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Nov 16 Stalkers = Garbage Tier in Late Game Now Stalkers are garbage tier units now. Cant shred hydras/roaches marine/marauder in late game anymore. What are Stalkers supposed to do now? Look Pretty?Weapon2 Nov 16
Nov 15 all Protoss agree that the MCS in Lotv is neccasery casue of medi boost drops and T1 drops and helping taking a third - but without mc Toss is super crippeld and dead- thx DEV Team to kill Brotoss finally solution: keep MCS- rest of changes are in the right directionDystopia14 Nov 15
Nov 15 Trying to get into multiplayer 1v1 Hello, I played sc2 for years but mostly coop, arcade and custom games with noob friends. I can easily win co op at brutal but that does not mean much. I only mentioned this so you can understand I have a little bit of experience with sc2, I'm not a total zero. Lately I started playing with a friend 2v2 ( same skill level as me ) , we got placed bronze 2 (now we are unranked because of the new patch) ( we lost 4/5 becuase we haven't played multiplayer in a very long time and even when we played in the past, we only played a few games)... I would like to get into multiplayer but I do not make the right decisions, I don't build the right units, and things like these. I was about to start watching some videos on youtube for noobs but then I realised the new patch came and it changed a lot and I need to wait for videos with the latest patch. Below you can find the replay of my last 1v1 . I will play more after I post this post and I will upload. I would like to know what my greatest mistakes are.wrw1 Nov 15
Nov 14 Predictions for post patch The next patch is going to be huge for Protoss after playing multiple games I kinda saw the necessity of it. Without the mothership core the game is going to change heavily with some different outcomes. Starting from an early game perspective we will no longer be required to get the double assimilation since the only reason we did it was to get an adept, gateway, and the msc. I hated the idea of losing the msc but after thinking on it I think this outcome will be favorable for us. So let's move on. Terran vs Protoss will look different. With the buff to colossus I can see stalkers + Sentra being a stable defensive opener for us. With shield batteries we can hold a natural from early bio-pushes. This will allow us a transition into colossus to allow us to expand to our third. From there the game will follow into Templar tech once Terran gets out their Vikings. With the nerf to widow mines - holding against widow drops with be easier even without the msc. If the Terran wants to save the widowmine they'll need to keep their dropship around and the buff to stalkers will allow us to snipe them much more easily. Zerg vs Protoss I am having difficulty theory crafting. Since Zerg is a difficult matchup for us. Not much has changed for the Zerg early game so we still need to defend against the standard. But with the encouragement of building stalkers - banelings will not be busting open our doors as often. Hydra - ling - bane will be weaker because of this. Again I could see the colossus being useful here. But the hydra in its current iteration is so powerful a stalker/colossus build would be very difficult to execute. We also need to consider lurkers - so the stalker colossus build will need to be transitioned into something else. I don't foresee rushing Templar tech to be a viable choice because of how expensive and how much time investment will be required. Zealot + archon would be steam rolled by lurkers. This is a matchup I think we need to keep our eye on. Because no matter the composition ling/hydra which would warrant colossus or roach hydra which would warrant immortals. I don't foresee this matchup being a stable one for Protoss because lurkers will be much more common. We can pretty much forget sky toss against Zerg until the late game. And Templar is just not safe enough because detection will be required for the resurgence of the lurker. I personally think if blizzard wants to keep the hydra the way it is - them the roach will need to become a little bit softer because punching through a ling or roach - hydra - lurker composition is looking grim to me. PvP there is no point in theory crafting - it will be a fun matchup tho.Tránstoss13 Nov 14
Nov 13 Tips for the Big New Update? Guys, any tips for the new big update that is coming?? I think it will be very hard to adapt. I think I am going to play random. And you?Polar7 Nov 13
Nov 11 Recall systems So the recall ability has been floating around all over the place. The Mothership should be able to compliment an Arbiter, but Mothership should really get a Recall ability with lower energy cost by using nearby Pylon power. This ability can be used for transporting large armies quickly across the map to Pylon powered areas.Dauntless2 Nov 11
Nov 7 Upgrade Pylons into shield batteries I'm sure this has been proposed before.... But re: the shield battery. How about this. - Research 'shield battery' from Cyber. Core 50 Min, 50 Gas - Now able to upgrade Pylons into 'shield pylons' (for either 100 min or 50min+50gas), where pylons essentially act as the proposed shield battery. Don't have to waste space on a new structure, and pylons become more versatile.Waagenator2 Nov 7
Nov 6 What's the safest opening for protoss ? The most basic one ? I usually go with pylone then nexus at 1min then gates and cybercore, and I build a wall at the 2nd expac location. But maybe l shoudln't, how do you guys do it ?Feitan24 Nov 6
Nov 6 Daelaam military ranks? So a couple of weeks ago, I read StarCraft: Evolution by Timothy Zahn – great book, by the way, Zahn is a very good author – and I happened to notice aside from Artanis, none of the protoss military characters were addressed by a distinctly protoss rank, instead using more terran-style ranks. No executors (apparently Selendis, the “High Executor”, was not present that day), no praetors, no prelates if they were Nerazim... The thought occurred to me; did the Daelaam overhaul their chain of command since the End War, making it more neutral between their cultures? Is it simply protoss characters translating their ranks to terran terms? Or is it simply Zahn not bothering with differing labels for similar ranks? Considering the entire story is told from the perspectives of various terrans, the second option seems the most plausible, but the first is also plausible considering the theme of the Daelaam’s development throughout the franchise. And I don’t expect laziness to be in Zahn’s portfolio. I don’t know, what do you guys think?Akamia1 Nov 6
Nov 6 How many gateways / warpgates is too many i think its kinda funny when i see someone with like 10 warpgates i usually only do 4 but is there really a point to 10+ or are they just being desperatehairylemons27 Nov 6
Nov 6 No Adept and unable to photon pylon Hi all, I'm very new to SC2. I don't see Adept and mother core can't photon pylon. I ordered heart of swarm expansion. May I know something I'm missing please? Thanks in advanceLargo7 Nov 6
Nov 1 Changes Keep MSC. Ditch its old recall (nexus one is better) ditch new chrono (I like the current one more) still add shield battery still buff stalker leave collosi alone still change disruptor high Templar basic attack?? no please. micro them. if you a-move them into their army you deserve to lose them *new recall is actually pretty sweet*Chewy3 Nov 1
Oct 27 How would I play differently after the patch? Since I only played starcraft II since the start of legacy of the void, I have never lived without photon overcharge. I know every protoss will need to adjust, but what would the average protoss need to do differently to adapt?Giwl4 Oct 27
Oct 26 Removal of MSC With Nothing To Compensate Removal of MSC sheild batter is a jokethorshammer0 Oct 26
Oct 25 Replacing shield battery Instead of testing any variant of shield batteries, how about all protoss units get a boost in attack speed whenever inside pylon power field? Shouldn't that help fix all of its defensive woes? Also to aid that, the nexus itself should have a power field around it that ranges up to the mineral line.GenghisSwan3 Oct 25
Oct 20 Why is there no way to pressure Zerg? Like at all - there is virtually no effective way to harass this race. They've gotten used to oracles - if you just keep a handful of zerglings at your mains good luck with any warp prism drops. How do you beat this race - everything seems pointless because their is NO feasible way to harass them. THey have queens and spores to deal with any form of air harass. And the only time you can ever snipe a mineral line is if you sacrifice WAY to many units.Tránstoss4 Oct 20
Oct 20 upgrade on the Templar Archives 100% more energy regen upgrade for tossZELightNinG2 Oct 20
Oct 17 Mothership as an alternative to a Nexus Since the Nexus and the Mothership are going to be very similar with the changes blizz is talking about, how about making the Mothership able to receive minerals and gas from probes? It could have the ability to lose some of its powers and 'park' by a resource zone so that probes could return their cargo to it, essentially making it a mobile Nexus. Since only one Mothership is allowed it would still mean that players will have to adapt to the new Nexus changes, but 'unparking' and running (especially if observers detect the Anti-Air early) could be an alternative way to defend an expansion.Grindspice1 Oct 17
Oct 15 How o you fight protoss air and campers? I keep losing to protoss air. some macro advantage still lose in this game I have superior macro including spending skill this is terran air: I has superior macro and game, but still only barely won how can these player build so many T3 units on just one or 2 bases????? how do you fight these kind of strategies? I was working on my macro using staurcase, but got stuck and really frustrated by unable to respond with proper counters, so I am back to playing normaly. I know there are all sorts of silly mistakes, but how could I change my units or strategy with my current skill set to not get owned by protoss air all the time.TyphonVexCZ6 Oct 15
Oct 15 Current protoss build orders Where can I find current protoss build orders? many are outdatedTyphonVexCZ2 Oct 15
Oct 12 Question about Archons I'm currently platinum league as zerg, but I'm trying to switch towards protoss (currently gold 1). I noticed the archon is a nice unit, powerful and tanky, but, when should i use it? These days I did archon zealot on a PvZ and it worked fine, but would it work against stalker immortal? And against terran(bio)? I really don't know if archons are viable in those matchups so, any help is welcome.Syre9 Oct 12
Oct 10 Protoss 1v1 Map Veto -- Morning Guys -- I am just starting to play a little SC2 again, used to play quite a bit of vanilla SC2, but just stopped when life got busy. I know the game has changed quite a bit, and TBH I still don't know what some of the units do, but, I am looking for Map Veto suggestions for 1v1. Any thoughts would be appreciated, just really looking to avoid the maps that will make me angry as a protoss player Cheers RaggyRaggy6 Oct 10
Oct 6 My Protoss ladder experience Hello everyone, I am currently lower tier diamond 1 protoss on ladder. I am getting fairly frustrated because I feel like my performance in the 3 MUs is highly polarized. I don't know what to blame it on. Balance, design, my own poor play. It's probably mostly my own faults and competitive shortcomings. However, I like to think the MMR I'm at is a comfortable place to be competitive even if I don't invest many hours into practice. For reference, I'm a full time PhD student in Materials Engineering, but that doesn't mean I can watch or play a few good games of StarCraft. For the longest time, actually since 2010, this has been my main game (SC:R is great too as well as DKS3, but the new test map changes have me optimistically shifting away from BW for the moment). My PvT WR is 80ish%, I ABSOLUTELY STOMP most Terrans at my MMR. feels right, balance-wise. I feel like every win, or loss is fair. I play straight up macro, defensive most of the time. I really enjoy playing against Terran, and frustrating base trades happen seldom. PvP is a bit different, I wasn't around for the meta shift (from ruptors to mass archon) so I'm adjusting, My WR is low, about 40%. But I feel like all the Protosses I'm facing are really, really good. Better than me. It's almost like they're winning a lot in PvP but get dragged down in MMR due to other MUs. So usually games are extremely close or I lose to a better player. PvZ is just ridiculous. I have lost so many games vs competent Zergs, while dominating bad ones. I don't understand, the MU is so volatile and does not feel straight up at all. What happened? Why is Blizzard so insistent on Hydra Bane without giving our race something strong that doesn't cost 1000000 gas and comes later? I really don't understand how people can believe that PvZ is an equal skill MU. I played Zerg for majority of SC2's lifetime, and when I queue up as Zerg, I just win (at least at my MMR vs Protoss). I remember one season in 2017 when I switched to Zerg for a little, my ZvP WR went through the roof. Protoss just feels so much harder to play (assuming the Zerg knows how to use banelings well). Can we please PLEASE get some answers to Zerg that doesn't rely on ability abuse, or cheesy tactics. Can we have defensive play or just, normal options??? I don't want to fight Zerg every game actually feeling like its the LotV cinematic, except oh yeah, my archon can't teleport an ultralisk into oblivion. Does anyone else feel similarly?Uniden17 Oct 6
Oct 5 How do you stop Zerg from expanding? I don't know it just seems to me like the Protoss offensive outside of late game is just too weak and risky to actually do - so you need to leave your base with your mothership core to recall if you get into a bad spot. Any early game harass outside of a complete all-in feels to weak.Tránstoss3 Oct 5
Sep 30 I dont know how I feel about the new update I've mostly been watching other people on PTR who are 10x better then me get into it. So this way I can actually see what these changes will look like in better hands. In some aspects I really like some of the changes. Stalkers - the encouragement to use Stalkers is nice and it kind of reminds me back when I used to play WoL with blink stalker openers. Colossus - The Colossus change I think is nice - I wouldn't really call it a buff or a nerf but it adds a little bit more incentive to build colossus who were mostly useless terran slowpush timing. High Templar/Adepts/Observer - Both of these are mostly quality of life improvements and I am a fan of all these changes. Oracle - I think this was needed. Not much to say on it. It needed a nerf. Carrier - I'm indifferent about it the interceptor nerf. Shield Battery - Nice - kind of a fun addition. I think these minor things will make the game much more enjoyable - especially for the zerg who were getting armies melted by oracles and their larva/egg times frozen. But I'll be honest - I hate every single other change in this patch that was done to protoss. The mothership core allowed for Protoss to have multiple avenues to open from and allowed for us to keep up with expansions with the other races. It kind of just feels like now we're going to be pigeonholed into going Stalkers every single game as opposed to other viable openings. From a platinum players perspective - it helped out with early game defense in a way that was friendly and intuitive. But my favorite part of it was it gave us a bridge to upgrade to the mothership in the later game. I'm going to miss both the mothership and the mothership core - because I don't see why anyone would want to build the mothership because the Nexus already fills the same role. The Chrono-boost reminds me of how it was in WoL - and honestly I hated it then. I hate it now - it just seems like an excuse to make the game harder for no reason. Protoss already has the most abilities used in a match as compared to the other races - and our macro is funky because of warp in so you need a power field to warp them into. I don't really get the change to be honest. But that's just my opinion - I'm not the best player and I'm sure ill keep playing the game. I just really don't understand some of these changes - it just seems like its an attempt to force a new meta as opposed to genuinely needed balancing. btw - shout out to my boy the disruptor who is never going to be used again.Tránstoss1 Sep 30
Sep 29 Maxed out protoss vs hard ai video I'm an extremely casual player, but I can still max out with Protoss pretty fast. Here's an example of macro that even a casual player can do, and how it fares against a hard level ai.Chiron3 Sep 29
Sep 27 The New PvZ Style - Zealot/Archon/Oracle I was wondering whether or not I should reveal this build, considering how utterly effective it has been, but I can't help but share it with the community. How it came to be: Never had i been more frustrated with PvZ than a few days ago, the power that tech switching had was completely unbearable, costing me several games. I can imagine most Protoss can relate to this. So I went into theory crafting mode with one thought in mind, what can generally counter everything in the Zerg mid-game? I learned one important thing: Oracles kill hydras in large numbers extremely cost-efficiently I was actually quite shocked at this discovery, I never expected Oracles to do so absurdly well versus Hydras, and the best part is Hydras have attack priority so Oracles will always kill the Hydras in a Zerg army. After a few games that were one-sided slaughters, I decided to expose this idea to fellow brotosses. The Build: I reccomend starting the build with MC's FFE 9 Pylon 17 Forge 18 nexus 18 Photon Cannon 18 Pylon 18 Gateway It is a safe, yet eco heavy build that seems to be the most modern and most efficient way to FFE. Make sure to get a Zealot, Sentry, and Stalker as these will deny scouting and save you from unexpected all-ins When you place your double Stargate, place a Twilight Council too, because this will eventually lead to DT's for archons and additional damage in a detectionless fight. Start to pump out 6-8 Oracles, and send a hallucination to see the Zerg's tech and the location of Overlords. Avoid the Overlords if possible, and start to slaughter his main. Expand before you move out, you can easily defend it with tons of zealots you will have (Oracles are very gas heavy) The Zerg will have Hydras, and your Oracles will win efficiently while killing drones, queens and buildings. At home, start to pump out Tech such as +1 and Charge (You'll want charge really early). You will eventually start getting a healthy income off the third base, killing the aggression coming at you with ease, and this is when you will want some Sentries. Sentries will cut armies and allow the Zealots to grind at a Zerg's army. Don't forget to make Archons with DTs to create an extremely powerful composition. I didn't use exact numbers because an FFE is a very situational, diverse build that is very flexible to what the player desires. Tips: Save the Oracles! They are actually good in a heads up fight., and keep the Oracle count between 5-7 for optimal Hydralisk skewing! KEEP pumping probes with all the minerals you have, so you can saturate your third almost immediately. Also, make a healthy amount of Gateways Keep getting attack upgrades from your forge. Once you have a strong economy, make a Robo for observers. If he gets mutas, split your archons and immediately pump out Phoenixes from the two Stargates you have. Scout often for a spire, as this will help in holding. When he is harrassing your base, send zealots to harrass one of his bases. Make not having his mutas at home cost him, then move out and kill him. Win. Replay A flawless expample of the cost-efficiency and epicness this build can have. If you have any questions or concerns, I can address and add them to this thread.Necro49 Sep 27
Sep 27 PvT: The Liberator/Marine/Tank All-in Hey, all! So, I've been struggling with facing this particular all-in versus our terran friends. I'd think that perhaps blink stalkers are our best bet, maybe mixed in with chargelots should we have the time, but again, it's hard to get that all out by the time this attack hits. Liberator/tank is absolutely devastating, and the support given by marines makes it equally as hard to reach them. Of course, please assume that this hasn't been scouted, and that the all-in will take place. The question is: how do we defend against it? Thanks for reading!LevarBurton1 Sep 27
Sep 24 Shield Upgrade vs. Ground Armour Upgrade I've been around Starcraft for many years, but I'm only really wanting to try laddering now. What I want to try doing is playing Random. I'm decent enough with the basics Terran, so I figured that I would start trying Protoss. One thing that I've always noticed in Starcraft casts that I watch is that Protoss players will often go for Ground Armour after or at the same time as Ground Weapons. Is there a major advantage to getting Ground Armour over Shields? Considering that shields are a unit's first line of defence, would enhanced shields not allow the unit to last longer before taking health damage? Units that rely on their shields, like Immortals or Sentries or Archons, certainly benefit more from Shield Upgrades. Any clarification would be extremely helpful.Bazoozle17 Sep 24
Sep 22 Bio army? If you make a big bio army-which from my experiences are bad in late game how do you get rid of the bio to make starport unit without being vulnerable, or how should you balance a bio/starport army?MoNinja4 Sep 22
Sep 21 Hotkeys? Core etc. What are your Hotkeys? Protoss: 1 - Nexus | Forge | Cybernatics Core 2 - High Templar 3 - MSC (later on Mothership) 4 - Warp Prism Q - Ground Army W - Warpgates | Robo | Stargates E - Adepts or Zealots S - Stalkers D - Air Units X - Observer Space - attack move T - patrol 5 - hold position A | R | F - special hotkeys for sentries, Ht's, MSC etc.Avalon3 Sep 21
Sep 18 Protoss help? So I'm mostly a Zerg player because the Zerg are my favorite race design and mechanic wise, but I was thinking about picking up Protoss but the part that stops me from being good at them is the vast number of abilities to activate(another reason I love the Zerg, they're abilities are mostly passive). So my question is how do you play Protoss with the multiple number of important abilities to activate?Shadow1 Sep 18
Sep 17 Drone Rush Using attack move against the enemy base with probes and taking the probes out of the fight once they have no shields a good ideaMoNinja2 Sep 17
Sep 17 All your topics are invalid > "pls halp me" > "can't win with cannon rush, desperation dts, oracle spam, deathball, airtoss carriers with mothership, 2base prism allins, speedlot spam, blinkstalker spam, voidray spam, expanding behind 100 cannons, hightemplar with archon zealot carriers, warpins in your main, warpins outside your expansions, mothership recalls, one minute nexus cannons, 2phoenix infinate kiting, immortal pushes" > Posting in protoss discussion 2017 If you want to be the ultimate cancer, go watch neeb play, or SoS. They will show you the way of the cancertoss. Seriously, this race was bull**** all the way from WoL to HotS and now to this latest **** of an expansion. Has, and will never be fun playing against this race.Starby3 Sep 17
Sep 16 Warp prism shield battery rush Maybe everybody knows about this but I was totally unprepared for it. This is a lower-league replay; I dunno if it would work in a higher league or against someone who knows how to handle it. Anyway, I thought it was cool and an innovative use of the shield battery: Sep 16
Sep 14 Is Protoss short for Proton? I was noticing the similarities between these words. However I am a huge noob at the lore of this game. For all I know Protoss stands for pwnage. Someone care to enlighten me on what exactly protoss stands for?RayoftheSun2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Hardly a Protoss on Ladder! Hardly a Protoss on ladder is left! Where are all the Protoss gone? I know why they quit! If you have a win rate of 32% vs Gold and you are Platin 1 - there must be something wrong about the game!Avalon0 Sep 14
Sep 14 new patch ive tried protoss in the test servers mostly matched with another protoss my conclusion after 6 games against protoss: new patch pvp is basically immortal rush or loseero0 Sep 14
Sep 14 In need to some tips to enjoy Toss Hello there, Returning player here who's never really played on the ladder before. I've only recently started to play ranked and was trying other races out to learn them a little. And I've come to the conclusion that protoss is not fun to me... I'm not enjoying playing them! I'm not saying I don't know what toss can do, I've been playing starcraft since the early days... Just not on a competitive level... I loved the campain and some toss coop commanders, but when it comes to multi I don't seem to find builds that I have fun testing like when playing the other 2 races... I guess its probably a matter of preference/playstyle... But if anyone can enlighten me, it would be much appreciated. Thx. P.S. Sorry for the potential bad english, its not my first language...Urdrak6 Sep 14
Sep 13 Killing their workers What's the best way to kill their peons. Do you have a separate method depending which race you are facing? What build order do you use to attack workers?Rich3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Whats your music choice when playing protoss? Well if you recognize my starcraft 2 name you should that from the anime bleach and you guys will know this track if you watch it. Anyways when it comes to battles our music is OK I guess but nothing gets you more pumped up to win a match or never give up even if your on the ropes when you have the this song this is one song I play during my battles, but I play a variety of music to trance, to some crazy two steps from hell osts, 1:00 is the best part till the end of the video one more last one What do you guys play when trying to dominate agianst your enemies?FinalGetsuga21 Sep 13
Sep 13 shield recharge i agree that this is a cool change but i dont know if its a good thing while in combat being able to regen shields feel like it should be out of combat only for it to work reason being is this shuts down alot of early harrass lets say i make a banshee vs toss they just throw on shield regen and there probes dont die as easy this weakens terran harrass capabilitiesBensonSC8 Sep 13
Sep 12 La team Unité recrute la TEAM UniT recrute des joueurs fr' le discord -> ou m.p my ^_- >| Gl hf |< Good Luck & Have Fun <-----*(^_- )--> On as de tous niveau News a master ; on fait des soirer coach des journée tryhards et tous dans la bonne humeur ou seul sur canal muet spécialement. A bientot et surtout Good Games Team Unit --> discord -> Sep 12
Sep 9 Newbie: Sustained aggression? In Starcraft Brood War, I used to maintain pressure. I wouldn't give my opponent a breather. I would keep my opponent off balance all the while I was building up forces. Then I would send in the final blow. I try to do the same in LOTV and it does not seem to work. My question to you all is that strategy no longer viable in LOTV? If you do make it work for you, how then do you maintain pressure?Rich3 Sep 9
Sep 9 Gateway vs. Warpgate Which one is better? I know that to reinforce a position, the warpgate is THE thing you need as Protoss. BUT there is a but: when battling and microing, I won't be making units. Are Warpgate THAT much of useful? :)Yellow56 Sep 9
Sep 9 Early Game without MSCore I have been playing the test matches, (apart from me being silver and facing all diamonds), I have lost all game by less than 10 minutes into the game. I know they may change all of this things before it has even coming out, but has anybody got any luck trying to defend early game with protoss? I got overwhelm by marines by minute 6 and can't do anything to it. Ling, kinda didn't die fast, but couldn't ever take the second base so, cripped from start to end. Idk, I feel like MSCore was, wel... CORE to protoss early game. Nexus ability to recharge shields doesn't really help that much except agaisnt early harrashment against probes where it does avoid some damage from reapers and adepts, but thats it. Even thought reapers are nerfed I took me a while to kill the reaper while when having MSC was like a well placed pylon + overcharge. It really feels weak, but again, I may be playing not correctly.Fakus2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Make an alternative to warpgates It would be nice if there was a reason to use gateways later on in the game. Once warp gate is researched, what is the point in ever changing back into gateways. Why does that button exist. Would be nice if they added an advantage to keeping gateways also, to add a little more variety and a little less work to keep warping in. Thoughts?AbdiAbdiAbdi1 Sep 9
Sep 6 COACH ME Any masters toss wanna help me and show me how they like to play lotv and i can show you.. I was masters in hots and wol (even once in lotv) but that was as terran I have replays please help!ProAsianToss1 Sep 6
Sep 5 Less and less Protoss, the higher your ranked Has anybody noticed this trend? That the higher your ranked the fewer Protoss are playing the game. has anybody noticed fewer and fewer protoss enter tournaments as well? Other than neeb, showtime, the landscape seems dominated by terran, zerg ...cannedbeans6 Sep 5
Sep 5 looking for help looking for nice strats or xp carry for vs ai just need to be taughtKnight2 Sep 5