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Jan 14 Lf Diamond Practice partner ZvP Want to focus on specific matchups instead of ladder grinding and getting different races every game. Dangettingup#1851SpunkY4 Jan 14
Jan 12 Helping lower league players I'm happy to help any lower league players (5k mmr or below) we can do practice matches, chat, or go over replays. Always down to help out anyone who made need it or answer any questions. Feel free to add me or PM me (: Sketch#11135llllllllllll3 Jan 12
Jan 12 TvP mech Okay so I cannot beat protoss with mech. Even when my macro is ahead. So i really think its my unit composition. Protoss people, how the hell do i beat you? Am i forced to be defensive until 180 supply? Should i secure 4th before moving out? Should i mainly go tanks and hellbatz up until mid game? Im losing to people way below my mmrMammoth3 Jan 12
Jan 11 PvT Mech + Planetary Fortress Mass Expanding Guys, do you also have this problem? I could rip my hair out, that is the amount of frustration and anger this gives me. How do I beat that bs? I just don't know how. You cannot harrass, zealots are incredibly bad and even coupled with hts with storm, the terran just shrugs the shoulders and keeps expanding. In the meantime my army of Tempests, Stalkers, hts, Archons and Carriers gets beat by his mech anti-air (bcs, vikings, thors for the most part) In addition - do you not also think that the terran whining is unjustified, that mech is really strong and that this might be their solution to the pvt matchup? Which I btw do not find half as abysmal as the pvz one. Or, you know, former times when terrans had the lead. But back to the topic - do you have any ideas what to do? How do I beat this way of playing? Going Zealot, Immortal and maybe colossi earlier in the game? Because I switched to stargate in about the midgameJockel11 Jan 11
Jan 10 Nerf Stalker please. This unit is too good. I can't think of any other way to play than to use a constant core of stalkers in every match up every time. With out any challenge to convince me the power other units have, i am playing a very dry and easy game. Terran doesn't even exist on ladder anymore and zerg crumble with just a little blink micro. I dunno.CaptSchmidt10 Jan 10
Jan 10 Are Protoss behind? People's opinions on where protoss are as far as strength in Melee seems to be highly varied. Some say Protoss is way behind the others and that Protoss stand absolutely no chance against the other 2 races, and others say that Protoss are completely unstoppable and bulldoze zerg and terran effortlessly. For !@#$s sake which is it? Are they hopelessly outmatched and way behind the other 2, or are they way ahead and intensely overpowered.Amon19 Jan 10
Jan 9 need mothership core asap I usually play unranked but to tell how good I am, I would be around platinum~Diamond level. Recent P vs Z games of mine have been ridiculous, for I can never deal with 'early zerglings and banelings' rush. I was able to win against most of platinum-level zerg users before the recent change, and now I can't even win against silver-tier players. FIrst of all Shield batteries are not helping at all, since SBs cannot reduce the opponent's army at all. So everything that I had to do(with zerg) against protoss is just to produce more and more zerglings or banelings, until they destroys batteries and everything else. As a player that uses the other races too, that's how i won every single Z vs P game after the patch. Recent P vs Z, or Z vs P games didn't last longer than 10 minutes, and now I feel like to quit SC2 itself now. Mothership core is not just a good unit, but an essential one for the defense of early protoss. Blizzard should give MSC back, and think about the original reason why MSC was there from the beginning of SC2. Am I the only one who think so? If I am, I'd appreciate it if I could get some advice for this problem.EnTaroAdun10 Jan 9
Jan 9 PIMBA PIMBA injung? a injung I miss david kim so much now a days! Protoss is so easy, and too stong race. plz nurf protoss!!!!!!! die protossOnlyMacro1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Why do High Templay get a carveout? Currently in Sc2 there are four spellcasters with attacks: Ghosts--For Sniping spellcasters. Oracles--For harass. Queens--For early game defense. HTs--For helping beginner players with control Shouldn't other spellcasters get this attack? Infestors, vipers, and ravens don't have a basic attack, so why should the HT get a bonus? Since this specific spellcaster gets the bonus, infestors, vipers and ravens should all have a special attack such as the HT. What do you think about changes such as these? Do you think that the HT attack should just be removed?Shaggy2 Jan 9
Jan 9 Terr. Ghosts, counter scan killing observers How do you counter a terran player who went ghosts and keeps using scan to kill observers. I could have easily killed this terran player if I found a way to effectively detect the ghosts. I had little stalkers, lots of void rays, and some colossai throughout the game. As soon as they killed my observers I was left to that players mercy. Near the end I started micro'ing the observers to fly backwards after the scan that didn't really help much. Late game I realized I should have created chrono cans and those new shield regenerating buildings near his base and camped out.MegaMech1 Jan 9
Jan 7 Protoss overhaul idea. New Protoss builds Simply put: only two buildings build units other than the nexus and all buildings warp in units. Move the units out of the robotics bay and into the gateway and stargate. All ground units go to the gateway and the air units go to the stargate. Keep the robotics building as a way to unlock each of these units in the other buildings. Add 3 more Protoss upgrades to the robotics facility. 1: high mass warping tech. This unlocks the warp gate tech for the stargate. 2: enhanced Warping capabilities. This decreases the time it takes to warp in all units. 3: increased power field radius. increases the range of pylons and prisms to accommodate larger unit warping. It would also be interesting to have probes warp in when their built. This will generally be a buff to Protoss but it will also change the way they build. If Terran can teleport battlecruisers why can’t protoss do it? And it will help make their tech tree and build patterns more unique.StormiNormin3 Jan 7
Jan 7 disruptor should be tier 2 It feels awkward making protoss wait till tier 3 before giving them access to splash damage tanks like colosus and disruptor. while zerg and terran have access to lurkers and siege tanks at tier 2. This is huge it gives the player options and allows them to lock down territory. Higher level toss players have to rely on crazy micro spamming stalkers, while alot of terran and zerg players just chill behind siege tanks and lurkers. Protoss do not need mothership core they need faster access to a aoe tank like disruptor that can stop the rushers.steelgrim0 Jan 7
Jan 6 Made Plat for first time - thanks all Hello, I wanted to thank fellow protoss forum members for help and replay analysis. Today I finally made platinum for the first time and I am very happy! (I play on EU fyi) Escpecially in these recent topics: I know it's not much.... but I am full time eployed person with life, and not much long ago I thought that mass voids are OP and would never make Gold - looking back I laugh about that. Plat probably will be the limit though. Also I am kinda old and slow) These replays show what I like the most about playing protoss: I can only call this one psionic death: Burning zerg by collosus: Countering toss silly cheases including unscauted 4gate: My final platinum match: Greedy zerg is my best matchup. I should have scauted 3rd hatch sooner and also my SQ was abysmall. Still he was plat and I won: Btw i still struggle vs cyclones allin, but I know why and always come a bit closer to actually holding it :-). I know there is a lot of mistakes still, but now I celebrate. Some stats: my EU profile: How I trained: Returned in late septemeber as silver_1 Took around 490 games 5 games a day average Tried the staircase method, but I didnt enjoy it, got me reliably into gold_3 stuck there long time with noob builds. spent long time there, after experimenting with oracle starts, got into gold_2, started reliable defending noob cheeses started watching pro streams then got to gold_1 first real builds, using templars, sentries, forum consulations finaly made plat after l2p vs plat terran. It did help I could play up to 30 games daily over christmas My APM went from 30 (lol yeah) to 70 - naturaly by mental checklist, did no special training Toss was, is and always will be my favourite race.TyphonVexCZ6 Jan 6
Jan 6 looking for practice partners hi there, i'm a terran dia player looking for dia master practice partners. if you're interested, add me: Cell#21859Budha1 Jan 6
Jan 3 Rushing to carriers with shield batteries Can that be a viable strategy ? Like, make carriers asap, and while you only have a few of them and they're not a big threat, mass shield batteries in your main and expos to keep them alive forever and deflect any agression from the opponent 'til you get enough of them and you can go roll over them ? I just thought of that, I'm sure it wouldn't be as effective as l think, but what do you guys think ?srav2 Jan 3
Jan 3 PvT Cyclone 1base / 2base allin Hello, need some help against this build. I know I still make a lot of mistakes, but I lose to this build almost always, as opposed to other matchups. I recently made gold_1 and all terrans do is cyclone allin. No matter what units I build, they get decimated by cyclones, thay seem to have insane DPS. What are good strats or builds against this? my real account: Jan 3
Jan 2 THE CONFEDERATION WANTS YOU! The Confederation is looking for new people to join us in events like clan wars, team leagues, arcade nights, practice nights, and more. If you are interested in joining you can come chat with us on our clan discord: If you want to keep up to date with the clan and current events you can check out our website: Finally, if you want to read into some of our clan's background information you can read it here: See you soon!TossNoSkill1 Jan 2
Jan 1 Am I the only one struggling with Cyclones? Presentation (skip this, I understand!): I'm a Diamond [3] top as Protoss, I main Zerg 'Almost Master' BUT! I've been playing Protoss since the last 2 seasons, not much time but I scalated quickly from Bronze to Diamond, I'm so proud of myself :'). It's not common to find me posting in any forum about balance, but today is the day... Well! to the point. As the title says, before the last Stalker's nerf I was having troubles holding against Cyclones, but after the nerf is almost impossible, even with Shield Batteries, now think about going against them outside of your base. To that add the "Ghost cheese" (I think we can handle it losing some probes while kiting him, pretty anoying, more than the Reaper, but still unfair an agressive cloakable unit before you can even have an Observer, watch out for it guys!). So, that's basically, I want to know what others think, higher or lower leagues I do not care, I just want to talk about this. If necessary I could throw 1 rep so you can see what I'm talking about if this has not occured to you, just ask for it.Alius7 Jan 1
Dec 31 Cannot defeat Terran in Plat (MMM) (replays) I am on verge of quiting this game. There are so many terran players (50% according to my replay stats) And each time I know I will lose. Why can they just mass teir1 units and win? They never micro or tech up. Their apm is just spamming bio units. Marauders and bio ball. I thought collosus counters bio, not according to these replays: Even If I get to late game, then his tier 1 bio ball seems impervious to any sort of damage. Please help :/ If I get air for support, marines just rips it apart. Struggle against Cyclones: in separate topic: Other strategies i fell to: Banshees in 3:30 Ghosts the Lists goes on and on. I am on mercy of terran player, sicne i cant scaut him. To make all of this worse, I am always gambling, since you cannot scaut against terran. (idk how). Counterbuild to these are ussually mutually exclusive. Starting to hate this race and game. terran and its insane DPS is what ruins this game. My true profiles: Dec 31
Dec 31 Army Composition per race? Okay all. What's your army look like when facing Zerg, Terran and Protoss? What does your army look like early, mid to late game?Rich3 Dec 31
Dec 30 Need Help Recently came back. Struggling with all matchups. Someone give me a solid run down for each? Thanks :) Diamond 3 here.Corsair4 Dec 30
Dec 30 Shield Battery, how it works? So I am currently playing the game again after a while, my opponent is a protoss using mass phoenix, he came with 4 phoenixes while I had like one shield battery on the mineral lines. my probes and even stalkers guarding the said lines which is airborned due to the graviton beam, however shield battery didn't charged up their shield while being lifted by the phoenixes. Is it a bug or is it just how the shield battery works?SolidSnake1 Dec 30
Dec 28 How to play VS terran in plat so it seems that from my perspective, plat is dominated by 90% plus Terran players, and they all do the exact same thing. rush with reaper, harass probes, make a few tanks with a mix of marines/marauders/medivacs and possibly liberator/cyclone. ive gotten to the part to where i can expand and build an army, but no army seems to be able to defeat that Terran combo. they have too many weak units to target, and they have insanely strong anti-armor mixed it. whats the best counter to this?Tassadar5 Dec 28
Dec 26 Platinum build orders Do you have some examples with platinum orders? I manage to leave the cannon-rush league (gold) from time to time. I try to watch the pro streams. But their build orders don't work in gold-plat. How to counter Oracle at around ?2:00 mark or 12 Pool? or Zealot at 2:00? I do the 1 gate expand build.TyphonVexCZ2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Counter to mass battlecruisers How exactly do you counter battlecruisers as Protoss? While battlecruiser damage is not the best their health is quite high, normally I would think the protoss equivalent the carrier would be a good counter but it seems like interceptor shots just bounce off of battlecruisers what unit or unit composition would be most effective against them as protoss?Amon11 Dec 26
Dec 26 skins the unit portraits when you change skins the unit portraits change to match the skin but you don't know what the portrait looks like until your in game and select it. to save time could we have a unit portrait viewer in the corner so we can easly see the portrait that comes with the skin pleaseBullyfish2 Dec 26
Dec 23 TEAM BLIZZARD, Calculation for victory. Blizzard-Team, please explain how 1-v-1 tournaments determines the winner in single elimination 25 minute time expiration? I recently loss my 1st round game after the time expired, and while reviewing the summary of the loss; the data provided me with the higher overall score. What does this mean ? How are winners determined by game time expiration? Sincerely, TomUSA0 Dec 23
Dec 23 How to deal with Hydra Ling Bane? Hey guys! So I'm Diamond 3 and was just wondering what you guys do when you are up against hydra ling bane? I don't really have an issue scouting it or anything, I just seem to have varying success actually beating it. What I usually do after I scout it is throw down the HT Temple and get about 4 or 5 HT's for storm and also get charged zealots and a few adepts mixed in. Then I usually wait for the 8 min attack to come and try and hold, then attack from there. I've been successful 2 out of the 5 or 6 times I've tried this. So I was just wondering what you guys are doing that might work out better. Thanks for the help! This is all off 3 bases btw, I usually expand at about 5ish mins.MRBBHead11 Dec 23
Dec 21 Stopping Terran rushes How do you stop a Terran who rushes with a group of Marines 3 tanks and a couple vikings off one base? They just siege up at the bottom of my ramp and use the vikings for high ground. How in gods name am i suppose to hold that? I had like 6ish adepts, 2 senturies, 2 immos, and 3 stalkers with 2 shield batts and still i couldn't do anything.MRBBHead14 Dec 21
Dec 20 Mule for Protoss How can 23 workers have the same income like 53 probes? Answer: Mule! o_O lol broken game! Makes it even sense to destroy terran's eco? Nope!Avalon7 Dec 20
Dec 20 New Stalker Is Garbage New Stalker is Garbagethorshammer15 Dec 20
Dec 19 Protoss race is no more. sorry but after todays update they are nowhere neer of ease as the other two races and this race is so easy now to roll over in the beginning they might as well drop it from use on the ranked system's. clicking on this race to "try" to climb with it is just more pain and frustration, it's a troll button at this point clicking this race. Thank's for nerfing my favorite race into it's grave......really out did your self this time balance team.TheCakesALie2 Dec 19
Dec 18 Disruptors suck now A zergling is enough to turn its attack into nothing, wtf is blizzard thinking? when I get swarmed disruptor used to scare my opponent, now they only need to have a zergling among my army to make it do friendly damage to my units and obliterate them. Bring back the old disruptor!!!Opticon2 Dec 18
Dec 17 New protoss unit: the Hoplite Preface: Few years ago, during Heart of the swarm expansion, I posted a topic about my idea of a new gate unit, wich acts as counter to light units, with high mobility, low hp and range attack. My proposed name for this unit was "adept" (still I was thinking about a male version more than female, but who cares). I don't know if blizzard even considered that topic, but i like to dream they read my post and the suggestion was adopted. Now, I come back to suggest a new unit archetype, called Hoplite. The Hoplite - why? The main issue of protoss in lotv is the defense. MSC was a bandaid unit to help defending, and while SB and new CB should help protoss in defense, this are still lack of solid options especially when opponent throw lots of units so early in the game. While protoss has low unit count that can be really powerful versus low opponent unit count, it become really difficult to face lots small& cheap units in early game because protoss simple doesn't have enought dps to kill them all. Few powerful units just do overkill, protoss need lots of cheap units or early splash damage. The Hoplite - what is? The Hoplite is a second line gateway unit. Concept art here: The main purpose of this unit is to do aoe damage from long range, while having as weaknees a really low mobility. Stats: Supply: 2 HP: 60 Shield: 50 Armor 1 (unit type: armored) Move speed: 2.80 (less than zealot, more than ht) Weapon1: Psi Blade. Melee attack with 1 arm, does 9 damage with 0.9 speed. Weapon2: Distruptor Bomb. Spell. Range 5 attack with side arm cannon, damage 35 on target, 18 damage in small splash radius. Set on autocast as default, cooldown of 5 secs. Passive aura: Will of Aiur. 2 or more hoplites will gain bonus to melee damage and armor when fightning close togheter. When fightning in a 2 range radius, hoplites gain +1 attack (melee) and +1 amor (not stackable). Cost: 90 minerals 50 gas. Construction time 22 secs. Usage, weak points, strenght The Hoplite is designed as early game defense unit and a mid game support unit. In early game, 2 hoplites are way better combo than 2 zealot or 1 zea 1 adept or 1 zea 1 stalker because they can provide good non-continuous aoe range damage, then with bonus armor (2 armor in early game is huge versus lings and marines) can soak a lot of damage while finishing off enemies. Versus early cheese/push units rines or lings, a couple of hoplites can hold the line and counter them, in mid game the bomb spell will add nice bonus aoe to standard composition (also making gateway tech more indipendent from robo/stargate tech in early-mid game). Harass wise, Hoplites won't shine a lot. They are slow moving and despite they can tank lot of damage if coupled, their dps, except for the bomb spell, won't be efficient for hit and run tactis. Even if using only the bomb, 2 of them will kill 1 worker every 5 sec and it is really unlikely that they are left alone (beside, prism harass with any kind of units will do likely same damage if not more, think about adept prism or distruptor prism). Main weakness is slow speed and very low melee damage. Even with bonus for being togheter, the dps of Hoplite will be 9 per second, really low one. So while it could be tanky for plus armor, it can be easly killed for their low damage output. In mid/late game hoplites are still useful since they can be mixed with main army in small number for their spell aoe, still they are not a good choice above other splash sources for their damage behaviour and their high gas cost. Conclusion I hope blizzard team will read this and maybe taking hints to add a new gateway unit to make gate composition more solid and help protoss in defense with all incoming nerfs. Feel free to add things, suggestion and tell me what you think of this unit design! Cya!FriendlyProb5 Dec 17
Dec 17 Need help against zerg builds. Hello! I have a big problem with zerg in diamond 2, i loose pretty much every game, my win rate is 40% but most of those wins came before. One reason i think is my lack of games in latest expansion, only around 100-200 games. I feel that to beat zerg you need to know how to hold so many different things, a zerg has so many options that requires different responses. My main problem is scouting i feel, i do probe scout to see if there will be early ling pressure. But after lings are out it feels like a long time before next scout is possible, usually with hallucinated phoenix or observers. How do you get your scouting in this period? My second problems is how to hold different pressures, usually my fear of all-ins etc. keeps me behind my wall, only to move out to get my 3rd. So maybe someone want to give me a quick rundown on how you beat the following: 1. Early ling pressure, like 12 pool into banelings. Or ling drop in main when you have wall up. I usually crumble here, it's hard to know if you should have stalkers in main for ling drop, or have them at wall to defend against the baneling bust. Even if i have them at the wall and he baneling busts i usually dies anyway, getting swarmed by zerglings after wall is broken. 2. Roach/ravager all-in, extremly hard to hold for me since i can't get the scout in in time after the probe scout. 3. Hydra/lurkers, i find that lurkers is really hard to deal with. Usually the obs get sniped by hydras and my army evaporates pretty much instantly, even if you manage to keep your obs alive the range of lurkers makes it hard to snipe. Also they have so much health that storms don't really cut it. If you focus them with collosus the hydras just snipe the collosus since they move to far forward. This matchup drains my enjoyment of playing sc2 so much at the moment. It feels really one sided, but i recognice that my inexperience is the real reason, and not that zerg is op.Titan13 Dec 17
Dec 13 PVP defending canon rush Hi, i'm a lowly gold/plat player trying to have fun, I don't like to try to hard and just like to play casually, macroing and such. Also I play all races. So here it is, I was play protoss today and had a guy canon rushing me at the bottom of my main. So yeah here it goes, another no life using that boring strategy. Since i only have a gateway and no forge, I couldn't really defend myself using canons, and range units aren't rdy until cybernetics core. So I simply walled of my main with a gateway and a pylon and try building a cybernetic core. BUT.. the probe just move in front of my ramp and the canon starts hitting my gateway. and my cybernetics core aren't even done. So I can't have range units to chase the probe away. So the canons just slowly knock of my gateway, the probe got in and placed canons and im basically dead. So, my question is, to all your protoss player out there, how do you defend a canon rush? How do you stop its advance when you don't even have range units without cyber core. And even if you had, the protoss's gateway units simply suck against canon. So is there other way to defend this or no?regrevrevgre6 Dec 13
Dec 13 How to stop a zerg 12 pool How do i stop a early 12 pool/speed build. that denies/pressures my fast expand into a fast overlord drop? i walled off my expo got cannons. then built a cyber. but as i was building my cyber he dropped speedlings into my base that annihilated most of my workers and he just macro'd after that. How can a toss stop that? without the zerg being miles ahead?RuFrigerator2 Dec 13
Dec 12 whole build has to be based off reapers pvt anyone else think it's just another time blizzard has failed to be in touch w/ their own game? early game pvt as protoss has no other way to go other than make sure u can fend off a reaper.. how's this a strategy game? terran makes all the moves, we have to somehow get overcome the total overpoweredness that is terran. they have 5,0000 bajillion ways to harass us that are generally low cost and very effective, meanwhile, we have dark Templars and oracles.. lmao. 1 turret GG.. terran needs nerfs across the board, and needs to lose about 50% of their harassing units. why are cyclones in the game? at what point did blizzard decide that terran needed this unit? it just goes to show, terran is blizzard's lil butt buddyListerFiend0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Can I ask about Protoss Openers? I've been playing Starcraft 2 since Wings of Liberty, always loved watching pro-games (since brood-war days), but was always too nervous to try multiplayer. I've started dipping my toe in multiplayer by playing unranked as Random (might as well understand all 4 races). I've noticed that I have a handle on Terran and Zerg, but have no idea how to play Protoss. Like, unless I'm throwing down Has-level cheese, I struggle as Protoss. I think I struggle as Protoss because I have no idea what the standard Protoss looks like after gateway->cybercore->expansion. Like, how many warpgates should I go for? Should I be going down robo, stargate, or citadel tech? When should I be going for those techs? Right after Cybercore finishes? Also, is there a good way to harass early and effectively other then Oracles? Because I fail at keeping Oracles alive. Also, I've been looking at help documents, and I've been noticing that a lot of them haven't been updated for the new patch... As some talk about MSC and others talk about 4-gate. 4-gate in 2017?Indreams8 Dec 12
Nov 29 Let Purification Nova hit air units Give Disruptors an upgrade to Purification Nova which allows it to hit air targets. Costs 200/200, research at Robo. Would make this matchup more interesting because Voids dont really have a counter right now, and due to the fact that air units tend to bunch up, it wpuld force players to be more thoughtful about the positioning of thier air units, or risk losing them to a few wrll placed Novas. It would also give Protoss another sorely needed ground to air unit, as Stalkers scale badly into late game.DocWatts3 Nov 29
Nov 28 Bring back the Mothership core I can't beleive it was removed. It was an essential part of every protoss build and my favourite unit. Bring it back. Also: The shield generator just sucks and in my oppinion is a joke of a building. Who came up with this? I can think of no logical way to use it.ChingGao5 Nov 28
Nov 26 Bring back the Psi-Blade Glow! Ever noticed the Psi-Blades have been less glowy since 2017 ? Please bring back the glowier psi-blades, it looked much cooler back then. :| I just noticed it from a recent reddit post Comparison : Nov 26
Nov 26 Tips for PvZ Hello one and all, I'm currently an old player trying to return to the ladder. I haven't really laddered since HotS and even then I was a silver/gold leaguer. That said, I'm trying out Protoss and I'm having a bit of a struggle versus Zerg. They usually hit me with a 12 pool six Zergling harass that I stop without losing any probes, but it messes with my mining time, and then I have a hard time defending my expo once I get it up. Do you guys have any tips or build orders to help vs. early Zerg harass? Any help would be appreciated.BrzyStarfish5 Nov 26
Nov 24 Mother Ship Core Removal Thoughts Just wondering how you guys feel about the proposed MC removal. I just have a bad feeling its going to turn every game I play into constant allin defenses. Plus early/mid game drops are going to be a nightmare to defend as well. What are yalls thoughts?Nordy11 Nov 24
Nov 20 New ChronoBoost too Good to Cheese with I've played protoss like 5-8 times on the testing mode and I've noticed going immortal rush with chrono-boost you can create 3 immortals within 4 minutes, it's very difficult to stop unless they go air. What might be a way of balancing this. I'm thinking getting rid of the starting energy for Nexuses. I'm afraid if it stays like this protoss will become solely cheese since their main defense (photon overcharge) early game was removed.Dragyn3 Nov 20
Nov 18 MASS GHOSTS How do i even? I wish i could show a picture. But aint nobody got time for that. I'll Just Describe it, Everything Melts. Gateway = Melts to Ghosts. No Counter Atm. Cept Maybe Heavy Robo/Stargate.AMoveandWin10 Nov 18
Nov 16 Stalkers = Garbage Tier in Late Game Now Stalkers are garbage tier units now. Cant shred hydras/roaches marine/marauder in late game anymore. What are Stalkers supposed to do now? Look Pretty?Weapon2 Nov 16
Nov 15 all Protoss agree that the MCS in Lotv is neccasery casue of medi boost drops and T1 drops and helping taking a third - but without mc Toss is super crippeld and dead- thx DEV Team to kill Brotoss finally solution: keep MCS- rest of changes are in the right directionDystopia14 Nov 15
Nov 15 Trying to get into multiplayer 1v1 Hello, I played sc2 for years but mostly coop, arcade and custom games with noob friends. I can easily win co op at brutal but that does not mean much. I only mentioned this so you can understand I have a little bit of experience with sc2, I'm not a total zero. Lately I started playing with a friend 2v2 ( same skill level as me ) , we got placed bronze 2 (now we are unranked because of the new patch) ( we lost 4/5 becuase we haven't played multiplayer in a very long time and even when we played in the past, we only played a few games)... I would like to get into multiplayer but I do not make the right decisions, I don't build the right units, and things like these. I was about to start watching some videos on youtube for noobs but then I realised the new patch came and it changed a lot and I need to wait for videos with the latest patch. Below you can find the replay of my last 1v1 . I will play more after I post this post and I will upload. I would like to know what my greatest mistakes are.wrw1 Nov 15
Nov 14 Predictions for post patch The next patch is going to be huge for Protoss after playing multiple games I kinda saw the necessity of it. Without the mothership core the game is going to change heavily with some different outcomes. Starting from an early game perspective we will no longer be required to get the double assimilation since the only reason we did it was to get an adept, gateway, and the msc. I hated the idea of losing the msc but after thinking on it I think this outcome will be favorable for us. So let's move on. Terran vs Protoss will look different. With the buff to colossus I can see stalkers + Sentra being a stable defensive opener for us. With shield batteries we can hold a natural from early bio-pushes. This will allow us a transition into colossus to allow us to expand to our third. From there the game will follow into Templar tech once Terran gets out their Vikings. With the nerf to widow mines - holding against widow drops with be easier even without the msc. If the Terran wants to save the widowmine they'll need to keep their dropship around and the buff to stalkers will allow us to snipe them much more easily. Zerg vs Protoss I am having difficulty theory crafting. Since Zerg is a difficult matchup for us. Not much has changed for the Zerg early game so we still need to defend against the standard. But with the encouragement of building stalkers - banelings will not be busting open our doors as often. Hydra - ling - bane will be weaker because of this. Again I could see the colossus being useful here. But the hydra in its current iteration is so powerful a stalker/colossus build would be very difficult to execute. We also need to consider lurkers - so the stalker colossus build will need to be transitioned into something else. I don't foresee rushing Templar tech to be a viable choice because of how expensive and how much time investment will be required. Zealot + archon would be steam rolled by lurkers. This is a matchup I think we need to keep our eye on. Because no matter the composition ling/hydra which would warrant colossus or roach hydra which would warrant immortals. I don't foresee this matchup being a stable one for Protoss because lurkers will be much more common. We can pretty much forget sky toss against Zerg until the late game. And Templar is just not safe enough because detection will be required for the resurgence of the lurker. I personally think if blizzard wants to keep the hydra the way it is - them the roach will need to become a little bit softer because punching through a ling or roach - hydra - lurker composition is looking grim to me. PvP there is no point in theory crafting - it will be a fun matchup tho.Tránstoss13 Nov 14