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Aug 7, 2018 Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players. THIS GUIDE HAVE BEEN UPDATED for LoV: I've been mentoring many lower league toss players and I've decided to write out a guide about common problems I noticed/things most people need to work on. Note: this is a guide intended for bronze/silver players mostly, so you may disagree with some points here and there, but I believe its easier for new players to understand the game first before looking into deeper strategies/micros/etc.. If anyone thinks that there is anything this guide is missing, you are welcome to point it out and I'll gladly add it. _________________________________________________________________ 1.) The Basics 1.1) Probe Production Perhaps the biggest problem I've noticed among lower leagued players is that they don’t make nearly enough workers. Generally speaking, you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80’ish probes. The key to a powerful army is a strong economy, which is powered by a lot of probes. Don’t worry about how making too many probes is going leave you without enough army, unless you’re going for some rush builds (k4g for example),there is never a time where lots of workers are gonna hurt you. You dont need to make worker non-stop past early game, but you need to remember to chrono boost out a pair of worker once in a while. 1.2) Chrono Boost Chrono boost is another important thing that most low league players miss. You should never save up chrono boost off 1 base unless you are getting an important tech soon. Toss production and research are fairly slow so chrono boost is essential to keep yourself ahead in a game. The importance level of things that needs to be chrono boosted are as follows (imo): Warpgate tech (prob most important tech, worth saving up chrono for)>Extended Thermal Lance/Psi-Storm>Other Upgrades>Robo/Stargate Units>Probes>Warpgates (Late game when you have spare). Of course you need to use early game chrono boosts wisely. Usually you should chrono out your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th probes. After that if you do not require a super fast warpgate you can maybe spend another 1-2 chrono on workers, but save at least one for warpgate. In mid-late game once your on 2-3base, you can feel free to chrono anything you need out fast. It will help a lot to get some vital upgrades out. 1.3) Supply This is yet another common problem. Players tend to either make too many pylons thus wasting valuable resource early on or get supply blocked and have their production halted. Supply block at a bad time can easily cost you the game. It is quite hard to not get supply blocked at all during mid-late game. But I'd suggest that every time you goes through 1 production cycle of units (made some units from your production buildings) add 1 pylon for every base you have and maybe a extra one if you’re going supply costly unit like Colossi. Early game though, a good time to drop your pylon will be: 1st pylon at 9 supply, 2nd at 15-16, third at 22-24, 4th at around 30. This should allow you to stay ahead in supply early game without wasting much resource. 1.4) Production Buildings 1 Protoss base can support a maximum of 4 production buildings continuously making units. So you should not have more then 4 production building when you’re on 1 base. If you are going high tech units such as Colossi off of 1 base, you usually can only support continuous production off of 3 buildings (1 robo 2gates). More importantly, once you have expanded add more production buildings so that you can effectively turn your resources into army. You don’t need another 4 buildings up as soon as your expo is up but get them gradually as you saturate your expansion.Mycophobia320 Aug 7, 2018
Mar 20 Protoss Micro Tips Note: If you are plat or below, macro is still MUCH more important than micro. Focus on just having more units than your enemy, rather than controlling the few units you have. General Micro Tips: 1. Are your zealots in front of your stalkers? 2. Are your low-health units in the back of your army before you attack? 3. Are your immortals attacking armored units? 4. Are your colossus attacking clumped up units? If the entire enemy army is clumped, than focus on attacking light units (marines, hydras, zealots) 5. When defending your ramp, A. Are your units in a concave at the top of your ramp? B. Are you cutting his army into bite-size pieces? C. Are your zealots on hold so they arent attacked by the units beneath your forcefield? D. Are your stalks far back enough to not get hit by the units beneath the forcefield? 6. Are you moving units under fire to the back of your army? 7. You can somewhat kite-attack marines, roaches (assuming they dont have movement speed yet), and zealots with stalkers 8. You can forcefield the enemy ramp to prevent him from reinforcing the units that are at his natural expansion. 9. When chasing down an enemy, pull your zealots back to prevent kiting (from maruaders, roaches, hydras) 10. In order to bunker, cannon, or spine crawler bust move your army just outside the range of the static defense and put them on hold, then, attack move your colossus (with the range upgrade) into the static defense. 11. Put health bars on, so you can see which units are low health. 12. Psionic Storm does not stack, so do not throw down more than 1 storm in the same place. 13. Before an attack, put your units in a quick concave with zealots in front to help get a concave sooner when the attack begins. 14. Colossus can abuse high ground by attacking units on the low ground and then moving back once the units move in to attack the colossus. 15. stalkers can chase fleeing units. 16. Do you have functional control groups? (For example, I have 1 as my army, 2 as my sentries, 3 for HTs or collosus, 4 for nexuses, 5 for tech, 6 for observer) 17. Remember to move your HTs back once they have stormed to prevent them from running into the enemy army. 18. Make sure your sentries aren't tanking damage for stalkers. Your sentries are spellcasters, not dps dealers or tanks, so once your zealots are dead, MOVE THEM BACK. 19. With the interceptor upgrade, carriers can launch their interceptors and move away from the enemy. Rinse and repeat. 20. Spread out your dark templar to force the enemy to react to different locations. Also, the enemy will need multiple sources of detection in order to counter your harass. 21. Blink can be used to blink back the stalkers with lowest health to the back of the army. Also, Blink can be used to get a faster concave against the enemy. Additionally, You can ensure that all your stalkers will blink to high ground or low ground by right clicking to the point where you want to blink FROM, hold shift and click B at the place where you want your stalkers to blink TO, then right click past that point which will make the stalkers move thus giving the other stalkers room to blink (hold shift the whole time). 22. Moving your sentry forward with guardian shield popped can cover your zealots with guardian shield, which will help them last a lot longer against ranged units and especially marine armies. 24.Morph your HTs into archons if they are out of energy or just got EMPed. You can also do this with DTs, if they have mobile detection. 25. Before I engage I try to attack in multiple locations to distract my opponent and catch his main army off guard. 26. Bring a probe with your army and make pylons along the way as you move out. Protoss versus Zerg Micro Tips The goal of micro versus zerg is to allow the majority of your units to attack while only a few zerg units can attack. 1. Are you keeping your units in a ball to prevent speedling surround? This changes when facing infestors. Spread out your army to prevent money fungal growth chains. 2. Are you attacking through constricted pathways? (attacking in the open makes it harder to forcefield and you need more forcefields) This changes when infestors are out (then you want to attack in open pathways, while spreading your army). 3. Are you cutting his roach army and hydra army into bite size chunks with ffs to prevent most of them from attacking? 4. Have an observer ahead of your army so you know when and where you are going to have to ff. 5. Make sure your colossus are attacking lings or hydras. 6. Make sure your army is not attacking broodlings, but actual units.yaegz290 Mar 20
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May 29 SIEGE TANKS NEED NERF OR BALANCE every protoss I know have the same issue , they do to much dmg SC2 balance team! balance it , every pro toss knows they do to much unfair damage , tossers r quiting the game because of it , n its damaging the communityArmzfordays6 May 29
May 29 Marine and tanks Ok, so how does Toss deal with a marine and tank army in the early-mid game, I could really use some help.Trippytrain1 May 29
May 23 why did terran choose protoss to whine about? an honest discussion. you'd think with all the people who play terran and how whiney all the terrans are that their whining would lead to zerg grievances too. but it doesn't. the terrans are dead set on complaining about protoss. how did this conspiracy happen? do terrans just complain about protoss like a meme and arn't at all concerned with actual balance and there for never mention zerg?CaptSchmidt15 May 23
May 20 I just want to be Florencio He is my hero, what are your tips and tricks for being this amazing?CAPSLOCKSON7 May 20
May 19 Terran Scan should have a global cooldown They shouldn't have free perpetual detection for the entire game. Scan should be a tactical use, not just spammed freely to see the entire map at will and spammed during every encounter. A 10 second cooldown per use would actually balance it out pretty well IMO. As it stands Terran do not suffer from any cloaked or burrowed units at all.AdmiralWok6 May 19
May 11 Fixing Carriers ? Ever since blizzard nurfed the carriers, they became practically useless. I just watched a video from BeastQT ( ) and I am on the same page. Does anyone knows if blizzard is planning to fix them and make them into actual useful units ? Thank youReborn5 May 11
May 10 QOL change Nexus It's something I've thought about a few time before but never took the time to talk about it. But since Artosis and NoRegret talked about it in their "In Depth #5" , I'll take the opportunity to address it. When several spellcasters of the same type are selected, the closest from the target with sufficient energy will cast the selected spell. And if it is logical for most situations, it is not the most efficient way for unlimited range spells (Nexus and OC). There are two reasons for that. The first one, is that because the targets tend to be close in proximity, Nexus and OC closest from the target will be drained first, while the furthest away may remain at 200, wasting potential energy regen. For Protoss, since Production and tech are usually in the main, sometime the natural, it's the Nexi closest to the main that will be emptied first, and those from the outer bases that may waste energy. For Terran it's the other way around, they prefere to MULE their outerbases (to prevent early mined-out from older bases and to mine-out more quickly more difficult bases to hold) and Scan are more often used towards their opponent. In both cases, it's the OCs closest to the main base that will waste energy. This first reason will affect Terran more, since they often want to keep some energy to scan. It will also be easier to know how much energy is remaining overall since selecting any OC/Nexus will tell you that every other should be in a ±50 margin. The second reason is even more important, and specific to Protoss. By emptying the main and natural Nexi first, it means the closest available Recall may be quite far away. It makes doomdrop even more powerful.Papanarbre3 May 10
Apr 29 Cyclone-Only BS (aka March of the Microwaves) has anyone of you seen this MOTHERF***SD!*!*WSS!! of a build? If yes, WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT IT EXCEPT EFFING LOSING?! (btw part of my anger might stem from the fact that terrans, ONCE AGAIN, had to !@#$in' WHINE before actually trying something new. And now that they were helped again - of course! - they all of the sudden pull out a new build! That IS FREAKIN' IMBA!!!) (my skill level: Diamond 3)Jockel6 Apr 29
Apr 29 Dealing with fast Pneumatized Carapace Does anyone knows how to punish zerg in pvz when zerg does fast Pneumatized Carapace ? It is only 100 minerals and 100 gas, but I have no idea how to kill the overlord before it can see all my tech and not sure how to punish it. Any tips or advices will be highly appreciate. I just feel that once the zerg sees everything I have, I am kind of screwed because he will do the perfect response from that point on and I feel like I have invested too much into that tech to abandon it.Reborn4 Apr 29
Apr 24 mothership as transport I would love it if I could use the mothership as a transport. Especially if I could dock observers and make the mothership a detector.Drew5 Apr 24
Apr 23 Diamond 1 player looking for a coach Hey guys, so I managed to make it to Diamond 1 last season but have since hit a wall. Can't seem to figure out how to win any more XD. I am very inconsistent. Some times I can beat master players then other times I go on massive losing streaks. Was just wondering if there were any Master league (any tier) Protoss brothers out there that would be willing to take a noob under their wing and teach them the ways of the Master league lol XD. If so feel free to add me, I'm on pretty much every day. If not that's fine as well. I'm sure I will figure it out eventually. Just feel like I need some help, thank you for your consideration! :) Nordy199#1846MRBBHead7 Apr 23
Apr 22 Whats good defensive strategy againts terran. Any thoughts to help a new protoss player.I know canons exist but are they worth investing early? I would like to add: my problem is Terran medivac drop and building barracks near to my base, I'm a bit sceptical about canons because they need forge+150 minerals, which I think maybe a bit expensive.Wallice6 Apr 22
Apr 22 275 mineral immort... why? with no stat changes why would you make it cost more?Deathwing5 Apr 22
Apr 22 Carriers or Tempests? In late game Skytoss, should I be going Tempests, Carriers, or a mix (and if it’s a mix what should I be leaning more heavily towards/ should it be 50-50?)Hornet6 Apr 22
Apr 22 PvZ nydus 101 (replay) Hello, I came back after 4 months break. In every game PvZ the Z is doing Nydus. (this is mid plat). I have no idea how this works (complete basics). - I thought Z needs overlord to drop nydus, but in my last game it seems, they coud put it anywhere, - How do I scaut Nydus - How do I punish Nydus if this cheese is scauted - How do I defend Nydus - How and where can he playce Nydus My build is ZUKA's PvX collosus. The build is executed badly, I am still very rusty and would probably lose the game anyway. But I really don't know what to do vs Nydus, so far lost all games against it. Despite me being rusty, i provide the replay, if polishing the execution of my build will resolve the problem, thats ok as an answer as well. note: This is not whining post, I just lack basic knowledge of this . I don't propose to rebalance anything poorly executed gameplay: Any dia and below replays also welcomeTyphonVexCZ7 Apr 22
Apr 22 Battle Cruiser Rush What to do against Battle Cruiser rush? I've been getting hit with a few marines with in 5 minutes, then out of no where two battle cruisers warp into my base. Haven't been able to get around that.lazergiraffe2 Apr 22
Apr 20 Shield Upgrade vs. Ground Armour Upgrade I've been around Starcraft for many years, but I'm only really wanting to try laddering now. What I want to try doing is playing Random. I'm decent enough with the basics Terran, so I figured that I would start trying Protoss. One thing that I've always noticed in Starcraft casts that I watch is that Protoss players will often go for Ground Armour after or at the same time as Ground Weapons. Is there a major advantage to getting Ground Armour over Shields? Considering that shields are a unit's first line of defence, would enhanced shields not allow the unit to last longer before taking health damage? Units that rely on their shields, like Immortals or Sentries or Archons, certainly benefit more from Shield Upgrades. Any clarification would be extremely helpful.Bazoozle20 Apr 20
Apr 10 BL / Hydra Counter Hello all, I play gold/Plat Toss, and lost my last game to a zerg who rushed into hydras and broods. I couldn't have won regardless (I had 3 bases against his 6), but idk what would have been a good counter to his endgame comp. Any suggestions?Volsarex5 Apr 10
Apr 5 Dealing with Terran Siege Tanks It seems Terran love to lock down the center of maps and bases with siege tanks in 1v1 Platinum. I understand one the most important things is to properly scout tech early on, but even then my blink stalkers get shredding trying to take out the siege tanks before engaging the army. The most obvious counter seems to be Pheonix's, but then you can get caught not really having enough units to deal with the marine army in any early push. Of course, they help with the liberators as well. But what about Tempest's? They have nice range and damage against armored units, providing cover against siege tanks and liberators at range; and able to attack the army afterwards. HT / Warp Prism ? Disruptors? Oracle Stasis? Any thoughts?AbsoluteZero6 Apr 5
Mar 30 My thoughts on the CU of March 12 First for the Nydus, though I understand and agree that the Armor reduction will help, the main problem with the Nydus is the very fast one. I think a ~60sec build time for the Nydus Network may be a better solution. Though the 3 armor Nydus will reduce this effectiveness of the “in your face” Nydus, at the time it hits, you do not have yet the resources to put scouting units/building in your own base. As a Protoss you have a lot less units in the early game than other races, and most of the supply is on the other side of the map in order to harass. And at least one must be in the wall. Other than scouting for the Nydus worm itself, a longer build time would give more chance to scout the Nydus network before it finishes. It's easy to miss with a 36sec build time, especially with a build engineered to hit right as you're making your Archons in the middle of the map (which is both harass and scout). And last but not least, it usually hits when you start your Immortal. With a longer build time, the Immortal would be finished or close to be when the Nydus hit. I'm not a TvZ expert but I have seen games where Terran were in a similar situation with their siege tank. Of course, I am talking of the Oracle into Archon drop build and other builds have had success against Nydus. But ironically, the Nydus has strengthen the Mutalisk play. If going Nydus against a Stargate opening is really powerful, going Muta against a Robo/Twilight play is also the case. And some players like Scarlett have clearly found this weakness in the current iteration of PvZ. This choice between Mutas and Nydus make things very awkward for Protoss. Now onto the other part of the Community Update, the real reason why I make this post in the first place. I must say I am baffled by this one. First of, as I am writing this, the last month was 50,23% winrate for PvT. The current one (147 game played so not as precise but still decent) is 50,34%. A ±2% margin is very good in Sc2, I would even say that it is more or less the goal for balance. The current one is almost perfect, why so quick to change it ? Now, let's see everything wrong with this change (not necessarily an exhaustive list). First Terran are the most whiny about the Ultralate game against Protoss (even though we have seen so few of these that it is hard to judge at the Pro level). And one late game I remember which Wardi casted was Soul complaining about it in game just before winning it. I'm wondering how much it is in the Terran players minds. I do like the last change about Thors, it's a subtle one, but the Liberator + Thor combo has a lot of potential, with a cross fire ground to air + air to ground. The main advantage over a Lib/Viking comp being that storm is pretty much useless against Thor while it is not against Vikings. Unfortunately the only game I remember was Uthermal going mass Thors with almost no Siege units. So in case a Terran player wander in here, don't try bio + Thor, it makes no sense. Thors are an antipoke unit against Protoss, they should never exceed the number of Tempest (and you don't even need 1 for 1, 2 Thors beat 3 Tempests). And only make them when you have siege units to protect, otherwise you trade your mobility for nothing. With a Viking comp, the Tempest die so fast now, it's painful to see them get OS when they no longer have the speed or acceleration to retreat in time. That being said, I am not asking for a speed buff. The acceleration maybe but not the speed, if a buff was needed for the Tempest, a partial revert on the health would be better (and logical since there was a partial revert on the speed). There are two reasons for that, high speed but low health tend to make fight one sided (on either side) but slowly chipping away at the Tempest instead of either getting nothing or massacring them feels more balance (even if the balance is actually similar). It also makes Tempest better in PvZ, Corruptor won't care that much between a 3,15 or a 3,5 speed when they have 4,7. Even the Oracle change, while a good change for PvP, is a nerf for PvT lategame the Terrans may not have realize yet. Tempest without revelation are not that useful, and Oracles die so much more quickly to Vikings now that they are Armored. Anyway, this change will not affect an Ultralategame where you should have all of your upgrades down anyway. It may help getting there, but won't once the game reach that stage. That's why, if there is a problem, it's the wrong fix. If Terran really wanted to wait for the lategame, what better race to turtle ? Even with an upgrade deficit. If your goal is to give more opportunity for Terran to kill the Protoss before the lategame, then this change makes some sens, but it's not what Terran are asking for (yes they are asking for an upgrade nerf, but it's a lategame they truly want). As a Protoss, it's not what I am asking, and as a viewer even less.Papanarbre4 Mar 30
Mar 23 PvT The last PylonShow (Ep. 43 - 1h39) gave me a bit more to think about the current state of PvT. I first want to reiterate that PvT is balanced at the moment. So any change would have to be a nerf/buff and not just buff Terran/nerf Protoss (which is what usually happen). The problem lie in the strength of Terran in the early/midgame and strength of Protoss in the lategame. And I'm glad to see Demuslim agree that 2 base all-in from Terran are too strong. They maintain a 50% winrate despite the fact that Protoss know they are coming. So fixing this issue in PvT should be the priority, for the viewership, for the enjoyment of the players (pro and on the ladder) but also for balance reasons on the long term. Even though the game is balanced right now, 2 base all-in tend to be a more volatile balance than when all-ins work only if the other player was greedy. Artosis mentioned in a previous PylonShow that : Protoss is stronger, they get nerf, Terran find a new way to all-in, Protoss figures it out and repeat. It's something I agree with. The worst part is that every time the Terran get buffed in the early game, the balance get more volatile. The game also becomes somewhat of a rock/paper/scissor which seems to be more and more the truth with a lack of defender advantage (who said PvP ?). Terran chooses an all-in strat and Protoss must counter it without all the necessary information. It's also important to note that PvZ and TvZ must also stay balance. A lot of Protoss already try to avoid the lategame against Zerg. Chain 3 base all-in PvZ (like the final of Katowice) is not much more entertaining than 2 base all-in TvP. So, in order to fix this lategame, here is my train of thoughts : What does lategame PvT look likes ? Well, there's pretty much only one scenario : Terran make Range Liberators, because they massacre everything on the ground. Everything else is designed to kill those Lib for the Protoss, and keep them alive for the Terran. T : Liberators P : Tempest T : Viking P : HT (Storm) T : Ghost There is some bio, maybe some tanks, Zealots and Colossi etc. But all that does not matter nearly as much as the list above. Since lategame PvZ, isn't in the best place for Protoss already, I was searching more toward a buff for Terran lategame.Papanarbre1 Mar 23
Mar 20 LOTV warp in time increase I am liking a lot of the new changes for LOTV in general, but some of them I do not like and one of those is the warp in time increase for protoss. The reason given for increased warp in time is to increase tactical decision making but I feel it does the opposite. For example, increasing warp in time means units will need to be warped in farther away from enemy units in every case. No longer can you warp in a lot of zealots to create a 'unit forcefield', and other things like that. Also, will the cool-down time decrease? If it takes 8 seconds to warp in a sentry, the current sentry warp-gate cool down is 32 seconds, which equals a 40 second cycle for sentrys. However the current non-warpgate build time for a sentry is 37 seconds, so you might as well just not convert to warp gate if you are building sentrys. And that doesn't take into account the research costs/time to build warpgate, the time to make a gateway into a warpgate etc. Warpgate is the reason I play protoss. I think it is the coolest mechanic warping in anywhere there is a pylon. But seeing the units take all day to warp in just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Not to mention taking 200% damage in no way increases tactical decision making. Your only decision is to warp in farther away from enemy units period. Am I wrong or am I missing something?yolo9 Mar 20
Mar 20 Invisible protis sniper wtf is that?Karune45 Mar 20
Mar 20 Newbie: Dealing with an Oracle rush I am in the bronze league. So recently I got caught by surprise with an Oracle rush. My opponent got his Oracle out almost as fast as a cannon rush. By the time I saw him he managed to kill a whole lot of my workers. So what suggestions do you all have on dealing with this.Rich4 Mar 20
Mar 20 Current Meta? What is the Protoss meta these days after the latest patch.Rich12 Mar 20
Mar 20 Timing attacks, cheesiest Builds ... are not really my style but I need to do plays of that type more often to diversify my game. Also I want to annoy back some of the extreme BS cheeses that terrans and zergs (and in PvP also some Protosses) are throwing at me - Are there any you could recommend? :) Thank you already in advance!Jockel2 Mar 20
Mar 1 Still new to the game looking for advice. So I'm relatively new to the game and not really experienced with the pvp elements of it at all outside of A.I. matches. I guess I'm looking for advice as to starting out with that? I'd say looking at myself my biggest hangups with it boil down to I'm new so I make a loot of really basic mistakes which I"m fine with everyone has to learn and even if I don't learn fast I've seen at least some improvement from where I started. The other is I'm painfully try hard I think its what attracted me to SC2 in the first place its one of those games that I want to get good at. But it also makes me worry about stupid things like "inflicting my learning curve on another player" (its dumb but I worry all the same) Game play wise I guess my biggest issues are I don't scout because I've only played A.I. I've never needed to think about that as part of my game play, I'm weak at balancing macro and micro, and just I generally go with a very simplistic build and struggle to break out of it (lots of gate ways three forges build a large easily reinforced army of chargelots and blink stalkers back it up with sentries and Colossi then deathball once I feel I have a supply lead) any advice would be helpful and appreciated.Ayandrial1 Mar 1
Feb 21 protoss air is too easy i just facerolled 3/5 matches going straight for voidrays lol its good to be a toss player i'm happy i don't play much of the other races =D toss ftwgilthunder4 Feb 21
Feb 8 Did you like the Scout in SC1? I did... and I was sad when I saw them in the Campaign but couldn't make 'em in Multiplayer :) But I also hear plenty of players didn't like them. Could this be a reason why they weren't included in the Multiplayer?GeneStarwind52 Feb 8
Feb 6 Have we been mocked? (I thought protoss discussion will get some more posts due to the AlphaStar games.) AlphaStar made a lot more workers per base for minerals than suggested. Back when LotV just started, system suggested mineral worker count was reduced, but I still make more, close to how much it used to be, since the mechanic has not changed much between the expansions. I just eventually gave that up. Now seeing AI match, I think the reduction was part of "Blizzard teaches you how to game", it was meant to encourage produce more combat units and expansion rather than sit on few bases, but all these time it was only a mind game with no mechanic change?Caw4 Feb 6
Feb 2 Shadow Stride Whats the Deal. Why do most call it DT blink? Why is it so rarely used? I also think it'd be more clutch if it were to do damage, to the enemies caught in its path/wake (wake because it needs to be hella imba ocean of ded bodies.), have it turn the dt into a super agile fan/blade dancer for the traversed distance like in the cut scenes.FClassWhiteM2 Feb 2
Jan 29 Master Protoss stream [and more] I will be returning to SC2 for the new season and new patch on Tuesday, 11/20! If you're an old fan from the good old days, come say hi! If you're new to Starcraft and your favorite streamer is offline, come learn together with me! I will be super bad, but hopefully will get my skills back fast. I took time off streaming and the game to finish college and take my MCAT and both are now done. We all love starcraft and it's great to have content creators and streamers after all these years! Also, first 20 followers will get a free streamed hour of coaching (when I'm less super bad). See you in game! Protoss for life.Archon15 Jan 29
Jan 23 Oracles considered Armored What does that do to oracles? Trying to see what changes that would bring out. Don't believe their health changed. thxtrekkie2 Jan 23
Jan 23 Terran/Marauder all-in So I died to a 6-8 marauder all in a couple of times. I’m try to work out how to survive it. Am I on the right track here? Scout off gateway and if I see 3 or more rax build 2 gates, stalker, sentry, shield battery all in main. Get a robo ASAP and an immortal. When the marauders arrive forcenfield ramp. Get another stalker and sentry when possible and hope they back off. If this is not an appropriate response suggestions are welcome and hoped for. Last question, what should I look for other than engineering bay, expo, turrets, bunker or 10 depots to feel safe to expand? Thanks.valhalla11 Jan 23
Jan 20 skins my protoss skins are messed up with the robo vs the robo bay is this right?deathasleep0 Jan 20
Jan 15 Advice about Twilight Council upgrades I would like the opinion of the more experienced protoss players How do you prioritize the twilight council upgrades? Do you start with charge, blink or resonating glaives? Since I frequently have a little bit of every unit I usually don't know what to get firstLittleSmall3 Jan 15
Jan 15 I need help vs zerg I can't win as diamond toss vs zerg. I have a 20% winrate vs zerg, but a 60% vs toss and terran. I just want to understand how to beat zerg or at least have a higher than 20% chance. This is not a balance whine I just want help.PatchToss11 Jan 15
Jan 15 Counter turtling terran with Battlecruiser? Been having a lot of issues with BC's lately. The match usually flows like this: 1) Terran Turtles with supply depots + 1-2 tanks 2) I try to grab a quick 3:rd 3) I try to deny his third, but cannot kill his BC's with repairing SCV's + massed marines with my stalkers 4) He counters, usually with the chunk of his marines and BC's, and attack my main with one at the same time. In this time I don't have any time to get void-rays or templars out for storm. If I almost kill a BC he warps out, repairs, or repair on the spot with mules. What do you usually do when spotting early BC's? I feel like I cannot pressure early on due to the SCV's mass repairing + tanks + marines. Is the solution to rush for void rays + storm maybe? I've also thought about tempest, but it seems to easy for Terran to yamato them + warp out for that. Here's a replay: Thankful for any input :) Cheers!Leyo5 Jan 15
Dec 31 How do you wall off as protoss? Hello, I'm essentially brand new to playing protoss in ladder. I wall off the top of my ramp with cybernetics core and gateway, however, this does not allow any unit bigger than a zealot to pass through. I've seen some replays of players walling off their natural expansion, but i'm also unsure of how to do this. I'm having a lot of trouble with Zergling run bys in my games, what are some appropriate ways to deal with this? For now I'm just using shield batteries and cannons around my mineral line, but these typically get destroyed by banelings. Thanks for any help!Skanderborg1 Dec 31
Dec 20 Help - Warpgate Macro Hi all- low level diamond Terran player that has dabbled in other races before but wants to get a bit more serious with Toss. I am fairly confident in my ability to execute build orders that primarily utilize stargates, robos, etc, as macroing with them works exactly the same as it does with terrain buildings- I can bring up the building with a control group hotkey and queue up more units with another hotkey, all without taking my eyes off of the army I'm microing near the enemy base. What completely stumps me is warpgates. I know they're necessary to good macro as they can spit out units significantly faster, but for the life of me I just can't macro with them well. Every cycle I have to look back at my base, furiously click around a pylon, then move my screen back to the battle, often missing a crucial moment of engagement. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to pump out warpgate units without clicking/looking away frtom your army? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.RedwoodLynx2 Dec 20
Dec 15 How do you play PvP ? So PvP is my worst match up. In general, how do you play against another Toss player.Rich3 Dec 15
Dec 15 PvT: A difficult early-game push So in PvT, I've come across a particular 1-base push (although the Terran player expands behind it) that is somewhat difficult to defend against. Of course, seeing no early expansion or Reaper (usually a marine chases away your scouting probe) should clue one in, but it could be a Cyclone push or marine rush. Anyway, the attack involves a Medivac drop of 4 to 6 marines and a Widow Mine in your main. This in itself is a nuisance but not too hard to deal with - however, at the same time, a Liberator swoops into your natural and starts raining plasma bolts upon your workers. What's the best way to defend against this, especially if there's also the risk of some other kind of 1-base push? I tried this myself, playing as Terran, and it's incredibly painful. Though my opponent pulled their probes to avoid the Widow Mine, they didn't spot the Liberator and I ended up killing almost 40 probes with it, and just to add insult to injury, the Widow Mine detonated on their Oracle! They had a 2nd Oracle that was being a pain in my main, but pulling workers and having a few marines at home made sure it couldn't do much damage (and in hindsight, I realised I could have easily built a Viking to help chase it away). ADDENDUM: I'm in Diamond 3, as were my opponents.Kit8 Dec 15
Dec 15 Lost because I used F2 to break Zealot wall PvZ Seriously, why can't Protoss have a wall like Terran?? I pressed the F2 key to focus up my void rays, then my Zealots joined in, making my base wide exposed. The zerg made 3 bases, I would have easily won doing a simple macro, but Zerg just ling rushed and destroyed my base.RektTrashEZ2 Dec 15
Dec 15 How to slow down Zerg macro below Plat Hey all. I can't figure out how to slow down the zerg early-mid game. I don't have the apm to get value out of early Adept harass, and Zergs lately seem pretty prepared for the Pheonix+Oracle timing with queens and spores. Dunno how to slow them down enough to get my storm or disrupter timings prepared. Is skytoss the answer?Wotan5 Dec 15
Dec 15 Mass Widow Mines with Unlimited Scan and Spam Terran vs Protoss. So I have tried numerous times to beat this and I can't seem to do it (Diamond Level). Terran masses widow mines with Thors and other units, fight begins, he burrows, spams the scan ability, targets observers, I have to run. Try to recover, mass widow mines come in, I see them, he spams the scan ability, destroys observers, I have to run. Gets to base, spams the scan ability, I do what I can to keep my observers alive, yet all it takes is 1 widow mine blast and they just rinse repeat until my army is decimated. Is there a way to stop this? Widow mines combined with unlimited Scan just dominate this game. I have no way of stopping his ability to see cloaked units yet he can destroy mine in an instant.AdmiralWok5 Dec 15
Dec 14 Army Composition per race? Okay all. What's your army look like when facing Zerg, Terran and Protoss? What does your army look like early, mid to late game?Rich4 Dec 14
Dec 10 So...this cannon rush. I don't understand how to stop this. I probe scouted, saw a forge, but it was too late. I really don't know what to do. Every game is some sort of cheap crap like this. How was I supposed to react?Casorus3 Dec 10