ! I’m a French YouTuber & Streamer. I play Protoss in master 1 (sometimes in Low GM) and I started to do many english content and i wanted to share it with you. I’m focus on guides, tutorials and detailed analyzes mainly focus on Protoss. I try to give as much advices as I can. Schedule: Guide and Build Order each 2 weeks and Bronze to Master epiodes each Monday :) Here is some of my videos (all are in English with commentary an my amazing French accent :D) : General Walling Guide (most recent): Bronze to Master series with low APM and easy Build Order (I do one episode each monday): How to hold a 12 Pool: PvX - Easy Beginner Protoss Build Order !: PvP - My 75% Winrate All-In ! Zealot / Archon: 7 Advanced Micro tricks: You can find my channel here: My life for Aiur, my love for you fellow probes !zuka6 3d
6d tempest rework suggestion (alternate link) 1:39 and 2:40 are the best examples of how the changes would affect tempests. yall think this might be a good idea? if not what things do you think could be done to the tempest to fix right now? or maybe make the current tempest weapon an ability that shoots at a certain point for heavy damage but is slow and has marker showing impact location like ravager and then give tempest other secondary weapon for auto attack?Avisuara2 6d
6d Tempest vs Carriers? Which do you prefer. Carriers or Tempests. Does it depend on the opponent you are facing? Composition your opponent has?Rich1 6d
Aug 12 tempest change what if tempest attack damage was increased to 200 base but attacks hit target point instead of unit, means attacks can easily be dodged by moving units. so attacks could be fast enough to hit large units but slow enough so that every other unit can easily dodge or something.Avisuara2 Aug 12
Aug 11 Counter to Photon Cannon Turtle God, how much I hate when they go mass cannons around their natural expansions! They turtle like this until they make mass carriers and swarm my entire base! Anyways on how to counter this?HeyAngel23 Aug 11
Aug 11 PvT Before the patch, PvT was by far my best match up, now it's 10 points lower than my PvZ. True enough, I've gone from Low diam3 to mid diam2, but still, I wonder how much I need to outplay my opponent to win. I really don't understand the early game. Before we have splash, Terran has both the firepower and the mobility. With sentries, I can make up for the firepower, but the mobility ? If I'm not exactly where I need to be, the damage done will be impossible to recover. For example, if I put my army between my natural and third, it's the worst possible thing. They can snipe my third before I'm in position, if they hit my natural it's even worse, they won't fight my army, they will run into my base, stim/stutter step themselves to death but by the time they are all in red health, the damage done will be insane, tech building, probe, you name it. They can avoid my army all game, and since all of their units are glass canon, they kill a Nexus faster than a fleet of Corruptors. I've seen enough Nexi fall just because they stutter step near it while being chased by my army ! Counterattack ? A few siege tanks/liberators are enough to stop an early Protoss. Later I have a ring of observers (still don't understand why almost no Terran make a Raven BTW), but how do you scout very early on (about when you take the third) ? I have an Observer to see the army leave, but it's not everything, they can hit at least 2 places, not including the doom drop into the main. And I have so few units at this point I can't afford putting zealots out on the map. It feels so much based on luck it drives me crazy. Well not that much luck actually... Terran have scan. I'm turning into a Terran whiner, help ! ><Papanarbre4 Aug 11
Aug 10 how would you counter muta balls as toss ive had a few games in which the zerg gets a sizable force of mutas but refuses to engage my army, he just flies around and attacks distant bases or attacks only when i leave to attack. What do you do if that starts happening?Avisuara12 Aug 10
Aug 9 how do you counter the early mass rine/tank? Zealots get ate alive by terran's ranged attacks. They are dead before they get to the marines. Stalkers get ate alive by them.. Sure i can easily counter them late in game, but those early 20 marine pushes against my.. 5-6 lots cream me. Scrabble7 Aug 9
Aug 9 Have the Nexus turn into the Mothership I was playing Nova Ops and the mission where you have to stop the protoss mothership and it made me wonder why the animation the Nexus is doing (the apex is opening up) is not in the multiplayer, and it got me wondering. So, when an expansion is mined out, Terran and Zerg command centers provide value. Terran orbitals drop mules / scans, Zerg hatcheries build units. The Protoss Nexus can chrono and recall. As Protoss mines out bases chances are the need for Chrono is diminishing as upgrades are getting to 3/3 and recalling to save a mined out base is not that important. It seems the further the game goes on, the less necessary the inherent value of the Nexus is. The mothership costs 400 / 400. If it only cost 400 gas, but consumed the Nexus in the process, that could make for some interesting salvaging of mined out bases. Any player that wants a mothership prior to a base being mined out they would need to build a Nexus. The mothership production may need to be quicker to factor in Nexus building + mothership. Bliz could make a pretty cool building animation using assets they already have. 1. 0 - 33% - leave as is, blue light. 2. 34 - 66% - The animation in Nova Ops 3. 67 - 100% - Spawn a small mothership core floating around the Nexus that ends by pulling up the Nexus and forming the mothership around the core. It also makes sense given both Nexus and Mship both have recall now.Richo8 Aug 9
Aug 7 Beginner Protoss Tips? Hello! I am a silver league protoss (from last season, I haven't reinitialized my rank yet), and I was struggling to execute any strategy cleanly, and I always end up with 2000+ money/gas and nowhere to use it. Additionally, I am confused about how to focus on your strategy when the enemy does something to disrupt it (example: going for a 2-base all-in and my proxy pylon keeps getting scouted and destroyed so i lose most of my forces). Any good build orders for a beginner would also be a big help as well, thanks! :PLucario17 Aug 7
Aug 7 Tutor Teach me how to protoss.Slit3 Aug 7
Aug 6 what u think of this ability? (alternate link) u think its op, up or would it work for multiplayer if blizzard considered something like this?Avisuara2 Aug 6
Aug 4 Quick Toss Tips? I haven't played SC2 in a few years. Looking to jump back into it with my main race, Protoss. What are 3 quick things I should know to get back into this fight? ThanksThatOneDude2 Aug 4
Jul 29 I cant expand. At a loss. Scenario - attempting to expand. 1 Gate before expo, got a forge as well. (Dreamcatcher ) PvZ Zerg expoes, I expo. Im thinking okay Im good, I scout some Ravagers, I already had a Robo so I immediately start chronoing Immortals. I get to 4 immorts, zealots , adepts. Im defending a 2 base all in, expo falls because I just dont have enough units against a zerg (macro hatch in main, saw in replay) I finally push him back. I expand again, retaking my nat. at this point im at 8/8 workers , 6 on gasses. I had to pull a lot earlier to stay alive. by this point hes saturated his nat. (replay) he doesnt have a third base. Then he sends the next and final wave. Ive killed a lot of units up to this point. ravagers, lings . I lose all but 1 of my 4 immorts. I lose the game. How does that make sense? why do I have to kill infinity units but If I lose a few key units its game over? Time to go stargate every game? because doing the same thing every game is so much fun.Deathwing5 Jul 29
Jul 27 Nexus Overcharge I'm wondering if having a defensive spell on the Nexus could fix PvP, which is an insanely agressive match up ATM. The idea would be a Overcharge type of spell cast by a Nexus, and would grant this Nexus an attack similar to a Photon canon (so not nearly as strong as the Pylon Overcharge was). It would cost 50 energy (ie a chrono), and last 10-20sec. It's not that powerful of an attack, so not something that should have a noticeable impact against a maxed army, but it would help against smaller attacks like 1 base all in. It would definitely have some impact in PvZ and PvT (against Zergling runby, drops etc) but I'm not entirely sure by how much. Which is why I think the dps should remain fairly low. But by being an attack coming from the Nexus, it would be purely defensive. Also, this defense would be limited to the very close proximity of the Nexus, not something that protects the entire main. It should probably require a forge before being able to cast it. /discussPapanarbre2 Jul 27
Jul 24 Some Protoss changes. Pylon rework Playing Protoss, I discovered a number of weaknesses like if a Zerg is aggressive early, he can destroy the pylon and stop production(and supply block). And you kind of forced to make wall-off against Zerg to safely take expansion. I can put pylon back but then my wall will have gaps in it. For other races like Terran it's not problem since they can drop supply depo in emergency as well as safely build CC in main. Zerg can lose overlords but it won't really stop unit or upgrade production. I Suggest Make production slower instead of completely stopping it if pylon dies. Remove the Observer Every Protoss knows how frustrating it is to lose the single observer when you're against invisible troops. Observer is very slow and has low HP so it's easy target for marines and hydras that can snipe him quick with the help of scan or overseer. I Suggest Make the Oracle a detector and remove the Observer. The Terran has a Raven who can help in combat with his spells and Zerg has Overseer who can stop production of the enemy as well as send changeling for scout. So it's clear to me that detector should be a support unit. P.S. I think that these changes won't really effect balance since i'm not asking to buff or nerf something. Please respond to my suggestions i really wanna know what you think.TRUMP5 Jul 24
Jul 23 Gateway Count Hello, Plat toss here with a question about gateway counts. In PvT I struggle getting enough gateway units in the midgame. I open with a gate expand into tech followed up with gates 2 and 3 as soon as I get 300 minerals without interrupting probe production. I go up to 6 gates at natural saturation of minerals and I go to take a third. When do I need to add gates 7,8 and 9? At half saturation of third, full saturation or earlier?GenSwift5 Jul 23
Jul 23 Sync Campaign To Server Hey guys, got a dumb question. Is there a way to manually save our campaign to their server just to be sure? People may remember me because I've made multiple threads about not being able to play this campaign even though I was awarded the achievements and finishing it on Hard. So I decided to just play through it again.Shadow0 Jul 23
Jul 17 toss race change???????? en taro tassadar fellow players! I love this game and play very often, i am a decent zerg player, i love destroing nexi with hidras and roaches timing attacks, i aways scream "BY THE SWARM" when watching pro games, i am gold league and got platinum few months ago. BUT, when i was watching my replays (screaming "BY THE SWARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") i realized that, protoss is such a beutifull race, and their units ARE SO F@CKING OP, LIKE CARRIERS HELLO DEVS HOW ABOUT A NERF, so i was thinking about race changing. i played some toss, i was confident that i could play this thing and i was enjoying it... till the day i faced a guy from agentina, so he !@#$ed my %^- hardly so i just gave up on toss. is it worth to change race? i mean, toss is kinda badass but zerg is... like bloody cancer growing from the ground... BUT HOLLY BULL S@IT, ZERG UNITIS ARE SOOO BADASS IN GROUP but i cant use their hole arsenal... BUT I CAN SEE USES FOR EVERY TOSS UNITS but i suck playing it. i mean, i could practice, but is it worth it? tell me plz!!GilGamesh3 Jul 17
Jul 15 Early 4 base I haven't played since the release of hots. What happened to scouting? I'm trying to get bronze so I play from the bottom up. Instead of losing by going into a game and surrendering, i decided to go for ad many base as I can. As I hit my third base, I gain extra resources so I go for my fourth and start building my gateways. People scout this but they don't do anything about it. I have a duckload of zeolot by my 6 base and just attack the enemy base. I've won 4 placement games vs high gold low plat and I don't understand why this work. Did the level gap reduce since wol?LoveArie3 Jul 15
Jul 15 How to Deal with Terran Bio in Silver? I'm not ranting or whining about the balance of the game, I'm just having trouble dealing with Terrans going bio. I've tried several units but I can't seem to beat it...LEETHELIVER2 Jul 15
Jul 13 Mothership cloaking Should the Mothership be a more fleet oriented vessel? The cloaking field might be larger if it were exclusive to air units.Rhayne1 Jul 13
Jul 12 SG opening in PvT I'm not a big fan about SG opening in PvT because WM OS Oracles. However I just thought about something I think I will try (once I'm done watching WCS Valencia) and I want to know if this is a strat people are already using. Basicaly it's bringing the PvZ opening in PvT. The idea is going to Phoenix + Oracle. The only difference I would say is going for Oracle before Phoenix since there's no Overlord to kill. It also means the Oracle can start to go across the map faster since it's the slowest of the two units and bank up some energy. The idea is that the Phoenix will tank the WM shot. It's already something people do I know, but the very interesting part is that if the WM is in the mineral line, the Phoenix go directly in the middle and don't try to avoid it, but on the contrary splash on the SCV. I tried it on the unit tester, it means 6-8 SCV to 5 health which can then be OS by the Oracle. If they are using Cyclone is defense, you can lift with the phoenix, and if it has enough energy, even lift/cancel/lift to cancel 2 lock on. What I also like about it, something that is becoming painfully clear now that I am Diam2, is that Protoss absolutly need to keep track of the Terran army early on. Harassing the main army when coming across the map is pretty much the only way to survive a 2 base all-in. So, even if the Oracle cannot kill any workers, Revelation and Stasis trap can still make this opening worth it.Papanarbre0 Jul 12
Jul 12 What forge upgrades to take? I usually find myself getting the ground weapons upgrade every game and tending to ignore shields and armor. I've recently started experimenting with a couple different upgrade paths but I'm still pretty new to SC and don't know when to take what upgrades. What upgrades are better against what?Dayman1 Jul 12
Jul 9 Void Ray Does it seem likely that we would once again witness the fleet unhindered? A tragic loss of momentum was suffered long ago upon the Wings of Liberty...Rhayne0 Jul 9
Jul 7 Protoss is the best race P>Z P>T T=Z Protoss is the best race. Edit: Ok I'll write some more. I main zerg and when I start up a game and decide hmmm what units should I go this game... lings, roaches, blings... oh hey SAME THING every game! When I play secondary race protoss hoollllyyy so good, at the beginning of game I can decide ok what kind of cool stuff can I do to roflstomp my opponent? 4gate? what kind of 4gate- fast korean 4 gate?, fast regular @18 4gate?, conservative @24 4-gate? 3gate expand? LOL cannon rush? DT? 2 stargate VR? 1 star phoenix? proxy vr? FORGE FE into 2 robo? forge FE into double stargate? blink stalker rush? OH MY GOD SO MANYYYY i wish i was better at protoss =[ my favorite PvZ build is-- cannon contain into nexus before gateway, then 2 stargate void rays. LOL? mass roach to try to break contain? nope too many cannons and forcefield ur ramp. NYDUS? nice try. mass even more roach? too late void rays on the way. and if somehow you manage to break thru grats I'm on 2 base with dark shrine and fleet beacon almost done.isospeedrix34 Jul 7
Jul 6 Which Protoss Players Do You Watch? Which protoss players/youtubers do you like to watch learn from? Me personally, im a fan of Neeb and more recently Zuka. Since learning Zuka's 2 base adept immortal all in in PVZ i've had huge success with it. He has a channel called zuka ingame. Definitely recommend checking out the pvz video. Put some players down below you think others could learn from!Fennigan0 Jul 6
Jul 3 Hey blizzard PvT broke fix your game I can't believe how many months i've not been playing cause the terran buffs got ridiculous Stats on his stream say terran is easy He played terran on stream beat Innovation vs his protoss. Protoss is sooo hard to win vs T and Z it's further things from "Fun" It's comical how EMP, that OP raven spell, skill mines, tank buff, speedvacs. How many crutches does one race need? Terran need nerfed or protoss needs buff take your pick. You can't have only buffs to one race and have a balanced game. Zest losing in GSL is enough proof one of those games he did not even make mistakes and maru did many alot of mistake still a move his bio ball n won.. Skill is not winning protoss games, and Skill is less required from terran than ever.InfidiumX4 Jul 3
Jun 29 When do you need adepts instead of stalkers ? When there's no air available, what's the reason to go stalkers anyway ? Or is there none and should l go for stalkers instead ? I really have no idea which one's the better "core army" unitFeitan9 Jun 29
Jun 29 Mothership Core Removed! :( The Mothership Core was my favorite protoss unit because it was so good at dealing with early game aggression. I think they should at least put the photon overcharge on the nexus or make the nexus attack or something else to defend early game aggression or even mothership cores with out any abilities except the slow and let you make infinite of them.Shooter43 Jun 29
Jun 27 Golden Armada in PvZ Can anything kill a maxed out protoss armada that is commanded to atack move in a direction in PvZ or should I just quit if I hit minute 20?Euisroman3 Jun 27
Jun 26 A little help please? I just had this game were I started Colossus Inmortal, a little well, but then I went for HTs when I saw the Vikings. Now, at the end of the game he had so many liberators, so much bio and ghost to deal with my HTs that my army couldn't keep up. Could someone give me some advice of how I could have improved and win. And please don't bring me things like ''learn how to play'' or ''you'r a noob'' I reached Diamond 3 and I stay there for wins and looses, I only want to know what's the next step.Alexandermon7 Jun 26
Jun 26 PVT Win Rate Dropped After the Marauder Buff 58% -> 40% Last season I used zealot, fast high templars, and phoenixes, fast third, and it was very effective. The fast storms handles any two base Terran aggression very well, and the zealots were a hard counter to marauders. The phoenixes could raise the tanks so also a great buff for front line fights. In this season that no longer works, as the zealots fall like water in front of the new marauders, and when zealots die, high templars and phoenixes can't hold the ground. I've tried fast colossi, but also they sweep marauders extremely slow and often got tapped out by stim. Force fields work but my army takes a lot of damage from tanks. I've also tried to go slow into tech and get a big army of zealot/stalker/sentries/immortals first, but due to my average micro, I can't blink, set force fields, pull zealots like a pro gamer, so the terran army often crushes me with stims and kiting, probably a few tanks. I see from aligulac that the pvt win rate is also dropping fast. Any ideas against the new marauders? I agree in the last version protoss was op against terran, but this buff reversed the situation. I hope the balance team could at least bring back that stalker with 15 damage, or even better, the colossi from HotS (that makes pvt op again lol)EasyAI2 Jun 26
Jun 25 Was Fenix Sabotaged? I know this is probably an ancient topic and almost irrelevant at this point, but something that has always bugged me, looking back at my childhood was how Fenix's psi blades malfunctioned right as he was ambushed prior to his reincarnation as a Dragoon. I tried to find an answer, but did not come to any results indicating foul play from rogue Protoss tribes or the like. Does anybody have any theories or input to this possibility?DarkVoid15 Jun 25
Jun 24 PvT Mass Ghost? So... I have this game... Beyond problems with my Micro and macro, I would like to know what is the counter to Mass Ghost. Obviously HTs are not the answer because Ghost is their natural counter, they cloak and they are powerful in mass and with Medevac supporting them. So... what is the proper counter?Alexandermon1 Jun 24
Jun 23 Maru vs Zest Game 4 I'm trying to understand this game. Because as much as Zest made some mistakes in the 3 others, in this one, he didn't, at least not as many as Maru. First, my analysis is from the VOD, not a replay, so it's sometime hard to be accurate. Especially without the health bars. But I did watch it many times while trying to count how many unit each players have etc. Zest's offensive : 2'09 Maru spot the proxy with his reaper. CC canceled. Bunker on high ground. 3'10 Maru send his Reaper across the map. He won't do anything beside scouting, the adept kills it, one probe pulled to prevent regen, none die. Nexus build slightly after the CC, but the CC is not on location. 3'45 Zest start to poke the Depot with the shade. 2 SCV pulled to repair, one killed by the Stalkers. 4'07 The Nexus is done, Zest start to mine from his natural. Worker count similar, but Maru is a bit oversaturated. 4'20 First Tank push the Stalker away. Only shield damage. OC brought to the low ground. 4'50 Zest see the Banshee with the Oracle. He puts shortly after 1 SB in each mineral line. No Bunker/Turret or WM at the front or in any mineral line for Maru. 5'30 Shade on tank. Lift the 2nd tank. One tank dies with two adepts. 5'45 One Depot killed, 1 Adept by the Tank. 5'50 Liberator sent to harass. 5'57 Zest goes in Maru's main with 2 Phoenix (in the front in case of WM) and 2 Oracles. There is still no defense there. Maru pulls his Marines and Cyclone to defend. 5 SCV killed, just a bit of hull damage on one Oracle. Since the Marines are out of position, Zest jump on the Tank left alone and kills it. He loose 2 Stalker and a Zealot in the process as far as I can tell (supply). Maru lost 3 more SCVs on the low ground. The Marines come back, Maru loose at least 4 of them before the new Tank arrives. No additional Protoss unit dies at this point. Maru also lost his supply Depot in the front (not canceled). 6'30 The liberator sent at 5'50 arrives at Zest base, he dies and kill only one Probe. Some loss mining time. 6'45 Zest goes into the main once more, Cyclone lifted with the Phoenix, 3 Oracles kill 3 Marines and 8 SCV. 6'50 Once again, with the Marines out of position, Zest jump on the Tank left alone. Maru tries to mass repair but it's not enough. 1 Tank, 1 Marine, 2 SCVs and 2 Stalkers down. Zest makes his third Nexus during that time. Some will say it was a mistake, but Maru's natural was still standing. And he had a much bigger army supply, so I'm not sure it was a mistake at this time. I would have preferred tech before 3rd, but I'm not sure it would have been much better. He was far from having splash. 7'06 Maru finally start a Missile Turret in his main mineral line. 7'15 The OC dies, for 1 Stalker and 1 Adept. 7'30 Maru's Banshee arrives at Zest's base, it dies and killed one probe. Probably distracted from the Banshee, Zest lost 1 Phoenix and 1 Oracle. Probably the biggest mistake he made in that game. End of Zest offensive. Losses are at 2075 for Zest and 4107 for Maru.Papanarbre2 Jun 23
Jun 21 Why not Gayways So why does the Warpgate have the ability to transform back into a Gateway. If there is never a reason do so. Would it not be interesting if players had a tactical reason to swap between modes. New Upgrade Allow the Cybernetics Core to research a new upgrade. This upgrade will give all units produced out of Gateways a small passive ability. What this passive is, I have a few ideas. The passive just needs to be competitive with the utility that Warpgate provides. I'm not factoring balance into the design. The numbers below are just speculative. Passive Ideas Matrix Overload - Units in the radius of a power field gain 10% attack and movement speed. Guardian Shell - Units will slowly regenerate health after their shields have fully replenished. Plasma Synergy - Units instantly gain 15 shield whenever they use an ability. Shield Burst - Units gain 25% attack speed for 5 seconds after their shield has been broken. This effect can only be triggered one time. Protoss Efficiency - Units have a mineral and gas cost reduction.killheadface1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Tired of AntiProtoss BM I don't care getting insulted once in a while, there are stupid people everywhere. But it's not once in a while, it's something like 20-30% of the games. And I always play macro game, so it's not even because of my playstyle. I'm not sure I would include “Easy amove race noob” as an insult, but nonetheless, it becomes tiring. And it can become much more aggressive, someone wished I killed myself once (I reported him ofc). It feels like there's little to no moderation from blizzard. It's especially visible on this forum. “Players have passionate debates” is the closest I have seen Blizzard ever addressing this issue. We are at a point where it becomes some kind of racism because of the race played. It's completely ridiculous, but when some players are saying that all Protoss players are “cancerous” what would you call it if not racism ? Should I report every little BM ? I'm not even sure Blizzard took any steps for more serious reports. Is FreeToPlay one of the issue ? Too easy to remake a new account if banned. I can't say if there's a difference since FTP because I started to play this year, or if it is an older issue (I know some people mentioned it was always more or less the case, but was it that bad ?). Is there no way to make sure there's a real person behind an account ? And ban the real person and all associated accounts. Besides Avilo, Content Creators seem to do their part to fight this, which make it that much weirder that Blizzard does close to nothing about it. I know it can be hard, there's a fine line between moderation and censorship, but some of the comments are completely inappropriate. Troll or real hate, it doesn't matter, those comments should not stay on this forum. The weird part, is that the very few blue post I have seen are always written very fast after the OP made the thread. So it's not even like Blizzard have abandoned the forums. And the more people will see those comments, the more they will be comforted in their idea they are right, and the more it will continue, both on the forum and IG. Also the more people are being insulted, the more they want to reply in kind. I know I have called a few people stupid on this forum, which I shouldn't have, even though it was never “unprovoked” and never against a group of people or because of the race played. More moderate players also leave the forum because they feel there is nothing to be down here. It's really hard to have an objective discussion. This game is hard enough without a toxic environment. Several people have made some post about it, with no real change. It is not surprising since we don't have any power besides words. The pen does not seems to be mightier than the sword here. An announcement From Blizzard on this forum and on the game launcher is the least they can do. But more moderation is also necessary IMO.Papanarbre9 Jun 21
Jun 20 Learning Protoss Hello there Protosses, Anyways, to get the point, I main Terran as a T1 Platinum and I've started offracing as Protoss recently, playing Protoss about half of the time I play as Terran, but I'm stuck around T3 Gold atm because I have no idea what build orders to use as Protoss in each match up. I'm really struggling in PvP mostly too because I try to play standard macro in it and apparently it's greedy from what I've heard. So anyways, what I'd like to know is two things first and foremost: 1. When do I get expand with my natural in each match up? I was expanding early after pylon, gateway and assimilator and I think this might be too early at least in PvP. I've switched to expanding after cybercore and it's helped a bit, but not sure what I should do specifically for each match up. 2. When should I get my third in each match up? I've been going pretty much around 5 minutes in each match up because as Terran that's generally standard for all three match ups (I think?). However, it's become clear to me that in PvP this is a terrible idea at the least as most Protoss 1 or 2 base all in me. Finally, for compositions, I've been going Col/HT/gateway for both PvZ and PvT and for PvP I mass a ton of void rays with upgraded air attack and fully upgraded gateway support if I can get to the late game, it's usually a surefire win for me in all three match ups. I typically play long macro games with Terran so doing this with Protoss is not an issue. What I'm having problems with Protoss is usually the early/mid game as I am clueless about build orders and when to expand for Protoss in each match up. I want to learn Protoss as an off race, but tbh I am really discouraged from playing it primarily because of how frustrating PvP is. So any help will be appreciated, Thanks.Raver10 Jun 20
Jun 19 PvX - An Easy build order ! (video) Here is the video: (replay in the description) Hi guys, I'm a protoss player (Master 1 / Low GM) and i have a youtuber channel about Starcraft 2 (Now I try to do some english content on my popular videos). Between, if you want more english content, I can do it and you can ask me ! This build order in really easy to execute. He is designed for beginner or new player who want a solid build order to improve and to reach a good level. The goal is to do an early pressure and to go on a stalkers / Colossi army. This build can be done against Zerg, Terran or Protoss with almost no variation from Bronze to Master (I've done this build in a Bronze to Master serie and i already shared it in French). It already helped many Protoss to go to diamond or Master. Why i did this build order ? * Easy to do for beginner * Universal : Can be done against Zerg, Terran and Protoss * Easy to understand * Help you to improve your mechanics by focusing on macro * Macro oriented * Include scouting timing to help you learning how to scout * Can be done from bronze to master (I did a serie using only this) * Really powerfull with many strong timings Few tips : - Against a Zerg : Do you first 3 buildings inside your wall - Don't commit on micro, macro is the most important thing - Never stop probe production (except if you want more unit) until you reach 3 fully saturated bases - Too many minerals = more Gates - Focus on one simple army composition : Stalkers and Colossi - Learn to scout step by step: Understand why he is taking gas, why he doesn't expand etc...zuka3 Jun 19
Jun 18 Shadow Stride Alternative Emergency Recall - A Dark Templar will teleport to a Dark Shine and fully heal upon taking fatal damage. This effect can happen only once every 60 seconds. Note: This ability is part of the Dark Shrine, not the Dark Templar. The number of uses is limited to the number of Dark Shrines. This ability comes out of the single player campaign. Only with the ability attached to the dark shrine for balance reasons. The end result is an ability that is more interesting and more practical then just another blink.killheadface0 Jun 18
Jun 16 PvT need help from brotosses Hello, guys, I'm diamond 1 with 65% PvP, 55% PvZ and 35% PvT winrates. It is obvious to advance I need better PvT, but the issue is no matter what I try during practice nothing is simply working. So I have few questions and maybe you can help me with them. 1. What is the best opener to stop bio stim +1 pushes with tanks\libs? 2. When we suppose to start 3rd nexus and 4rth? 3. In mid late game, imagine T has turrets on his main and everywhere. How to harass planetary fortresses? 4. What is common army composition in late game? 5. Any other tips vs T?Doctrix9 Jun 16
Jun 11 Battlecruisers popping out, help? Yes, this is a horrible, low-league game I played. Anyway, the question is, after sucessfully defending my base from his cyclone marine push, I turtled up in front of his ramp. While I was busy dealing with his planetary in his natural, 3 bcs popped out, and I do not have any anti-air. So, is there anything I could have done, or is it just game over? For anyone kind enough to go through the replay, the action is around 7 min. I know, I have an ob at his base, but I did not scout (for some whatever stupid reasons), nor did I spot the tank. Tons of mistakes. General advices welcomed as well :DBiliBiliy4 Jun 11
Jun 9 Question to Blizzard: Mothership Purpose? I don't want any more speculation with the purpose of the Mothership. Blizzard, if you're reading this, please reply from one of your devs on your intentions for the mothership since a lot of players doesn't seem know its purpose. Correct me if I'm wrong: From the design(slow movement, teleportation), I feel that the Mothership is meant to bolster the mobility of the Protoss Army. Like a moving Nexus. But what baffles me is on why should it have cloaking capabilities? The cloaking just makes it a prime target in head on engagements unless the opponent has some detection. And in head on engagements, the army has to win or else it will be left behind(unless recalled by a Nexus) But that is already significant overlap with the Nexus since the Mothership can't sneak near the enemy base without a huge risk of being singled out. (And I feel that using a Mothership as bait seems like a waste of resources for its cost and tech level) Another baffling aspect is the time warp since the Mothership is often singled out. I guess this situation is similar to how people think that just because Protoss has some bulky units, it is meant to fight head on. But if people read carefully from HOTS: ... Take the words below as a random stream of thoughts, at least calmly enlighten me instead of [insert egotistic shenanigans here]: This also explains why it is considered by most to be the chessiest race. Personally, a hit and run style matches the Protoss since they're in lower numbers story-wise and kinda struglin' against the Zerg until that Artanis guy with all of those backup tosses and backup robotosses and stuff. The Protoss can still fight head-on, but they are most effective when doing that Dark Templar Drop(should've gotten some turrets or spore crawlers), or a bunch of stalkers doing that cliff teleport thingy, or send in 4 phoenixes(should've gotten some turrets or spore crawlers again) or even warp in zealots.( Trust me, there is no worse feeling when you have all of your brood lords on the other side of the map and that toss warps in 6 zealots and destroys all of your workers and 4 expansions. Especially the Hive. And no "mass-recall" is going to save your brooding zergness because by the time you get 2 brood lords there, your tech tree is gone. And you hope that the other 4 can beat the Zealots). Anyways, I know. Most people like using the Protoss deathball, but that was our 98% strategy. We were known to have the lowest apm and still come out on top. All you do is 1a and that's it. Now, we can use mobile armies which take apart the enemy bit by bit(zerg may be fast, but their Nyduses can't compare to a warp prism warping fresh units directly to the battlefield(which have no risk of dying in-transit(compared to medivacs).) Compared to Terran Drops and Zerg Nydus, they are able to move units the fastest, even ones that aren't meant for hit and run(archons ect.) They can easily defend positions with Nexus Recalls ect. In late-late-late games, I myself have made a NexusNet for fun against those stubborn players who build random things everywhere hopeing that I quit.. (Although warp prisms, and phoenixes are a lot wiser and more useful ).Shifter1 Jun 9