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Feb 21 Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players. I've been mentoring many lower league toss players and I've decided to write out a guide about common problems I noticed/things most people need to work on. Note: this is a guide intended for bronze/silver players mostly, so you may disagree with some points here and there, but I believe its easier for new players to understand the game first before looking into deeper strategies/micros/etc.. If anyone thinks that there is anything this guide is missing, you are welcome to point it out and I'll gladly add it. _________________________________________________________________ 1.) The Basics 1.1) Probe Production Perhaps the biggest problem I've noticed among lower leagued players is that they don’t make nearly enough workers. Generally speaking, you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80’ish probes. The key to a powerful army is a strong economy, which is powered by a lot of probes. Don’t worry about how making too many probes is going leave you without enough army, unless you’re going for some rush builds (k4g for example),there is never a time where lots of workers are gonna hurt you. You dont need to make worker non-stop past early game, but you need to remember to chrono boost out a pair of worker once in a while. 1.2) Chrono Boost Chrono boost is another important thing that most low league players miss. You should never save up chrono boost off 1 base unless you are getting an important tech soon. Toss production and research are fairly slow so chrono boost is essential to keep yourself ahead in a game. The importance level of things that needs to be chrono boosted are as follows (imo): Warpgate tech (prob most important tech, worth saving up chrono for)>Extended Thermal Lance/Psi-Storm>Other Upgrades>Robo/Stargate Units>Probes>Warpgates (Late game when you have spare). Of course you need to use early game chrono boosts wisely. Usually you should chrono out your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th probes. After that if you do not require a super fast warpgate you can maybe spend another 1-2 chrono on workers, but save at least one for warpgate. In mid-late game once your on 2-3base, you can feel free to chrono anything you need out fast. It will help a lot to get some vital upgrades out. 1.3) Supply This is yet another common problem. Players tend to either make too many pylons thus wasting valuable resource early on or get supply blocked and have their production halted. Supply block at a bad time can easily cost you the game. It is quite hard to not get supply blocked at all during mid-late game. But I'd suggest that every time you goes through 1 production cycle of units (made some units from your production buildings) add 1 pylon for every base you have and maybe a extra one if you’re going supply costly unit like Colossi. Early game though, a good time to drop your pylon will be: 1st pylon at 9 supply, 2nd at 15-16, third at 22-24, 4th at around 30. This should allow you to stay ahead in supply early game without wasting much resource. 1.4) Production Buildings 1 Protoss base can support a maximum of 4 production buildings continuously making units. So you should not have more then 4 production building when you’re on 1 base. If you are going high tech units such as Colossi off of 1 base, you usually can only support continuous production off of 3 buildings (1 robo 2gates). More importantly, once you have expanded add more production buildings so that you can effectively turn your resources into army. You don’t need another 4 buildings up as soon as your expo is up but get them gradually as you saturate your expansion.Mycophobia319 Feb 21
May 14, 2017 Protoss Micro Tips Note: If you are plat or below, macro is still MUCH more important than micro. Focus on just having more units than your enemy, rather than controlling the few units you have. General Micro Tips: 1. Are your zealots in front of your stalkers? 2. Are your low-health units in the back of your army before you attack? 3. Are your immortals attacking armored units? 4. Are your colossus attacking clumped up units? If the entire enemy army is clumped, than focus on attacking light units (marines, hydras, zealots) 5. When defending your ramp, A. Are your units in a concave at the top of your ramp? B. Are you cutting his army into bite-size pieces? C. Are your zealots on hold so they arent attacked by the units beneath your forcefield? D. Are your stalks far back enough to not get hit by the units beneath the forcefield? 6. Are you moving units under fire to the back of your army? 7. You can somewhat kite-attack marines, roaches (assuming they dont have movement speed yet), and zealots with stalkers 8. You can forcefield the enemy ramp to prevent him from reinforcing the units that are at his natural expansion. 9. When chasing down an enemy, pull your zealots back to prevent kiting (from maruaders, roaches, hydras) 10. In order to bunker, cannon, or spine crawler bust move your army just outside the range of the static defense and put them on hold, then, attack move your colossus (with the range upgrade) into the static defense. 11. Put health bars on, so you can see which units are low health. 12. Psionic Storm does not stack, so do not throw down more than 1 storm in the same place. 13. Before an attack, put your units in a quick concave with zealots in front to help get a concave sooner when the attack begins. 14. Colossus can abuse high ground by attacking units on the low ground and then moving back once the units move in to attack the colossus. 15. stalkers can chase fleeing units. 16. Do you have functional control groups? (For example, I have 1 as my army, 2 as my sentries, 3 for HTs or collosus, 4 for nexuses, 5 for tech, 6 for observer) 17. Remember to move your HTs back once they have stormed to prevent them from running into the enemy army. 18. Make sure your sentries aren't tanking damage for stalkers. Your sentries are spellcasters, not dps dealers or tanks, so once your zealots are dead, MOVE THEM BACK. 19. With the interceptor upgrade, carriers can launch their interceptors and move away from the enemy. Rinse and repeat. 20. Spread out your dark templar to force the enemy to react to different locations. Also, the enemy will need multiple sources of detection in order to counter your harass. 21. Blink can be used to blink back the stalkers with lowest health to the back of the army. Also, Blink can be used to get a faster concave against the enemy. Additionally, You can ensure that all your stalkers will blink to high ground or low ground by right clicking to the point where you want to blink FROM, hold shift and click B at the place where you want your stalkers to blink TO, then right click past that point which will make the stalkers move thus giving the other stalkers room to blink (hold shift the whole time). 22. Moving your sentry forward with guardian shield popped can cover your zealots with guardian shield, which will help them last a lot longer against ranged units and especially marine armies. 24.Morph your HTs into archons if they are out of energy or just got EMPed. You can also do this with DTs, if they have mobile detection. 25. Before I engage I try to attack in multiple locations to distract my opponent and catch his main army off guard. 26. Bring a probe with your army and make pylons along the way as you move out. Protoss versus Zerg Micro Tips The goal of micro versus zerg is to allow the majority of your units to attack while only a few zerg units can attack. 1. Are you keeping your units in a ball to prevent speedling surround? This changes when facing infestors. Spread out your army to prevent money fungal growth chains. 2. Are you attacking through constricted pathways? (attacking in the open makes it harder to forcefield and you need more forcefields) This changes when infestors are out (then you want to attack in open pathways, while spreading your army). 3. Are you cutting his roach army and hydra army into bite size chunks with ffs to prevent most of them from attacking? 4. Have an observer ahead of your army so you know when and where you are going to have to ff. 5. Make sure your colossus are attacking lings or hydras. 6. Make sure your army is not attacking broodlings, but actual units.yaegz288 May 14, 2017
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7h Have the Nexus turn into the Mothership I was playing Nova Ops and the mission where you have to stop the protoss mothership and it made me wonder why the animation the Nexus is doing (the apex is opening up) is not in the multiplayer, and it got me wondering. So, when an expansion is mined out, Terran and Zerg command centers provide value. Terran orbitals drop mules / scans, Zerg hatcheries build units. The Protoss Nexus can chrono and recall. As Protoss mines out bases chances are the need for Chrono is diminishing as upgrades are getting to 3/3 and recalling to save a mined out base is not that important. It seems the further the game goes on, the less necessary the inherent value of the Nexus is. The mothership costs 400 / 400. If it only cost 400 gas, but consumed the Nexus in the process, that could make for some interesting salvaging of mined out bases. Any player that wants a mothership prior to a base being mined out they would need to build a Nexus. The mothership production may need to be quicker to factor in Nexus building + mothership. Bliz could make a pretty cool building animation using assets they already have. 1. 0 - 33% - leave as is, blue light. 2. 34 - 66% - The animation in Nova Ops 3. 67 - 100% - Spawn a small mothership core floating around the Nexus that ends by pulling up the Nexus and forming the mothership around the core. It also makes sense given both Nexus and Mship both have recall now.Richo2 7h
2d How do you stop a cannon rush as protoss? So, is the game pretty much over if they get a cannon down? At that point you can't attack with probes because he'll just keep dropping more cannons and pylons as the existing one kills all your probes. Trying to fight the cannon spam back with cannons of your own seems pointless since his forge went down before yours did so he's going to win that attrition battle. There are no gateway units that can stand up to cannons, so the second his first cannon finishes it's pretty much game over then, unless he screws up or you can just out-micro him? I'm pretty inexperienced at the online parts of this game so tell me if I'm missing anything, but I waste so much APM scanning every inch of my base and natural for proxy pylons every 10 seconds that I lose pretty much every PvP I play just falling behind, even if they don't cheese me.Gigan23 2d
6d Oracle take more long kill vce s ??? In a the lasts games i feeling that the Oracles take more long kill vce s than proves and zerg workers ????? Im rigth or just imageningJacs7 6d
6d Suggesting Changes: Phoenix + Rare Toss Units Here are some suggestions, don't focus too much on the number details, the ideas are more important. Phoenix should get 1+(1 to Light Armour) attack per upgrade from just 1 attack per upgrade. It won't change much in terms of game-play but now it will match up with the upgrade efficiency of other Light Armour attackers like the Adept and Colossus. Pylon Overcharge was removed with the addition of Shield Battery, so Mothership should perhaps gain an ability that related to the Shield Battery, compensating for Pylon Overcharge. Shield Overcharge - 100 Energy. After a 4 second delay with visible effects, recover 20 Shields of all units within the Mothership's cloaking field. Or instead, buff the Time Warp ability. Disruptor is a quasi-siege unit that is not used enough in the lower ranks of competitive play. It should get a small range (2+) and CD (-25%) buff when it's inside a Pylon field so Protoss can better defend against the game-ending good positioning of other race's siege units. Tempest is a unit with weird stat distribution. It is a slow moving tank with long range of a siege unit and the weak DPS of a support unit. Therefore, it can't do any of those roles properly. Instead of tanking the enemy's air DPS, it always one of the last units to die. When you're trying to snipe the enemy air units, you need to spend a lot of supplies and resources on them to be effective, making your ground forces weaker. Also Tempest is the only Protoss unit that doesn't have some sort of utility/special ability. Probe - Buildings finish constructing on their own Mothership - 2 Spells Zealot - Charge Adept - Psionic Transfer Stalker - Blink Sentry - 3 Spells High Templar - 2 Spells and Archon Warp Dark Templar - Permanent Invisibility, Shadow Step and Archon Warp Archon - Unit created from HT/DT's ability Carrier - Create Interceptor Interceptor - Unit created by Carrier's ability Oracle - 3 Spells Stasis Ward - Unit created by Oracle's Ability Phoenix - Graviton Beam Void Ray - Prismatic Alignment Observer - Surveillance Mode, Permanent Invisibility Warp Prism - Pick-up from a distance Immortal - Barrier Colossus - Cliff Walk Disruptor - Purification Nova Tempest should be focused on either the tank or siege unit role. Because most Protoss units are already tanky, and lack long-ranged anti-air capabilities, Tempest should be a more specialised anti-air siege unit. Reduce Armor to 1, Reduce HP to 225. Make range of both air and ground attacks 13. Increase attack speed from 3.3 to 2.8. Ground damage stays 40 with 20 additional damage to buildings. Upgrade adds 4+(2 damage to buildings), Increase air damage to 40, and add 20 bonus to massive units. Upgrade adds 4+(2 to Massive). Increase gas cost by 50. New Ability - Solar Tempest - 7 range, 65 second CD. Creates a field of radius 2 that slows the attack speed of air units by 25% and deal 15 damage per second for 6 seconds. Does not stack. Units can micro around this ability without difficulty but it will deter enemy air units from focusing down the Tempest. While Protoss gets these buffs, I believe other races should gets buffs. Terran: Battlecruisers attack while moving, Battlecruisers and Thors affected by building armor upgrade, Ghost sight range 3+ upgrade, Engineering Bay upgrade that allow reapers to do 2 range 0.5 radius splash 20 damage upon death/self-destruct, widow mines to permanently cloak with an Armory upgrade, 4th spell: a more effective repair drone for Raven. Zerg: Infestor can cast Fungal at half range from burrow, revert speed nerf for Swarm Hosts, Infested Terrans spawn three times faster on creep and deal 2+ (3+ for air) damage to units affected by fungal growth.MoSteel2 6d
6d Skytoss vs Skytoss Guys, I am at a loss for ideas - no matter what I do, when it comes to the ultra late game skytoss vs skytoss, I maybe win 1 out of 10 games. No MATTER WHAT I DO! It is starting to make me so mad because it feels so humiliating. Is it pure micro? --> I try to snipe some carriers first, activate the voidray ability when they are close, storm some of their voidrays, archons and carriers are mostly on a-move. Or should I have a hotkey for every type of unit and make all of them focus-fire something? Is it the composition? --> I see to it that I have a good mixture of mostly tempests, carriers, archons to soak interceptor fire, maybe SOME stalkers, very few sentries and some voidrays and a mothership. Still, I lose. My opponent switches his composition, I adapt, still - I lose. I just have NO idea any more. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe you can also enclose a replay or even better, a twitch or youtube video? I am in between Diamond 2 and 3 on EU.Jockel6 6d
May 18 Protoss weeeeeeeeaksauce ground army Anyone else feel like Protoss ground army units are garbage? They suck w/o super expensive upgrades, they suck even with the upgrades. They're overpriced and get countered by every unit every race has.. I mean.. are they serious? Take the Hydralisk for example.. it literally counters every single Protoss ground unit besides storm (which costs a fortune and if you miss 1 or 2 you insta-die) and colossi (LOL) which is the most expensive, longest time to build piece of s*** in the game IMO. When I play Zerg or Terran I never get squashed so easily.. the only thing Protoss has going for them atm is storm, carriers and (kinda, not really) void rays. Early game Cyclone/Marine attacks are also hilarious. You literally can't get enough stalkers, zealots, sentrys or adepts to ever make the fight cost efficient. You have to expand b/c the Terran has.. and you're gonna lose about double the resources the Terran loses even if you manage to fight the attack off.. then Terran has mules so, i mean, it doesn't even matter for them. Meanwhile our overpriced units can't fulfull their roles and now Terran is building liberators and drop ships and endless marines b/c of mules. I mean, i don't see how any terran loses to protoss really. Lets just make it 2 race SC2 shall we? I think 3 is a lil much for them to balance, even after like.. 20 years?ListerFiend32 May 18
May 17 Surviving earlygame against terran I'm having problems in the early game surviving against Terran's. The early reaper harass is typically fended off, but at that point a bunch of marines with a medvac or two appear and I'm done for as all I typically have is a couple of stalkers by that point, having barely gotten a cyber up. I typically play among friends, and this is a typical tactic of one. Sometimes it's a group ffa and in that case I get a bit more time as another friend who mains zerg is just busy harassing everyone, and I have a much easier time dealing with his playstyle. But if he finds me first, it's usually that same marine rush play. And until I get some Templar up to storm them, they just rush in and I'm out of the game before it barely gets going. So now, looking for advice. Anyone help?Entropic7 May 17
May 16 PvT advice? Straight to the topic, how to counter Terran's first wave of marine, mine, medivac, and sometimes mixed-in marauders? Do I build stalkers, now after marauder buff, with or without blink? Or do I build adepts, and finish its upgrade? Afterwards, do I switch to colossi and storm? What if they counter with liberators and add in tanks? Honestly, I have zero idea what to do with PvT.BiliBiliy2 May 16
May 13 Increase Obs Stock Speed I wrote out a long summary earlier but got ERROR or w/e when I posted without having any of it saved. Not interested in re-writing it all now, but Obs is trash without speed, especially on large maps. For Protoss to have fast moving detection it is vastly more expensive than Terran or Zerg and has less utility once acquired. That's the summary. 1.88 stock and 2.81 w/ upgrade.....that's terrrrrrrrrrible! Look below I found summary and posting as part of conversation...ImOnTwitchTv3 May 13
May 8 How do I beat this Terran garbage? looks like a cheese. Terran just go for proxy factory and even I seeing what is going on I cant defend myself. Made 2 batteries Made units non-stop Tried to make immortals but was already too late and terran came with liberators too. can I stop this garbage cheese? Here is the replay. May 8
May 8 How to counter Turtle Terran Hello, i want to know any tips or advice regarding PVT, i play toss as main and just recently have had a difficult time with the standard turtle strat of terran, usually i go for standard toss army- blink stalker, immortal,storm,prism, but they terrans like to tank up his base and those seige tanks do ton of damage, i do know that u can stalker a move and queue blink, but don't seem to do it. Also when i send detectors to scout his tech, they just die to so many turrets so ihave to play blind, and they can just hit scan and scout all your bases, I do know sounds like im whining but im just looking for something to do to counter turtle terrans. Cheers!llllllllllll2 May 8
May 7 Zerg timing push - roaches hi i am curious do you guys deal with the deadly 4:10 roach push ? also, assume for whatever reason, your scouting drone died, and you cant scout anymore (not until observer anyway). you arent sure if the enemy will do the roach stuff, you have a hunch, but how do you deal with it? 5-6 roaches at least, + 5-6 speedlings at least, hitting at 4:10-4:20 seen a few guys pull it off, and its quite deadly. its a simple timing build, "stolen" from the A.I.Reinhardt5 May 7
May 7 Why are stalkers / goons gateway units? But immortals come out of the robotics facility? Aren't they basically the same thing (in the lore)?madumlao2 May 7
May 7 Reaver > Colossus? I don't play protoss, didn't in BW either, and I am wondering why so many people want to get the Reaver back, some even willing to trade away the colossus for it. The obvious pros of larger splash, smaller transport size and immunity to AA attacks don't seem to even out against the advantages of the Colossus: -Cliffwalk -High ground vision -More efficient dps (lower damage with a faster attack rate) -Attack doesn't drain minerals -Moves faster -Tougher -Massive, meaning it ignores stun, graviton, ffs, etc. I get that the Reaver was a strong harass unit, but you have storm drops, which are the exact same thing. So, how is the Reaver better than the Colossus?Hazzini27 May 7
May 7 Void rays. How do I counter void rays as a terran? Here is what I have tried: Marine spam. They either fly away over cliffs where I can't follow, or if my marines are on a curve and pouring around a corner, they will hit the leading units of the group and kill them as they come. Marine spam is worthless against void spam. Viking spam. I purposefully went all viking. Void rays still kicked my butt the next game, mostly because mothership. I cried. Liberator spam. Ok, so these guys supposedly deal damage, right? WRONG! They did less damage than mass vikings! Widow mines. Ok, these actually worked for a short time until the enemy wised up and brought an invisible probe that my widow mines cannot defend against. Thor spam. This game I was at my wits end and spammed tons of thors. Well thors suck against void rays :( Battlecruiser spam. Worth about as much as viking spam against void rays. Ravens omg a unit that can damage a void ray! a pity its homing missile can be run from, and its so expensive... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so then I went and read Supposedly, my marines should be able to kill void rays. Supposedly. What happens is that the void ray being damaged flies away while the other void rays sit and fire and when I shift targets the new target runs away, but if I stop focus firing I die first. So then I went protoss and spammed void rays only and went full upgrades. It was exceptionally easy for me to kill enemies. Simple click click dead, halt when near targets, run around, easy to micro, and oh so very deadly. So here I sit, wondering why void rays are made to do everything. They hit air and ground, they are maneuverable, they can bunch up tight or spread out, they can focus fire, spreadfire, and the only thing they don't have is splash damage. They can hit buildings harder than banshees, and with a mothership near are better than a viking and a banshee combined into one nifty ship.When I can spend so much effort, and play 7 games against protoss and not get a single win with the protoss going void rays each time, and when the tables are turned and I build only void rays and a single mothership, I think there may be a problem with the void ray unit. It is so versatile, and it has no major weakness to exploit. Not only that, but they have so much damage, and they have good movespeed. To people who say "L2P noob scrub" ok, so I am silver, I have played a few games, I do not know how to look up the number I have played overall, but I have gotten my pool down to 0. The person I played against in the games was the same guy 4 of the times, and we played again with the void rays in my possession and I wiped the floor with him. They just needed less clicks to do the same thing terrans required more clicks and several different unit types for. I can def see a player who could split his focus in battle kill an enemy hardcore with void rays. TLDR: something needs to change. Either void rays shouldn't hit air or ground. Or, they should use energy, or they should be slow, or something! its ridiculous to be stuck with a single unit able to kill outright or kite to death an entire terran army to death. It makes the rest of the protoss units seem dull and drab, and there is no reason to build a cohesive group of toss units, with perhaps the exception of high templars because they could accentuate vr attack with psi storms. Why does this unit exist? It breaks the artform that the protoss army could be and simplifies it down to a single unit, that admittedly looks sleek and beautiful but is ultimately... boring.Shaithias14 May 7
May 7 Why does every S-G Toss rush T-Archives Even the ones that rush stargate (which shouldn't need archives at all)? Is it Protoss meta to get Templar Archives with 2-3 bases without a gateway army?SunRise5 May 7
May 7 So you want to learn the pro moves? Hi everyone, I'm going to teach you how to do the pro moves that Protoss have been doing in SC2. 1.) The mineral walk. Probes can walk through friendly and enemy units by telling them to mine a mineral. Use this to avoid damage, stack up and surround enemies. 2.) The shift blink. Holding shift then issuing a move command then clicking blick on a destination will allow stalkers to move to a location, then blink 1 by 1 to a targeted area. Use this to ensure all stalkers blink away and none are left behind due to clutter. 3.) The kill command. Telling units such as stalkers to target key units like a marauder, siege tank, queen, etc. then shift queue a blink back. The stalker(s) will kill the unit then automatically blink away and disengage from the fight, all while you are macroing at home. 4.) The phase adept. Send 10 or so adept shades toward the enemy, fan 2-3 out toward each base mid phase and then cancel 1 or 2 with the escape button to allow a handful to remain to engage a separate target. Use this to apply pressure to multiple bases simultaneously. 5.) The 1-2. When your workers are being harassed, select them all, shift move them away from your base toward the natural, for example, then shift queue them back to the minerals you got them from. Pro players know how far to send the probes based on the aggression that is coming whether its mine drops to banelings. This will allow you to resume mining while dealing with the invaders and without needing your probes to be idle or oversaturating a separate base. 6.) Hotdrop. While your warp prism is moving with units inside, you can select your drop command "D", and click on the prism. It would drop units while it is moving. While continuing its acceleration, you can re-pick these units up with the load command. If you load up a unit, the prism will lose its acceleration. So to stop this from happening, the pros will load followed by an instantaneous move command in the same direction it was accelerating. Repeat for as many units as you want to load. The end result is a continuous acceleration followed by dropping and picking up units endlessly. Use this to chase down retreating units. 7.) Pulsar tactics. Similar to the above, pros use the acceleration of the oracle to deal damage. That is why you see the oracles move back and forth while attacking a target. This will keep the oracle from being a still target which will get it killed or take longer to kill a target. To do this, activate pulsar while moving toward the target you want to kill. After you zap the target, immediately move backward(or sideways) one oracle length, then re-click on the target you want to kill. Repeat for all the targets you desire. The result is faster killing/target switching and oracles that will survive on the way out. Keeping units on a short patrol commands will maintain acceleration. You should do this when the unit is idle and accruing energy in deadspace of the map. 8.) Minesweeper. If you plan on using phoenix vs Terran, pros will shift command the graviton beam on the unburrowed widow mines as the front of their army. Use hold position on your ground units while controlling phoenix. Typically only a few widow mines will go down this way while others remain burrowed. To clear the mines, move command the phoenix over the Terran bio which will suicide the phoenix and disarm the mines while damaging the Terran army. Now you can send in your ground reinforcements to clean up. That's all for now. If you have questions feel free to ask, or check out my stream where I do many of these tactics at May 7
May 7 Unit compositions? Hey im trying to learn protoss after a long hiatus. whats good in general for late game vs all 3 races? ty.Deploy5 May 7
May 6 Blizzard Buff my Protoss already... I want a like if you want a Buff to Toss too, we need stronger defense, cost reduction on templars, Blizz please.. what you think we need to beat those Terran scrubs. Kapa Cheers!llllllllllll3 May 6
May 5 Diamond 3 looking for some help Hey guys, So I was just wondering if any Masters or D1 players were willing to coach me a bit or show/tell me what you did to get to D1/Master league. I got to D3 pretty quickly but I seem to have hit a wall around 3.9k mmr, Thanks!Nordy0 May 5
Apr 20 Cloak Dark Templar to Disruptors[FENIX] In the FENIX team the Disruptors act as the Dark Templar. Except they can shoot at long range and remain in cloak mode. This upgrade is huge for stealth units with the Protoss. Interesting new game again Blizzard, anyhow post opinion in the thread if interest is there.Hadrian3 Apr 20
Apr 17 Question about your improvment rate. I did quite a fast improvement to d1 when i started playing the expansion, maybe 150-200 games after placing in plat 1 first. After that ive been stuck in d1 for some 700 games now playing in current and last league. Highest ive been is in the middle of d1 progress bar then dropping down to beginning of the bar or end of d2 and then up again.. So i'm just curious to see if this is normal, to hit a wall in d1. So to you master players, how long were you stuck in d1 before reaching master and did you do something special to help your improvement or did you just keep grinding games?Titan12 Apr 17
Apr 17 PvT Help Needed Two Base Voidray? (video) Recently I started playing SC again... and started seeing more Terran walling off the natural and early expanding. I had alot of trouble beating those Terran players because their wall made harass nearly impossible and they could expand behind it. Additionally my normal go-to strategy (Death-ball) is very ineffective against turtles and walls. One solution I found was to quickly transition to skytoss. Oracle allows me to harass early to keep them off their game and by following it up with void-rays I can make sure they don't have time to turtle up and spec to the tec they are racing for. My question: is this a legitimate strategy that I am employing? Or will it cost me at higher ranks? Normally after I scout the early second and wall off at natural I have been immediately going Skytoss, but I want to make sure I am it is actually the correct read. Thanks for your advice.PraXy6 Apr 17
Apr 17 The Dragoon can fly? I ask you this question: in Heroes of the storm, Fenix ​​in your state of Dragoon can fly as shown in this video. This is possible ? or what is shown in Hots is not cannon? Apr 17
Apr 16 Tips to get back into starcraft In season 1 I managed to work my way up from bronze to gold and after reaching gold, I took several months worth of break from Starcraft (got on a tilt and did not recover from it =/) When I finally tried to get back into Starcraft, I lost my placement and got placed in platinum. From there, I have lost all my games thus far (up to 10 so far) So I was wondering if anyone had some general matchup tips as protoss in order to try to get back into the swing of things? Or just tips in general to help me out of my slump? Good cheers can only keep me going for so long haha Edit: Here's a replay if it would help critique or provide tips Apr 16
Apr 15 Questions about Protoss I'm a Protoss player myself(though I play Random most of the time now), and I've been reading the forums on how Protoss is no longer fun to play any more and that it's a gimmicky race for example: I just have some questions: 1. What is "gimmicky"? (from the context, it's a kills all or useless unit/strategy, correct me if I'm wrong.) 2. What kind of Protoss gameplay does the Protoss community want? 3. Can't other races be gimmicky? I've beaten a Protoss with 3 reapers :) [They were macroing too hard] Other times, the 3 reaper strategy was defeated with stalkers ect :( Just a thought, as a game developer myself(not for Blizzard lol), I feel like none of the developers want to waste their time listening to people vent about a race in a whining manner about they game they themselves worked hard to make. If I was Blizzard, I am close to giving up on making the public happy. Some of you literally sound like you're whining, others, (rarely), remember decorum. You can bring up an issue, but do it like men*. Not children. And maybe we'll listen. And give hard proof to make your point even stronger. *Men as in a mature human being... I prefer old language conventions at times.Shifter2 Apr 15
Apr 13 New to Protoss, Help Appreciated! [Video] Hey guys! I am a Terran main gold player but I'm looking for feedback on my totally noob protoss play. Check out the video below and comment with any feedback and/or a good build. The replay is in the video description if you prefer to watch that. ThanksCalculus3 Apr 13
Apr 7 Phoenix, stalkers and shield battery Why shield batteries do not recharge the lifted unit shield ? If they can be attacked, they should be healed (and for those wondering, yes a tested it). It's bad enough that 5 stalker loose to 6 phoenix (with focus fire on both side). BTW, what do you think in boosting stalkers antiair ? Give them 18 dmg instead of 13 + 5 against armored (just the anti-air, keep the ground attack at 13+5). It would make them descent against phoenix and muta, without changing the rest of the game. And if a terran come and whine because his mass banshee all-in wouldn't work anymore, well it's not suppose to anyway.Papanarbre2 Apr 7
Apr 2 Newbie: Landing the first punch So here is what I want to do. I want to hit first with a devastating blow. If I win the game outright great. If not, I want to land such a shot that I cripple the guy. What do I have to do to make this happen.Rich5 Apr 2
Apr 2 Returning Veteran: For Protoss! Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I played starcraft 2 competitively; the last time was in the very beginning of HotS. With the advent of the F2P model, I am sure there are many new faces to the scene and plenty of potential to rise up the ranks. My handle is Archon, ex brood war player returning to SC2. I have also been a part of a number of starcraft 2 gaming teams. I took off from the game to focus on college but I have since graduated recently and have saved up enough in the short term to jumpstart this stream. I see a lot of protoss asking questions like "hey is anyone else having trouble against cyclones, or how do I pvz, or how do I defend against early pressure." For these questions, I hope I can provide some answers. Protoss players are few in number whereas the terran and zerg swarm. It's important to have a good community within our race. I couldn't help but notice that the starcraft streamers have been in decline; many of my favorite protoss players (and other races) have stopped streaming: Puzzle, minigun, MC, etc. Since the starcraft series is my entire childhood, I don't want to see it in decline. My goal is to create a stream that will be profound to the community and I want to give back to you guys, old and new players who play and enjoy starcraft. I want to have both a serious gaming ladder/tournament play and to help you guys improve through commentary, replay analysis, replay packs, sharing my build orders/strategy (written down) through team game practice and more all for free. I have a dual monitor setup so I aim to be interactive with chat. I have more creative ideas for further down the line too. My stream: My SC2 rank: Masters/GM all servers To start things off, I am offering replay analysis to the first twenty followers of my stream whenever you would like so I hope you have some replays ready for me! If things go well, I will put up a schedule based on popular demand. I hope you guys come check me out if your favorite streamer is offline or you just want to enjoy some quality starcraft2! Although I am surely to be rusty after a long hiatus, I am sure my mechanics will return quickly. Thank you! TLDR: Protoss stream: Apr 2
Mar 31 PvP Blink Dt + Phoenix + Observer A theory I always had and finally executed: It was inspired by DT/corsair in PvZ in Brood War. I finally went full retard and gave it a shot in PvP. Goal is to use phoenix and observers to snipe enemy observer and use your dark temps to fight for map control and use phoenix to lift stragglers on the retreat. your opponent will be forced to use many production cycles on observers and static D around his expos. You want to get an early mothership behind this advantage if your opponent hasn't transitioned to stargate for oracle (revelation) and tempests to continue to abuse protoss opponent's lack of detection. In this game I sniped a total of nine observers and sniped his cannons during the first mothership push to put him totally in the dark. At the game's end when he made a desperate push the phoenix sniped his last three observers, the mothership cloaked the carriers and the dt's kept blinking to wipe up the retreating units. Resources lost was in 1:5 ratio negating my opponent's resource advantage of being roughly +16 probes entire game.Nydus1 Mar 31
Mar 28 Thoughts on forcefield stopping adept shade? Ramifications for PvP would be...? More healthy match up or would it lead to coinflips? Thoughts?EroSennin3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Twitch todays, Twitch en ligne aujourd'hui! Bonjour, je ferai un live au courant de la journée et régulièrement par la suite. Il y aura éventuellement des ajouts à ma chaîne Twitch, comme caméra, concours etc... Comme je débute j'aurais besoin de vos conseils, encouragement et votre support, afin de me permettre de grandir dans cette grande aventure. Voici mon liens: , je remercie d'avance tout ceux qui vont s'abonné(e)! Hello, I will make a live during the day and regularly thereafter. There will eventually be additions to my channel Twitch, as a camera, contest etc ... As I start I need your advice, encouragement and support, to allow me to grow in this great adventure. Here are my links: , I thank in advance all those who will subscribe (e)! Mar 28
Mar 26 PvP after patch 4.0 I do not get this matchup any more... (Diamond 3 here at the moment) It seems so totally random. Either I get defeated by some early stalker push or stalker-immortal push, a voidray attack or after having three bases and then it seems unclear who is going to win and at the end, either I or my opponent loses but oftentimes it is just a surprise who actually ends up doing so. Shield batteries (especially in the situation of an early push) seem to just not do the job - or should I build more gateways, zealots and sentries? Or maybe voidrays? Stalkers and immortals also do not seem to do it (and I do micro). I am not even sure any more if I am considering the right things or asking the proper questions. Can anyone help?Jockel11 Mar 26
Mar 26 New Streamer Hello I'm Zach and I have been playing StarCraft since the original release Looking for Protoss Viewers to aid me in my quest of strategy look me up on the SC2 Browser. Thanks all God Bless Twitch and ESL Go To my channel and subscribe and/or just hangout and watch my channel and chat freely in the chatroom. Thanks Thank youNaixz3 Mar 26
Mar 23 Was Fenix Sabotaged? I know this is probably an ancient topic and almost irrelevant at this point, but something that has always bugged me, looking back at my childhood was how Fenix's psi blades malfunctioned right as he was ambushed prior to his reincarnation as a Dragoon. I tried to find an answer, but did not come to any results indicating foul play from rogue Protoss tribes or the like. Does anybody have any theories or input to this possibility?DarkVoid14 Mar 23
Mar 17 Brand new Toss player. Help (vs T) Specifically siege tank and how to deal with large swarms of marines. I feel like adepts might be the answer... but I've never used one before lol. Any advice is appreciated! ThanksLatty3 Mar 17
Mar 11 Stats learns to drink his first beer! GSL training. Mar 11
Mar 11 sOs teaches us how to beat Zerg! Question: sOs, how do you beat zerg? Answer: Mar 11
Mar 8 Protoss Cant Defend ALL INS (WARNING) Its not possible ... Ling Runby, Ling Drop, Queen Drop ... You expect us to play like this every game? Protoss Needs Better Early Defence, That or Bring Mothership Core Back ... Protoss is the only race that needs to spend 600 Minerals on a wall.YouAreMe6 Mar 8
Mar 8 Mind Games (LOTV) Alright guys so I have noticed that getting into Diamond 2 and 1, it is when the mind games begin and probably where the real rts aspect of the game starts to shine - Since it is new to me (well actually I once had this aspect of the game mastered to a decent degree), I think it might be good for others and me alike, to collect some tips, advice, share experiences and so on. Yesterday I noticed this when a zerg went into really fast hydra-lurker in response to my stargate and the go-to composition of chargelot-archon-storm (the mind game aspect to me here is that I could have not build any or at least only one stargate unit and abused his tech route by adding lots of gateways and chronoing the charge upgrade) or when a zerg built a natural hatchery but did not saturate it and went all-in (now, I know it happens in lower leagues too but still) or when a terran walled-off his main, did not expand at first and when I had two bases, he went into bcs which I scouted! But lost nevertheless, despite going for archon-blinkstalkers and two void rays when he attacked (and an attempt of going up to 4 bases to have the resources for a full-on switch to airtoss)Jockel4 Mar 8
Mar 7 Why a 1-tile choke in pvp walls? The purpose of walling in pvp seems to be to stop adept shades by building/cancelling a shield battery. So why do pro players always make a 1-tile choke? A shield battery is 2x2, so you could make a 2-tile choke, and then archons wouldn't get stuck at your wall. I play zerg so I'm open to the fact that I'm missing something here. But for the life of me I can't understand why a 2-tile choke isn't just better if all you want to do is stop adepts.Pegasus3 Mar 7
Mar 7 How to counter carriers??? PvP Okay, i was in a PvP on metalopolis a while ago and i scouted the other player and saw he was going carriers so i went phoenix. When we fought he destroyed my army and that was game. i think part of the problem was my micro ability but im not sure (btw i am in bronze league) any pointers?Ljdawg17 Mar 7
Mar 7 Control Group - Advice wanted Hi there friends, I'm currently a Gold 1 player playing from New Zealand. I play Protoss as you may have guessed, and I just have several questions about the Control Groups. I currently use: '5' for my Nexus (still learning, as I used to use '1'). '4' for my Warp Gates and my Robotics Facilities, and use 'tab' to cycle through them. '1' for my Melee units (zealots, etc) '2' for my Ranged units (blink stalkers, adepts, etc) '3' for my heavy units (Archons, DT's, Immortals) I have only just changed this up, as I used to use: '1' for my Nexus '2' for special units like High Templar '3' for Warp Gates '4' for Robo Bay '5' for Stargates I'm a tad at a stand still because while I'm trying to wrap my head around these new hotkeys, I'm finding that I still don't quite understand how to group my units. Where should I put my High Templar now? Should I group Zealots into a group? What about Immortals/Archons? Air Units? It's a lot to take in - I'm just after any advice. I'm not so concerned with my Macro/Micro right now as I just want to get a solid foundation down for my hotkeys - then I can work on smaller things like timings, etc. Any advice will be great! I'd really appreciate it! Thanks everyone!Starving6 Mar 7
Mar 7 Nerfed Too Much Because Neeb won 2 of the WCS circuit they tried to make the race more fair, I don't think it's good what they have done and leaves Protoss with no early game. The shield generators don't move (and even if they did it would still present problems against Zerg) That's not even a match up any more as Zerg I always win. As Protoss I always lose. I'm passionate about this game but Protoss has been utterly destroyed now. They are weak because they have no fast early game units. Make "runners" something that can compete with lings at their speed. You have marines, so why not a new unit to give Protoss that same advantage. Adepts, cost too much and do too little damage to be compared with marines. Perhaps even making adepts cost 50 minerals like marines would be good and give them a speed upgrade from the gate??? The changes seem to have destroyed the dynamic of the game so much so that I no longer wish to play on random as I don't want to play as them any more. I used to ruin people with Protoss now I get smacked off the map like a fool. I love this game and I'm passionate about it. I want it to improve and I want the community to grow bigger but what Blizzard have done is taken a step forward making it free then two steps back ruining Protoss with overkill nerfing. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BLIZZARD ADDRESS THIS ISSUE SOON. Even Zombiegrub on said that there was a huge problem with protoss and that "it probably won't be addressed any time soon". CRAZY. One love, a Blizzard fan. Hypogojix <3ChaosTheory2 Mar 7
Mar 7 Immortal barrier Right now it triggers on damage even if said damage is 5 and then nothing at all until it goes on cooldown... Wouldn't it be like, 100% more effective if it triggered after you lose the base 100 shields that immortals have and the barrier would be a backup shield?David7 Mar 7
Mar 7 Returning to the game, have a few questions Hello, I am returning to the game after a few years of absence. I haven't played heavily since Wings of Liberty. I'm trying to get a handle on how Protoss players are playing nowadays. I've got a few questions for anyone who can spare the time. 1. The faster pace of the game is something I'm having a tough time adjusting to. Around what minute mark should I be taking my third base, assuming my opponent isn't doing a 2-base all in? Any tips for improving my macro would be welcome. I was Diamond in Wings of Liberty so I understand the basic tenets, but like I said the pace of the game is different than it was then and I'm having trouble adjusting. 2. How are Adepts typically used? Are they mostly a harassment unit or do they make up army compositions in the late game? 3. How can I use Shield Batteries effectively? Any other tips anyone wants to offer is welcome. Thanks!Skaggs3 Mar 7